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The Endless Summer Google Shopping Course – Sharad Thaper

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Use The ULTIMATE Training Tools To Run Successful Google Shopping Campaigns and Scale Beyond Your Wildest Dreams!

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Use The ULTIMATE Training Tools To Run Successful Google Shopping Campaigns and Scale Beyond Your Wildest Dreams!


Let’s face it…Facebook ads are becoming more and more difficult. But there’s a solution you may not be utilizing.

As competition increases, Facebook ads are becoming more expensive and difficult to manage. In addition, Facebook is cracking down on advertisers by introducing new rules and changing its algorithm. If you’re new to e-commerce, then you might be struggling quite a bit in 2018. And it’s not your fault. With so many individuals, small businesses, and international companies running Facebook ads, costs are rising and it’s difficult to remain profitable. So what can you do to stay profitable in 2018? The answer is you need to diversify.

In 2018, you have so many options when choosing a traffic source. You can not only run Facebook ads, but you can also pay for Instagram shoutouts, create Snapchat videos, or run Google ads. What’s best opportunity right now? I’ve spent seven figures in advertising across all of these platforms, and I can tell you that the best traffic source for e-commerce store owners is:

Google Shopping is much Superior to Facebook Advertising

There really is no comparison here. There is less competition, the cost per clicks are less expensive, and the conversion rates are much higher on Google Shopping. There is no pixel to warm up. No need to create videos, ad copy, or high-quality images. You can test products faster and more efficiently. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad, not for impressions! Customers are literally searching for your products with the intent to buy them. How amazing is that? Check out a comparison between Google Shopping and Facebook below, and decide for yourself:

With no competition right now, Google Shopping ads are the single biggest opportunity in e-commerce in 2018. Why are you leaving money on the table?

Google Shopping ads are the most profitable strategy right now, and people are making a killing off of them. There are products that are getting costs per purchase of less than $1.00. That’s how incredible this platform is. If you’re not on Google Shopping, then you’re missing out! But very few people know how to set up and scale Google Shopping ads. That’s where I come in. I’ve been running profitable Google Shoppings ads for over a year, and I can get you off to a quick start!

Learn Google Shopping from the BEST. I have spent seven figures on advertising, and I know what works.

I graduated from Harvard Law School and have significant experience in e-commerce. I have spent 7 figures on paid advertising and generated seven figures in sales through e-commerce. My goal has been to give everyone access to knowledge they need to be successful! I have spent a lot of money and time learning and mastering Google Shopping so you don’t have to!

Check out my Google Shopping results and training below!

Why waste money trying to test on your own when you can get ALL the TOOLS you need in one place to be successful RIGHT NOW?

There’s really no solid training for Google Shopping out there. That’s why I put together The Endless Summer Package. I’ve spent seven figures on paid advertising, and I know what works and what doesn’t. Why should you waste money and countless hours of frustration when I can provide you with what you need right here and right now?

The Endless Summer Package is a 4-step online program with the sole goal of creating a profitable e-commerce business with Google Shopping advertising and getting it profitable in as short of time as possible with step by step proven methods DIRECTLY taught by a 7 figure internet marketing expert and Harvard Law graduate.

Upon purchase you will get immediate access to the entire program, which begins by showing you step by step how to launch successful, highly profitable Google Shopping campaigns for your e-commerce business. This is 100% beginner friendly. This program is designed to work for a total novice without any prior experience BUT also has training to grow existing business. Through the 4-step course, you will get everything you need to create or grow a business in any niche make sales rapidly. Check out the overview below to see how it works:

Step One: Account Setup

-Don’t have a Google AdWords account? Don’t know how to set up Google Shopping? THAT’S FINE. The first steo of The Endless Summer package is dedicated entirely to helping you set up Google Shopping from the beginning without any hassles or headaches.

You’ll learn:

-How to set up a Google AdWords account

-How to link your products to your Google account

-How to connect your e-commerce store to Google Shopping

Step Two: Product Research

Step 2 is all about intensive product research and finding highly profitable products for Google Shopping. Product research for Google Shopping is much different than Facebook, and what works for Facebook may not necessarily work for Google Shopping. That’s why we will spend a significant time going over how to perform product research for this amazing platform.

You’ll learn:

-The simple three things you need to know to find profitable products for Google Shopping

– The strategies I personally use to find untapped winning products that have massive scalable potential for making huge profits

– How to beat out your competition even if they are selling the same products

Step Three: Testing Your Products

When you start Step 3, it is time to make some money! We’re not holding back here at all. Let’s quickly test products and find your winners. Testing products on Google Shopping is much different than Facebook, so we’ll cover everything you need to know!

You’ll learn:

-How to QUICKLY test hundreds and hundreds of products EFFICIENTLY by spending as little as FIVE DOLLARS A DAY!

-How to RAPIDLY identify hot, profitable products for scaling

-How to optimize your testing strategies to turn losers into winners!

**Steps Four Through Six: Scaling to Four and Five Figures a Day**
“The Secret Sauce”

Steps Four through Six are all about turning you into a Google Shopping GOD. This is the heart of the course, and you will not find this knowledge anywhere else online. The hours of content I’ve put together for this part of the program will teach you the skills that I learned after months of testing and running Google Shopping campaigns and after spending thousands of dollars.  Let’s scale the products you have identified during your testing phase and make four to five figures a day.

You’ll learn:

Step 4:

-How to optimize your Google Shopping ads and upgrade them to lean, focused campaigns that make money while you sleep

-How to use keyword analysis to enhance your campaigns

-How to use cutting-edge bid strategies to destroy your competition

-How and when to use enhanced manual bidding techniques to accelerate scaling

Step 5:

-How to troubleshoot unprofitable campaigns and transform them into money-making machines

-How to determine when to speed up or slow down scaling to maintain profitability

-How to use my personal scaling strategies and simple rules to juice profits and maintain them without losing momentum

-How to deploy my updated strategies for 2018 to stay ahead of your competition

Step 6:

-How to squeeze out profits from every way possible

-How to manage your campaigns so that they make profits over the long-term

How to leverage your data from Google Shopping and scale on other platforms, including Facebook

-How to revive old viral products on Facebook and turn them into profitable winners with Google Shopping

-How to retarget your customers and continue extracting profits

-How to leverage knowledge from past successful campaigns, apply it to new scenarios, and profit

-How to generate up to FOUR to SIX TIMES ROI!!

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