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Habit Hacking – Michael Breen

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The trick is consistently doing tilings that are required to make you more successful. Implementing what you already know.

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Good Habits Create Positive Consequences.

Bad Habits Pull You Down. Block You From Succeeding.

Isn’t it time you had the power to determine which habits you use?

From biting your nails, to getting out of bed early, to exercising, to what you eat and how much money you make… habits dictate huge portions of your life.

Yet has anyone ever taught you how to change them or are you STUCK with bad habits?

Do you wish you could kick the procrastination habit, be healthier, make more money?

Read on…

Dear Reader,

Did you know that your body contains a single life-altering skill that can change your life in dramatic., even REMARKABLE ways?

As spectacular as that sounds, it’s entirely true!

It has made the successful, wildly successful.

And failures of so many who were ignorant of it’s all powerful way.

It’s an unknown super-power everyone is born with. It controls billions of people’s actions every day.

Yet most people NEVER catch it operating.

And even fewer know how to consciously switch it ON or OFF, and harness it for their advantage.

This super-power is your ability to change our habits or Habit Hack your way to your better, more successful self.

The Fact Is…

Researchers Estimate as much as 40% of your behaviour is controlled by habits!

And that’s the conservative estimate. Many estimate it’s up to 90%.

What about you? How happy are you with your habits?

If you’re like a lot of frustrated students of personal development…

  • You are dissatisfied with your current results…
  • You know you’re capable of much more but can’t seem to ‘turn it on’…
  • You’ve read a ton of books, attended a bunch of courses, got       motivated, tried a bunch of things but results were … far from stellar!​

In fact, largely your life looks much the same. You’ve never really cracked how to create real BREAKTHROUGH CHANGE.

Am I close?

It’s OK, it’s not your fault.

I’ve been there myself. I used to struggle to make changes only for things to fall back a few weeks or sometimes (frustratingly) hours later. Then, due to a chance meeting with a legendary NLP Master Trainer, all that changed… overnight.

In that meeting (and many more that followed) I discovered what the giants of Neuro-Linguistic Programming do (folks like Michael Breen, Richard Bandler and Tony Robbins) that most ordinary NLPers don’t, to create lasting and deep habit change. And much to my surprise it wasn’t one big thing … it was a several very specific things (five to be exact).

You see, up until recently people thought our habits were unbreakable. Sure you can help someone change a belief or change a simple behaviour but to get someone to change a habit, most students (and many teachers) of personal development would say “forget it!”

They’d tell me “Tom, you “can’t teach an old dog new tricks”, “a leopard never changes it’s spots” and all that.

To me this was baffling. I mean… what was the point of studying and learning all about change, reading books, going to seminars, listening to audios if you can’t change something so fundamental as our habits?

Especially since so much of our happiness and success is a direct consequence of our habits!​

You see deep down I knew something many in personal development overlooked or flat out ignored.

That is…

Your Life Today, Is The Result Of Your Habits

Think about it…

  • How in shape, or out of shape you are… is a result of your habits.
  • How happy or unhappy you are… a result of your habits.
  • How successful or unsuccessful you are… a result of your habits.
  • How much money you have or lack of… a result of your habits.

Every area of your life is effected by your habits.

Your relationship, career, health, wellness, finances, etc.

Your habits either propel you towards success and the realisation of your goals…

… or left unchecked hurtle you downwards towards failure and another loop around frustration and the status quo.

And the scary thing is… our habits for the most part, were not created consciously. Beginning in childhood we learned ways to act and over time those patterns because habitual, unconscious and automatic.

The Habit machine created both good and bad habits.

And as you know…

Good Habits Create Positive Consequences Bad Habits Harm You (Even Though The Often Feel Good To Do)

It’s not just that we have good habits or bad habits. It’s the impact they have on our lives.

Our health: our careers, our relationships, our sense of well being.

You see in any area of your life where you’d like to be more successful, there are specific habits that people who are successful use.

If you want to be more successful, healthier, in better shape, make more money, be happier etc , there are habits that you use will give you that.

However there is a powerful force that literally switches off part of your brain, so you can’t see when a harmful habit is working.

It’s like you look out and think you correctly observe the world, but you’re looking through rose tinted glasses and can’t see how key bad habits, are holding you back, blocking the path, obstructing your way.

When you realise this the question becomes what kind of habits do you have?


Take a look at the past week.

Do you feel you’re winning or losing the game called your life?

Be entirely honest. No one but yourself needs to know…

Are you consistently producing the kinds of results and outcomes you want for you life? Are you…

  • As healthy & fit as you’d like to be?
  • As energetic and focused as you’d like to be?
  • As happy and fulfilled as you’d like to be?
  • As successful as you’d like to be?
  • Earning as much money as you’d like to be?
  • Enjoying deep and rich friendships and relationships?
  • Having the impact and influence you want?
  • Experiencing the life you truly want?

If not why not?

Motivation? Knowledge? Opportunity?

As I discovered what stops people is not that they don’t know what to do

Take any area of your life you’d like to be more successful in; business, career, relationships, dating, health etc.

Chances are you already have a pretty good idea of what it takes to be successful or you know someone who does.

For example, if your goal is to lose weight and get fit, you already know about the benefits of exercising regularly and improving your diet.

If you want to progress in your career and make more money, you probably have a decent idea of the kind of professional development, courses and relationships that can help get you there.

If you want to become more confident and outgoing, you likely know what kind of resources and people who can help.

Point is, most people already have a reasonable idea of what to do, to be more successful.


So the trick to changing your life and becoming more successful isn’t reading more, studying more, absorbing more.

The trick is consistently doing tilings that are required to make you more successful. Implementing what you already know.

And to do that… you must take control of your habits.

If You’ve Had A Difficult Time Changing Your Life, Don’t Blame Yourself. Change Your Habits.

Think about all the self-help books, audio programs, seminars and TV shows. Most people who read self-help books, listen to audios, get excited at seminars and watch self-help TV programs fail to make real and lasting change.

Perhaps you’ve been there yourself. I certainly know I have.

The reason why is most self-help programs focus almost entirely on what to do. Acting as if you come in to the course like an empty USB stick ready for an upload and simply exposing you to what to do is enough to create a change.

But you know that it’s not.

Very few, if any programs teach you how to consistently do what is needed to be successful.

Sure, you can tinker with your beliefs.

You can tweak your values. You can listen to mind re-programming audios.

You can try every change technique in the latest ‘new’ self-help book.

But if it doesn’t change your habituated response, the change it won’t last..

Your habits are like a cable.

You weave a strand to it every time you use it. And what get’s practiced becomes permanent.

The more you do it, the stronger the habit becomes

Until one day it drops silently from your conscious mind to your subconscious mind, where the new program is ready to operate without awareness and automatically.

What the consequences or benefits will be will be determined by the results of the habit itself.

Take a person who wants to lose weight.

Their intention may be to lose weight but their habits are organised so they only gain weight! And they don’t even know it.

Their conscious mind (the one with the intent) is trying to go against years of hardwired bad habits like eating high carb, high fat, fast foods.. drinking sugary sodas, yielding to cravings for sugar.

Is it any surprise that most people’s efforts to change fail?

The same is true for anyone who has tried to change an area of their life and failed. The problem wasn’t you. The problem was your habits!

And the truth is…

We All Have Bad Habits That Are Ruining Our Lives…

Sabotaging Our Goals & Preventing Us From Living Our Dreams

We all have bad habits.

Habits that produce detrimental effects from what we want. Often they’re left over coping strategy from a time when you were trying to adapt to a particular context or achieve a specific outcome.

Yet in many very real ways they are ruining your life. Sabotaging your goals. Preventing you from living your dream life.

And as you know, once something becomes a habit, it drops outside conscious awareness and operates thereafter on autopilot.

Think about it.

Have you ever set out to go somewhere and ended up somewhere other than you intended?

Usually only after we’ve made the mistake, and arrived at our destination do we realise we went the wrong way!

People are acting on autopilot every day, doing what they did yesterday, with no realisation that they are heading the wrong way.

Common Bad Habits

1. Snacking & over-eating all the time

2. Spending too much time watching TV

4. Sleeping in

5. Checking your email several times a day

6. Checking social media too often

7. Skipping the gym

8. Procrastinating

3. Staying up late

9. Drinking too much alcohol

10. Not following through on what you said

You see each of us is BLINDSIDED by our habits.

For anything you’d like to experience, do or have there are a set of habits that will get you there.

There are a small few habits that are key to success in any endeavour.

But there are many, many more bad habits that people use which extinguish any hope of them achieving what they want.

Therein lies your biggest opportunity for getting what you want…

Training your conscious mind to spot and identify your bad habits, and reprogram your subconscious so you do more good ones.

The right ones.

Introducing Habit Hacking.

Let the secrets of neuroscience and Neuro-Linguistic Programming show you how to form new habits and break bad ones.

When you learn to hack your habits, you put yourself back in the driving seat

Improve your health. Lose weight. Increase your fitness.

Chances are you already know what to do to get in better shape. To be fit. To lose the belly tire. But the problem is, you aren’t doing it. Or doing it consistently. So your weight yo-yo’s.

Habit Hacking doesn’t teach you yet another strategy to lose weight, it focuses on how to form new habits easily (even enjoyably). It shows you how to consistently do the small handful of critical behaviours that are needed to be successful build any kind of habit you want. It gives you the toolkit to change habits for yourself. To reinvent your life.

Skyrocket your productivity. Kick-ass on your goals.

Do you procrastinate? Are you frequently late to meetings? Do you leave ‘difficult’ work to the last minute? Do you check your email before bed? Bad productivity habits abound. They wreck havoc on your career, relationships and self-esteem.

But you don’t have to live with them! Imagine replacing your bad habits with good ones. How much more productive would you be? Habit Hacking shows you how to break bad habits for good, using neuroscience and NLP.

Become happier. Confident. More Zen like.

What you do is who you become. Got a nagging internal voice that makes you feel bad? Tired of feeling like someone took the colour out of life? Would you like to be more ‘present’ in the moment or build that mediation habit?

Habit Hacking employs the latest academic research, real-world experiments & leading edge behavioural change technology so you can build rock-solid habits… so you can feel happier, more confident and enjoy more inner peace.

Get Habit Hacking –  Michael Breen , Only Price 64$

Discover your blind spots. Become more successful.

Everyone has got habits that cause them to fail time and again. You can’t get to where you want to go if you you keep doing what isn’t working. You need altitude on your behaviour to see what really stopping you. To plug the leaky holes in your ’game.

Hack Your Habits. Change Your Life.

Inside Habit Hacking You Will…

Discover Science Backed Principles To Change Habits FAST.

Learn how to ‘hack your habits’ using strategies supported by the latest science backed research and discoveries from neuroscience.

Discover The 5 Step Model To Break Bad Habits. Cold.

Let’s face it. Bad Habits carry negative consequence but often feel good in the short term. ‘Habit Hacking’ teaches you a proven process to kick bad habits. Best of all, you can do it as easy as a-b-c.

Get Expert Step-By-Step Guidance From A Renowned Change Master

Habit Hacking’ is designed to give you step-by-step ‘hacks’ organised in to a powerful habit hacking system.

Each ‘hack’ builds on the hack before it to create an unstoppable bond so you can create (or break) habits with greater ease!

Leverage The Power of NLP To Reprogram Your Mind & Body

We’re not interested in change that only lasts a little while. Get change that sticks. Learn the secrets to creating lifetime habits.

Using powerful principles drawn from NLP to break bad habits & form new ones, fast..

Show Willpower The Door!

You’ve tried using willpower alone; it almost never works and is too much hard effort. Using a combination of scientific research and powerful NLP techniques, ‘Habit Hacking’ will show you the secrets to hacking your way to building successful habits.

Learn One Skill. Change Anything.

Habit Hacking is designed to teach you the ONE skill that you can use to change (almost) anything. The benefits compound the more you use the SYSTEM.

Overcome Your REAL Blindspots

You’ve tried many things and most things failed to work or failed to stay working. ‘Habit Hacking’ exposes the real reasons why your previous efforts to change were doomed and what really works!

Form New Habits. The Right Habits. Success Emerges…

If you want to lose weight, stop procrastinating, make more money, change your career or achieve any other goal… it comes down to doing the right things, consistently. ‘Habit Hacking’ gives you the BLUEPRINT for forming habits easily and effortlessly.

Practically “Failproof”

‘Habit Hacking’ is designed so failing to form new habits (or break bad ones) is practically failproof.

Even your mum would be impressed how easy and straight-forward this course is.

And it comes with a complete 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee.

Here’s A Sneak Preview Of What You’ll  Discover Inside This Program

Discover Your Blindspots (The Hidden Forces) That Cause You To Fail…

  • Discover your blindspots what Michael calls the ‘holes in your bucket’ that are holding you back from being more successful and how to plug them so you can make a breakthrough in results.
  • The 3 mega forces that shape and influence if change will happen or if you’ll efforts will fail (everyone must master these or pay a high price and repeated set-backs and failures…)
  • The surprising truth about our stories and how they can take us ‘out of the game’ of life before we even realise it so how to change them.
  • What habits really are and how they work so you can discover the secrets to changing them.
  • Why trying to use willpower is a recipe for failure (and what to use instead that requires no willpower at all).
  • Why ‘bad habits’ form and the surprising purpose behind them
  • Learn about ‘neurological truth’ and the sticky role it plays in maintaining and changing habits (especially those ones you’d really like to change but have struggled to).
  • Why if you’ve tried to make a change and failed… that it’s not your fault and how you can make sure the change sticks
  • How to take back control from the story mechanism and reintroduce choice and freedom in your life
  • Learn about the Robot the force that keeps your habits operating night and day and how to hack it so you can make changes incredibly easy…
  • Identify which feelings let you know when the Robot is running the show and what to do about them., so you identify when you’ve gone unconscious and a bad habit taken over
  • Clear up your understanding of what the unconscious mind that surprisingly gets in the way of making change easy and automatic
  • Discover the 3 strategies you can use against the Robot to smash the old way of doing things and start doing more of what you want so you can do the actions that really matter to your success, happiness and fulfilment.
  • The #1 shift in behaviour that once is hooked up can result in a 10x improvement in the achievement of any goal

Overcome Common Myths About Creating & Breaking Habits That Stand In Your Way

  • Why you DON’T Need to willpower to making lasting habit changes … learn about the much easier, more effective and pain-free way to change habits that works like magic and used by NLP change masters to create near effortless change.
  • Learn Michael’s number 1 technique to remove the need for willpower, adrenaline jacking or drama to get what you want…
  • Why it DOESN’T take 21 days to form a habit and the real secret to forming habits quickly, easy and will-free
  • Discover the biggest mistake most people make when they try to use willpower so you can stop doing this too and make your life much easier
  • Discover the shocking truth about :aood’ habits and ‘bad’ habits you’ve overlooked for years… but will lead to a breakthrough about how you think and change your behaviour so you avoid one of the most commong tripping points in habit change
  • Why everyday matters more than you’ve ever realised (this idea is HUGE). When you get this ah-ha you’ll be far less likely to get taken ’out of the game’ of change and you’ll never look at sitting down in front of the TV the same again!

Learn The Secrets To Creating Fast & Lasting Habit Change… From A Change Master.

  • The #1 reason why most people fail to change . when you know why you’ll instantly have and 10 x advantage on changing any behaviour you want (even once you’ve failed).
  • Discover why there are only 3 types of change you’ll only ever need to know… knowing this master change heuristic makes creating change so much easier.
  • The 1 strategy people who change quickly and easily do that those that repeatedly fail to change do not.
  • The accidental brain discovery learned from people with epilepsy that has a profound effect on your life and plays a critical role in shaping new behaviours.
  • Learn the rules behind how to create effective habit change so you can
  • retrain your subconscious to do more of what you want
  • The simple 2 factor formula for making change really, really easy
  • The #1 thing you must learn to do if you are going to be able to create intentional change
  • The #1 thing you must do if you want to make a change that lasts
  • The 3 critical distinctions to get about your mind and body that frees you to make change quicker and faster with zero strain and allows you to streamline habit formation
  • Discover your blindspots, what Michael calls the ‘holes in your bucket’ that are holding you back from being more successful and how to plug them so you can make a breakthrough in results.
  • The secret trick to putting ‘choice’ in between automatic habits and programming in new habits
  • The 3 step formula for making the new behaviours become ’the new automatic’

Load Up Your Mind… With Powerful Mindest Hacks.

  • Discover the secret to getting your brain to form a new habit without relying on willpower!
  • The radical mindset shift you’ll want to make so you can become the kind of person who just changes (without drama: pain or rely on will power)
  • The remarkable power and purpose of thinking like a six year old when you want to change your life.
  • The surprising benefits of’negative thinking’ that you overlook., but Michael recommends you should intensify! When you do: even difficult changes become much easier.
  • The 3 magical phrases that help you be drawn towards your dreams and goals like a magnet…
  • Discover the most common limiting strategy people use (often without conscious awareness) to block themselves
  • from making a change… it has nothing to do with motivation, resources or money!
  • Learn the simple mindset mantra Michael recommends to reduce worry and take control of your life •The simple formula for setting yourself up so change becomes automatic
  • Learn which kind of mindset traps you should ignore so you get more of the life you want and make life more far more exciting, rewarding and enjoyable
  • The mindset filter Michael’s observed in people who change their habits easily (this is so simple yet counter-intuitive) and the mindset of people who find change a hardship

Get Habit Hacking –  Michael Breen , Only Price 64$

Discover How To BREAK BAD HABITS For Good

  • Discover the first thing voir 11 want to do before changing any habit… if you want the new habit to stick!
  • How becoming more like Sherlock Homes can make help you break habits quickly.
  • Learn about the Event Driven brain and the key role it plays in habit formation getting stuck and how to use it for change.
  • Go behind the curtain to discover how certain situations automatically generate undesirable responses in you and how to yank the power from them…
  • Discover how vital the role of timing is: in changing and transforming habits and stuck behaviours.
  • Learn about the sneaky patterns you’ve unconsciously created… that keep the bad habit active and how to break them.
  • Learn the simple five step process to breaking habits that even your uncle could do!
  • Master the two-pronged master change pattern that snips bad habits from starting so they can’t operate.
  • Learn the 6 BIG Intervention Patterns that change masters use to disrupt bad habits from operating. Learn these six and you’ll have multiple ways to tackle and change even the most habituated bad habits and change them
  • The 3 linguistic habits that get in the way of making change easy that you’ll want to avoid.
  • Discover how even seemingly difficult changes and phobias can be changed in an instant (without fancy NLP visualisation techniques).
  • Learn where the :Robot! is operating in your life, getting in the way and find out how to hack your way around it.

Learn How To Form New Habits.. In 5 Easy Steps.

  • Discover the 5 steps to forming new habits that makes forming new habits a breeze…
  • The secrets and tricks on how to introduce conscious awareness into a what is
  • normally an unconscious process, so the new routine works right out the gate
  • Discover the 2 big motivators that work to build habits and make change stick and why you want to have a decent mix of the two if you want to feel rewarded and fulfilled more of the time
  • Discover the speedway to change… the best type of motivators you’ll want to choose and the downside of the most common motivator people try first
  • Learn the real secrets about what change is all about that frees you from years of self-help ’mind-chou’ and frustration
  • How to signal your brain “this is what I want* and how; through one simple habit hacking principle, you can cause your mind-body to do more of what you want
  • Learn all about behavioural triggers; what they are, how they work, how to set them up for yourself so they work when you need them to… so change can happen exactly when you want it to
  • Discover the #1 thing to do to find out if a trigger really works and what to do if a trigger you set doesn’t work
  • When is the right time to trigger a reward if you want your nervous system to pattern and reinforce the desired behaviours.
  • Learn how you can use your values to catapult habit change
  • Discover how habit routines work and how to create routines that stick
  • How the ‘robot’ tries to over-ride the new habits we want to form and how to get around it
  • The optimal way to create new habits that reduces the time dramatically…
  • The 4 things you need to factor if you want to succeed in forming new habits easily
  • The 2 things you must be absolutely clear about if you want to build routines that work every time…
  • How it doesn’t take 21 days to form a new habit – Michael shows you the factors that matter the most and how you can dramatically reduce the amount of time to form new habits
  • Why the sequence of your Habit routine can have a profound impact on whether a new habit will be effective
  • The 3 critical planning elements to consider when designing a habit that sticks
  • Learn what people who change habits quickly and easy do this instead of… breaking habits
  • Discover the 7 elements of forming new routines that your nervous system relies on to create new habits quickly
  • and without causes habits to fail to form
  • What to focus on if you fall off the program when creating new routines that can save turn challenge in to triumph!
  • The 2 killer questions to ask yourself anytime you find you repeatedly are NOT doing the things you say you want to do.
  • Uncover the trap almost everyone who tries to change and fails falls in to; so you can avoid, if you want to enjoy a better life and be able to change your life without drama and common problems
  • Discover why testing, remembering and tracking play a vital role in habit formation (and how their absence makes forming new habits so darn hard.)

Discover The Best Additional Tools, Tricks and Strategies For Getting Leverage On Yourself & Creating Lifetime Habit Change

  • The #1 tool Michael suggest for staying focused on habit change and achieving your goals
  • Discover the 5 power hacks to help you bring even more certainty and speed to creating new habits and breaking bad ones
  • Hear tips on the right way to use the tools so they support your transformation
  • The surprising research that shows how one simple change that can increase your success rate from 29% to over 80% when you follow this one simple hack to habit formation and goal achievement
  • The 3 habits to adopt that make habit change even easier
  • Discover why Michael recommends you frequently build in new behaviour paths if you want change to be easy
  • Discover which two feelings you’ll want to practice feeling so you can quickly change your own behaviours
  • Discover how to “sneak up” on your brain and tag new habits without setting off the ‘robot’ (this method makes it practically impossible to fail)
  • The one linguistic trick that removes the need to make decisions and instead simply build a new habit quickly How you can chain a series of habits together and multiply the positive effects across your life Learn what keystone habits are, why they matter and how to form them
  • Discover how one keystone habit can positive impact multiple other areas of your life…
  • Learn about the 80/20 Rule and how you can leverage this power law in habit formation to get much higher return for effort
  • Hear about the mentor who helped Michael get “client ready” by targeting some keystone habits which created multiple positive changes in Michael’s life and “had a major impact on his thinking.”
  • The one question navigation system Michael uses and suggests to his clients if you want to be more successful
  • The two negative habits you should abandon right away if you want to be far MORE successful
  • Hear Michael share key insights about how to be more productive and hack your limiting productivity habits…
  • Why you want to train yourself out of perfection and start doing this life changing habit instead
  • The one highly popular productivity system that DOESN’T work for at least 1/3 of people who try it
  • The strategy Michael uses to acquire new strategies and habits to he and his clients are never stuck for a way forward on their goals

Acquire Elite Troubleshooting Tips, Techniques and Tactics For Breaking Bad Habits & Forming Good Ones

  • Discover what creates ‘drag’ when forming new habits so you can avoid this common mistake
  • The #1 thing you must do if you want to make a specific behaviour to become “the new automatic1
  • Discover the reason why breaking habits has traditionally been so difficult and why failure in breaking habits occurs
  • Learn the neuroscience discovered principle behind how habits are broken that you’ll want to know so you can break your bad habits quickly and permanently
  • How your brain works and how to get it to work better more often so you avoid common pitfalls
  • The surprising news about two things you have in abundance that you’ve been underutilisina but are key to habit change
  • Learn the :Double-D! heuristic for change that instructs your brain to ‘rezone’ it’s wiring: and stop doing bad habits.
  • It’s so easy to do you’ll love it.
  • The most important tip Michael gives on breaking bad habits that he teaches his private clients and allows for guilt-free change
  • How the brain generalises habits to others contexts (and how this can create REAL problems if left unchecked)
  • Discover the 6 problem points you want to check when you have problems forming new habits that resolve 99.9% of habit formation issues

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