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Speak and Profit Digital System – Mike Koenigs

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Everything you need to build a successful speaking business. What would it be like to get calls out of the blue, fly first class, stay in the finest hotels, and get PAID to help people with your message?

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Purchase Speak and Profit Digital System – Mike Koenigs Course at eBokly. We actively participate in group buys and are committed to sharing knowledge with a wider audience. What's more, our courses maintain the same quality as the original sale page. You have the option to buy directly from the sale page at the full price (sale page link is provided within the post).

FACT: Speakers Make More MONEY. Period.

Discover the Insider Secrets for Getting PAID for Sharing Your Expertise, Time, Experience, or Story! We’ll show you how to do this even if the last time you spoke was in Mrs. Potter’s 6th Grade English Class!



This One Time Offer Includes…

Everything you need to build a successful speaking business. What would it be like to get calls out of the blue, fly first class, stay in the finest hotels, and get PAID to help people with your message?

And, here’s what makes this product SO DIFFERENT than any product on the market.

Most products teach you what to do and nothing else.

In Speak and Profit, we…

1. We show you step-by how to make a ton of money as a speaker.

2. We give you all the forms, scripts, templates, and agreements so there is no guesswork.

3. THEN (and this is HUGE) we promote you and your talks to our community so you can get feedback, leads, and deals.

Listen…isn’t it time you started working less and making more? This revolutionary new system leverages what you already know to get you leads and customers without cold-calling or leg-work.

Think about it – what do the most successful business owners ALL have in common – they speak! Oh…and you don’t need to be flashy or even good. You just need to follow this plug-and-play done-for-you system.

You can review, watch, listen to or read the entire Speak and Profit course and start getting speaking deals in as little as a few days because the entire program is broken down into THREE easy-to-implement modules. (In fact, there is one segment that will show you how to get a flood of deals right away).

This exact system has been used and implemented by hundreds of entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants in dozens of countries to create new (and BIG) revenue streams in their spare time!


We’ll cover everything step-by-step including how to build a smashingly attractive speaking website, how to brand your social media for max impact, and how to build a “sizzle reel” that gets you speaking deals out of the blue (note: this last one alone can add thousands of dollars to your speaking fee).


  • How to build your speaking platform from the ground up with two things in mind: blowing the meeting planners away and getting a TON of speaking deals.
  • How to pack your schedule full and start speaking NOW. Listen…there is no better way to get speaking gigs than to get started with small local events. We’ll show you how to open, pitch, and close a local event (in as little as a few days).
  •  Discover how to create a smoking hot “speaker video reel” that makes you look like a speaking rock star.
  •  BONUS: How to use a book to open the door to bigger and better speaking deals. (Hint: there is one BIG tip inside here and not using it is costing you…a lot.)


What to do before the event. We give you step-by-step hold-you-by-the-hand strategies for everything from sending agreements (we give you the agreement as a word doc as a bonus), pre-event calls and questionnaires, best ways to get to the event, what to do the night before the event, and how to talk to the meeting planner. (PLUS – A secret tip for getting the meeting planner to LOVE you even before you say a single word!!)


  • How to Craft the Perfect Keynote Speech. We give you the entire outline from the introduction to the close. It’s all crafted for you. Just pull out the template, fill in the blanks and you’re done!
  • How to look and sound great on stage. You’ll discover everything from where to stand, how to use your hands, where to look, using notes / slides, and how to take questions.
  • The Tech Side of Speaking – you’ll learn how to create and craft beautiful PowerPoint and Keynote templates from scratch and (BONUS) we’ve created a set of slide templates that will make you look great!


Speak and Get Paid Fees! Paid speakers get anywhere from $1,500 to $50,000 or more for a 45 minute to 1-hour speech. You’ll learn how to get meeting planners how to call you, how to close a speaking deal, what to charge, and how to speak to get referrals and spin-off business.

  •  How to Speak and Sell Products. The highest paid speakers sell products. And we’ll show you how to make a lot of money selling products in a way that’s 100% congruent and not manipulative or “salesy.” Plus, you’ll get a full outline so you can build a talk step-by-step and then you get word-for-word scripting on what to say and how to say it. (The strategies in this module alone have been worth a combined $40 million dollars in our business).
  •  How to Speak and Sell Coaching. What would it be like to close $10,000 to $30,000 or bigger deals directly from a speaking event? The best part? When you use this system, you don’t even have to “close.” The deals come to you! You’ll get word-for-word scripting on exactly what to say to get a steady stream of clients coming from every speaking event.
  •  How to Speak and Sell Books. You’ll discover a simple (i.e. 30 second) way to get 100% of your audience to get your book. You heard that right – all of them will walk away with your book…and you’ll get paid!
  •  “The Best Pitch Structure I’ve Ever Used.” Mike will show you the single best way to close anything from the stage…and how to model this talk to close more deals and sales and adapt his presentation structure to work for your business.
  •  Gold Rush: How to Capture Leads from Stage. You’ll discover a simple system for growing your list and database from paid speaking leads.

The Done-For-You Speaking Treasure Chest

Listen…you can spend 10 years amassing all of the checklists, agreements, forms, and templates (like we did) OR you can just have it all done for you.

In this BONUS, we put together everything you need to run a seamless, successful speaking business written for you including…

  •  A speaking agreement for your deals
  •  A set of speaking order forms you can model for your products
  •  A marketing toolkit including everything you need to build a great website and sizzle reel.
  •  Live event show flows and examples
  •  PLUS – word-for-word scripting on every conversation you’ll have (including how to answer the question “what do you charge?”

Charity Change: How to Raise Money for Your Philanthropy, Non-Profit, Charity or Cause from Stage with Vivian Glyck

Case in point: we have used speaking to raise millions (and millions) of dollars from the stage for a Non-Profit that helps women, girls, and orphans in Uganda.

In this segment, Vivian Glyck from the Just Like My Child Foundation will show you how to use speaking to grow a nonprofit, charity, humanitarian cause or foundation to help more people, and change the world.

How to Look Great on Stage and Camera

Now…you might want to speak, but maybe you don’t like the way you look on stage or camera. Well..guess what? Those days are over!

In this bonus, you’ll discover how to look and feel great on stage and on camera and how to virtually eliminate fear of public speaking forever.

Fanatical Fans: How to Build and Engage an Audience Online

One of the best ways to promote your speaking and grow a product empire is to build a list. If you’re not happy with the size (or response) from your list, then this segment is for you!

You can gather hundreds (and even thousands) of leads from each speaking event… which means more sales and a business that can stand the test of time.

List Bliss: 10 List-Building Strategies

There is literally nothing like speaking to build your list. Nothing. Done wrong, you’ll get a trickle of unqualified leads. Done right, you can get a flood of new customers, clients, and referrals from every speaking event.

There are 10 ways to build your list from speaking. Each speaking event is different, so you want to have ALL 10 in your arsenal.

Hooked: How to Get Clients Online

Speaking is not just being on stage live. It also includes webinars, webcasts, and online events. Want to know the secrets to our 7-figure days online? 

You’ll get that inside this module…and then some. You’ll learn how to craft a compelling presentation that grabs your prospects by their eyeballs and compels them to buy from you over and over again.


This is not like most Live Online Coaching Programs, where you watch a live video and ask questions through chat. Each month you and up to 49 of your fellow members will have the opportunity to join Mike through a Zoom Meeting, where you can ask him questions directly.  This meeting will be broadcast live to our Facebook page, so if you just want to watch – you can do that too!

We’re here to work with you, show you what’s working, help refine your deals, and maybe even make connections and introductions.

Here are some of the “what’s working now” topics and demonstrations that Mike might cover (you get to determine what areas of focus we’ll work on):

  • Lead generation & follow up
  •  Mobile marketing
  •  Facebook marketing
  •  Funnel creation
  •  Speaking & selling
  •  Pitching & closing
  •  Coaching and masterminding
  •  How to do your own events to close more deals
  •  Trade show and live event lead generation and sales
  •  Facebook Live, YouTube Live, livestreaming, webcasts and webinars
  • How to present and perform on video
  •  How to set up a studio
  •  Interviewing strategies
  •  Celebrity branding strategies
  •  Product creation
  •  Podcasting
  •  Publicity
  •  Book publishing
  •  Marketing automation
  •  Outsourcing
  •  And much more!

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