Android Apps Reskinning for Fun and Profit – Cristian Gradisteanu


Learn how to reskin mobile apps from start to finish and be a part of an industry that attracts million of users.



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*** Course updated on 28/Sept/2015 ***

Over 7 hours of contentStep by step tutorial for complete beginners. More advanced topics also covered like ASO, graphics editing, sound editing, etc.

Ever wanted to create mobile games but didn't know where to start or thought that you will never succeed?

With Android Apps Reskinning for Fun and Profit you will have both of fun, and hopefully profit while reskinning Android apps. Why fail when trying to create an app from scratch, investing hundreds of dollars, when you can legally modify an existing one? And the best part…you get to publish the app and attract millions of potential users on Google Play Store and other Android Marketplaces. Start you Mobile App Empire today with Android Apps Reskinning for Fun and Profit !

No programming experience is required, I will show you STEP BY STEP what you need to edit in your code in order to re-skin your App and be able to submit it to any Android Marketplace including Google Play Store and Amazon Apps.

The course is suitable for beginners and more advanced users also (please read through the reviews left from beginners students that were able to upload their Android Apps on the Play Store without any prior Android programming knowledge.

Who is this course for?

  • anyone willing to start creating mobile applications but doesn't have the necessary programming skills or funds to start from zero
  • entrepreneurs looking to develop a passive income
  • students that want to dive into mobile application programming following real world examples and not just theory
  • developers searching to increase their skills in Java or mobile applications development

Please watch the free lessons for more information on what to expect from this course.

Course Curriculum

Course introduction

  • Few words about me (0:29)
  • Course objectives (1:17)
  • What is App Reskinning (3:11)
  • How much money do you need to get started (7:28)

Development Environment Setup

  • Installing Java JDK on Windows (7:43)
  • Installing Java JDK on Mac OS X (3:47)
  • What is Android Studio ? (1:18)
  • Installing Android Studio (3:54)
  • Installing additional components (5:36)
  • Updating Android Studio (3:34)
  • Where to look for help when got stuck (10:18)

App Reskinning

  • Search for source code on GitHub (4:26)
  • Finding source code on other websites (9:24)
  • How to pick a game or what to avoid when choosing one (8:56)
  • Importing the source code in Android Studio (10:50)
  • Running the game in the emulator (3:18)
  • Editing car image part 1 (12:14)
  • Editing car image part 2 (3:35)
  • Renaming the Package ID
  • Adding Google Play Services library to your Project
  • Changing the Ad IDs
  • Adding Interstitial Ads to your game
  • Replacing music files
  • Changing the game icon (15:53)
  • Running the game on a real device (10:03)
  • Odesk account creation and job posting (14:35)
  • Using Fiverr Gigs

App publishing

  • Creating your Google Developer account (4:42)
  • Generating the release version APK (4:40)
  • Creating your Google Play Store listing

Monetizing Apps

  • Android Apps Monetizing (7:13)


  • Introduction to Android Studio – the new IDE from Google (20:53)
  • Adding Google Analytics to your Game
  • Installing Genymotion (7:50)
  • Updating from Google AdMob SDK to Google Play Services Library
  • Adding RevMob to your Game
  • Adding Chartboost to your Game (17:07)
  • It's all about Keywords (19:59)
  • Publishing your App on other Android Marketplaces

Older videos – Eclipse IDE version

  • Installing Java JDK (5:29)
  • Eclipse with ADT plugin – download and install (4:42)
  • Installing Eclipse with ADT in Android Studio era (7:57)
  • Configuring Eclipse IDE (6:30)
  • Importing source code in Eclipse (7:29)
  • Editing car image PART 1 (8:01)
  • Editing car image PART 2 (8:56)
  • Creating your KeyStore and signing the APK (4:03)
  • Installing BlueStacks and running the game (5:26)
  • Renaming the Package ID (5:29)

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