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Tao of Writing Email Copy that Sells – Matt Furey

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Unedited, Uncensored and Totally RAW

Matt Furey’s

Tao of Writing Email Copy that Sells

Dear Friend,

Holy schnikies. I just found something and I cannot stop smiling from ear to mouth to ear.

There I was debating over which never-before-released product I want to launch. And just when I was certain I’d made a definite decision, I saw a stack of CDs and DVDs in a corner of my office.

On the front of the CD, there were various numbers and dates, along with the letters MAO.

Huh? What the hell could this be?

So I grabbed the CDs and popped one into my computer. After I’d only listened to the first 32:43 I had three pages of notes.

And the speaker was ME.

Not MAO, as in Chairman Mao.

These CDs are from a 3.5 hour talk I gave several years ago, supposedly on my method of email copywriting. But in true Fureyesque fashion, the audience gets FAR MORE than they expected.

Honestly, I cannot believe many of the words that came out of my mouth during this talk. Although I had an outline of 11 Keys to Writing Fureyesque Emails – I went “off-topic” so much that any serious student of success, even someone who has no desire to EVER write emails for a business, would love to hear this message.

For example, of the 11 Key Points to be covered, the first four are all about HOW I get myself into the right frame of mind, the right mental state, the right emotional space – so that the words flow effortlessly onto the screen.

Now get this – I explained how following this method will reduce your editing by as much as 80%.

And if you’re really in a pure state of flow – you can literally write emails, unedited, that POP like kernels of Orville Redenbacher on high heat.

After looking at my notes from the first 32:43 I went through my notes from other talks I gave on email copywriting. I even went through my notes from the two seminars I conducted on this topic – and I’m truly astounded that I covered a TON of material in the first 20 minutes that I never said before that day – and haven’t since then.

Finding these CDs is a GREAT day in my life – and I’d love to share them with YOU.

But I’m not going to crawl over broken glass and beg you to get them. If you’re a serious student of copywriting, marketing and so on – you most likely already know that many of the world’s TOP marketing people consider me to be “the world’s greatest email copywriter.”

I’m not saying this to brag. I’m saying it because OTHER people have said it – and I think they’re right, hehe.

Even after taking nearly four years off, with very few emails sent compared to the days in which I cranked out two or three per day, every day, rain, snow, hurricane or earthquake – all I need to do is wash my hands with Windex, practice Theatre of the Mind for about 15 minutes, and I’m good to go.

Okay, I don’t use Windex on my hands – but hey, it worked in the movie, My Big Fat Greek Wedding – so why not add a little levity to this otherwise pompous email?

So you know I’m not going to crawl over broken glass to beg – and I’d never insist that you do such a thing either. BUT I will say that you’d be absolutely nuts to pass on the offer I’m about to make.

Here’s why: The people who attended this seminar paid five thousand smackers to hear what I had to say.

On top of that they had airfare, hotel expenses, food and beverage. And if they smoked, they had tobacco expenses.

So, at bare minimum, most people paid six or seven thousand fungolas to be at this event.

I, myself, flew home from China a few days early, just so I could give this talk, this ONE TALK that has not and will never be repeated – except in the living laboratory of your car – or on whatever other audio device you have in your abode.

Listen to this: There are copywriting teachers who literally scold their students into calling our office – asking if they can PLEASE get a copy of the first email seminar I held in 2005 – an event that the attendees paid ten grand per person

And those who attended that event went on to create some pretty freakin amazing businesses with what they learned from me.

On the rare occasion that I opened my heart and allowed “just one more person” the right to order that product, they were charged at least $1,000.00.

Yesterday I did a Skype call with a man from Australia who’s been getting mentored by me since last Spring. He’s proud to label himself a “Furey stalker.” And he was even prouder to tell me that the advice i gave him in November of last year, brought him 1.1 million fungolas in December.

I interrupted him and said, “Actually, it was more like a week because you took off on vacation for the rest of the year.”

He laughed and acknowledged this fact.

Two weeks ago I met with an info-publisher who has made a fortune modeling my email copywriting methods. He’s picked himself up by his boot straps, more than once, following what I teach. And he’ll tell you it all boils down to the mindset I teach and the style of copy that I write.

So believe me now and listen to me later, when I say that the asking price for this 3.5 hour program should be $997.00.

But I’m not gong to charge you that amount – even though I probably should.

In fact, even though I should probably charge you $495.00 – I’m going to do even better than that.

Here’s the opportunity: This program is only going to be available for about a week – then I’m pulling it off the web.

If you think I’m joking, let me kindly remind you that four years ago I had an entire array of products on marketing for sale online – and I took ALL of them off the market and they have NOT made it back – and probably never will.

The same will more than likely happen with The Tao of Email Copywriting.

With this in mind, consider $317.00 $197.00 (plus S&H) one helluva good steal.

Reserve your copy of this program NOW and I’ll also throw in a copy of my Email Copywriting Seminar manual – filled with instructions and samples galore, that you can use in your business.

And if that’s not enough, how about i throw in a copy of my “hot off the presses” CD teaching you Theatre of the Mind, so that you can use it to clear your mind before you sit in your chair to write riveting copy that moves the masses in your direction.

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