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Gateway – The gateway to knowledge – Hemi-Sync

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This is the German translated HemiSync Series “Gateway Experiences” (Monroe Institute) from Harald Wessbecher. See more english description in the original english torrent: details.php? Id = 36031German description: The content of this home course corresponds to the legendary Gateway Seminar at the Monroe Institute in Virginia.

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[German] Hemi-Sync – Gateway – Die Pforte zur Erkenntnis [18 CD – 38 flac, 2 WAV, 10 PDF]

This is the German translated HemiSync Series “Gateway Experiences” (Monroe Institute) from Harald Wessbecher. See more english description in the original english torrent: details.php? Id = 36031German description: The content of this home course corresponds to the legendary Gateway Seminar at the Monroe Institute in Virginia. The term gateway means the gate through which you can get into other realities. You learn to find your way in the spiritual world, to communicate clearly and to work effectively.

You will explore four different levels of expanded perception and learn a variety of methods and techniques to make the most of your expanded consciousness: Focus 10: Your body is asleep, your mind stays awake, Focus 12: Your perception expands beyond the limits of your body Focus 15: You experience in the Timelessness is the power of NOWFocus 21: You travel beyond space and time You dive deeper into your subconscious with every focus level and experience dimensions of reality that are very difficult to describe with words, but which have the greatest influence on our daily life Have here and now. There you work directly in the energetic matrix that holds the world together at its core. For this you need an extensive repertoire of tried and tested and sophisticated methods and techniques for working in non-physical dimensions.

The entire home course consists of 36 exercises, which have been divided into 6 CD albums. Robert A. Monroe called these albums “waves of change”. Each wave contains 6 exercises in German on 3 CDs and an accompanying booklet Wave 1 The basis for expanded perception (Focus 10) Wave 2 Shape your life in Focus 12 Wave 3 Experiment in disembodied consciousness (Focus 12) Wave 4 Influence your own Reality (Focus 12) Wave 5 Materialize from the power of the NOW (Focus 15) Wave 6 Travel beyond space and time (Focus 21) About Harald Wessbecher: While he was studying architecture at the University of Karlsruhe, he began a multi-year training on the sensitive, medium and healer at the College of Psychic Studies in London. From 1983 he worked at the Monroe Institute of Applied Sciences in Virginia, USA; There he was significantly involved in researching altered states of consciousness using sound techniques to synchronize the two halves of the brain (“Hemi-Sync”). In the independent continuation of this work, he developed “methods for the holistic development of human potential”, which he calls “dynamic development of the self (DES)”.

He conveys his intensive experience in dealing with human consciousness in lectures, seminars and personal conversations in many European countries and the USA. Titles of the series included: Gateway 0: Intro 1-What is Hemi Sync / 2-Introduction in Focus 3 / 3- CD structure infoGateway 1: Discover1-Orientation / 2-Introduction to Focus 10/3-Deepened Focus 10/4-Let go and recharge / 5-Sleep research / 6-Free flow in Focus 10Gateway 2: Threshold 1-Introduction to Focus 12/2 -Problem solving / 3-monthly pattern formation / 4-Fargatmen in focus 10 + 12/5-Energy-wand-Tool / 6-Living body mapGateway 3: Freedom1-Taking off / 2-Far-Perceiving / 3-The vectors / 4-Five Questions / 5-Energy food / 6-First separation phase Gateway 4: Adventure 1-year pattern formation / 2-Five messages / 3-Free flow in focus 12/4-Wordless communication I / 5-Wordless communication II / 6-point of communication Gateway 5: Explore 1st Mission 10 / 2nd Mission 12 / 3rd Mission Day / 4th Mission Night / 5th Horizons / 6th New Gates Gateway 6: New Shore 1-metamorphosis / 2-Bio Body / 3-Zero Point / 4-Plus Polarity / 5-Near Regions / 6-Far Regions (The Hemi Sync special series based on this (3.5GB) I also deliver if interested.) I would like to add two forum opinions: Quote: The version of “Mr. Wessbecher” is not a “special series”, but Mr. Wessbecher was the original German licensee of Hemi-Sync and has also personally worked closely with Robert Monroe. …

The Wessbecher version is now only available to buy used and is, so to speak, sold as a rarity among connoisseurs at horrific prices. “Quote:” I would like to point out that Harald Wessbecher was NEVER a licensee of Monroe, but in the In the 90s he had master prints made of his own copies of albums 5 and 6 bought from Monroe (with a corresponding loss of quality) and copied the other albums with a low-budget HemiSync generator (as there are many today, e.g. Mind Workstation from Has. At the end of the 90s he received an injunction from Monroe and had to stop selling his supposedly “Original Monroe” cassettes. Then he developed his own “DES” get called program. Wessbecher was probably frustrated that Monroe refused to release the albums in German, so I took matters into my own hands. I was referred to this by another Hemi-Sync provider in 1999 and I got it because I was skeptical was (were competitors) again by email from the technical director of the Monroe Institute at the time, Michael Boles. Unfortunately, I no longer have his email today, but you can ask Monroe yourself. “If you have loaded and are also on theoccult, please help to distribute it there faster

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