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D – Vince Delmonte

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You Have Been Selected To Join Vince’s “Maximize Your Muscle” Coaching Program

Congratulations on making such a wonderful decision today. I am now giving you this one-time chance to multiply your gains by allowing me to coach you until you arrive at your most muscular and ripped body. This means you will receive the twelve advanced muscle-building routines, targeting all twelve anabolic-targets, to blow beyond your genetic potential—and you will save an additional $769.40 in the process (former members paid $69.95 per phase)!

Here’s A Sneak Peak Of The Next 12 Months Of Workout Phases On Deck…

As you’ll see this is not like a bodybuilding or fitness magazine that you can just pick up at any time of the year or else it’s just a matter of time before you hit a wall because no program targets all twelve anabolic targets at once – it’s impossible.

Maximize Your Muscle is built around a curriculum and each month you’ll receive the next phase, a new advanced muscle building routine, which is structured and builds upon last month’s workout phase, which means you’ll finally attain your ultimate body.

Starting with month one is mandatory. This means that every new members starts with The 28-Day Rapid Mass Quick-Start. Now, we can guarantee you hit every one of the twelve anabolic targets in the most effective sequence for maximal muscle gains.

The Science & Theory Behind The 12 Anabolic Targets 2-CD Set

This 2-CD audio set reveals everything about the twelve anabolic targets of bodybuilding that make up the Maximize Your Muscle system.

Here are just a few things I cover:

  • How I broke my own frustrating and annoying plateau and grew from 190 lbs to 210 lbs of solid muscle.  Just when I thought I was done growing, I gained an additional 20 lbs of muscle in the past 2 years!
  • I’ll show you why you were destined to plateau, how your plateau was totally unavoidable (given what you’ve been taught) and how to shatter through your body’s limits to begin growing your muscles again, and sculpting the body of your dreams.
  • If you aren’t hitting these 12 anabolic targets I reveal in these audios you’ll never grow past the size you are today.
  • Why has every one of the workouts you’ve tried so far resulted in your inevitable plateau? You’re about to find out.
  • And I have a special message to break you through your mental limits if you’re that guy who says, “I believe it works for you Vince but it won’t work for me!”  Oh yeah?  Wait until you here this!

And much more.

The entire 2-CD kit is 120 minutes of straight up content for anyone serious about making 2014 your most muscular year – by far.

Pretty soon I’ll charge at least $69.95 for this 2-CD set, but today, I’m including it in Maximize-Your-Muscle absolutely FREE.

Issue #1 of the Maximize Your Muscle 20-Page Digital Newsletter

Each month’s issue of Maximize Your Muscle is a 20-page digital newsletter that will include a brand new advanced muscle routine that will put you on a collision course for getting bigger faster than ever before.

Here’s what you get in each 20-page digital newsletter:

1. Advanced Muscle Secrets and Science:

Discover the twelve anabolic targets that have the greatest impact on muscle growth. Most guys are lucky if they are hitting two or three of them.

  • Each month you’ll focus on a different anabolic target to ensure the stimulation provided by each workout leads to lasting  muscular gains.  Forget about training plateaus – they won’t exist anymore. Forget about bad workout days – they will be gone.
  • This month’s featured workout, 28-Day Rapid Mass will utilize one of the twelve anabolic targets: Extraordinary muscle fiber recruitment by exploiting Multi-Angular Rip Training (MART) which I have never revealed until now.

2. One-Of-A-Kind Advanced Muscle Routine:

  • Every featured workout has all the training guidelines laid out crystal clear. Reps, sets, rest, exercises, lifting speed and intensity. Whether you train at home or in a commercial gym – each routine is adaptable.
  • Each issue includes workout sheets and a training log section so you have zero guess work and so that you can record your results in one place.

3. The Achievers Mind-Set:

  • Not only are you going to learn how to blow past your genetic potential in the gym but also out of the gym as well so you can fulfill your potential in all areas of life – in your schooling and/or profession, your relationships, your finances and lifestyle.
  • This month is called Mentoring Matters.  You’ll discover why the most successful achievers have relied on mentors to reach their full potential.  I am no exception and I’ll reveal how I’ve achieved all my goals in my life, by the age of thirty, using mentors.

4. Supplemental Edge:

  • Each issue is absolutely relentless when it comes to the pursuit of excellence. Nothing will be left to chance, including supplementation.  This is beyond my protein, creatine, multi and EFA recommendations.
  • Discover what supplements are necessary to prime your body for maximum growth before you even step foot in the gym by setting up an anabolic environment using supplements and supplement brands that are legit.

5. Muscle Meals In Minutes:

  • This section is dedicated to the key to packing on lean muscle – food. Yes, something as simple as food makes all the difference in achieving the degree of muscularity you desire. You want to look like a bodybuilder so let’s start eating like one.
  • Each issue will include a brand new dietary ritual, anabolic muscle meals plus insider strategies, tips and tricks of the trade to prime your body to become a muscle-building/fat-burning machine.

6. Vinny’s Inner-Views:

Not only am I going to take you beyond your own physical potential but I’m going to take you beyond your overall potential in life. How? By pulling back the curtain to reveal the inner views which have brought me success in all areas of life such as Faith, Family, Friends, Fitness, Fiances and Fun.  Over the next few months you’ll:

  • Learn what happens behind the scenes, in my head and in my daily life.
  • Hear stories of how I’ve been shaped by my party days.
  • Relate to obstacles I experienced from growing up in an Italian family.
  • Learn how I dealt with challenges of having a spiritual version of “Tony Soprano” as my father.
  • Listen to life-lessons from searching for fulfillment in girls, grades, athletics, money and status.
  • Hear the story of how I found the girl of my dreams… before it was too late.
  • Discover how I built a 7 figure business before the age of thirty.
  • Find out how I finally found my higher-calling in life and wake up truly happy each morning.

You won’t find a bodybuilding or fitness author go this deep anywhere else in the world. I have a feeling this is going to end up your favourite section to read each month!

Maximize Your Muscle 2-Hour DIGITAL DVD Featuring Phase 1: 28-Days Rapid Mass

Get Phase 9, Maximize Your Muscle – Vince Delmonte , Only Price $52

This is what I’m giving you today – the lynchpin of the whole system to begin your advanced muscle training and man is it going to blow you up!

Rarely is there anything out there that’s “new” but 28-Days Rapid Mass is truly revolutionary for so many reasons:

  • Each 100 reps lasts a killer 24 minutes per body part, takes only minutes to learn, but is unbelievably fun yet challenging (and it has nothing to do with 10 sets of 10).
  • It reveals one of the twelve anabolic targets.
  • Within the first 7-days you’ll experience a body altering effect that feels unlike anything else. It’s time to grow again by awakening every untapped and underutilized muscle fiber.
  • Whether you’ve plateaued after 3 months or 3 years the first months advanced muscle routine lays the ground work to prepare you for smashing through your genetic limits.

Each month’s workout is more than just an instructional video of how to perform proper technique. It’s an opportunity to see the intensity applied to each month’s workout to pump you up and 28-Days Rapid Mass is no exception.

If you’re ever lacking motivation you’ll get a perfect idea of how to break though it after witnessing the intensity and determination as the cameras follow your coach through a genuine ‘no holds barred’ advanced workout.

No fake weights, no boring commentary, no complaining…no hired actors…NO NONSENSE! This is your coach at his best… The intensity will motivate you while my condition and motivational talks inspire you.

Without a doubt, you will build an incredible physique that many bodybuilders dream of.

Phase 2: 5-Day Whole Body VINSANITY Workout

This phase takes your work capacity to an entirely new level and will be your first introduction to high-frequency training… but don’t worry, your first 28 days will get you prepared.

Phase 3: Crank Up The Volume Workout

This build continues off of last months phase and is all about more work in less time which equals bigger muscles and your girlfriend unable to keep her hands all over you.

Phase 4: Ripped In A Rush

By now you’ve gained more muscle in the past three months than you have in the past three years and it’s time to unlock the power of pre-exhaustion and peak-contraction sets to get you training to momentary failure and get your muscle super defined. After this month you’ll be getting accused of “taking something”. I promise.

Phase 5: Savage Strength Unleashed

This month is all about accelerating your strength development, increasing explosiveness and working with heavy loads via wave loading, the smartest and safest way to get 20% stronger in just 4 weeks. Special guest Andrew Cameron, Junior Canadian powerlifting champion.

Phase 6: The 21-Minute Muscle Maker

Now it’s time to address your weak links and correct any bilateral imbalances before going any further. Get ready for an entirely new series of giant sets that promise to maximize your size. Special guests Lee Hayward and Dave Ruel.

Phase 7: The Testosterone Boosting Workout

Not only is the focus to shoot your testosterone levels through the roof but this month is a “challenge-based” workout. Similar to the 300 Workout that got celebrity actors shredded for the blockbuster movie 300, this month will challenge your masculinity and give you a chance to become a better man.

Phase 8: The “What-Women-Want” Workout Part 1

Results of studies of the ideal male body are surprisingly consistent all around the world. Women prefer lean, muscular guys with wide shoulders, “V-tapered” torsos, and narrow waists. Women do not like skinny or overweight men. This phase is a shoulder specialization program to ensure you get noticed upon entering a room. Special guests John “Roman” Romaniello.

Phase 9: The “What-Women-Want” Workout Part 2

Now that your shoulders are broad it’s time to thicken up your chest and pump up your arms. This month is dedicated to finishing off the body parts that women love – chest, arms and abs. Special guests John “Roman” Romaniello and Artus “Six Pack” Shakur.

Phase 10: The High Frequency-Fryer Workout

By now you’re wondering if it’s possible to grow anymore and you’re getting people asking, “How much bigger do you want to get?” Get used to it. You’re still curious about breaking new limits because you’re an ordinary muscle seeker… it’s time to introduce advanced high-frequency training.

Phase 11: The V-Taper Workout

Perhaps my favorite phase, get ready to try forgotten mass moves for thickening and widening your back so that you can start seeing your back from the front. Get ready for some extreme intensity sets.

Phase 12: 28-Days to a Stage-Ready Body

By now you have plenty of new size on your frame and it’s time to reveal the chiseled and hard muscles with my most advanced fat burning protocols to strip away fat and reveal a hard, defined midsection. This phase is all about the six pack.

And I Want You To Have EVEN MORE… Four More Advanced Routines!

When Members Begged For Me To Extend The Program Beyond The Original 12 Months I Released Four Additional Phases And They Are YOURS FREE!

 Phase 13: The Extend ‘N’ Explode Workout

Get ready for some some of the most grueling mechanical-advantage drop sets you’ve ever tried. Extended sets are designed to recruit every last muscle fiber and so you can pack on more muscle you though possible. Special guests Optimum Nutrition Sponsored Athlete Mike Raso

 Phase 14: Maximal Body Molding

This is the month you meet my coach, IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Ben Pakulski and he assesses my physiques and introduces us to the world of Intentions – a method of lifting based on biomechanics and physics that will change the way you move forever. Find out how “BPAK” is the fastest rising star in professional bodybuilding today. This month is worth the entire price of the program alone.

Phase 15: The Dynamic Deload Workout

This month we head south to Tampa Florida to work with strong man Elliot Hulse and Mike Westerdal who reveal unique methods for gaining strength and size at the same time while introducing strongman style workouts that anyone can do.

Phase 16: Stage Shredded Status

In the final phase you’ll get access to my exact 5-day routine I used to drop from 227 lbs to 195 lbs in 16-weeks and earn my WBFF Pro Card – this is a mega-video that includes footage with my training partner, former NFL lineman and bodybuilder Ryan Watson. Get ready for the most inspiring and challenging phase to date. This is what you’ll lose to earn stage shredded status.

Get Phase 9, Maximize Your Muscle – Vince Delmonte , Only Price $52

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