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Pure Webinars – Jason Fladlien

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Jason Fladlien here and I’ve relied on a 4-part outline to script webinars which have totaled over $20,000,000+ in sales. I will reveal that outline to you in this sales letter shortly.

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How To Create Webinars That Sell

Jason Fladlien here and I’ve relied on a 4-part outline to script webinars which have totaled over $20,000,000+ in sales. I will reveal that outline to you in this sales letter shortly.

First, let’s get down to brass tacks. I’m probably known as one of the top five webinar sellers of all time – many respected marketers put me at the very top as the best in the world at selling on webinars.

Because of my unique position, I’m going to take an interesting approach to selling my latest webinar secrets. Here it is…

  •     No Scarcity. The course is a solid $2,000, no payment plan either.
  •     No Refunds. Don’t buy if you’re not 100% certain you want this.
  •     No Webinars. I’m using an old fashioned sales letter to sell you on a product on how to do webinars. There is a reason for this…

Why am I taking this hard-lined approach?

Simple – this training was created for a specific individual. Who? The entrepreneur who needs to sell something by a webinar and needs to sell it soon.

The smartest thing that person could do is buy this before their next webinar… because I know with absolute certainty that this webinar training program will pay itself…

Ten-fold. Immediately.

Plus, consider this – I get referrals all the time because of my rep as a stone cold webinar closer. My hope is that when someone says they need help with a webinar people will point them to this page.

Then we’ll see if they’re actually serious about making money or not. If they are, they’ll buy this without much thought.

With that out of the way, let’s get down to business. In my new training, called Pure Webinars, we dissect in depth this formula which has made me a…

Here is the webinar pitch outline:

Introduction Section

  • Immediate Interaction
  • Induce Greed
  • Chip Away Objections
  • Establishing Authority

Content Section

  • The “One Thing” Road Map
  • Action Through Imagination
  • Cement Authority
  • Dismantle Objection
  • Results In Advance
  • Agree, Commit, Tie-down
  • Validation Vs. Declaration
  • Show, Not Just Tell

Transition Section

  • 60 minutes in 60 seconds
  • Create Yes momentum
  • Introduce “The Problem”
  • Do Them a Favor by Offering Them Something

Close Section

  • Present Offer
  • Price to Offer Anchor With Scarcity
  • Bonus Stack
  • Destroy Objections
  • Risk Elimination
  • Controlled Q & A
  • The Kitchen Sink

Believe it or not, almost every webinar I’ve scripted in the last two years – including the “famous” one that sold over a million dollars in a 24 hour period… followed this outline.

why this is instructive

Time. You’ll never have the ability to craft the perfect webinar if you’re a true blue blooded money getting business person. Why? Because you always have more opportunities and responsibilities than you can manage.

So you get things done because they need to get done. Hence the outline. It’s not just that webinars sell like crazy… but you can knock them out in a weekend. Or a day. Or even a few hours.

Crazy as it sounds, I have never spent more than 3 days crafting a webinar. Would I like to? Maybe. This outline though takes the 90% of the thinking and effort out of crafting the webinar.

It just so happens that I have perfected the outline after doing thousands of webinars.

Let’s take a deeper look at each part of this webinar outline:

The Introduction Section

Here’s a mistake almost every webinar pitch person makes – they take too long to sell. I begin selling one second into the webinar and I never stop. I just intensify.

Everyone focuses on just the “closes” and the pitch portion of the webinar.

Even though your introduction will generally be less than 10 minutes long if you do it right… I’ll spend more time and focus on crafting the intro than I ever do the close.

Let’s look a little deeper into the introduction:

  • Immediate Interaction – buying is the ultimate interaction. This is the beginning of the foreplay. We start here. A small commitment that we will expand upon with greater consistency throughout the presentation right up into the close.
  • Induce Greed – we set a frame to short-circuit the logical and critical mind and instead immediately address the “emotional” mind, which makes all the buying decisions.
  • Chip Away Objections – there are only a handful of objections related to any purchasing decision. These objections are so important we handle them in every section of the webinar in a different way. We do so covertly in the introduction. Often I will short circuit objections in the first few minutes… most marketers wait too long to do this!
  • Establishing Authority – this is obvious right? However there are so many un-obvious (aka better) ways to establish authority on a webinar that most people don’t know about. Hint: “engineered epiphany”.

You can see how it’s a simple formula we just follow right? And…

The Content Section

The content portion of a webinar presents an interesting dichotomy.

The more self-reliant you make your attendees the less likely they’ll need to buy from you. The more reliance to you that you create, the less you empower them but the more sales you make.

Pretending these diametrically opposed forces don’t exist will limit your money making ability.

So how do we resolve this conflict? Simple – we teach emotionally, not logically. It all starts with the…“One Thing” Road Map

A blunder I see committed time and again by marketers who should know better is they try to teach multiple things on a pitch webinar. Sigh.

Guess what happens when you do this? You create an emotional state in the prospect’s mind called confusion. And a confused mind often says no. And they associate feelings of uncertainty and pain with You. Good luck with that.

Unless you have a very, very (very) good reason to deviate from the norm, your pitch webinar should teach ONE SPECIFIC THING.

The benefit is this:

You’ll make that one thing something the audience will conclude you are the foremost authority… and best at presenting in the world.

We create the “one thing” in a way that is uncomparable to the competition. And if the customer doesn’t have something to compare it to, they only compare you to you. Then it’s just a matter of technique to close the sale.

Obviously this technique is laid out exactly in the Pure Webinars Program.

You now present how to achieve that “One Thing” (which is something the customer desperately wants) in a matter of 3 to 7 steps. You start showing all the steps on a single slide. Then you begin breaking down the first step using the “why, what, how” formula. Once you cover the first step – which you do with “mini-steps” or “criteria” – you tie it down, get agreement then elicit commitment.

Then when you break down each step. Repeat the process with each step.

Once you do this using the techniques in Pure Webinars… guess what happens?

Your audience now feels more confident in their ability to do what you “taught” them on the webinar.

And if they feel confident about doing it… and you continually induced commitment throughout the content portion… it’s inconsistent for them NOT to buy at the end. The result is it will take conscience effort and resistance for them to not invest with you. If it’s easier for them to buy than not buy… well that’s why your webinar close rates will shoot up dramatically.

Also, within the context of teaching the “one thing” we also take the following into consideration:

  • Action Through Imagination – If they can see in their mind doing what you’re teaching, it’s physiologically that same as if they actually did it. This makes what you offer more “real” to them, making them more likely to buy.
  • Cement Authority – The best way to do this is for your audience to think to themselves “this is the most insightful info I’ve ever heard on this subject” – the “one thing” road map makes this a hundred times easier to pull off. Plus I have other tricks to cement authority
  • Dismantle Objections – We chipped away at them in the intro, now we move closer to the throat. You will see how to do this in Pure Webinars where we use a simple technique to make the audience feel DUMB for even having previously considered the objection.
  • Results In Advance – Anyone would buy a $100 bill for $10… if they believed it wasn’t counterfeit or there was no other funny business. We create this belief by showing them well ahead of selling them the results of following our “content”. Again, there are best practices for this in Pure Webinars.
  • Tie-down, Agree, Commit – Any powerful point you make you tie down. Don’t move forward until the audience understands how important this is for them. Get agreement from them that they understand how powerful this is – (hint: don’t do this in the cheesy, overtly manipulative way most presenters do) – and most important, commitment. Something simple like “and when are you going to start doing this?” can work wonders…
  • Validation Vs. Declaration – If you act like everything you present is a fact and hammer them with statement after statement, you’ll get push back. However, if you aren’t forceful and aggressive you’ll lose a chunk of sales. There is a balance. Some things we get the audience to TELL US, and then we agree with them. Other things we boldly declare. You must pay attention to this balance in your webinars. I’ll lay out of you the ‘best” balance and how to easily dial it in.
  • Show, Not Just Tell – Probably the easiest thing you can immediately implement to improve your webinars. You will see for yourself when you see real world, actual examples in the context of training during Pure Webinars.
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Remember we do all this in the context of the “One Thing”.

In addition to making whatever “content” you present (even basic, mundane stuff) put your audience in a confident, receptive, consistent to acting on it by buying your offer… it’s also easier for you to script out. I think the relationship is self-evident – the easier it is for you to put together content, the more likely it will come through clear as day to your audience. Make sense?

Once you go through the content – which usually covers 45 to 60 minutes of the webinar – then we move onto…

The Transition Section

Probably the most neglected section of a webinar.

How to do you set up the close so you simultaneously put your audience in the most conducive state of buying… while manipulating your own emotional state to present the offer as confidently and strongly as possible?

The answer is doing the transition this way.

  • 60 minutes in 60 seconds – In rapid fire succession you recap the whole content portion in such a way to fire off every “anchor” you set in the content portion. You amplify all the powerful emotions you created during the webinar up to the this point.
  • Create Yes momentum – We aim for 10 to 20 “head nods” in the transition for the audience. If we get them to say yes to small stuff, then build on that to momentum to get them to say yes to big promises of benefits… then it’s natural they’ll say yes to the offer by buying.
  • Introduce “the problem” – Now we fire off the final emotion… which is fear. Greed and fear are the two most powerful emotions to sell with and we’ve strategically held back fear until right before the offer. You’ll love the technique I reveal in Pure Webinars to exactly make this happen.
  • Do them a favor by offering them something – Yes, this final piece of the transition will get your audience to appreciate the fact you went out of your way to create something for them to buy. Perfect.

If you follow this, then the easiest section of all to script is…

Get other products by  Jason Fladlien right now!

The Close Section

The reason you’ll find the close to be easiest part of creating your pitch webinar? It’s pure technique. Perfunctory. Almost no creativity required.

Just pull from the vast amount of examples I draw from when putting together the close.

It looks like this:

  • Present Offer – First, reveal the totality of the offer in one power-punch sentence. Then Modularize the core offer with a sexy headline and 3 to 5 benefit statements. This will be the shortest part of your close. People don’t care “what it is”, only what it can do for them. They need to know enough of what it is to justify their purchase, but it’s not the main reason they buy (huge insight here). I show with real example after real example how we present offers in Pure Webinars.
  • Price to Offer Anchor With Scarcity – A psychological trick. You set the price against the “Core Deliverables” so the prospects weigh the money they’ll invest compared to what they get. Perfect. Then anything we add on top of that for “free” short circuits this value comparison and induces greed to the highest degree. Again, example after example of how we do this is revealed in Pure Webinars.
  • Bonus Stack – There is a very specific way to present your bonuses. First, we spend more time on bonuses (by far) than we do on the core offer. Second, there is a way to reveal your bonuses that can make all the difference in the world. If this is the only thing you implement, Pure Webinars will pay for itself effortlessly.
  • Destroy Objections – This is, by now the third time we’ve brought up objections. Since we’ve “warmed up” the objections at this point, we can get extremely aggresive on massacring these objections in a way that the audience is receptive to. Specific examples of how we do this are found in Pure Webinars… including money, time, confidence, competence, procrastination and “alternative consideration” objections to name a few.
  • Controlled Q & A – How do you discern from non-buying questions and buying questions? Once you know how to do this, you’ll use every precious second answering questions that all lead to purchases. As far as how to answer those questions – “active, not passive”… a technique I learned from some of the scummiest politicians to live – you’ll use it for good, though.
  • The Kitchen Sink – This is where you reach into my grab bag of “go to closes” and pick and choose the ones that make the most sense to your specific webinar… and just use them. One after the next after the next after the next. The result? Sales will keep coming in waves!

Pure Webinars Course Materials

  • Video Training – broken down into five core modules: (1) Overview of the script (2) The Introduction Section (3) The Content Section, (4) The Transition Section, (5) The Close Section and (6) The Advanced Section.
  • PDFs of Slides – for each video… including the slides of specific webinars we use to illustrate each example and teaching point
  • Transcriptions – to each of the modules so you can grab and use word for word closes and pin point techniques to implement in your next webinar.
  • Session Insights – so you can easily reference specific methods to create, enhance and super charge all your webinar presentations.
  • Audio Downloads – for each session for easy listening on your computer, mobile phone, tablet… on the go, in the car, in bed, or wherever you want.

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