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Inner Circle 2019 – Frank Kern

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Mass Control is a system of communication that causes a crowd of people to magnetically be drawn to you …and to come under your influence …with the objective of turning them into happy repeat customers.

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Get $21,997.00 Worth Of Blockbuster Marketing Trainings …FREE!

This Offer Is Extremely Limited: While Supplies Last

Here’s What You’re Getting …FREE!

Gift #1: Mass Control 2.0 !

Originally Sold for $1997.00 and not available at any price: Yours FREE (Free shipping, too!)

  • 4­ Week “30 Days to Mass Control Millions” Video Training Implementation Program!
  • Module 1: Planting The Seeds For Total Domination ­ Including REAL EXAMPLES from my actual businesses.
  • Module 2: Creating Your Character And Mass Control Story Line
  • Module 3: The Actual FORMULA Behind Mass Control, And How To Use It For Maximum Profits.
  • Module 4: Total Market Domination

Here’s What You’ll Learn From This Revolutionary Training!

Mass Control is a system of communication that causes a crowd of people to magnetically be drawn to you …and to come under your influence …with the objective of turning them into happy repeat customers.

The amazing thing about it is it’s totally under the radar.

While your competition is trying hard to pressure people into buying, Mass Control lets you influence the crowd in a more subtle way. You’re perceived to be more of a friend than a salesman.

The idea is to have people wanting to buy from you repeatedly …not just in a “launch” scenario.

So if you have a list, want to build one, or want to leverage other people’s subscribers … Mass Control is the simplest and most effective way to turn that into customers.

This Is NOT Just About Copywriting: 

When you think about copywriting, you think about sales letters. I’d like you to consider something for a minute.


The reason I say this is because all of the copywriting “strategies” you’ve ever been taught are based on communication techniques that were used beforethe Internet.

They’re based on direct mail, print ads, and so forth.

And you and I both know this to be true: Times have changed.

The Internet is completely different than direct mail or other old fashioned ways marketers once used to reach their prospects.

The reason why is simple: FRAME OF MIND.

An Internet user is in a totally different frame of mind than someone who’s reading a piece of direct mail, looking at an ad in a newspaper, or doing some other offiline activity.

And right now is the first time in marketing history that you’ve had the opportunity to communicate as often as you want with your prospects …and as frequently as you want.

So the bottom line is this: Mass Control is all about influencing people over the Internet …not just through sales letters or email, but by taking advantage of the brand new opportunities we have today such as podcasting, blogging, social media, native advertising, and online video.

And nobody else on the planet can offer you these brand new (but proven) strategies for doing it.

This Is NOT Just About Email: 

Think about the ways you can communicate with your prospects online.

There’s so much more for you than just email.

You can use video, blogs, podcasts, pdf reports, audio downloads, screencams, social media, online chat (seriously) …and more.

Mass Control puts ALL of these to work for you.

…And if you’re not using them ALL, you should be.

The reason why is simple: HUMAN PSYCHOLOGY.

Here’s a fact you already know, but aren’t using to make money.

The more you communicate with your prospects, the more money you’ll make.

Obvious, right?

Well here’s a little something about the way your prospect’s mind is hard­-wired.

When you communicate through multiple mediums, you can make even more sales.

When I say “multiple mediums”, I mean that you use video, audio, AND the written word …across multiple channels.

The reason this can exponentially increase your sales is because of the way the human mind works.

See, when we absorb information we use different mediums (also called modalities) to do so.

The most common SALES modality used on the Internet is the written word. (Such as sales letters, email, and so forth.) …But it’s quickly shifting to video.

But when you rely on just one single mode of communication, you’re selling yourself way short.

This diagram shows you how it works:

When you use Mass Control, you’re delivering powerful marketing messages to your prospect from multiple angles …using multiple platforms and modalities.

The fact is, people are conditioned to respond to multiple modalities. 

This means that your prospects are naturally conditioned to be more responsive when they not only read your message, but they hear it and see it as well.

And when you communicate with them through audio, video, and text …it creates a sense of instant trust and bonding.

They feel like they know you better because you’ve accessed different parts of their brain.

And of course, this opens you up to making more sales …which can lead to more money.

So you’ve really got two things going for you.

1. You’ve simply got better marketing messages. They’re more natural. They’re less salesy. They create trust and authority …while making a sale.

2. You’re “implanting” these messages in your prospect’s conscious mind through multiple channels. 

This can cause a faster and stronger bond between you and your market …which can ultimately lead to more sales.

There’s a reason everybody wants this system: IT WORKS.

Gift #2: Millionaire Marketing Formulas!

Originally Sold for $10,000.00 and not available at any price. Get INSTANT ACCESS today, FREE!

  • Professionally shot and edited footage of the entire $10,000.00 event.
  • All handouts and examples.
  • Every ad, campaign, and swipe file referenced.
  • Complete walkthrough of each campaign strategy, copy, and marketing angle.
  • Only 40 people attended this rare and exclusive workshop …this footage has never been sold.

Here Are The Three Main Things You’ll Get From This Rare $10,000.00 Gift

I’ve found that there are only THREE things you have to do to make massive amounts of money as an expert and online marketer:

1. CREATE something to sell that solves a distinct problem for a hungry buying audience.

2. CAMPAIGN it intelligently to that audience.

3. CASH IT IN by creating a business model, backend and automated sales funnel that keeps pulling in massive amounts of money for you over the long term.

If you have those three things, you’re gold.

But Here’s The Glaringly Obvious Problem

Of course, if it were “that easy” everyone would be millionaires, right?

So where do people go wrong?

First, most people have NO IDEA how to create truly INVALUABLE products and programs for customers. (Often, it’s because they have no idea what the customer wants or will actually BUY).

Second, most people are completely CONFUSED about what a campaign is versus a promotion. (For the record, a campaign is strategic sequence of promotions that lead to a desired behavior).

All you need to know is that if you want to get PAID you’d better figure out more intelligent and hard-hitting campaigns that get people to BUY YOUR STUFF RIGHT NOW. 

Finally, most people can’t keep the CASH coming in while they sleep.

They have no idea how to automate campaigns or create the BIG PAYDAYS that well run business models create.

This might all sound rather straightforward. But clearly not everyone in the “expert” or “information marketer” space makes money.

The three reasons above explain why.

Luckily — and I really do feel lucky and blessed — I’ve figured out how to deal with all these challenges and make millions of dollars for myself and my clients because I CONSISTENTLY know how to find hungry audiences, serve them well, and campaign to them intelligently to make them BUY NOW. 

It’s time you learned to do that, too, don’t you think?

Millionaire Marketing Formulas: Taught By People  Who’ve Actually Done It …REPEATEDLY

The goal of this workshop is to teach you everything I know about making REAL MONEY and spreading value and goodwill to your niche at the same time.

But I want to go BEYOND what I know and give you EVERY available strategy and technique imaginable so that you can become the highest paid and highest profile expert in your market.

But in order to really give you the complete picture, I want to give you even more.

I want to let you learn marketing not just from me … but from Brendon Burchard as well.

Why Learn Marketing From Brendon?

…Isn’t He More Of A “Self Help” Guy?

Sure, Brendon is a “self help” guy.

And you know what that means? It means he’s able to generate EIGHT FIGURES A YEAR in one of the most competitive, over-saturated, and jaded main-stream markets in the world.

If he were a boxer, he’d be having to fight an entire gang of Mike Tyson clones every day. That’s how tough his market is.

The guy spends more money on ads than an entire chain of retail stores might earn in a year. And he does it profitably.

So who would you rather study? Someone who makes money because they convince their friends to email their offers a million times …or someone who makes eight figures ….from advertising …in one of the toughest markets on earth.

I thought so.

But here’s something you might not know about Brendon:

Brendon is also a “guru maker.” 

His elite seminar, Experts Academy, goes for around $5,000 a ticket and has sold out with thousands people SIX YEARS in a row. That’s important. He’s so good at marketing,he’s able to get THOUSANDS of people to leave home for days on end, travel to a different city, be away from family, work, business, etc, …all to sit in a seminar room and learn from him.

Plus they each pay thousands of dollars to do it. Amazing.

Combined, Brendon fills EIGHT events a year at an average price point of $3495. He’s THAT good of a marketer and trainer.

(He’s been a trainer for Accenture, Alcoa, JC Penney, eBay, Best Buy, Walgreens… the list goes on).

Over 200 people have been members of Brendon’s $10,000, $25,000, and $60,000 mastermind and coaching programs.

Because of his ability to get RESULTS — he made over $6 million in his first 2 1/2 years in our industry and his clients are always on the NY-TIMES list — Brendon has gotten to know all the big gurus and he’s helped a lot of them. He’s also gotten “under the hood” of most of their businesses and he’s the first person to decode EXACTLY what business models and best-practices the MAIN STREAM gurus have used to amass their fortunes.

(This includes getting people like Tony, Brian Tracy, John Gray, David Bach, Barbara D’Angeles, Harv Eker, Debbie Ford, and Ken Blanchard to reveal HOW they built their businesses.)

Bottom line: Brendon has unbelievable insider knowledge of what makes MAINSTREAM gurus the real money, he gets real results in his business and for his clients, and he can TRAIN better than almost anyone I’ve ever seen.

I tell you all of this because I asked Brendon to share his most advanced marketing and business formulas with you at Millionaire Marketing Formulas. (It’s worth the price of admission, just to hear how Brendon got over 200 people into his $10,000, $25,000, and $60,000 programs). 

Here’s The “SHORT LIST” Of What We Revealed:

  • 10 proven, never-before-revealed million-dollar marketing formulas
  • Business models of the world’s greatest (and richest) MAIN STREAM gurus
  • High end consulting and mastermind sales secrets
  • How highly-paid experts make the REAL PAY DAYS happen 
  • The hidden path to being the highest profile, highest paid in any niche
  • Advanced sales and platform psychology
  • Direct mail secrets that create buying frenzies 
  • PPC ninja tricks that don’t waste money and bring in real leads
  • How you can get people with huge followings to promote you
  • Product creation formulas that make your life EASY and PROFITABLE
  • Never-before-seen corporate deals and the formulas used to WIN them

And that’s the SHORT LIST.

This event was truly groundbreaking and every single $10,000.00 customer was thrilled.

Now it’s available to you …FREE!

Gift #3: The Complete Mass Control Monthly Archives!

Thirty Four Separate Issues Which Sold  For $297 Each! (Over $10,000.00 value!)

  • Each issue comes with complete video walkthroughs of all the tactics and strategies revealed.
  • All swipe files and examples.
  • Every ad, campaign, and every successful project archived, chronicled, and revealed for you to model.
  • Behind-the-scenes access to private client work (including campaigns clients paid $100,000.00 plus royalties for!)
  • Every issue is archived and ready for instant access online …today, FREE!

Mass Control Monthly is possibly the most valuable “chunk” in this collection.

But you’ve likely never heard of it. 

I only promoted it a few times …and had a “core” group of around 300-400 subscribers for three years.

Every month, I’d send them a physically printed newsletter (more of a booklet, really) as well as a DVD …where I’d take them behind the scenes of blockbuster Internet campaigns and dissect why they worked, the frameworks they followed, and how you can model the process. 

Each issue was $297 per month, and the members stayed month after month because (in their words) it was “the single best marketing information they’d ever seen.” 

I eventually got lazy and didn’t want to publish it anymore …so I stopped.

That was a mistake. 

As I went through each issue for this offer, I realized this is really some of the best work of my career …mainly because it’s so concise and focused on one thing: RESULTS. 

If you’re looking for a paint-by-numbers breakdown of some of the biggest winners in the history of Internet Marketing Promotions, this is for you. 

You’re literally getting the play-by-play walkthroughs of HUGE winners.

For example, I’ve had clients pay me $100,000.00 (plus royalties) to do campaigns for them.

…And be thrilled with the results.

Have you ever wondered exactly what you’d have to provide for $100,000.00? Or even more importantly …ever wondered how GOOD it would have to be for the client to be happy enough to retain you again?

In just ONE ISSUE, I walk you through each element of the campaign, showing you the copy, the stats, the numbers, the sales, and the PROFITS.

But this is way more than just one issue’re getting THREE YEARS worth of issues.

Each one better than the next. 

These Three Gifts Are Worth Over $21,997.00 ButYou Get Them FREE Just For Trying My Brand New Coaching Program, The Kern Inner Circle!


This is no ordinary “coaching program”.

This is a marketing transplant performed on your business …damn near every WEEK.

I’m not just telling you what to do, I’m actually doing some of it for you …and PERSONALLY helping you do it!

Here’s exactly what you’re getting as a member of this elite program…

Two LIVE Video Conferences Every Month!

Every other week, you and I get on a video conference LIVE with your fellow members for the sole purpose of getting these things done:

Increasing Your Front End *Immediate* Sales.

We’ll do this by uncovering copy tactics that work, design layouts that are converting, new traffic sources and strategies, new campaign sequences, and more.

Increasing The Amount of Each Sale

We’ll do this by deploying pricing strategies, pre-sale “bumps”, one click upsells, and more.

I’d be willing to bet the farm that just this one aspect of our work together can totally revolutionize your business and dramatically increase your bottom line.

Increasing Repeat Sales And Back-End Sales

Everyone knows this is where the real profit is. But are you doing it? And if you are …are you doing it as well as you could be?

The easiest sale to make is a sale to a happy customer … but many marketers only think about getting more new customers and forget the goldmines they have in their list of existing customers.

I’ll give you an example – recently, I sent an email to 9,986 people who spent at least $7.00 with me.

Now – $7.00 isn’t a lot of money, right?

But get this:

That one email got over 3,562 clicks …and it produced 14 sales at more than $4,800 per sale.

That’s more than $67,000 from that one little campaign …just from focusing on selling to existing customers.

Would you like to deploy little “stealth” offers like this to your existing customers?

Would you like to see the email framework?

The copy framework?

The offer structure?

…And the whole campaign?

Good. You’re in the right place.

But we’re just getting started.

You also get …

A Monthly Newsletter Delivered To Your Door By First Class Mail!

This is a good, old fashioned, PRINTED newsletter – complete with three holes already punched in each one so you can put them into the storage binder that I’m also sending you today.

I’m deliberately taking the extra effort (and incurring the extra cost) to bind, print, and ship this to you instead of just having a “digital version” because I know you’ll get more out of it if you can take it to a quiet place – notepad in hand – and read it without the endless distractions that your computer throws at you every day.

Every issue it between 20 and 50 pages, and is like a hard core marketing seminar in print, delivered straight to your door via first class mail every single month.

It’s LOADED with marketing news, forecasts, trends, strategies, tactics, and case studies revealing what’s working RIGHT NOW. …And I think your favorite section of the newsletter will be the section called,

GET MONEY NOW: A Full-Blown “Swipe And Deploy” Ready-To-Use Marketing Campaign handed to you on a silver platter!

Included in your newsletter every month is a tested and proven marketing campaign that you can “plug in” to your business right away.

You get the psychology behind it, the copy framework, the email sequence framework, the follow-up sequence framework, and even a full-fledged process map for the automation! 

And this isn’t some “made up” campaign.

You’re getting actual campaigns based on what I’m personally using in my own business, so you know they’re effective. 

And to tie it all together, you’re also getting …


Every month in the newsletter, I give you marketing tactics, strategies, and even a campaign that’s working.

And in order to make 100% sure you can use this stuff – implement it – and see results, I’m also giving you training videos where I personally show you how to use everything I’ve given you.

The videos come on a thumb drive and it’s about the size of a credit card. You can put them on your computer, upload them to the “cloud”, play them on your phone, your tablet, or anywhere else you want. 

The bottom line is this: I’m not just telling you what to do. I’m personally showing you exactly how to do it. 

And the reason why is because I think this will get you the results you want even faster …and that’s what this program is all about. 

But that’s not all, because I’m also giving you …

Four Brand New Unreleased Trainings  …FREE!

The New Member Welcome Kit!

You’re getting these four brand new trainings rushed straight to your door …TODAY!

  • The Ultimate Offer Formula: How To Quickly Create Offers That SELL!
  • Advanced Closing: How To use Close-Stacking To Compound The Power Of Every Sales Message
  • Power Positioning: How To Establish Trust, Authority, And Premium Branding In Your Market
  • Six Steps To Scaling BIG: How To Roll Out Your Offer Everywhere Through Profitable Advertising

As a new member, I want to give you everything I can …NOW …to get you the results you’re after as best as humanly possible.

And that’s why I’ve created these four additional trainings that are exclusively for member’s only …and that’s why I’m rushing them to your doorstep TODAY.

Here’s what’s included in your exclusive New Member Welcome Kit.

The Ultimate Offer Formula!

In this training, I walk you through how to create a pitch that SELLS. 

There’s no fluff, no messing around, just a rock-solid framework you can follow to create an offer for any product or service. 

It comes with a straightforward, no-frills workbook and a hard drive with video training from me personally whereI walk you through exactly what to do and say. 

Here’s just a fraction of what you’ll learn:

  • The Twelve-Step Offer Template For Creating Irresistible Offers On Demand
  • The “Safety Net” System For Making Prospects Feel Like Buying From You Is The Right Decision
  • The “Calm And Confident” Approach For Making A Pitch Without Sounding Salesy, Intimidated, Or “Weird”.
  • Three Ways To Add URGENCY To Any Offer …So You Can Make More Sales In Less Time
  • And much, much more …

You can use it in sales letters like this one.

You can use it in Videos. 

You can use it in Webinars. 

And you can use it in person, from stage, or over the phone.

Here’s the bottom line – go through this training and you’ll know how to pitch anything. 

You’ll never be stuck staring at a blank screen wondering what to do because I’m giving you a tried and true, vigorously tested framework that flat out works.

And hey – if you think about it, in many ways our income is in direct proportion to the amount of offers we make.

That means the more offers you make, the more income you can receive. 

And this training gives you a proven system for creating winning pitches FAST.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg because you’re also getting …


Like all the the trainings you’re getting in your welcome kit,  this is BRAND NEW.

I designed it to “piggy back” off what you learn in the ultimate Offer Formula and it’s designed to do one thing and one thing only: Compound the power of every single offer you make.

Here’s how.

At the end of every offer, there’s a close, right?

That’s the part where you ask your prospect to buy from you.

Well, here’s the thing.

HARD CORE marketers know that the “close” is really the BEGINNING of the sale!

And that’s why I created Close-Stacking. 

It’s a series of seven different frameworks you can use to KEEP SELLING …after you’ve made your pitch.

Think of them as a “re-close”. A way to re-state the offer, overcome objections, and re-sell …over and over again …in the same pitch. 

I’ve never publicly taught this before, yet it’s been one of my secret weapons for almost 17 years straight.

Here’s just some of what you’ll discover:

  • The Price-Buster Method For Killing The “No Money” Objection Before You Ever Hear It (Even if you’re selling something expensive!)
  • The “Emotional Expansion” Method For Linking Your Product To Your Prospect’s Most Powerful Driving Emotions.
  • The “Apples To Oranges” Close For Re-Pitching Your Offer And Eliminating Comparison To Your Competitors. (This is Especially Good For Prospects Who’ve “Heard it All Before”)
  • How To Create An Emotional Time Machine And Put Your Prospects In A Buying Frame Of Mind
  • And much, much more …

I’m literally giving you the exact framework for each close.

Even scripting sample closes for you …telling you exactly what to say and how to say it …and when!

This training comes with a no-frills “get it done” workbook and a hard drive with video of me personally walking you through everything. 

It’s just like having me in your office with you as you craft a pitch, looking over your shoulder and telling you what to say next. 

For some people, this one training will pay for years of membership just by itself.

But naturally we’re not stopping there. You’re also getting …


Power Power positioning is actually two products in one. 

You’re getting two workbooks and a hard drive with two video trainings on it.

Have you ever wondered why some industry leaders seem to effortlessly attract customers and clients? 

Have you ever wondered why some companies are able to charge several times more than their competition …without even really trying to make sales?

And have you ever wondered why companies like Apple and Tesla have incredibly loyal and evangelistic customers who stand in line for hours just to be able to buy the next product?

The answer lies in POSITIONING.

And in this training, you’ll discover exactly how to create your own POWER POSITIONING in your marketplace so that your perfect customers will seek you out and happily do business with you. 

In it, you’ll discover …

  • The Power Of PSYCHOGRAPHIC PROFILING And How To Exploit It For A Near Instant Bond With Your Market
  • How To Use POLARITY To Make Yourself Ultra Magnetic To Your Ideal Prospects
  • Exactly What “Uniform” And Language Patterns To Use.
  • When it makes Sense To Use TABOO Subjects In Your Marketing. (Hint: Almost ALWAYS)
  • And much, much more …

If you want your prospects to know like and trust you before they ever even have a chance to buy from you, this is for you.

And if you want to be positioned as the premier person of influence in your market, perceived as the highest authority in your field, and become the most sought after person, company, or brand by you perfect target audience, this is for you.

It helps you discover exactly what to say and what to do to elevate your image, reputation, and overall position in your market so that you becomeirresistibly magnetic to your ideal customers. 

Think about this for a minute.

Power Positioning shows you how to be irresistibly magnetic to your ideal customers. 

The Ultimate Offer Formula shows you how to craft a winning offer for those customers …on demand …whenever you want. 

And in Close Stacking, you’ll discover how to exponentially make every offer even more powerful by compounding the power of your own personal influence using the seven different sales frameworks I personally walk you through. 

Imagine the effect these three trainings alone will have on your business. 

I created them specifically to be used together …so the effects of one will simply enhance the effects of the others, therefore making them even more powerful.

And the reason I did that is because I believe that once you use what I’m giving you in these three trainings, you’ll now be ready for the FOURTH training, called …

The Six magic Steps To Scaling BIG Online!

You’ve seen it happen.

Someone will enter a marketplace, start out doing pretty well …and next thing you know, they’re EVERYWHERE.

Maybe it’s been a competitor of yours, maybe it was a friend.

Regardless, I can tell you one thing for sure: IT WAS NOT LUCK.

Going from “small” to “giant” online is a matter of three things:

1. Your Thinking

2. Your Systems

3. Your Processes

In this training, I’m literally walking you through the exact mindset, marketing systems, and sales processes I’ve used to literally double my business in just under seven months.

Here’s what’s inside:

  • The “Rental House Method” For Making Profits From Paid Ads
  • The “Warren Buffet” Approach To Growing Any Business (Hint: This Has NOTHING To Do With Stocks.)
  • One Simple Shift That Can Instantly Give You An Edge Over 99% Of Your Competition (Even If They’re Bigger And More Popular Than You.)
  • The “Compounder Effect” That’s Responsible For Doubling My Business In 7 Months. (Exactly How To Use It …And When.)
  • And much, much more …

And here’s something else that you’ll be happy about.

This isn’t about getting “BIG” in the sense of growing a big team, having a huge staff, having a ton of overhead, or anything like that.

I doubt you got into business to have headaches like that. Instead, this is all bout getting BIG in terms of SALES AND PROFITS. 

Here’s what I mean:

Remember how I told you I’m showing you how I (literally) doubled my business in seven months? I doubled my sales and bottom line profits …but my team got SMALLER! 

This means more sales, more revenue, and less headaches! 

If that’s what you’re looking to accomplish, this training is for you.

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