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Infopreneur Ninja – Regina Anaejionu

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Let’s talk about how this course can help with its three major course (in one) and four additional, actionable modules.

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If you have knowledge, skills, and passion for a certain topic that really excites you . . . and you want to make money helping people, this is the class for you.

Chances are you’re already an infopeneur or are on your way to becoming an infopreneur–someone who can monetize their information. This class guides you through the process of establishing and growing a business based on helping others, teaching, creating courses, writing books, etc. It can be a seriously epic way to earn a full-time income or increase your quality of life.

Do you have friends who always ask you questions about a particular topic?

Do you find yourself always researching and obsessing over certain information?

Do you have a blog or social media account that you use to talk about something specific?

Do you want to monetize that in authentic, meaningful ways and create content that matters?

Let’s talk about how this course can help with its three major course (in one) and four additional, actionable modules.

Module 1: Getting Established and Developing Info Product Ideas

In this Module, you will:

  • Establish a solid foundation for creating information products.
  • Come up with nearly endless product ideas. We’ll go through 25 ways to generate ideas.
  • Decide which product types are the best fit for your ideas and audience.

Module 2: Creating a powerful content plan

This module will help you:

  • Create a product plan and queue that makes sense for your long-term goals.
  • Move past funnels into humanized sales.
  • Figure out how all your free and paid content will work together.
  • Create clear paths through your content for your audience.

This course also bundles in three other courses (valued at $197 each):

Zero to Self-Published Book

Online Workshop Ninja

Create Courses That Matter

In these three courses, you will learn how to do everything below plus so much more:

  • Create books for consistent, passive income
  • Get your books designed or DIY the design
  • Get your books edited
  • Publish your books yourself
  • Set up winning sales paths for your books
  • Structure effective workshops
  • Deliver killer workshops
  • Price your workshops (or create epic free ones that still help you reach your brand goals)
  • Decide on the workshop tools and software that are right for you and your budget
  • Create profitable courses from your info product ideas
  • Decide on the type of course you want to create
  • Create engaged, epic communities to complement your courses
  • Plan, outline, name, and price your courses
  • Host your course on the ideal platform
  • Automate as much of the process as possible
  • Create course videos, worksheets, and collateral from scratch

Module 3: Creating Super Passive Income

You will learn how to:

  • Monetize your blog and other content
  • Create online events you can monetize
  • Create passive income from digital and physical tools (I’ll show you how I get my books and other product orders fulfilled for me so that it’s truly passive income)

Module 4: Launching Like a Human, Selling Like a Star

If your audience isn’t made up entirely of extroverts, you can’t only sell like an extrovert. If you’re not only working with introverts, you can’t always promote like an introvert.

Launching and selling has to be done from a wider angle, and this course will help you:

  • Develop a launch plan
  • Master the humanized approach to sales (where you make others feel good)
  • Create sales pages
  • Sell through email
  • Sell through blog posts
  • Use workshops, Periscope broadcasts, and more to sell
  • Create a social media launch queue

#InfopreneurNinja comes with additional lessons and PDFs, such as:

  • How to Make Your First $100, $1K, and $10K in Affiliate Sales (the workshop)
  • How to transition from freelancer to infopreneur
  • How to transition from coach to infopreneur
  • How to build a trust-worthy reputation as an infopreneur
  • The Ultimate Course Collateral Checklist
  • Sample sales paths for low- to high-priced info products
  • The Ultimate eBook Checklist
  • The Ultimate Launch Checklist
  • and so very much more

#InfopreneurNinja starts on November 18 with Module 1 and November 20 with Module 2.

You’ll be taken through setting up a solid content plan and info product idea queue.

Then, on November 30 and December 1, the three bundled courses will be released.

And on December 2, Modules 3 – 4 will drop!

You can begin to create your information product empire from scratch.

All throughout the course, I will release additional bonuses, and you will have lifetime access to the #InfopreneurNinja Facebook community as well.

Sound good? Join us while this course is on sale. This will only last for a limited time.

Side note: I’ve been an infopreneur for a few years now and I want to show you how I’ve done it, so that you can avoid my errors and learn from the things I’ve done well.I’ve created over 10 eBooks and workbooks, 2 printed books, more workshops than I can count, 3 email courses, 6 other online courses, 4 in-person classes, multiple in-person talks, and much more. I’ve built an actionable, real, intense course for you to show you how I built my business and the steps I took to start earning a full-time income from information products. I even share how I’ve scaled the business to create a multiple 6-figure income and finally hire some amazing people to help. This course is built for you if you have information that you seriously want to monetize and you’re willing to put in the work to make it happen.

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