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Information Publishing Made Simple For The Small Business Owner- Sandi Krakowski

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Learn From Online Multi-Millionaire Sandi Krakowski, Who Has Personally Sold 100,000’s Of Information Products Online, How To Build Your Own Self-Publishing Gold Mine!

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Learn From Online Multi-Millionaire Sandi Krakowski, Who Has Personally Sold 100,000’s Of Information Products Online, How To Build Your Own Self-Publishing Gold Mine!

Dear home business professional, aspiring author, speaker, direct sales business person or anyone looking for a part time income working online,

Everyone wants to make more money.

But being able to run a business WHILE working another job is a very difficult thing to do. Hours run short, energy runs low and it’s an upward climb. But there is one thing anyone with an expertise can do that has created a multi-billion dollar industry: market information products.

If you can teach any skill, insight or expertise to another person, you can make more money. It doesn’t matter if it’s recipes, accounting information, interior design, how to change a tire, dating secrets, quitting smoking, makeup application, hair tips, musician secrets, social media…. it doesn’t matter WHAT it is! If you have a skill or knowledge that other people want, you can turn it into an eBook, a video or an audio series and sell it over and over again and make MORE money!

Last year I did a 90 day mentorship where I should all of the tricks of the trade, the necessary tools, the pricing, marketing and more for information publishing and the results were historic! People were making money in just weeks selling their expertise through info products! To give YOU a jump ahead into the new year, NOW, you can get my world-famous “Information Publishing Made Simple” mentorship video academy.

You can learn exactly what my other students did in the comfort of your own home through this video academy!

This course includes everything you’ll need on how to create money FAST through the marketing of information! And that’s just the the beginning! Once you begin to sell your eBooks, audios and videos, the business pretty much runs on it’s own. People around the world can buy your products, give you money and you’re in business while you sleep!

I built my entire 18 year career around selling physical products and marketing services. It wasn’t until 2008 that I tried my hand at marketing digital products and all I can say is WOW!!!! It changed everything for me, because the overhead was very small, the hours it required of staff was minimal and it could be done from anywhere in the entire world!

In my first business back in the 1990’s online, through marketing, selling and shipping millions of dollars in kitchenware, I learned how to run a business from scratch. Going into multiple eCommerce platforms, my expertise in PPC, web development and copywriting grew. When I started a marketing firm and then a copywriting firm to serve other companies, my skill in managing content distribution, search engine domination, social media, advertising, direct mail and all forms of online marketing became masterful. And when I began to share my knowledge, wrapping up everything I knew and delivering it into easily downloaded digital products, my expertise grew even more!

Let me share with you one of the most powerful publishing platforms in the world that is generating BILLIONS of dollars and YOU can get a piece of it!

Information Publishing is one of the fastest ways I know of personally to get someone into the profit zone online. It has been my great honor to help our clients earn a substantial income by creating information products that can be purchased online, every single day, without anyone having to touch a thing, over and over again.


Let’s analyze some of the hard data about the Information Publishing world, shall we?

Pricing of products and services is one of my core strengths in business and having sold hundreds of thousands of information products myself I’ll tell you that an eBook will sell very well with a price between $27-$57. Depending on the page length, content, worksheets, charts, etc this would be a very profitable range to stay within. Now….. What if you wrote an eBook about that passion of yours and you sold it for $27.00 a piece? If you sold just 10 per WEEK you’d earn $1080.00 per month.  There is a less than .02% overhead cost and you’d make more money than most do with a supplemental income- AUTOMATICALLY and repeatedly!

Now…. if you grew a list, as I can TEACH YOU and have proven it can be done with our hundreds of thousands of clients, you could end up selling 10 per day. If you sold 10 eBooks per day at $27 per unit, you’d be earning $8100.00 per month. THAT my friends is 6-figures!

Here’s an infograph to show you visually what I mean:

10 eBooks sold per week = $1080.00/month

10 eBooks sold per DAY = a whopping $8010.00/month

So by now you’re probably wondering what to do if you hate to write, can’t write and wouldn’t dare put anything you write online let alone for sale?!  Here’s an answer…use videos or audios.

Millions of dollars are made every single month by people who are selling their expertise and passion through video and audio. Can you smile, speak about what you love, learn how to communicate more effectively and use your HOPE AND PASSION to change the world? What if you could be PAID FOR IT?!

During the last year we’ve created ARealChange.TV and this has generated a solid additional income stream of 7-figures for our company. But this is NOT where we were able to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars by doing work ONCE & reselling it over and over again. No, this came through the reselling and repurposing on webinars, video classes, 10 minute video trainings done weekly and more!

Imagine you create 7 videos that are sold for $17 and these 7 videos help solve a very SPECIFIC problem for thousands of people?  Let’s add this up.

You need a good video camera- $349.00.  You’ll need a tripod: $29.  You’ll also need a nice light kit to produce professional videos: $99.  TOTAL INVESTMENT: $477.00. So your initial investment will be $477.00. Add to this some graphics for your website and a few key elements of coding for your shopping cart- total investment roughly $800.00

Create a 7 video series and sell for $17.00. Sell 20 courses per week, 4 per day, 5 days per week = $1360.00 per month income, pay off your first investment your first month. What could YOU DO with your passion to turn it into profit?


  • Month one we’ll start out with HOW to turn a passion into a product. Because without passion you’ll never sell a thing. But HOW do we turn this into a product.
  • Platform: Where will you host this product?
  • Bandwidth: Can this be done on your blog or do you need a new platform?
  • Management: How do you protect your product and how do you track usage?
  • eBooks, Audios & Video: What are the differences with each from hosting to distributing?
  • Discover the #1 way to sell eBooks quickly on a daily basis!
  • What key ‘copywriting’ tool do you have to have in order to sell thousands of copies of your course?
  • Where do we get started and how long will it take?


  •  What shopping cart should you use?
  •  Are there any special tools or equipment to get?
  •  How do you keep your profits high and your overhead low?
  •  Readability and viewing: BIG secrets so that your customers have quick access to their products and will use them over and over again without your help.
  •  Can you sell information products alongside other physical products? HOW to do this without discrediting or distracting from other items on your website.
  •  Copywriting to sell a product vs writing inside of the product
  •  What are the differences in selling audio, video or eBook material


  •  Learn how to sell your products and make instant cash without being a marketing expert
  •  How to tie in social media to all of your campaigns to create the best use of your time
  •  Best Tips for big-selling PPC Ads
  •  How to create a big client base
  •  Make your product IN DEMAND quickly!
  •  Get others to recommend your products and go VIRAL with videos!
  •  Managing sales, client care and follow up on digital products
  •  Auto Responders and Web Copy

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