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High Ticket Talent Arbitrage – Murray Hughes

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This is the most forgiving business model you have ever seen… you can suck so bad, it takes you 2 months to get just 1 measly new client & you’ll still have a 6-figure business by 12-months. It just takes balls & persistence.

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NEW Discovery From Murray Hughes!

Oh This Page Discover The Most lucrative, Newbie – Friendly  Business Model Ever Created

This is the most forgiving business model you have ever seen… you can suck so bad, it takes you 2 months to get just 1 measly new client & you’ll still have a 6-figure business by 12-months. It just takes balls & persistence.

If You’re a Beginner, Read This Part Now!

Value per Customer in this business:

$1500/mth ($18,000/year)

This is what happens when you’re good at this business:

1 new client per week = 52 new clients per year 52 x S18,000 – $936.000/year business

This is what happens when you suck at this business:

1 new client per month = 12 new clients per year 12 x SI 8.000 = $216,000/ year business

This is what happens when you REALLY suck as this business:

1 new client per 2 months = 6 new clients per year 6 x SI8,000 = S108,000/year business

If you keep all your clients and add the same amount again next year, then you just DOUBLED your business!

You Must Read This Page if You’re Con-sidering Something Like CPA, SEO etc

If you’re a newbie with a burning desire to be successful, then read this page to the end right now..

..because I’m gonna show you by far the easiest business for making very good money without experience, that you will ever come across.

I’ve been a fulltime marketer for over 10 years and I’m telling you. nothing beats this.

I’ve finally found my Holy Grail and now I’m gonna share it with you.

You’re about to discover why this business model craps all over solo ads. CPA. Amazon. Shopify. SEO. Youtube and blogging.

However. I also don’t want to create an army of competition for myself, so I’m gonna keep this offer limited.

So I recommend you read this to the end now because if you wait when you come back it’ll be gone and you’ll have missed out.

Tell Me if this sounds familiar?

When you take oil a new business model, you have the feeling that success will come from following the steps PLUS being lucky enough to be touched by magic.

Do you know what I mean?

Like following the steps just isn’t enough to guarantee success…. you also have to be struck by lightning… .a stroke of luck and a sprinkling of magic pixie dust?

Well this business isn’t like that.

This business model I’m gonna show you is so rock solid and the payout per client is so huge, that if you follow the steps, you are guaranteed to have success.

Success is super easy when adding just 1 costomer every 2 months will build a 6-figure business by the end of your first year!

How many businesses do you know that still allow you to succeed even when you suck so bad it takes over 8 weeks to get one client? None!

If you’ve considered solo ads. this is lOx easier and lOOx more lucrative.

Read This Before You Attempt Solo Ads…

Really, solo ads are a joke…. Its an incestuous pool of people selling the same names within the same communities over and over and over.

5 years ago you could make money selling ebooks and courses to your lists but the names have been sold and resold so many times..

..that nowadays the only way you can break even is by sending subscribers to freebie lead offers that payout $1.50!

Haha. OMG.

Knowing what I know, which you’re about to discover, making S1.50 per action sounds so laughable to me.. .all that effort for $1.50. are you kidding me?

This is the Truth About CPA…

If you’ve considered CPA. this is 20x easier and 50x more lucrative.

The thing about the CPA model is you have to ‘buy data’, which translates to spending lots of your money before you find a winner.

CPA can be a killer model but its complicated, technical and you need bankroll to get started because it costs money to learn the ropes and find the winners.

If you can’t afford to go deep into the hole before you turn a profit, then it’s not a good option for you.

Have you considered these too?

If you’ve considered SEO for blogging or Youtube, this is 30x easier. lOOx more lucrative and 100.x faster to get results.

SEO can work, my first successes were from SEO. I made tons of money from ranking sites at the beginning of my career but it was way easier back then.

Even though it was easier, it still took me months to get my ranking and begin driving decent traffic.

And then once I had traffic, I had to create content, build lists, test affiliate programs, write reviews…it was a lot of work.

This model I’m gonna show you works faster and better, period.

It’s a real business model that pays big money from only a handful of customers.

I’m gonna show you how to build a 6-figure business even if you’re a newbie

And a complete newbie can do it because I’m gonna show you how to operate as a CEO, rather than a worker-bee.

If you have a computer, a printer and a phone, you can do this business standing on your head.

I’ve been marketing online for over 13 years, 10 full-time.

I’ve employed 24 full time staff.

I’ve been awarded Clickbank Platinum Vendor status a massive times!

I have a whole bunch of experience but I have never seen a newbie-friendly business model that is as stress-free, with high return yet so few moving parts, as this one.

If I was gonna start from scratch again as a complete newbie, without a doubt the business model I’d choose is EXACTLY what I’m about to show you.

Its so insanely easy.

  • » you don’t even have to create a product,
  • » you don’t have to pay for advertising,
  • » you don’t have to deal with the technical aspects of landing pages and ad platforms and funnels and so on.

You can make anywhere from SI8.000 to $36,000 from a single customer per year – $18,000/year is standard ($1500/month).

And if you provide a good sendee that gets your client results (which I show you precisely how to do using outsourced talent), then you’ll keep your clients for years.

ATTENTION: Don’t be afraid of those numbers!

…this is an industry that already exists & growing like crazy and those are the numbers clients pay. its the ‘norm’..

..but its not until you’ve been around for a long time that you give yourself pennisson to believe you can go for the high ticket clients.

Yet my network of successful friends all agree, we could have easily gone for the high ticket sales when we were newbies, if we had just believed it was possible.

I’m not kidding, this is a real thing and it works like gangbusters.

Remember, solo ad lead offers make you a $1.50?

What do you prefer…. all that tedious work to make a measly $1.50 one time payout or less work to make $1500 per month?

It’s a stupid question, I know.

In fact, it sounds so outlandish that you may be thinhking I’m completely full of crap.

Just to put you’re mind a rest, let me introduce myself.

(Don’t worry. I gonna tell you exactly how tc do this business in a moment.)

My name is Murray Hughes, Clickbank Platinum Vendor and Internet Marketing coach.

Like I said earlier, I’ve been awarded Clickbank Platinum Vendor status an impressive 5 times (that’s me with my son & a couple of my Clickbank awards), which means 5 times I’ve earned over $250,000 selling my own products in a single year…

I pay 75% to affiliates, so what it really means is I’ve processed over $1,000,000 in orders of my own products in a single year, 5 times.

..what it doesn’t tell you is I actually earned far and above $250k in a single year and it also doesn’t tell you I failed at a lot of business models to get there.

In fact, I’m super confident I’ve had more failed businesses than you’ve had actual businesses…. Not a doubt in my mind.

And as a coach I’ve seen inside a lot of businesses, some awful and some brilliant.

But about 6 months ago I coached a guy called Tom, he had close to the best business model I’ve ever seen (but not quite)

  • » He was relatively new to internet marketing,
  • » Barely worked more than 20 hours per week,
  • » Knew almost nothing about the technical aspects of running a digital business
  • » But was making about $ 10.000 a month.

His problem, that lead him to hire me as his coach, was he didn’t know how to scale what he was doing.

It was one of those moments when the stars align because I had just completed a S6000 coaching program as a student about selling high ticket items..

..and what I had learned was perfectly suited to Tom’s business.

So I took his model and added what I know about direct marketing plus what I’d just learned about selling high ticket items..

..and developed a proprietary system and hey presto, tripled his business in the next 45 days.

He now has the best business model I have ever seen.

That was 4 months ago.

He reccently contacted me to let me know he just had a $15,000 week!

How can an ‘almost’ newbie make S15.000 in a week?

It’s insane!

Previously he was in sales for a company that sells commercial security systems and he basically adapted what they taught him to in that job into an online model, in a niche that has nothing to do with security… fact this model works in hundreds of niches.

When we finished working together, I was so impressed with the final model we came up with..

..that. I started a side venture and have added SI8.000 to my revenues in the past 3 months, working barely part-time.

$18,000 sounds amazing but the reality is, so far I only have four costomers!


I’ve sold ebooks and courses on Clickbank for years, you know how many customers I need to make SI8,000?After 1 pay affiliates, I’d need 750 customers.

It takes a lot of work to get 750 customers

Once I finish up a few projects I’m working on right now, like this new weight loss business I’ve created…

..(that’s me on the cover), I will be devoting the bulk of my time to this business model.

Look, if you’re ready to get started on a real business path and you’re tired of scratching your head..

..wondering what the hell you’re gonna do to make money online, then I have your answer right here.

I’ve created a 6 week coaching program to teach you exactly how to do it.

I’ve kept you in suspense long enough so let me explain to you what it is:

The basic model is this:

You’re gonna sell your own $1500/mth (up to S3000/mth) service to service business owners, that have absolutely no issue whatsoever spending that much and more..

..and then you’re gonna pay an outsourcer $300-$700/mth to do the actual work.

Does that sound easy?

More specifically…

  • 1.    You’re going to sell a digital advertising management service to service business owners using a proprietär}’ methodology that will differentiate you from every other similar service out there
  • 2.    Charge clients $1500-53000 111th to drive high quality leads into their businesses but then pay a provider only $300-5700 to fulfil.
  • 3.    You won’t do any of the actual ad management, you’re gonna be in the middle making the sale because that’s where the money is.
  • 4.    I’ll teach you the “gold standard” process for easily adding new S18.000/year clients to your business like clockwork.

And the insane part is, this method is so cheap but far more effective than PPC advertising.

Nothing works better than the method you will discover in this course.

I’ve completed most of the major trainings in this business model and after extensive testing. I have identified what is hands down the SUPERSTAR method for growing your business.

Tom’s business had some good ideas but this secret “key” turned his busines into a powerhouse.

I’ve fine-tune the system, its effective t works like filibusters,


A 7-module coaching course

..showing you step-by-step how to build a 6-figure business..

..especially if you’re a newbie, you’re technically challenged & you don’t have much money to invest in a new business.

Module 1

Choosing the Niche You will Dominate”

Module 2

••Finding Your Outsourced Provider

Module 3

“Building Your 6-Figure Prospect List”

Module 4

“Converting Your Prospects Into Leads”

Module 5

“Converting Your Leads Into Clients”

Module 6

“Client Onboarding & Handover to Provider”

Module 7

“Ongoing Management or Client 6c Provider”

This is a killer model and almost no one dose it.

Why no one else does it?

Because people have tunnel vision. Everyone buys into the same 2 myths

Myth 1: “I’m too shy/inexperienced/unqualified/young/old/unprofessional to sell on the phone”

Do you want to be successful….really?

If your answer is “Yes” then you’ve got to be willing to be uncomfortable, be bold and become the person that is capable of the success you desire…

“Take more chances than you dare. You’ll make more sales than you expect. That’s the formula.” – Jeffrey Gitomer

“Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of feai – George Addair

You’re still reading because you realize, selling high ticket items is a common practice of successful marketers…

…why sell lOOOx S18 products when you can sell lx $18000 (12months x $1500) product?

The latter is sooooo much easier.

And on the phone is how its done, simply following a script proven to close deals (I give you the script showing EXACTLY what to say).

“Think about it: What’s the worst thing that can happen to you if you just totally go for it?” – Grant Cardone

Myth 2: “I’m a newbie therefore I can’t sell high ticket products”

I mentioned this already, but I’ll quickly say being a newbie doesn’t stop you kicking ass.

  • If it took you 2 weeks of work to get 1 client, that would be SI8,000 per client per year x 26 = S468.000 per year.
  • If it took you 30 days of work to get 1 client, that would be 518.000  per client per year x 12 = S216,000 per year.
  •  If it took you 60 days of work to get 1 client, that would be 518.000  per client per vear x 6 = S108.000 per year.

You don’t have to be a superstar to do well in this business, its more forgiving than any other model I’ve ever seen….

..barely mediocre still gets impressive results.

And the sheer beauty is this…

Every small business needs more leads (which is what you provide in this model)….its a universal condition.

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