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Live Caster – Teknikforce

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You can easily expect 300% more viewers, 300% more engagement and 300% more traffic than what you’re getting today, and thanks to all this new traction, new buzz, you can expect faster and faster growth. It accumulates!

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Notice : Livecasting Is The Hottest Tech On FB & YouTube

Go Live With Pre-Recorded Videos Explode Traffic + Fans On Facebook & YouTube

Powerful Desktop Software Makes Live Traffic Ridiculously Simple

Facebook & YouTube Want You To Go Live. Extract The Last Bit Of Organic Traffic With This Powerful Strategy

Price Increases In Exactly…

Livecast any Pre-Recorded Video With Livecaster

Increases your organic reach on FB & YouTube

No third party software required

Easy to use and setup

Go live immediately or schedule for later

Runs on Your Desktop PC

Need Reasons To Go Live? Your Customers Are Here!

1. According to Tubular Insights, viewers spend 8X longer with live video than on-demand:

2. Live video is growing much faster than online video on the Internet, with 113% growth year-on-year

3. Facebook users comment 10 times more on live videos than they do on regular videos.

4. Facebook sends your fans a notification as soon yougo live.

5. YouTube puts you at the top of search results when you go live.

6. Facebook puts you at the top of the news feed whenever you’re live.

We Compared The Reach Of The Same Video When Shown Live

Exploding Your Traffic With Live Videos Is As Easy As Pressing A Button

  1. Cast to Facebook Groups, Pages, Personal Feeds Or To YouTube Channels Directly.
  2. No need of any third party software. Works independently.
  3. Cast multiple videos simultaneously.
  4. 100% Organic behavior. Casts from your IP and no involvement of server. Protects from bans.
  5. Brings you increased exposure and more traffic by showing your videos to more people.
  6. Pick up any pre-recorded video, presentation, VSL, demo, and cast it as live video.
  7. Brings you better rankings on YouTube and on Google for your videos.
  8. Works with most video formats by converting them into streaming video.
  9. Go Live’ button lets you go live with any video instantly.
  10. Get more fans, subscribers, and reach more people on your pages.

Livecaster Makes It… 1-2-Simple! As Easy As Pressing A Button

Step #1: Connect Livecaster To Facebook & YouTube

Step #2: Add Any Video From Your Hard Disk

Step #3: Schedule or Go Live With one Click!

Hey Social Media Marketer!

How would you like to get more profits from Facebook & YouTube? Yep, the world’s two biggest content platforms that if combined cover nearly everyone who’s ever online.

Just look at these crazy stats

Do you know what this stands for? That’s every buyer who is going to spend money online. That’s all of your customers right there.

No surprises then, that Internet marketers are focusing every bit of their energy on these two platforms to grab their markets and their profits from this huge sea of people.

Let me guess – You’re one of them.

You’ve spent several months making sense of Facebook and/or YouTube and you’re already monetizing or in the process of monetizing one of these platforms.

We know how hard it is to get traffic from just one of those platforms, but what if you had solution that could help you get the top traffic from both.

Now Grab Traffic From Both YouTube & Facebook Without Spending Anything

People will tell you that Facebook & YouTube are very different beasts. You’ll need to choose one of them and that there’s no single way to get traffic from both.

Laugh in their faces and tell them they’re wrong.

One powerful thing unites both Facebook and YouTube, and gets you the prime attention, high exposure, top rankings and a heavy amount of traffic from both Facebook & YouTube.

It’s Live videos.

Yep, live videos work everywhere, and they work massively.


  • Will notify all your fans and subscribers that you’ve gone live.
  • Will show your live video at the top of people’s news feeds.
  • Will get people to spend more time watching your live video and incentivizes them interacting with it by animating their likes and reactions.


  • Will put you in top of search results for the terms and keywords you target.
  • Will notify all your subscribers about your live event.
  • Will show your live-stream in ‘What to watch next’ section.
  • Will rank you higher on Google for the live event keywords and terms.

Here’s the BIG secret. Live Video Is The In Thing

Both Facebook & YouTube want people to go live

They are rewarding live videos with more traffic.

They are in a big RACE to grab as much of live video market share as they can.

As a marketer it’s an opportunity that you just can’t afford to ignore. Don’t ignore it. Be the guy who grabs it and turn it into more cash for his business.

You can easily expect 300% more viewers, 300% more engagement and 300% more traffic than what you’re getting today, and thanks to all this new traction, new buzz, you can expect faster and faster growth. It accumulates!

Yes, when you go live, you also grow faster thanks to extra traction that you get every time you go live.

300% Boost In Your Social Media Reach Today

Videos are already the strongest content type on the Internet, ruling not only YouTube, but also Facebook, but when you add Live to it, you increase the power of videos 300%, and it’s not us claiming that. It’s Facebook.

Facebook says that people spend 3x more time watching live videos than they spend watching regular videos.

We want to make sure you take advantage of Live videos today using a system that’s robust, well tested, and guaranteed to deliver.

Livecaster Is The Most Effective Way To Go Live

Facebook and YouTube’s tools let you go live using a mobile phone and camera, but you can’t livecast your pre-recorded videos or presentations. This means your options are severely limited, and if you’re not an actor and not prepared to present things on camera, you will miss out on this wonderful opportunity completely.

That Changes With Livecaster

Pick any pre-recorded video from your computer and go live with it.

No need of any camera or any technical device.

Converts most video formats automatically.

Watch The Livecaster Demo

Live Videos Boost Your Profits

Video Marketers

Make your regular videos live and get 300% boost in your reach. Also get higher rankings. Videos will be playable like usual when live telecast ends.


Create quick videos of your article readouts and grab viewers and fresh readers from Facebook & YouTube for your blog.

E-Com Marketers

Show off your products by livecasting your demos, ads, pitches, etc, and quickly grab new buyers or build engagement for your social media pages.

Offline Businesses

Go live with your video presentations and commercials and give your business even more exposure. Grab more clients and leads

Live Cast Easily With Livecaster’s Powerful Features

Add any video to Livecaster repository by clicking the ‘Add Video’ button.

Schedule any video to go live at any time using the smart scheduler that even takes care of time zones

Go live instantly at the press of a button with any video.

Works with Facebook Pages, Groups, Profile seamlessly. Just connect and go live. Works for YouTube too.

Add multiple social accounts and go live on them simultaneously.

Livecasts smooth videos from your desktop on broadband connections with stream rate adjustment.

Make 300% Traffic Boost Extremely Simple Grab The Top Spot On Facebook Newsfeeds And YouTube Search Results Effortlessly

  • Time to get a traffic boost from Facebook & YouTube without having to make extra efforts for it.
  • Time to appear on the top of YouTube search results without spending hours on optimization.
  • Time to get on top of newsfeeds, and reach more people on Facebook without paying for extra reach..
  • Time to be able to go live again and again with the same video or different videos without having to be around even to press buttons.
  • Time to go live without having to figure out complicated settings and a mess of configuration.
  • Time to be able to telecast high quality videos from your computer without worrying about bandwidth and streaming settings.

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