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List Profit Builder Complete PRO Version – Don Crowther

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List Profit Builder focuses on one thing only – how to build a huge, highly-targeted list, that puts significant profits on YOUR bottom line!

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Purchase List Profit Builder Complete PRO Version – Don Crowther Course at eBokly. We actively participate in group buys and are committed to sharing knowledge with a wider audience. What's more, our courses maintain the same quality as the original sale page. You have the option to buy directly from the sale page at the full price (sale page link is provided within the post).

The Complete List Profit Builder System, including:

  • The List-Build System (4 modules, 8 hours of content)
  • Turning Your List Into Profits (1 module, 2 hours 8 minutes of content)
  • Advanced List Monetization (1 module, 2 hours 43 minutes of content)

Base Package: $497 or 3 payments of $197 Each

The List-Build System only, including:

  • The List-Build System (4 modules, 8 hours of content)
  • Turning Your List Into Profits (1 module, 2 hours 8 minutes of content)
  • Advanced List Monetization (1 module, 2 hours 43 minutes of content)

Base Package: $197 or 3 payments of $87 Each

In This Business-Building Program You’ll Discover:

How To Create Optin Incentives That People Really Want

And are willing to give up their email address to receive. Plus you’ll learn exactly how and why to quickly and easily create multiple optin incentives

How To Build Landing Pages That Convert

Giving you the latest techniques and test results that will kick your landing page optin rates to a whole new level of success

How To Get More Leads From Your Site

Killer ways to turn every page of your site into a highly successful lead-gathering machine!

How To Get Leads From Off-Site Sources

How To use social media and other sites to get leads directly and to send traffic to your onsite lead-generation pages

And, If You Invest In The Complete System You’ll Learn Advanced Techniques To Monetize Your List!

How To Turn Your List Into A Profit-Producing Asset

Getting an optin isn’t enough. You also have to convert that optin into a hungry customer. This module delves deeply into how to warm up, sell, and resell customers through your list. Powerful!

Advanced List Monetization Techniques

How to go beyond normal and monetize your list the way the masters of email marketing do, to put more on your bottom line than ever before, without burning your list!

List Profit Builder focuses on one thing only – how to build a huge, highly-targeted list, that puts significant profits on YOUR bottom line!

Here’s Just Some Of What You’ll Learn:

  • The biggest mistake most people make in building their list –
    So you can build a list that’s pre-sold and eager to buy from you!
  • Which offers do the best job at getting optins, and which ones do the best at creating sales
    Use this prioritized list to create optins that attract buyers, and only buyers, to your list so you will make money in both the short and long-term!
  • The definitive answer – do videos on landing pages increase or decrease optin rates?
    Of course, I’ll tell you to test, but I’ve NEVER seen a test yet that doesn’t follow this rule-of-thumb. This answer enables you to get significantly higher conversion rates on all your landing pages, creating more optins from the traffic you’re already getting!
  • The best optin page out there
    Nobody’s beaten this one in their tests!
  • The simplest, fastest way to test your optin pages so you can get more optins and build your list faster!
    (NOT testing right now? I’ll show you why and exactly HOW to change that!)
  • The shocking truth about using popovers on your site to gather email optins
    You can’t afford NOT to know this information!
  • The exact tools I use to create, measure, test and optimize all of my optin offers
    I’ve worked with virtually everything out there, and this one tool does the best job all-around, so you can concentrate on ONE tool, rather than using 5 or more, which is what you would have to do without this program.
  • The one technique that’s adding hundreds, and even thousands of optins per week to the sites that use it
    Without any increase in traffic!
  • How to get other people to gladly send their best traffic to optin to YOUR list.
  • The truth about using Google and Facebook advertising to get leads
    This one thing is worth the entire cost of this program!
  • Exactly what you should send new optins in the first 5 emails.
    When you use this pattern they become life-long fans and multiple-purchase customers. Plus, why it’s a suicidal mistake to use any of those first emails to try to SELL anything!
  • Exactly how to daisy-chain optin incentives to 3X to 10X your sales
    While creating a consistent, profitable revenue stream
  • Why the email service you’re currently using is probably hurting you
    More than it is helping you
  • And much, much more!

Module 1: Getting Started

  • Part 1 Welcome to List Profit Builder  2:37
  • Part 2 How This Course Works  3:17
  • Part 3 Getting the Right People Onto Your List  6:31

Total Module 1 12:25

 Module 2: Building Optin Offers That Convert

  • Part 1 Module 2 Introduction 3:25
  • Part 2 The Biggest Problem 2:38
  • Part 3 The Ideal Incentive Strategy 20:33
  • Part 4 Your Goals For Module 2 4:19
  • Part 5 Value of Optin Offers 10: 40
  • Part 6 Newsletters 15:57
  • Part 7 Coupons and Gift Certificates 9:29
  • Part 8 Contests and Sweepstakes 7:54
  • Part 9 Mailed Incentives 14:11
  • Part 10 Reports and White Papers 5:24
  • Part 11 Courses 6:23
  • Part 12 Checklists and Systems 6:54
  • Part 13 Software 9:08
  • Part 14 Tools 3:42
  • Part 15 Assessments  15:50
  • Part 16 Personal Attention 5:10
  • Part 17 Key Strategies for Multiple Optin Incentives 7:05
  • Part 18 Creating Your Multiple Optin Incentives 10:04

Total Module 2 2:35:30

Module 3: Building Landing Pages That Convert

  • Part 1 Module 3 Introduction Rates 6:57
  • Part 2 Increasing Squeeze Page Optln 13:10
  • Part 3 Squeeze Page Builder Tools 8:54
  • Part 4 Leadpages 7:51
  • Part 5 Creating a Squeeze Page 15:11
  • Part 6 Publishing Options 9:04
  • Part 7 Video Versus No Video Squeeze Pages 7:18
  • Part 8 Scenic Squeeze Page Backgrounds 7:00
  • Part 9 Video Backgrounds 7:49
  • Part 10 Why You MUST Test Optlns 11:04
  • Part 11 How To Create a Test  14:02
  • Part 12 Your Optin Thank You Page  4:11

Total Module 3 1:52:31

 Module 4: Getting Leads From Your Site

  • Part 1 Module 4 Introduction Feature Boxes  4:50
  • Part 2 Test Administration and Tools 17:05
  • Part 3 To Popover Or Not To Popover 9:35
  • Part 4 Lightbox Popovers 9:59
  • Part 5 Feature Boxes 1:58
  • Part 6 Topic-specific Optin Offers 9:48
  • Part 7 Social Proof 5:45
  • Part 8 Optin Box Placement 5:30
  • Part 9 Optin Form Improvement 9:12
  • Part 10 Advertising On Your Own Site 10:03
  • Part 11 Using Optin Forms In Videos 4:44
  • Part 12 Using Your Thank You Pages 3:12
  • Part 13 Top and Bottom Optin Bars 4:06
  • Part 14 The Wearout Effect 4:25

Total Module 4 1:18:18

Module 5: Getting Optins From Off-site Sources

  • Part 1 Weave Offers Into Social Media Conversation 5:44
  • Part 2 Go Where They Are 8:01
  • Part 3 Getting Optins From Profiles 2:01
  • Part 4 Previewing Content 4:35
  • Part 5 Social Images Of Your Optin Incentives 5:47
  • Part 6 Posting Screenshots 4:12
  • Part 7 Image Call To Action 3:54
  • Part 8 Example 2:40
  • Part 9 Sort Through Sub-lists 5:23
  • Part 10 Adding an Optin Box To Your Facebook Page 10:01
  • Part 11Click To Tweet 3:50
  • Part 12 Improving On Social Contests 11:14
  • Part 13 Promoting Optins Through Video 6:16
  • Part 14 Using Post Roll In YouTube 11:23
  • Part 15 Using YouTube Descriptions To Get Optins 3:10
  • Part 16 YouTube Video Promoting an Optin Incentive 3: 29
  • Part 17 Running Video Ads In YouTube 5:25
  • Part 18 How To Create Clickable Links To Your WEBSITE In YouTube 13:29
  • Part 19 Going Viral £5

Total Module 5 1:57:39

Module 6: Turning Your List Into Profits

  • Part  1 The Overall Strategy 12:33
  • Part  2 The Importance Of Double Optln 6:04
  • Part  3 Getting Double Optins 3:26
  • Part  4 The Double Optin Trick 9:48
  • Part  5 The List Courting Process 6:21
  • Part  6 Your Courting Emails 11:39
  • Part  7 Building and Launching a Launch Autoresponder Process 16:16
  • Part  8 Direct Sales Emails 9:15
  • Part  9 The Tack On Method 8:56
  • Part  10 Your Email Stream 12:10
  • Part  11 Surveying Your List 6:56
  • Part  12 Tagging People 3:18
  • Part  13 Moving Your List 10:14
  • Part 14 The List Hosts I Recommend 11:40

Total Module 6 2:08:36

Module 7: Advanced List Monetization

  • Part 1 Module 7 Introduction 3:35
  • Part 2 Putting Buyers Onto Your List 9:39
  • Part 3 Interest-based Offers 5:45
  • Part 4 Segmenting Based On Actions 12:58
  • Part 5 Implementing Segmentation 13:25
  • Part 6 The Problem-solution Method 13:33
  • Part 7 No Doesn’t Permanently Mean No 4:47
  • Part 8 The Three-legged Stool 5:29
  • Part 9 Story Telling 12:48
  • Part 10 Best Times To Mail 4:33
  • Part 11 Send Emails On Weekends 2:31
  • Part 12 Spam Traps 8:35
  • Part 13 List Cleaning 12:26
  • Part 14 Email Validation 9:53
  • Part 15 Send Feedback Emails 3:15
  • Part 16 Turning an Affiliate Product into a Product Launch 23:09
  • Part 17 The Ideal Snapshot 12:32
  • Part 18 What We’ve Covered 4:20

Total Module 7 2:43:13

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