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Info Product Creation Crucible – Daniel Levis

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He spent 3 whole months researching the topic, interviewing experts, and compiling the information into an attractive package he planned to sell online for $37.

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Give me just $47, and I’ll give you  the secret to unlimited wealth…

The Info-Product Creation Crucible!

7 Crucial “Money Tests” For Zeroing In On The Million Dollar IDEAS That Will Make You RICH…

…And Ditching The Time and Money Wasting Losers Before They Bleed You Dry …

From The Desk of Daniel Levis

December 25, 2018 

Dear Fellow Marketing Addict,

John Smith had what he thought was a great idea for a hot new info-product.

He spent 3 whole months researching the topic, interviewing experts, and compiling the information into an attractive package he planned to sell online for $37.

He spent another two months writing sales copy and learning to advertise on google until one fine day he was ready to begin offering his product for sale. No takers. 

He hired a competent copywriter to rewrite his sales page and started getting some sales, but not nearly enough. Finally he gave up in frustration, hundreds of hours wasted, thousands of dollars poorer.

Jane Doe built her info-product around a similar topic, but approached it from an entirely different angle. And she targeted a completely different set of buyers.

Jane then took a simple template she found in one of my copywriting products and cobbled together some sales copy over a single weekend. Later that week she was making money.

Have you ever wondered why one info-product  sells well while another one doesn’t?

It’s not always the sales copy … 

Over the years I’ve coached 187 different info-publishers in various stages of development — from those green as a head of cabbage to multi-million dollar producers — competing in 49 different industries, from self-defense… to hypnotherapy… to culinary… to mortgages… to real estate… and just about everything in between.

I’ve pretty much seen it all…

And may I be blunt?

Many of the info-product ideas I see don’t stand a snowball’s  chance in hell of delivering the results their creators desire!

I’m talking about info-product ideas that are fundamentally flawed from the very beginning. No amount of copywriting voodoo can save them. Trying to fix them with sales copy would be like trying to build a cathedral on sand.

Without a sound product idea… aimed intelligently… positioned optimally… your promotional efforts are destined to cough and sputter at the starting gate. Or worse, climb just high enough to go down in flames.

Make no mistake — the overwhelming factor that determines your success or failure as an info-marketer is knowing the difference between info-product ideas that swim downstream, easily providing the lifestyle and financial security you desire… and the duds that flush your valuable resources down the drain.

You see, we all have a lot of “idea pride”. That’s actually a really good thing. It’s absolutely essential to our success. But we also need a way to avoid burrowing down unproductive rabbit holes. And we need proven strategies for turning borderline ideas into blockbuster successes.

That’s why I created The Info-Production Creation Crucible, to save you the ego crushing false starts, dead ends, and disappointing failures that inevitably result when you try to stuff a square peg into a round hole. And to give you proven tools for developing your ideas to their fullest potential.

Submit your info-product ideas to THE CRUCIBLE, and I’ll give you 7 crucial “money-tests” that allow you to get out of your own head… so you can quickly and accurately gauge the profitability of your next project.

Sound good?

So What exactly will you discover in this concise, straight-to-the-point, 34 page e-guide?

It’s organized into seven sections, each describing a specific go-or-no-go trial your info-product must pass to have a solid chance at success. And jam packed with specific strategies for pushing a borderline idea into the GO ZONE!

Here’s just a small sampling of what’s covered:

Crucial Money Test #1:

  • A simple distinction that tells you if your product will be hard to sell, or easy to sell. Your product makes perfect sense. People know they need it. But they just won’t buy it.  Find out why, and what to do about it!
  • Why sometimes making a product less inclusive can make it seem more valuable — and the true story of how this astonishingly simple secret transforms a dead duck info-product into a profit pumping champion …
  • How to spy on your competition to determine the viability of your price point, targeting, and promotional strategies …
  • The myth of the low-ticket, low-margin, front-end product — and how to generate a flash flood of fresh new leads with expensive, high-margin products that bloat your bottom line …

Crucial Money Test #2:

  • A simple experiment you can conduct to see if your info-product idea contains one or more of the three overarching appeals common to virtually every front-end money maker in the history of marketing …
  • How shrewd info-marketers make seemingly dull, pedestrian products sexy and dynamic, selling them at double and even triple the profit margins of their competitors …
  • How info-products help buyers define their personal identities, and 19 of the hottest selling “characterizations” you can build into your offers …

Crucial Money Test #3:

  • How to tell if you will be able to advertise your planned info-product profitably …
  • Competitive Espionage — How to reverse engineer a comparable product’s economics…
  • Why SEO and pay-per-click are the absolute last places to find info-product buyers in the vast majority of cases. (Here’s a sneaky way to find the real traffic honey holes for your specific offering) …
  • How to set up a simple spreadsheet that automatically organizes your research, ensuring you’re gathering the necessary data at each step along the way …

Crucial Money Test #4:

  • How to do “gap analysis” to uncover un-met needs and frustrated desires experienced by your target market …
  • Why traditional supply-versus-demand keyword research is dangerous as hell. It tells you very little about whether your idea is a good one or not. Here’s a much better way to assess market desire …
  • 4 unusual strategies for creating competitive differentiation… 
  • How to craft a unique value proposition that speaks directly to the unfulfilled longings of your ideal prospects…

Crucial Money Test #5:

  • Why some info-products lend themselves to higher margins than others. And how to determine the price elasticity of your envisioned product …
  • Why the relationship between price and margin is rarely linear… and how to use this quirky little truth to your advantage. (This one secret alone can spell the difference between triumphant victory and humiliating defeat when trying to conquer a new market) …
  • 3 case studies on the presentation of value… and how to stretch the price of a given product to the breaking point and beyond… 
  • The absolute minimum mark-up you should accept when selling physical information products …

Crucial Money Test #6:

  • The critical commodity you must possess before you can succeed long term in a given target market. (Trouble is, it’s difficult to measure this until you actually need it. This test shows you how) …
  • Why most advice about finding a red HOT market to sell to is just plain WRONG…
  • The 3 activities you should never, EVER completely outsource… and why info-product ideas and plans based on the assumption these things are not absolutely CORE are destined to fail …  

Crucial Money Test #7:

  • A simple “yes or no” question that will instantly tell you if a given info-product business idea has legs… or whether it will eventually hobble your cash flow and distract you from real opportunities that bring true wealth …
  • Two special situations you should avoid like the plague. An opportunity can appear to be made in heaven, but if either of these conditions exist — walk away!
  • Why you must think at least three products ahead if you’re going to succeed long term in this business …
  • The often overlooked leverage point that when missing from your info-product idea almost always leads to lackluster results. (The good news is that when it is there — “in spades” — you can mess up repeatedly in other areas and still get richer than Midas!) …

Look over my shoulder to learn these 7 simple acid tests, and you’ll be empowered with a whole new level of clarity.

Either you’ll end up killing some projects and cutting your losses… or you’ll gain valuable new insights for improving them… and the confidence of a lion, for charging fearlessly ahead.

Do you Have The Courage to Submit Your Money Making Ideas to The Info-Product Creation Crucible?

I’ve packed a tremendous amount of uncommon wisdom into these pages, because product selection, targeting, and positioning are by far THE MOST IMPORTANT HURDLES you face on your road to success in the info-marketing business.

It’s time to set your ego aside and take a cold, calculating, dispassionate look at the viability of your ideas. And to seek out creative solutions for making those that are promising as marketable as they can be.

Frankly, I’m Tired of Being The God Damn Grim Reaper …

I’m making this extremely affordable, because frankly, I’m getting a little tired of having to personally tear apart people’s dreams when they come to me for copywriting advice.

The pitfalls I help you avoid in this report are the very same bugbears I encounter repeatedly in my private practice. People pay me a great deal of money ($450 per hour) for copywriting advice, critiques and consulting and far too often I end up giving them this kind of advice instead.

Suppose this report opens your eyes to fatal flaws in your info-product development strategy… or gives you proven techniques for fixing a borderline idea or a finished product that’s already floundering …

It would mean a much swifter, surer path to becoming a recognized and respected authority figure in the niche of your choosing. It would mean the attraction of lucrative new joint ventures and high paying dream clients. And the unbridled success that will seal your destiny as a rich, happy, and self-fulfilled info-marketer!

How much is that worth to you?

Thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours can be saved with the knowledge I’m offering you. Perhaps millions of dollars earned. And it all begins with The Info-Product Creation Crucible — available to you risk-free for just $47!

Shockingly Inexpensive, With Totally Cool

FREE STUFF Worth $156 When You Order TODAY!

Place your order right now, December 25, 2018, and you’re assured access to an amazing bonus package that gives you three more valuable tools for securing your financial future…

Once you’ve nailed the perfect info-product to sell… selected the perfect target to sell it to… and zeroed in on the very best positioning … you’re going to need to power up your persuasion chops and fortify your mindset for the battle ahead.

And that’s exactly what I help you to do when you submit your ideas to The Info-Product Creation Crucible  …


You’re getting a ring-side seat while I interview one of the masterminds behind arguably the biggest info-product success story in the history of direct marketing.  (A $39 Value, FREE!)

The man behind prospect-targeting and product-positioning for Rodale Press at the time was Michael Fishman. And when The Doctor’s Book of Home Remedies rolled out, the first mailing alone took 55 eighteen wheeler transport trucks to get to the post office. 

That’s 24 million pieces of junk mail that brought back 250,000 new customers at a profit. Subsequent mailings sold over 13 million copies and spawned a whole line of related titles. Do you think you can learn a thing or two from this guy?

Here are just a few of the rare insights you’re about to discover when you get your hands on this incredible interview — yours free when you order The Info-Product Creation Crucibletoday!

  • The two massively overlooked secrets to skyrocketing the odds your next info-product will be a huge, money-spinning winner …
  • A little-known 3-step process for thoroughly testing the appeal of your info-products, before they’re even created …
  • The three levels of human desire — and how to drill down to the primal, reptilian layer that lies at the core of most purchasing decisions …
  • A specific copywriting technique for activating deep-seated unconscious desires…
  • How to establish a powerful persona that creates such blinding rapport, connection, and trust with prospective buyers that even your fiercest competition will be running for cover …
  • And much more!

Michael spills his most cherished secrets on everything from envisioning an idea… developing it through systematic research… validating it with small scale tests… and ultimately — rolling it out for massive profits!  You’re getting this interview in downloadable mp3 audio and full text transcript.


I also want you to have a super valuable interview I did recently with Ron Willingham, author of one of my all-time favorite books, The Inner Game of Selling. If you like Psycho-Cybernetics, you’re going to love this interview. (A $39 Value, FREE!)

Ron was a close personal friend of Dr. Maxwell Maltz (author of Psycho-Cybernetics) and was hand-picked to produce intensive sales training seminars based on the discoveries Dr. Maltz shares in his watershed book. Over the years, over 1.5 million people have graduated from Ron’s courses.

His application of Psycho-Cybernetic principles to the world of face-to-face selling and my adaptation of those principles to marketing and business in general have meant millions of dollars in additional sales for me.

And in this interview  I coax the essence of those principles out of Ron as they apply to building a lucrative and personally rewarding info-marketing business.

Here are just a few of the many priceless insights you’ll soon have at your disposal:

  • Why your level of achievement is limited by an inner belief boundary that defines who you are, what’s possible for you, and the rewards you deserve to enjoy …
  • How this unexamined boundary is based on your own past perceptions, and not on actual fact, or truth …
  • Why you have an unconscious need to cling to these limitations  …
  • Why your business won’t significantly improve until you release the need to hold on to these old beliefs… and how to move past them to new goals that will carry you forward to greater success …
  • Plus much more!

Need I say, your mindset is core to the accomplishment of your mission? In order to operate at peak efficiency, it’s essential you have this powerful tool for maintaining a positive, accurate, and empowering image of who you are, what you’re doing, and why you’re doing it. (Comes in both audio mp3 and fully searchable text transcript.)


And last but not least, you’re getting a one-month trial membership in my Persuasion Mastery Club, where I open the kimono wide on my most closely held secrets of influence and persuasion.  (A $78 Value, FREE!)

As an esteemed member of my Persuasion Mastery Club, each month you’ll receive a raw unedited mp3 recording and transcript of me interrogating one of the world’s most knowledgeable communications experts.

This brain trust is pulled from a wide range of fields, including conversational hypnosis… social psychology… cultural anthropology… behavioral economics… covert persuasion… and more.

During these 1 hour interviews, I extract advanced insights into human nature and applied psychology that can be used to enhance sales and profits in ANY information marketing business.

What you’ll discover in this month’s issue alone (the one you get free with this offer) allowed me to literally triple sales and profits in one of my marketing channels overnight!

To help you to implement what you learn, you will also receive my Advanced Secrets of Human Nature and Applied Psychology premium e-Letter. These are my detailed application notes explaining exactly how I am using the insights gained from these experts to make serious money in this exciting business. And how you can too.

This is advanced stuff. Admittedly, it’s not for everyone. So I’m offering it on a try-before-you-buy basis. Normally, Persuasion Mastery Club membership is $78 per month, but when you submit your info-product ideas to The Info-Product Creation Crucible today you get the first month free.

Plus, if you choose to remain a member, you’re in at half price. Cancel in the first month if you like and owe nothing…

It’s been said that ANYTHING  is easy once you know how to do it …

… And this is especially true of making money with info-products… because successful info-product publishing is about knowing how to spot certain patterns… and knowing how to take advantage of them.

Once you know how to recognize and read these patterns, you’ll be able to find profit opportunities no matter what the economic climate. When you possess this understanding, opportunity doesn’t just knock once or twice — it knocks over and over again!

That’s why the rich in this business just seem to get richer and richer… while those ignorant of the simple strategies I’m about to make available to you continue struggling to gain the wealth, recognition and lifestyle you deserve.

But Please Don’t Buy This If You’re a Wild-Eyed Lookie Loo …

I realize this isn’t the pie-in-the-sky, get-rich-in-your-underwear kind of thing that’s so common online these days. The people who fall for that crap simply refuse to let facts cloud their judgment about things. And if you’re one of them, then clearly, The Info-Product Creation Crucible isn’t for you. You’re likely to find the whole process deeply disturbing.

On the other hand, if you’re sick and tired of the lies and over simplifications that have so far prevented you from realizing your dreams of becoming financially free… doing something you love… providing real value to people along the way. And if you’re ready to hold your ideas up to the harsh light of reality, then this could very well represent a crucial turning point for you.

You must be totally impressed with the new levels of clarity and confidence you have in your ability to find, develop, and profit from winning info-product ideas — or don’t pay a red cent. 

You can email us for a friendly and courteous refund for up to one full year if you don’t think this is one of the most worthwhile investments you’ve ever made for growing your info-marketing business. And keep the $156 in free bonuses for your trouble, as my sincere thank you for giving The Info-Product Creation Crucible an honest try.

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