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Who are we ?

EBOKLY is one of the world’s largest learning platforms for education and skills training. We provide rigorous online training in disciplines such as Business & Sales, Forex & Trading, Real Estate, Internet Marketing, Hypnosis & NLP, Medical & Health, among others

Products have received immediately?

We provide digital products. Most of the products will come to you immediately. But for some products were posted for offer. We need time to make files and upload them. (It takes 8-72 hours)

Payment methods?

We works with third-party payment (Stripe, Skrill, Bitcoin, PayPal) processing partners to offer you the most convenient payment methods in your country and to keep your payment information secure.

How Do I Track My Order?

We always notice the status of your order immediately after your payment. After 5 days if there is no download link, the system will automatically complete your money

What is the best way to get a refund?

If we are unable to provide the product, we will refund it. We will assist you if your order is not as described. Thank you for your understanding. We are grateful for your patience.

How do I place an Order?

You can order directly through email or on the website If via email, we will activate your order on the system. You will receive the link directly via email and in your account.

Do I need an account to place an order?

You can make direct payments, no need to create an account. You can make direct payments, no need to create an account. Required requirements: Your email must be correct

What Shipping Methods Are Available?

You will receive a download link in the invoice or YOUR ACCOUNT. If the download link is locked or Unavailable. Please wait for our response, it might take a few hours due to the time zone difference.

It’s a legal website?

This is not an official website, to be honest.
To answer your question, “it’s legal”, I will answer it Yes and No.
– NO. We didn’t receive author approval to be his affiliate site or sell his course.
– YES. We bought the course from the author’s salepage without him telling me that I could not resell it.

What include in My course.

Our courses include videos, audios, slides ebooks…

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