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Ignite Your Metabolism – Tim Berzins

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Ignite Your Metabolism

How To Naturally Boost Your Metabolism For Exceptional Health & Lasting Energy

Attention: Do you have low energy, trouble losing fat, and a slow metabolism?

New program reveals controversial diet for naturally maximizing metabolic rate, incinerating fat, and boosting energy throughout the day.

Discover the secret to massive increases in metabolism while eliminating daily fatigue, raising body temperature and losing fat fast.

Your diet may be actively working against your metabolism and preventing your cells from creating energy.

This is true even when – or most likely because – you’re eating what you’ve been told is a “healthy diet”.

The truth is, the diets preached by mainstream nutrition are damaging your metabolism.

But you’re not alone.

In fact, the national average body temperature has dropped from the standard 98.6 degrees Farenheit, to a measly 98.2 degrees.

Body temperature continues to plummet as “mainstream nutrition” promotes diets that lower your body’s ability to produce energy.

And when your body temperature is lower, it means you have a slower metabolism and decreased energy production, impairing the systems that make your body function at top performance.

But even more alarming is the fact that you may be suffering with an even slower metabolism than this, as many people with morning body temperature readings of 96 degrees, 95 degrees, and even on down to reported cases of a dangerously low 93 degrees Farenheit, are experiencing.

All of this leads to fat gain, the inability to lose fat, and rock bottom energy levels, among the many other symptoms (including anxiety, poor sex drive, slow growing hair and nails, reduced recovery, terrible sleep, and much more).

If you’ve ever experienced an inability to lose fat and rock bottom energy levels, there’s a good chance your metabolism is lower than it should be.

And even if you haven’t, you’re probably accepting a lower level of health as “normal” and missing out on living a higher quality life.

The thing is, having a slow metabolism is NOT your fault!

Marketing from mainstream nutrition and the pharmaceutical companies have blurred the science, making it almost impossible for you to actually understand how your health and your metabolism works.

They’re actively promoting anti-metabolism foods to improve their bottom-line, while you struggle with your health as a result.

I struggled for years from almost every one of the low metabolism symptoms.

It was like the colors were turned down in my life, and all that was left was a bland shell without joy.

But what started as a journey to fix these problems and finally lose the extra weight I had gained became much more.

Luckily, it doesn’t take expensive blood tests or pharmaceutical drugs to fix this problem (although many companies would gladly let you believe so).

No, in order to fix this epidemic and skyrocket your metabolism to radiant health, you need a diet system designed to remove the myriad of habits that are preventing your body from experiencing maximum energy production.

You need to start eating the right foods, in the right ways, to fix this underlying stress.

I discovered a radical new perspective on health and metabolism that changed my views forever and fixed every last one of my problems.

The hours, days, weeks and months I spent researching and reading…

The self-experiments that at one point led me into a deep depression…

The 30 extra pounds of fat I gained…

The brain fog, anxiety and inability to sleep that I suffered through…

They were all worth these discoveries I made.

Finally, I had found the truth about how to increase your metabolism and fix hypothyroidism naturally.


Introducing the complete “Ignite Your Metabolism” dietary system.

This system was designed to maximize the metabolic rate by increasing the energy output of every single cell in your body.

Created from stacks of research, tons of experimentation, and hoards of client results, this program is like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

And not only is the Ignite Your Metabolism system so effective for losing fat, increasing energy, and boosting metabolism…

…it’s also the easiest diet I’ve ever followed.

What mainstream nutrition doesn’t want you to know is that your body craves certain foods for reason – to fill a need.

By understanding these cravings and giving your body the right nutrients it actually needs, you’ll enjoy your diet more than ever while your metabolism skyrockets and body composition quickly shifts.

The best part?

You’ll start to feel the results within the first week of switching to this diet system.

As you continue eating this way, you’ll be amazed at how your metabolism improves and the myriad of related symptoms disappear.

Within 8-12 weeks, you can see your temperature return to normal and beyond, as all of the problems reverse themselves.

You’ll even realize that the level of health you accepted as “normal”, was anything but normal.

Can you imagine what it will look like when your body becomes a metabolic furnace, burning through energy like a rocket leaving earth, as your health and well-being continue to climb and climb and climb?

Imagine feeling strong and powerful all day long as the daily stresses that used to get you down now just float past on the wind.

Imagine sleeping like a rock, waking up feeling light, lean and full of energy to conquer your day.

Imagine recovering from workouts and injuries at superhuman rates as your cells repair with incredible speed.

This might sound like a fairytale, but I assure you, it’s real.

My name is Tim Berzins and I graduated from the University of Delaware with an honor’s degree in Nutritional Sciences, and have been an independent researcher for over a decade.

But perhaps more importantly, nutrition and health has been my passion and my obsession since I was a kid. Always hungry to learn more, I never limited myself to only learning through school – I absorbed everything I could.

And it’s a good thing I did, because while I learned all of the body’s in-depth biochemistry and complex physiological actions in school, I soon realized that the typical mainstream nutrition recommendations did not line up with how metabolism works on the hormonal and cellular level.

This never-ending search for the truth, combined with my experience of low metabolism, my ability to read the research and put it into context, and a few life-changing mentors, led me to this interconnected perspective of metabolism and how all the research fits together.

But why am I so passionate and dedicated to this?

Because of one overarching reason that stirs me up inside, pulls me towards the future and energizes me to charge down my path:

Raising your metabolism will change your life.

By increasing your metabolism and thyroid hormone in the body naturally, you increase the ability of every single cell to produce energy to fulfill all of its functions at full force.

This is precisely why low metabolism is associated with such a large variety of terrible symptoms.

One book even lists a whopping 83 pages (!) worth of symptoms related to hypothyroidism and a low metabolism.

By increasing your metabolism naturally, you’ll experience:

– Much easier fat loss

– Much easier muscle gain

– Faster recovery

– Higher body temperature

– Amazing sleep with vivid dreams

– Improved appearance and attractiveness (no more circles under your eyes, dry skin, or flaky hair)

– Increased motivation and focus

– No more brain fog

– No more cold hands and feet

– A complete sense of well-being and no more anxiety

– Increased sex drive and sexual performance

– Less inward focused, negative thoughts and more outward focused, expansive thoughts

– Increased testosterone

– Improved insulin sensitivity

– The ability to occasionally eat whatever you want – without adding any fat!

Get Ignite Your Metabolism – Tim Berzins, Only Price $22


At times while I was discovering this unknown information, I doubted myself.

Was this really true? Was I going crazy?

But everything I learned, I tried on myself and got exceptional results.

So I started taking things a step further and getting my friends to try it.

Then I moved onto clients, and before I knew it, I was seeing that these concepts held true for everyone.

Everyone I’ve worked with has experienced massive increases in metabolism, improved energy throughout the day, and skyrocketed fat loss.

For example, look at some of these messages I’ve gotten:


Hey Tim,

I’m officially a huge fan of yours. I’m floored. I’ve never been able to stay lean eating this many Calories and feeling this fantastic.

Seriously, everything I’ve learned from your emails and programs has completely changed the way I look and think about diet. I can’t imagine going back to my low metabolism life before.

I’m now up to 3500 Calories per day and I haven’t gained any weight at all! I’m getting way stronger in the gym and I feel like I’m gaining some muscle, too.

You are the man.

— Christian F.


And messages like that aren’t the exception, they’re the norm.

For example, check out this one:


Hey Tim,

I was pretty hesitant to try this, but after feeling so tired all the time, I just decided to give it a shot. Within the first week I noticed my energy improving. I don’t need to nap after work anymore and generally it feels like I’m thinking clearer.

Weight hasn’t changed much, but I’m definitely eating more than I used to and I can tell your formula is starting to work. I actually feel leaner too, which is awesome!

Starting to get really excited about this!

— Luther M.



Hey man it’s definitely starting to work! I’m so motivated and I even started (finally) hitting some PRs in the gym. I’ve never felt this good! What have I been missing out on?

— Sam H.



I gotta say, at first I thought you were a little crazy. I mean, not many people say that salt and sugar are good for you. Then again, most people don’t have good health so maybe that’s why?

Anyway, after finishing Ignite Your Metabolism, I decided ‘why not?’ and gave it a shot.

Best decision ever. I can feel it working and I’m waking up more ready for my day every day.

Turns out keeping an open mind pays off 😉

Thanks man, you rock.

— Austin F.



Wow. Just wow. I just finished Ignite Your Metabolism and my brain feels stuffed. Like, there’s so much I didn’t know.

That was such an eye-opening program. I can’t wait to start using everything! Awesome job man!

— Trent M.



Hey man,

Just wanted to write you real quick about this. I’ve been suffering from some health problems since losing about 150 pounds and I kept thinking it was all in my head.

Your program helped me realize there was a real problem, and when I took my temperature it was actually BELOW 95 degrees (I’m almost embarrassed to tell you that, lol).

But since applying your principles, I’ve seen it steadily rising and I’m starting to feel better and I definitely have more energy.

I’m just hit 97.2 this morning and it keeps climbing! I can’t wait to get it to the awesome levels you talk about.

Anyway, just wanted to thank you and give you my success story so far! Keep up the great work!

— Carter G.


After seeing how the Ignite Your Metabolism diet program has helped so many people, and how easy and freeing it is to follow, I decided I wanted to release it to the public, but I ONLY want people who will use it to buy it.

To be clear, if you’re not an action-taker, do not pick up this program. Click the X on this screen now.

But if you’re ready to blow the doors off your nutrition and experience a hot, health promoting metabolism every single day of your life, then this program is for you.

On top of this, I wanted to make sure you got everything you’d need to implement this program.

Like I said, I want you to use this stuff, and the easier I can make it for you, the better.

That’s why I included several killer bonuses:

#1 Metabolism Boosting Hacks

Three of my absolute favorite ways to quickly and efficiently use the powerful concepts in the book in the easiest way possible. These hacks can be used at any time to immediately boost your metabolic rate.

#2 Ignite Your Metabolism Grocery List

A sample grocery list of the best foods to eat for boosting your metabolism. These are the foods I eat regularly, and the foods my clients’ have used to increase their energy production.

#3 Ignite Your Metabolism Meal Plan

A full week’s worth of metabolism meals, laid out in an easy to understand schedule, so you can start implementing the diet immediately.

#4 The Metabolism Coffee Recipe

The coffee recipe that I use every day to accelerate the energy production in cells and increase my focus and well-being.


The Ignite Your Metabolism system has revolutionized metabolism for myself and my clients.

The powerful concepts inside will turn your understanding of nutrition on its head and accelerate your metabolism to enhance energy production at every level of your body, improving every single system.

That’s precisely why increasing your metabolism has such intense, profound effects on such a wide variety of things like your sleep, sex drive, body composition, motivation and focus.

This program is NOT based on cheap “Band-Aid solutions”, like using high intensity exercise for a temporary increase in Calorie burning.

This program is based on the powerful science of improving the physiological functioning of your cells in order to skyrocket metabolic functioning.

Backed by over 350 studies, this course has been proven to increase mitochondrial health and energy production, eliminating all of the symptoms associated with having a low metabolism.

Normally, I charge $197 per month to coach clients on boosting their metabolism using the concepts in this book.

And while my business partners want me to charge $97 for this, I told them no.

This information was so life-changing for me, I needed to get it into as many hands as possible.

So after a lot of negotiation I worked it down to a mere $47.

With what I’m covering for you, you can get the entire Ignite Your Metabolism system for just $47.

Think of it as a reward for the most action-taking badasses who are truly committed to achieving a red-hot metabolic rate, superb thyroid function, and the most fulfilling levels of health.

The longer you wait to start implementing the powerful concepts taught in Ignite Your Metabolism, the longer you’ll be living sub-optimally, missing out on the passion and intensity that life can deliver when your metabolism is functioning at full speed.


I’m so confident that you’re going to get incredible results by following this program, that I’m also offering a full money-back guarantee.

As unlikely as it is, if you honestly try this program and don’t notice any improvement in your body temperature, focus, motivation, sleep, sex drive or well-being, I’ll refund you the entire cost of the program.

After all, my #1 goal with this course is to help people.

Pick up the entire Ignite Your Metabolism system for only $47 today.

One quick warning before you join us inside: The material in this program is like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

If you’re not an open-minded person who is willing to take action, this program will not be for you.

The powerful concepts in the Ignite Your Metabolism system that caused myself and my clients to get such great results will truly change the way you approach your diet and nutrition for the rest of your life.

The benefits are truly profound.

The Ignite Your Metabolism system will only be available at this discounted price for a few more days, as a reward for only the most fast-acting people, ready to boost their metabolism for good, and raise their health to a level they never knew existed.

Buy today, and find out how great your health can truly be.

Course Curriculum

Metabolism Is Everything

  • Welcome To Ignite Your Metabolism
  • ​Module 1: Stumbling Upon The Truth
  • Module 2: Everyone Is Somewhere On The Metabolism Spectrum
  • Module 3: The Cellular Stress Connection

The Science Behind Increasing Your Metabolism

  • ​​​​​​​Module 4: The Power Of Sugar
  • ​Module 5: PUFA Detoxification
  • ​Module 6: Rebalancing Amino Acids
  • ​Module 7: Mineral Reconcentration
  • ​Module 8: Micronutrient Replenishment

How To Ignite Your Metabolism

  • ​Module 9: How To Ignite Your Metabolism
  • ​Module 10: How To Track Your Progress
  • ​Module 11: The Rest Is In Your Hands


  • References

Ignite Your Metabolism Bonuses

  • Metabolism Boosting Hacks
  • Ignite Your Metabolism Grocery List
  • Ignite Your Metabolism Coffee Recipes
  • Ignite Your Metabolism Weekly Meal Plan

Get Ignite Your Metabolism – Tim Berzins, Only Price $22

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