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The Fired Up and Focused Optimization Bootcamp – Joanna Wiebe

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The Fired Up & Focused Optimization Bootcamp: The Sure-Fire Way For Startup Marketers Like You to Re-Ignite Your Traffic & Conversion Efforts

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What if Oli Gardner stopped by your desk to coach you on a PPC landing page?

Or Dave Collins popped by to show you how to use your keyword research in unusually brilliant ways? Or 16 other digital marketing experts showed you their top secrets – and how to use them – for better SEO, CRO, PPC and email?


The Fired Up & Focused Optimization Bootcamp: The Sure-Fire Way For Startup Marketers Like You to Re-Ignite Your Traffic & Conversion Efforts


Dear wearer of a thousand hats –

Marketing isn’t as straightforward as it looks. Wouldn’t it be amazing to stop guessing at everything – from search to sales – and instead let some of the digital marketing world’s top-paid, most in-demand consultants help you optimize your site?

That’s exactly what the Fired Up & Focused Optimization Bootcamp will give you…

Each and every one of the following respected, no-spam experts – the sort of peeps you pay big money to learn from at conferences – is presenting an actionable video lesson that will help you transform your online business…

Can you afford to miss out on the secrets, tips and strategies other bootcampers will be sinking their teeth into?

Check out the 30,000-foot view of our 27 uber-powerful bootcamp lessons…

There’s So Much Here – But You Won’t Feel Overwhelmed

Every lesson is -10 minutes long…

And the homework will take you less than 50 minutes, start to finish…

So your course commitment is insanely low at just AN HOUR – or less – a day.

With weekends off…

And if you don’t have time one day or week, don’t worry! You’ll have lifetime access to bootcamp materials, so you can return to ANY lesson later…

Plus, to wash away any sense of anxiety you may have, we’ve brought in Racheal Cook. She’s the founder of The Yogipreneur, and she’s amazing at helping small business owners and marketers stay centered in the midst of it all. Every day, you’ll start your bootcamp session with a 3-minute breathing exercise led by my trusted friend Racheal. Trust me: it helps…

Only Until 5pm PST This Monday! Register at This Super-Low Introductory Rate…


One-time fee. Lifetime access.

Expert video lessons, delivered via email daily

  • Transcripts for each video, delivered via email daily
  • All worksheets and templates Lifetime access
  • Optional: Weekly homework accountability


One-time fee. Lifetime access.

  • Transcripts for each video, delivered via email daily
  • All worksheets and templates
  • Lifetime access

Take This Bootcamp, and You Won’t Have to Think About What to Do… How to Do It… or When to Do It…

Here’s exactly how the bootcamp will play out for you:

  • Every weekday, you’ll receive an email from me (Joanna) with a video lesson
  • That email will explain who’s presenting, what topic they’re covering and what assignment you’ll be tasked with
  • That email will link to the video + any freebies; the transcript will be in the email
  • Each video is 9 to 13 minutes in length – SUPER SHORT
  • Watch the video to get your lesson + your assignment
  • After the video, take 45 to 50 minutes to do your assignment

That’s it! It’s insanely straightforward and efficient. It really is like having a consultant pop into your office, answer your biggest Q about a subject they’ve mastered… and then show you exactly how to work their magic for your biz.

Join the Optimization Bootcamp That’s Like Attending a Conference Created Just for Startup Marketers -For Waaay Less Cash and Without Any of the Fuss

From the comfort of your office, kitchen table or cubicle, sit down and learn from the very people you’ve most likely seen on conference rosters, at conferences or in expensive interview-subscription programs…

There’s no dresscode. No travel. No airports. No hotel rooms. No meeting rooms. No “can I leave my laptop here?” No know-it-all dominating coffee break convos. Hell, you don’t even have to shower if you don’t wanna! …But you probably should, y’know, at least once during the bootcamp.

Lack of fuss aside, here’s what makes this bootcamp not just like a conference but even better than most:

  • After every presentation, you’ll have an actionable to-do you can accomplish in 50 minutes or less
  • The sessions are recorded… so you can watch when you’ve got time
  • You can pause, rewind and replay any of the lessons
  • You can leave comments and questions on any video – and engage with other participants
  • You’ll actually be held accountable to get your assignments done (if you want!)
  • We’re offering a 30-day money-back guarantee (yep, 30 days! you can take the whole thing and, if you’re not satisfied, get your money back)

Best of all? It’s a fraction of the price! That’s because this is the first time we’re launching this bootcamp, so you’re getting an uber-low introductory rate…

What If You Could Transform Your Site in 1 Month?

What If You Didn’t Have to Guess at ANY Step?

What If the Opportunity Was in Front of You Right Now -Would You Dare to Miss Out?

Choose to get ahead of the curve.

Choose to focus on the work that matters.

Choose to do just ONE thing a day… and do it RIGHT… and KNOW it’s right… because an expert told you exactly how to do It.

Marketing doesn’t do itself. It takes work. We’re not promising a silver bullet, and we’re not offering you a packet of pixie dust. Like any bootcamp, this one will take your participation.

But if you’re willing to do it. ..

…if you’re willing to watch a 10-minute video…

…if you’re willing to join us on a transformational journey… then this is the ticket to ENDING guesswork and OPTIMIZING your traffic, list and conversion rate…

You already spend at least 10 minutes a day watching videos online, right? Why not watch the RIGHT ones – the ones that can instantly improve your biz?

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