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Kopywriting Kourse 2018 – Neville Medhora

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This KopywritingKourse Bundle is every product we have ever made, rolled into one logically-laid-out format at the lowest price we will ever offer.

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Purchase Kopywriting Kourse 2018 – Neville Medhora Course at eBokly. We actively participate in group buys and are committed to sharing knowledge with a wider audience. What's more, our courses maintain the same quality as the original sale page. You have the option to buy directly from the sale page at the full price (sale page link is provided within the post).

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If you’d like to start taking copy seriously, The Kopywriting Kourse is a fast and proven way to learn…

This KopywritingKourse Bundle is every product we have ever made, rolled into one logically-laid-out format at the lowest price we will ever offer.

It’s perfect for people who want to make loads more cash from their business with the least amount of effort…

You will learn: 

  • How to think about copy like an expert.
  • How to write copy that sells.
  • How to produce valuable content.
  • How to automate your emails.
  • How to become a copywriter (if you want).
  • How to train any employees to be great copywriters.

Here’s what’s inside the KopywritingKourse Bundle:

Go through these courses in order to get the most of the KopywritingKourse Writing Bundle!

The Kopywriting Kourse (worth $697). 

This is the original video course that’s taught thousands of people to create copy, content, and emails that bring in the dollars. Not only that, but it’s often standard watching for hundreds of companies. The combination of fun videos and live demonstrations make it easy to learn from.

The Kopywriting Checklist (worth $10). 

This is a quick-copy guide that can lead anyone through a piece of psychology driven sales copy within 30 minutes or less. Just follow along and it will help you write out. This guide is often passed around offices for people who need help writing, and they end up cranking out great sales copy.

The Autoresponder Kourse (Worth $197).

This is the course that will teach you the secrets of writing copy all through an autoresponder sequence. This is a key piece of building an audience. If you’ve ever dreamed of passive income, but don’t know how to use an autoresponder, you’re going to have a tough time building that dream!

The Autoresponder Bank (worth $297).  

This is a bank vault full of different autoresponders that’ve been proven to work. It’s quite difficult to start an autoresponder completely from scratch, so it’s nice to have access to a bank full of written examples you can take inspiration from without having to rack your brain all day.

The “Content Writing Kourse” (worth $497). 

This is the course where we go in-depth on content writing, and how you can literally create the best piece of content about a subject on Earth. No joke. This kind of training is what gets people ranked at the top of Google, and massive amounts of shares for their articles.

The “Become A Copywriter” Course (worth $497). 

This is designed to help you kick off (or improve) your career as a freelance copywriter. Even people with no desire to become a professional copywriter love this course. It will take you through everything you need to know from starting out, to getting new clients, to charging premium rates.

Extra Bonuses with this bundle:

We believe in not only giving you self-paced materials, but a group of like-minded people to practice with, AND live group coaching calls for personalized help.

Private Kopy Group Invite (worth $300). 

This is a group where like-minded copy hounds hang out and run copy by each other, share new tactics, and discuss new trends. I personally run almost all my own articles through this private group before posting them, and always get fantastic feedback that influences all my decisions!

The Call Recording Archive (worth $600). 

If you miss a live coaching call or want to review something that happened during one of the calls (trust us, there’s a lot of great “moments” that happen), this recording archive is where it’s stored. You can re-watch the live office hours, get access to the docs we used, and see breakdowns of each session.

12 Live Group Coaching Calls (Worth $2,400).

That’s right, with this bundle you will get the option to hop on a group call with Neville 12 times! This means your questions will definitely get answered. The eager-beavers who hop on all the group coaching calls get tons of time, copy re-written, and business-changing advice.

Here’s real examples of copywriting grabbing more revenue with minimal effort…

Below is an email from an online wine merchant we helped. Their emails before any copywriting training were bringing in ~$500/email, which meant they were losing money in their business.

After some copywriting training on how to write a great sales email, they were consistently hitting email revenues of 10x (and sometimes 15x) that amount per email:

Before: $455 in sales per email 🙁 After: $5,400 in sales per email 🙂

The amount of emails sent out was not changed. The amount of money spent on marketing was not changed. The set of customers was not changed.

The only thing that was changed was the copy in the emails.

Now imagine the same principles that increased the effectiveness of those emails was applied to every aspect of your own business:

Good copywriting applied to your emails. Good copywriting applied to your web pages. Good copywriting applied to your sales emails. Good copywriting applied to your Facebook Ads. Good copywriting applied to your support emails. Good copywriting applied to your phone scripts. Good copywriting applied to your advertising.

If you could increase each aspect of your marketing by a few percent each, the compounding results are insane.

Here’s an example of a physical services business, a power washing company, that tried to advertise in their area using only flyers. They tried to make “pretty looking” flyers, sent them out, and the results were disastrous ($0.00 in sales).

After studying some copywriting techniques, they realized a slightly different angle could drastically improve revenue. Here’s the changes they made (Before/After):

Before = $0.00/mo in sales. After = $13,202/mo in sales!!

The amount of flyers sent out was not changed. The amount of money spent on marketing was not changed. The set of customers was not changed.

The only thing that was changed was the copy!

The simple changes in the copy turned that flyer campaign from an abysmal failure ($0 in revenue), into a huge success ($13,202/mo). All from some small copywriting changes!

This Kopywriting Kourse Bundle is designed to teach you (and your colleagues) how to made similar changes on your own business.


The main KopywritingKourse is a 2-3 hour program that will take anyone (either you, or your employees) through the basics of good copywriting, and the exact techniques to do it on every piece of marketing material you have. This is the foundation of this entire copywriting bundle (worth $697 on its own). Then you can continue on to learn advanced content stratgies, cold emailing techniques, and so much more. Everything is included and you get lifetime access right away.

Learn to think like a copywriter

Getting into the copywriters mindset is so important, we don’t write a single word until you understand this. These lessons alone are game changing.

Learn the technical aspects

I’m not here to teach only theory. That would be silly. I’m showing you how to get actual words onto an actual page. You’ll get to follow along as I go through live copy examples.

Advanced copy strategies 

We’ve covered the basics, and now we’re going to go deeper into actual tactics. This is where we apply copywriting to different business models.

Content Marketing Copywriting

The word “content marketing” is thrown around as if any crappy article posted on the web is “content.” We’re going to show you how to actually make kick ass articles that get linked, ranked, and read.

Copy in a hurry

If you (or your team) has a tight deadline and there’s not a lot of time to learn copy, I have a module inside the KopywritingKourse just for you. It’s a follow-along guide that will get you from an assignment to completion in just a few minutes.

Cold Sales Email Writing

Learning to write a damn good cold sales email pitch is what takes salespeople from low performers to top performers. This training has transformed sales teams and businesses alike.

eCommerce Copywriting

Depending on what you’re selling, the copy tactics you’ll use are different. eCommerce is near and dear to my heart since my first real business was an eCommerce retailer. Since opening that, I’ve learned many tips and tricks for writing eCommerce copy.

Writing Sales Pages

The #1 thing people come to me for help with is sales pages…..those notoriously long behemoths that sell things on the web. I’ve got some great strategies and formulas to follow that will make sales pages way simpler to manage and write.

The Bonus Vault

These are additional long-form interviews, copy teardowns, and breakthroughs in people’s copy that get continuously updated as new content comes along.

KopywritingKourse Updates

When we make updates to the KopywritingKourse, you automatically get the new updates. We love our members and don’t try to nickel & dime them by charging for updates.

Go from zero knowledge to skilled writer.

Easy to learn for any skill level.

We want to make sure you get a complete restart back to the basics. This includes lessons and tools to help you THINK like a copywriter before you ever write a word. Learning to think the right way will change the way you write (and sell) forever.

Bite-sized lessons make it easy.

I have a relatively short attention span, and generally won’t watch loonngg and drooonning videos. For this reason I make each video very bite-sized and information packed.

There are a couple of long-format interviews you can optionally watch, but the main lessons are packaged into quick and punchy lessons.

It’s my job to sift through all the sludge, test out the tactics myself (on my own business and clients businesses), then teach you exactly what works:

The KopywritingKourse teaches the templates, examples, experiments, and methods learned from:

650,000,000+ emails sent.

38,000+ product sales.

Working in 25+ different industries.

Millions of dollars in digital sales.

Dominating search results with great content.

 635+ consult sessions.

Running the top copywriting blog.

1,250+ articles written.

Landed in 1,700,000+ email inboxes.

Learn how to craft the most effective, most dangerous, most profitable emails.

The term “Email Marketing” gets thrown around a lot. However when most companies do “Email Marketing” it’s more like “Email Spamming.” 

That’s not how we do things around here.

My words have have been sent out in over 650,000,000 emails, and take it from me, by simply spamming your list you will eventually get penalized, and flat out doesn’t make as many sales.

Let me show you how to create emails you feel good about sending, that actually help people, easily slip through all spam filters, and get opened by people who WANT to open them.

If you ever plan to work in sales, being able to send out one good email can make the difference between no sales, and hitting your numbers.  

Learn from the masters of getting email responses what the tricks of the trade are for getting buyers to open your emails.

The best part is all you have to do is rearrange some words, and the outcome can be drastically different.

Learning to craft these emails is why companies get KopywritingKourse for all their employees.

The ROI on sending great emails is through the roof!

“A must-buy for everyone who is constantly emailing prospects”  

This course is a must-buy for everyone who is constantly emailing prospects and wants to learn the ropes of the copy writing skills. I specially learned from the part where Neville took the time to write emails in real time and demonstrated how anyone can write amazing emails in no time. –Anant Singh

Get everyone in your business up-to-date on how to apply good copywriting to every piece of communication.

After you signup as a KopywritingKourse Member, you will get a personalized login. This will allow you to login to the Premium Members Area. We took some screenshots of a few of the modules, and you can see the modules are laid out in order and easy to follow.

Just login and watch the first video. Then watch the next. We made it very logical to follow along (I personally hate it when I buy a course and it’s just a big jumble of links and downloads).

All the info and trainings are yours to access forever.

Get Face-To-Face training

With this bundle you get access to 12 live group coaching calls. They happen every two weeks, and you can ask whatever you want, live.

See what’s working now 

I personally love these calls because you get to see a wide variety of OTHER PEOPLE’S business questions answer live on the spot, including re-writing copy. Often one call has changed the course of someone’s promotion, business, or sparked whole new ways of approaching a problem.

Full Recording Archive

All office hours are recorded, and you can watch past office hours anytime you want. You can see a wide variety of problems and solutions other students had.

Normally $600/hour

The normal 1-on-1 consulting rate is $600/hour, so getting group training directly from me every two weeks is super valuable. Ask any question, ask about copy, or just watch along as other people ask.

The live office hours are the most powerful part of this bundle!

As a student of The Kopywriting Kourse, you get several months of access to the Live Office Hours. Twice per month we all hop on a live call and go through whatever students need:

  • We’ll live re-write copy on the calls.
  • We’ll live re-write portions of sales pages on the calls.
  • We’ll help see if a new business venture is viable.
  • We’ll re-do pricing structures.
  • We’ll help answer questions about freelancing.

Whatever the student needs, we’ll do it! Any question is fair game.

Can’t make one of the calls? No worries! We have a section where you can pre-ask questions, and we’ll answer it during Office Hours time. You can then watch the recording of the call to see your question being reviewed and answered:

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