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Ak Booster Pro – Abni Dwivedi, Ben M

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Find profitable, easy-to-rank Kindle niches in less than a minute…

Promote your book to thousands of hungry buyers & get free traffic easily…

Get tons of qualified reviews in record time and boost your rankings…

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Why Most People Are Falling In The Kindle Publishing “Gold Rush”. And How You Can Succeed With Our Simple Yet Cunning Plan!

New Profit Extracting Technology Delivers

‘Secret’ Niches & Free Traffic

In Hugely Respected $1.5 Billion Kindle Market

…all with a few simple clicks of your mouse!

Take our in-house software and…

  • Find profitable, easy-to-rank Kindle niches in less p than a minute…
  • Promote your book to thousands of hungry buyers & get free traffic easily…
  • Get tons of qualified reviews In record time and boost your rankings…

Dear Future-Kindle-Bestselling Publisher,

My name is Ben Murray and I’m a Kindle Publishing expert on a mission…

Kindle publishing represents one of the BIGGEST money-making opportunities in 2014… but 90% of publishers fall to make money!

When I first started with Kindle publishing, I failed BIG TIME…I did EVERYTHING wrong.

I though it would be an easy way to make a easy PASSIVE income online (at least that’s what I had been led to believe).

But the truth turned out to be a VERY different story.

My decisions were based on simple guesswork because useful data was extremely difficult to find and analyse PLUS I had no idea where to find it… As a result, I FAILED miserably…again & again.

But that got me thinking.

So I took a step back and objectively analysed the problem. I looked at what numerous, SUCCESSFUL Kindle Publishers were doing, did some tests, ran some trials and then there was this “ahaa” moment and I made a breakthrough discovery…

It turns out that I, just like most publishers, was failing because I was repeating

‘The 2 Critical Mistakes’ 1and those mistakes were KILLING THE PROFITS.


  • Write a book on a topic (insert guess work here)
  • Publish it on Amazon…
  • Wait for the magic to happen…

If you’re lucky, you might make a sale or two… but that’s probably going to be it.

So the BIG question is…


Well, as It turns out, there are basically 2 CRITICAL elements they’re completely missing:

1)    Proper market & keyword research

2)    Efficient book promotion

Let me explain this, so the problems will be crystal clear…

Are You Making These 2 Critical Mistakes?

If you are not yet publishing on Kindle, in the next 5 minutes you will get a strong urge to pick up that proverbial pen and start scribbling.

But in case you are already a^publisher”, our survey shows that you are missing 2 VERY CRITICAL elements:

> First of a I], Kindle publishing is about finding profitable niches…and exploiting that demand in the Amazon marketplace. Whether you outsource or write the book yourself, if you want to make money and avoid being just another beginning writer, you need to publish what actually sells.

The problem is that finding those niches (and keywords) can be tricky. When I started Kindle Publishing, I continually made assumptions that turned out to be WRONG. That’s because guesswork won’t cut it.

BUT let’s face it…doing proper market research is boring, time-consuming, and the data is hard to find. Frankly, it’s a tedious task that humans are poorly suited for.

Software, on the other hand, is the perfect solution. It doesn’t get bored and it’s blazlngly fast. And SPEED & TIME are critical issues.



Successful Kindle publishers don’t just publish one book – they publish MANY! And they do so as FAST as possible…

Successful Kindle publishers know that research is one of the KEY elements when it comes to selling books. They’ve learned — as I did – that you’ve got to work smarter, not harder to maximize your profits.

> Secondly, promoting your book is IMPORTANT. You can write all the books you want, but if no one finds them on Amazon you won’t make any sales. And selling is the name of the game. So . you MUST actively promote your books.

Do you Want The Real Key To Success

But… what if there was a piece of software that did all the “heavy lifting“ and “grunt” work of Market Research, Keyword Research, Book Promotion, and Review Gathering FOR YOU… all on COMPLETE AUTOPILOT?

What if this same software cut out all the hours of “Guess Work” required in finding the most accurate market research data so you could easily promote your books with guaranteed success?


The’All-in-One Kindle Market Research, Keyword Research & Promotion Tool You Will NotWant To Be Without!

Quit the “Guess Work” & Take Your Place Among The Best-selling Publishers As Your Kindle Sales Grow!

AK Booster Pro is desktop software that makes Kindle Market Research, Keyword Research, Book Promotion amazingly fast and easy. It will LITERALLY change the way you work by reducing the effort you’re required to expend…and all this with just few clicks of your mouse.

The thing is…I originally developed this software for my own use. I found out (the hard way) that profiting from Kindle publishing isn’t as easy as I was led to believe. Mundane, time-consuming tasks (such as research) became roadblocks to making sales.

In short, I was “torpedoing” my own success!

There simply had to be a better way.

At that point, I teamed up with Ben Murray (a kickass software developer) and began the long, difficult process of finding the algorithms and developing the powerful Kindle tools I needed to succeed.

The eventual result was AK Booster Pro. Its uses a sophisticated algorithm

to hunt down the most profitable niches there are in the Kindle marketplace. It also helps you quickly & efficiently promote your book and gather qualified reviews… all in a snap!

This is the EXACT solution that Kindle publishers everywhere need. It takes the tedious, boring, and tricky tasks such as Market Research, Keyword Research, Promotion and marketing from your hands and does if ALL FOR YOU with a click of a button… and with pinpoint accuracy.

Watch The Demo Below To See How AK Booster Pro Can Help You Gain An Advantage Over Your Competitors… And Maximize Your Kindle Profits:

AK Booster Pro…

  • Cuts down your market research time by as much as 95%… giving you more time to focus on areas of your business that require your attention.
  • Tells you exactly which niches and keywords to go for… and which ones ‘    ‘ to avoid.
  • Makes you into a book promotion “ninja” by helping you get tons of free ** traffic and reviews from qualified users.

With AK Booster Pro On Your Kindle Team, You Will Be Destined To Succeed In The Shortest Time Possible… Without Pulling Your Hair Out!

Here’s what AK Booster Pro will do for you:

  •  Find Kindle niches that will get you ranked to page #1 quickly and easily
  • Find Kindle keywords worth going after
  • Find keywords that you’ve GOT to avoid
  • Tell you which niches have less competition
  • Tell you which keywords have weaker competition
  • Tell you where to submit your book to get tons of traffic… and sales
  • Find the contact information for Amazon qualified reviewers to approach — so you can boost your sales and rankings
  • Automate everything with the click of a button
  •  Run in the background without bothering you
  • And much, MUCH more!

AK Booster Pro Can Help You GAIN A Massive Advantage Over Your Competitors… And Maximize Your Profits In A SNAP…

Here are AK Booster Pro’s powerful, “core” features:

1) The Niche Finder: This feature tells you what Amazon users are actively searching for. In other words, Instead of guessing what topics you should be publishing Kindle books about… why not just let Amazon TELL YOU directly?

You can start with simple seed keywords (such as “learn to”) and have AK Booster Pro search for matches and rank them by popularity. (It even color-codes the results so you can evaluate them at-a-glance.)

You can also search for targeted phrases (such as “learn to paint”). This way, you can go deeper, to find specific sub-niches with very little competition. In fact, that’s one of the keys to making HUGE profits from Kindle publishing… and AK Booster Pro makes it ridiculously easy.

2) The Submitter Feature: If you don’t actively promote your books, your sales are likely to be extremely disappointing. Amazon attracts an ENORMOUS number of buyers, but that alone isn’t enough. To get the marketing process started, you’ve got to “prime the pump.” One of the ways this is done is by submitting your books to promotional sites (free and/or paid).

The Submitter contains the best advertising sites to submit your books to — such as Kindle Nation Daily and BookBub.

Once again, AK Booster Pro makes the whole process easy… and saves you a ton of wasted time and effort. After all, why would you want to do it the old, slow, boring way? The Submitter expedites the process. (As I mentioned, one of the keys to Kindle publishing is to work smart, instead of hard.)

3) The “Review” Feature: Finding ACTIVE reviewers for your Kindle books is ESSENTIAL. People like to buy books that provide reviews (a form of “social proof”).

And that’s where the Review Feature comes into play. It helps you find reviewers on Amazon, Go-odReads, and Facebook:

  • The Amazon section finds the most recent and helpful reviewers in any niche and shows you their email, ID, and website.
  • The GoodReads section searches for reading groups in your desired niche and pulls their ID, email, and website URL so you can contact them.
  • The Facebook section searches for authors and readers in your niche within Facebook groups and gives you their link ID so contacting them is easy.

With AK Booster Pro, you’ll never again struggle to find reviews — which are so critical to your success as a Kindle platform publisher.

Let’s quickly recap… here’s what you get today when you order AK Booster Pro:

1)    The AK Booster Pro Desktop Software:

Complete access to the desktop software with an available single OR multi-user license.

2)    Detailed Training:

Complete tutorials and training so you can use It to Its full potential. (However, it’s so simple that you may not even need It.)

3)    Lifetime Priority Support:

You’ll get access to our premium support. Got a question? Ask us!

4)    Lifetime Updates for this version:

This means you’ll be up-to-date and ready to go.

5)    Special “Unannounced” Bonuses:

You’ll find some “surprise” Kindle bonuses Inside the members’ area.

With AK Booster Pro, you’ll have everything you need to succeed with Kindle publishing.

Think About It…

Right now, you’re faced with TWO CHOICES…

You can continue to struggle to find profitable keywords and niches… or you can use AK Booster Pro and save time… and time Is money.

AK Booster Pro can help you almost EFFORTLESSLY find HOT niches and promote your books. If you’re not using it, you’re wasting your time and effort Again… why would you want to work hard when your computer can do it FOR YOU?

Best of all, for a LIMITED-TIME, AK Booster Pro is available for a ONE-TIME payment of just $17 for a single-user license and $27 for an unlimited license.

For roughly the price of movie tickets and snacks, AK Booster Pro is a tool that will let you work FAR MORE efficiently So let me ask you: How much is YOUR time worth?

Frankly, AK Booster Pro is an AMAZING VALUE. It’ll practically PAY FOR ITSELF.

So choose the license that’s right for you and Click the Order Button below…

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