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Platinum Syndicate Members Club – Peters Parks

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Here’s a battle tested proven way for YOU to add multiple 6 or 7 figures per month to your business and learn the secrets to incremental scaling over 3 days…

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Attention 10 5 1 Sharp Entrepreneurs…

Here’s a battle tested proven way for YOU to add multiple 6 or 7 figures per month to your business and learn the secrets to incremental scaling over 3 days…

“A Personal Invitation From Peter Parks For You To Finally Collaborate With Him At A Secret Palatial Penthouse Oasis. Where You’ll Discover Step By Step How To Engineer Incremental Growth And Scale In Your Business That Lets You Produce A Predictable Multiple Six Figure Or Multiple Seven Figure Per Month Income Over The Course Of 3 Intensive, Mind Altering, Mind Expanding, Transformative Days 100% Guaranteed.”*

Let me ask you a question…

“What is the difference between a multiple six, seven and eight figure earner… and what impact does it really make on your life?”

Look, and here’s the real deal I’m actually going to flip the script, if you are already at six figures… congratulations.

You’ve got off your butt, actually looked at your business to figure out what is working and tried to systematize everything and taken action.

multiple six figure income is no joke, your among the top 5% of the income earners globally.

But in most cases you are just looking at the tip of the iceberg. (Read on this is where it gets a bit dicey.)

Its an iceberg that will smash you to pieces and bleed you dry if you don’t take control of the situation.

After you watch the video above and read this very important letter you will understand why and begin to take steps to avoid this pitfall at all cost.

That being said, let me introduce Peter right now so he can take over with the rest of this letter.

Aright cool, thank you for that opening dude.

My entrepreneurial friend Peter Parks here. Lets break virtual bread right now (then real bread when we meet.)

So that you understand what’s going on, I’m going to lay it out for you in crystal clear english and hopefully you’ll “get it” because once you “get it” you “got it”

That cool?

Alright lets roll.

“Warning – Earning Six Figures And Multiple Six Figures Puts You In a Very Serious And Potentially DangerousSituation. I Know Because I’ve Been There And The Problems Are Only Just Starting For You”

Look, once you hit this “level” things happen.

You start taking more exotic and expensive vacations (Yep you guessed it first class flights, 5 and 6 star hotels and resorts)..

You buy more exotic vehicles (BMW for most, for others a super car, for me its real estate) a bigger house.

Your “lifestyle” increases (off the chain extravagant gifts and toys)… And the silent killer of acquiring more liabilities “piece by piece” invisibly weaves their evil ways into your life and those close to you because you want to start to look after everyone else.

You don’t realize till its too late but “money” has taken a stranglehold on your life and put you into an even BIGGER rat race where the fall from grace is even greater than you had ever imagined.

Without warning your business takes a downturn (Which nearly every business does at some point) but your monthly liabilities remain the same and in some cases it gets worse…

and then you panic and worse, the demons come out.

You know the demons I’m talking about…

  • You start to wonder…”Why isn’t the market buying more of my products and services, I need more income?”
  • “Why are these JV’s that I worked so hard for and sent all sorts of great traffic and sales not paying me my affiliate commissions its been months and I need that money?”
  • Oh geeez, the tax man is calling again, what the hell do I do?

“Once you break into the multiple 7 figure, 8 figure and beyond levels, the dynamics of your online business change dramatically and you literally start to pinch yourself.” 

“I know because that’s what I did.”

  • Buy your dream luxury mansion and pay for it in CASH! – I love buying real estate its always been one of my passions. I have a nice growing portfolio. So two years ago I finally designed my dream mansion and after 18 months paid for it. That’s the power you hold inside of you and that’s what I want to bring out of you if you allow me to.
  • I book many vacations around the year. The real special ones are booking trips for my family at random and have it all paid for so they just get their suitcase and hop on the plane. They’ve been all over, Egypt, Turkey, Chile, Ukraine, parts of South America, parts of Central America, Hong Kong, Thailand, St Lucia, St.Martins, Russia, Australia, Fiji. just to name a few. Thats the power you hold inside of you and that’s what I want to bring out of you if you allow me to.
  •  Passive Income? Its real. Look here’s the deal, once you reach multiple 7 figures and 8 figures you pretty much never have to work again, if your smart that is. (This isn’t a dream, its my reality) 
  • You see I work because its my passion to give back to the community that has been so good to me, and I enjoy it. Its not about paying the bills or worrying about the next product launch. (Heck I haven’t done a major product launch in a long time.)
  • Oh yea, let me finish what I was writing about in regards to passive income.  – Invest your profits into capital assets that produce and turn into steady passive offline and online income streams like real estate, writing mortgages and other financial instruments, and build up passive income streams which allow you to never have to work again…(If you choose not to) Or invest in opportunities you only get offered once you reach my level. (Many entrepreneurs keep working but it’s nice to have that choice.)
  • Have your concierge book a high end luxury holiday without worrying about the cost or work. I recently spent well over $45K on a luxury vacation for a few weeks in Bora Bora without blinking an eyelid at the price. And let me tell you, it was fun knowing that all I had to do was pay for it and everything else was taking care of by my private concierge.

The other day as I was boarding my First Class flight from Toronto to Hong Kong…(I love Asia, I’ve been out here for the last month and want to share a journey with you when you meet me here eventually.) I took a brief moment to stare at the faces around me…

Some young, some old and withered and it sent a raw chill shooting down my spine.

Imagine living your life ’til your grey and old and not seizing the opportunities you should have taken.

To date I’ve traveling to 5 continents over 122 countries and lost count to the amount of cities and towns I’ve passed through which is a blessing.

But while doing that something became staggeringly overwhelming apparent to me that really opened up my eyes and its…

…Time is your most  valuable asset and its ticking away.

And if you think that isn’t enough for you to get a sense of the urgency knowing time is ticking away, allow me to share with you how time is really ticking away.

As you read this letter, the clock on my Strategic Mentoring 10X Mastermind has already begun and the few spots that are available are going to go fast. Take a look below at the investment for your upcoming 10X Mastermind and get your spot secured fast.


Monday June 19 to Monday June 26 2017…(Ask me about it when we discuss your survey application. Only The First 5 Entrepreneurs Will Qualify.) 

Those first 5 slots are gone, the sales letter has been up for over 2 weeks and entrepreneurs who were deadly serious took YOUR SPOT

*EARLY BIRD PRICE From: Tuesday June 27th to Tuesday July 4th $15,000 

*From Wednesday July 5th onwards (until all spots are sold out), the investment for the mastermind will be my standard $25,000 USD

“Do you want me to help you get into the high six, multiple seven and 8 figure Income range? and show you what the secret is to building a team of Rock Star “A Players” who will get you there?”

Allow me to share with you the secret that once you “get it” you “got it” and you’ll never be broke again, or ever have to worry about how to build a business that scales without you.

1) Master the three main drivers that pretty much every person on the face of the planet is hard wired to… (I’ll explain what the real secret to all three is and in what order you should stack them to onboard your rock star “A Players” when you come to the 10X Mastermind)

* Money

* Opportunity

* Recognition

2) Combine those powerful drivers and add in this secret sauce below and its game over, you can build any type of income generating business on autopilot in any market.

* Motivate your people

* Inspire your people

* Empower your people

Again there is a secret and formula for everything you just read above…(I’ll explain what the real secret to all three is and in what order you should stack them to onboard your rock start “A Players” when you come to the 10X Mastermind)

Now if you think thats bunk just look at what the Power Players do like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos’, Warren Buffet, Tim Draper, David Koch, Jim Walton, Wang Jianlin, Li-Shing, and the list goes on.

But they all have those 2 sets of 3 things I mentioned in common and know how to leverage each one to deadly efficiency.

You need to master all those elements (which I’ll help you do at the Strategic Mentoring Exclusive 10X Mastermind)

Once you have your rock star “A Player” team who will build manage and run your ship, the only thing you have to do as the CEO is to steer it in the direction towards profitability.

That being said to be able to accomplish all of this you need to be in surrounds that compel you to level up.

Take A Look At Your Upcoming Luxurious, Opulent, Palatial, 10X Mastermind Surroundings. Nothing But The Best For My Clients To Help Bring Out Your “A Game.”

Here’s Who Should Apply For The Strategic Mentoring Exclusive 10X Mastermind Coming 

Tuesday July 25 – Thursday July 27 2017

The Strategic Mentoring Exclusive 10X Mastermind experience is designed for those entrepreneurs who wish to overcome their stumbling blocks, have myself look at your business with a fresh set of eyes to build, grow, optimize, scale, and help you profit from your business incrementally.

If you are an existing six or seven figure earner with an open mind and wish to further tighten up your systems and processes, optimize and incrementally scale your business, and finally really truly build and solidify your real A player team in house and outsourced, this is for you.

Even if your a 8 figure earner, I encourage you to still come to the mastermind and collaborate with me (you can always pick up a golden nugget or two to help you move towards that nine figure exit.)

Again, if you want to strategically retool, and systematically optimize all of your existing processes, incrementally multiply your productivity and that of your in- house team and dedicated outsourced team, then this is for you.

If you want to optimize and scale your business as your growing an asset and exit it for multiple millions (we’re talking 8 figures exit, I’ll show you how)this is for you.

This is finally your chance for a private, highly exclusive face-to-faceperformance mentoring experience and strategic collaboration with me.

Many of my private clients, mastermind clients, and students (I’m talking hundreds and hundreds) have smashed through multiple six figures and multiple seven figures, and a few elite have crossed over eight figures.

One of my mastermind clients recently turned down a $45MM offer for his business and he said quote…”I’m going to scale this bitch to $100MM+ then exit.”

Fill in your survey form now by clicking the button.

***All Applications are kept in the strictest confidence and will only ever be seen by myself and my most trusted in house team of “A” players.***

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