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WP Lead Explosion

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Hits EVERY offline angle – The WP Plugin sucks in a business owner’s current mobile site, facebook fanpage, SEO rankings or bad reviews and you can then use the plugin to “mark it up” (pointing out that they only have 5 facebook “likes”, their ranking sucks, etc) in a personalized fashion.

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Purchase WP Lead Explosion Course at eBokly. We actively participate in group buys and are committed to sharing knowledge with a wider audience. What's more, our courses maintain the same quality as the original sale page. You have the option to buy directly from the sale page at the full price (sale page link is provided within the post).

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10 SOLID Reasons Why You Should Promote “WP Lead Explosion Main” And What Is In It For You??

Hits EVERY offline angle – The WP Plugin sucks in a business owner’s current mobile site, facebook fanpage, SEO rankings or bad reviews and you can then use the plugin to “mark it up” (pointing out that they only have 5 facebook “likes”, their ranking sucks, etc) in a personalized fashion.

Powerful – Functionalities of the OTO include csv file mass upload and mass e-mail to 100s of business owners with their personalized landing page along with one of the SqueezeMobi demo mobile sites right next to it so that it is laser targeted and almost guarantees call backs

Warriors LOVE our products! Together we have made well over $1 million in revenue over the past year or so…Just for SqueezeMobi, our last three launches grossed over $200,000 in Total with over 8,000 buyers, giving us a whopping average of approx. 3,000 FE Sales per launch! We convert consistently around 20% throughout launch on the FE and averaged approx. $5 funnel EPCs. Our WP Niche Raider OTO had $14.59 backend EPCs.

RESULTS – customers get REAL results. We put out high quality products that are proven to work! Look at some of the buyer testimonials:

“I’m frothing at the mouth in anticipation for “Mobile Treasure Island.” I make so much money with SqueezeMobi products that it’s all I do now.$12,942 in the last 10 weeks. My “Squeeze Mobi” powed80b0b business is literally a money printing press…Absolutely AMAZING! I’m holding 3 checks in my hand right now totaling $2391 for 1 days work. I was lucky enough to win a review copy on Sunday’s webinar and after spending 2 days setting things up I went out today to visit 4 clients I had previously done a few small things for. 3 of them were sold the other’s still pending. The themes opened their eyes (WIDE), and I tweek’d them easily to match the business, but it was the fangates that sold them on the deal ($797 inc.sms pkg). 9 out of 10 small businesses don’t have a clue how to get an offer or coupon up on Facebook. You guys rock! (Vincenzo Oliva on Mobile Treasure Island)”

One of our customers Will sold 3 mobile sites for $795 a piece within 8 hours of buying one of our products, Steve sold 2 of our sites for $500 in 40 minutes while still on a LIVE webinar with us and those are just some of our testimonials.

We reciprocate for our JV partners. We routinely send 200-500 FE sales to our top JV partners and CRUSH contests as we take the time to craft our promos (webinars & bonuses). Just check out these JV Leaderboard results we have achieved email marketing for other launches:

  • 1st for Martin Crumlish twice
  • 1st for Will Riley (WillR)
  • 1st for Ry Mac’s launches
  • 1st for Bolaji
  • 1st for AJ and Lee Cole
  • 1st for David and Jamie (MASSIVE 500+ FE Sales)
  • 1st for John Pearce ($10,000+ promo)
  • 1st for Mobile Monkey ($11,500 promo)
  • 2nd Don Wilson
  • 2nd Dan Lew’s Simple MobiPro
  • 2nd Roger & Barry
  • 4th Mario & Brian

…and many many more! If you have a good offer that is a good fit for our list, we will support with a crushing SqueezeMobi promotion.

Webinars! Webinars! Webinars! – we will do a pre-recorded webinar for your list or you can drive traffic that is cookied to our LIVE pre-launch webinar. We do massive prelaunches and in the past one of our pre-launch webinars did 1,000 FE sales and had 63% conversions in the first 32 minutes of launch. Those who sent pre-launch traffic or traffic during those first 32 minutes had a chance to participate in massive funnel EPCs of $19.21.

LIVE 6 Hour Q&A – Right after the launch goes live we will host a blockbuster 6 hour Q&A marathon to ensure customers are happy and get their questions answered. This will be a Warrior Event where we will invite top Warriors as guests and sales page traffic will have an option to get in the room to maximize your conversions.

Prizes for customers up for grabs. There will be Prizes for those action-taking customers who get results the fastest or simply if they just show up to our LIVE webinars they will have a chance at winning.

SqueezeMobi and David & Jamie rock! In just 13 months we have a combined 30,000 sales; achieved 10x WSO’s Of The Day; OTO conversions consistently around 40-60%

Generous commissions paid instantly to YOU. You will get:

  • 60% commissions on the Front-end ($27 – $37)
  • 50% commission on the OTO ($37 – $47) and
  • 50% commission on the OTO2 ($87 – $97)

What is “WP Lead Explosion”?

Basically it’s a WP Plugin that sucks in a business owners current mobile site, facebook fanpage, SEO rankings or bad reviews and you can then use the plugin to “mark it up” (pointing out that they only have 5 facebook “likes”, their ranking sucks, etc) in a personalized fashion.

On top of that, they get advanced LIVE training!

OTO 1: Pro-Version

The OTO includes functionality for mass csv file uploads to create 100s of landing pages and on top of that you can then mass e-mail 100s of business owners their personalized templates along with one of the SqueezeMobi demo mobile sites right next to it so that it is later targeted and business owners call the consultant back..

OTO 2: The Mobile Direct Mail Method

A course taught by David and Jamie themselves that has received MASSIVE results for their students.

Who Are The SqueezeMobi Guys and David & Jamie?

We are the Warrior Forum Mobile Marketers consisting of Neil Bosley (the product guy), Enrique Beko (the webinar guy) and Avi Markowitz (the technology guy)! From offline clients to product creators and Internet Marketers, our goal is to bring the best and hottest products to our customers.

Enrique Beko and Avi Markowitz are originally from the United States but are traveling Europe now even though we somehow got stuck in Germany. Why would anyone want to be stuck there?! At least the beer is good. But we promise to reunite with our one and only Neil Bosley and runaway to a tropical location that will inspire us to bring even more cutting edge mobile marketing products to everyone!

Neil Bosley is currently in the UK – I think you guys noticed he has a very strange accent. He has been serving mobile marketing clients for a long long time before hooking up with the American cowboys!

So with that all said and done… you now just need to sign up to this JV Blog.

And know this – your list will THANK YOU for recommending “WP Lead Explosion“.

See you inside your JV Blog.

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