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MFA Live Event 2017 Recordings – Todd Brown

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Right now in Orlando, Florida…some of the world’s best direct marketers have come together for one purpose — to help you bank more money from your business by giving you the most powerful customer-generating and business-scaling methods working today.

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Marketers in attendance scribbled notes feverishly as they heard…

“The Newest Customer Acquisition Secrets From 9 Legendary Marketers!”

Right now in Orlando, Florida…some of the world’s best direct marketers have come together for one purpose — to help you bank more money from your business by giving you the most powerful customer-generating and business-scaling methods working today.

This Is Your Chance To…

  •     Get access to powerhouse marketing techniques transforming average entrepreneurs into multi-millionaire business owners at staggering speed.
  •     Discover the new acquisition strategies multiplying new customer sales for even the most ordinary businesses.
  •     Learn how to double, triple, even quadruple the profits you get from new and old customers… with a twist on the common backend marketing methods.
  •     Create personal and professional connections with like-minded entrepreneurs who can help you continue to grow your business and income long after MFA Live 2017.
  •     Walk away with the knowledge, skills, tools, and confidence to multiply your business and income … starting the minute you get home!

These Recordings Are For You, If…

  •      You’re just getting started marketing online… you know you want to have a successful business that sells online, but aren’t sure of the right way to get traffic and generate new customer sales.
  •      You’re doing some marketing online… you’re eager to get consistent traffic and sales, but don’t know what you’re doing wrong… and why your marketing isn’t producing for you now.
  •     You’re getting new customers daily and ready to scale your business… you’re making respectable money from your online marketing and are ready to grow your sales by 2X, 4X, even 10X over the next year.

If any of these describe you … then you need to get your copy of the MFA LIVE 2017 recordings.


Because, with them, you’ll be privy to how the best marketers are driving their traffic, acquiring new customers, and growing their business profits and take-home income – so you can do the same.

You’ll learn how to create products that are sure to be winners…

You’ll learn how to decrease the costs of acquiring new customers…

And you’ll learn how to turn new customers into rabid repeat buyers, and grow your bottom-line and bankable income.

That’s why the sharpest direct response marketers & entrepreneurs on the planet have shelled out a hefty penny to be in attendance. And, now, you can get the same methods… from the comfort of your home!


  •     The surefire way to grow your business revenue BIG and FAST is by identifying your M.A.A.C. Number! (Nothing will produce faster growth for you than knowing and using this one simple number to make every marketing decision.)
  •     How to generate more new customers than even your biggest competitors… with one simple tweak to your traffic generation approach… no matter how small your marketing budget may be.
  •     Do this… and within 24 hours you’ll be getting new customer sales… at a profit… from almost all the traffic channels too expensive for the average marketers in your marketplace.
  •     The “Warren Buffett Method” of Customer Generation:This will unlock a monster source of new customer sales for you that 98% of your competitors are clueless about.
  •     …and much, MUCH MORE!


  •     Clayton’s “Secret Project Planning Method”: How to get most of the marketing work done before you even set-up a single web page or write a single word of marketing copy.
  •     Clayton’s Multi-Million-Dollar Outlining Method – How non-marketers, non-sales-people, and non-writers are producing wildly effective marketing messages… producing crazy levels of sales… with a simple and unique type of outline.
  •     How to identify the exact Dominant Resident Emotion to tap into in your marketing campaign that will drive prospects to respond to your offer.
  •     What to say in the first 350 – 800 words of your marketing message to guarantee your prospects are deeply engaged with your entire marketing message and offer!
  •     How to instantly establish yourself as trustworthy to your prospects. (This works even if you have no track record, authority, or credibility in your market.)
  •     3 types of benefits you must present in your marketing campaign to create a buying frenzy amongst your prospects.
  •     “Product Presentation Magic”: How to uncover the exact emotional benefits that’ll make your product irresistible to prospects!
  •     What you must say to your prospects to make the purchase of your product mandatory in their mind.
  •     The Ultimate Close: The exact language to use to drive maximum sales conversions from every marketing promotion.
  •     …and much MUCH MORE!


  •     Use this simple “list management method” to extract serious money… every month… from even a tiny email list of prospects and customers. (Imagine getting $7-$12 PER name on your email list. Every month without fail!)
  •     How to generate jaw-dropping open-rates & click-thru rates with your emails… without changing a single word in the subject line or body of the message. (Less than 1 in 8 marketers know this!)
  •     The ONE thing to do with every email lead within 3 minutes after opt-in. It’s been proven to double, triple, even quadruple the dollar value of every lead.
  •     ASTONISHINGLY EASY! How to enjoy DOUBLE-DIGIT sales conversions with almost every offer you present to your list going forward… by making one tiny tweak to your email scheduling.
  •     AVOID LIST BURNOUT! What you should never do when sending any email marketing messages… if you don’t want to “leak more and more responsiveness” from your list with every message.
  •     How to turn ordinary email leads into ravenous subscribers who drop everything the moment an email from you arrives in their inbox.
  •     A pro-level list segmentation secret that’ll make you more money the very first time you use it. And, it’s brain-dead simple.
  •     Never wonder again what you should email to prospects to get them to buy. Just use this simple process to know with certainty when and what to say in your email messages.
  •     …and much, MUCH MORE!



  •     The no-holds-barred truth about how to become viewed as a “guru” in your market in a matter of weeks. (And enjoy all the perks and benefits that come with it.)
  •     “HORIZONTAL PENETRATION!” One of the most powerful business growth secrets today for solo entrepreneurs!
  •     How to create a 5-month surge of HYPER–SALES-GROWTH for your business! And have it happen twice within the next year.
  •     How to command and get premium prices for your products — up to DOUBLE your industry standard — by using  Value Chain Positioning.
  •     The unconventional way of bundling your products… that can bring you up to 3x more money from every customer transaction.
  •     UNKNOWN? Here’s a simple trick for creating instant authority and expert positioning within the first 25 seconds of any marketing campaign.
  •     The AMAZING secret of Accelerated Celebrity Status! It can make you a household name in your marketplace in a matter of weeks… no matter how unknown you may be right now.
  •     …and much, MUCH MORE!

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