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Outrageous Consulting Behavior – Lara Ewing & Suzanne Bailey


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Item Description: 15 cassette tapes converted to 29 MP3s.

This audio is from a course on “Outrageous Consulting” held at NLP Comprehensive in 1996.

How to Be A More Effective Change Agent with Organizations, Teams, and Businesses

When most organizations, business leaders, and individuals make decisions and changes they do Not use all the Resources Available to them.

“Outrageous Consulting” takes you inside two live workshops demonstrating the 5 Most Effective Moves that consultants, managers, facilitators, and presenters can make in moving the attention of clients.

These workshops were developed and led by Lara Ewing and Suzanne Bailey after finding that the most effective consultants use certain “moves” to direct the clients attention to achieve superior business results.

They named these ‘moves’ “meta Moves”.

As a Consultant or Change Agent the most basic tool you have is moving attention.

These five “meta Moves” are

  1. General to Specific and Specific to General
  2. Scope (the size of a frame)
  3. Media (and metaphors)
  4. Multiple Points of View and
  5. Time

This Program is about broadening the range of capacities we use to create results in business so concepts are explained in detail with stories, examples, and exercises.

You’ll find examples of Interventions in banking, educational systems, manufacturing. retail, and more.

You’ll learn

  •  How to Use these ‘Moves’ all the way from the initial interview and establishing objectives, to intervention design, to assessment and follow up.
  •  How ‘Scope’ and ‘Specific to General’ are different.
  • The importance of Vision, Mission, and Values… to you and your client.
  •  What can make an organization productive when there is no leadership and non- productive when there is leadership
  •  How to find Leverage points the make the Most difference with the least effort.
  • What are the minimal interventions with the greatest leverage for achieving results.
  • How to use language to easily move form external behaviors to internal representations and resources.

You get over 5 1/2 hours of stories, examples, concepts, and exercises on 5 cds plus a booklet with graphs, grids, diagrams and pictures so it’s easy to follow along as the authors

  • Use questions to loosen the frame of language.
  • Find More than ‘rational’ strategies and resources.
  • Work with Organizational Timelines..
  • Consider what makes Interventions Low or High Risk
  • Combine the moves

Each of the “meta Moves’ are discussed in depth and there are sections on metaphors  how to use them in coaching and in describing organizations.)

This information gives you an ‘upper hand’ and is a great set of tools for consultants, trainers, or any change agent in an organization.

“Outrageous Consulting” will enable you to gather information more effectively and In interesting ways.

If you work outside the consulting business, or primarily in one industry (like most people) it will give you a much larger perspective about the sameness and the differentness of how we humans deal with issues of power and performance, competition and collaboration, fear and stress.

“Outrageous Consulting” is  All About

‘Allowing Whole Human Beings – Who Use Every Sensing Mechanism Available to Them – to Make Great Business Decisions.’

In today’s economic environment some businesses are really hurting and needed this program or someone to help them out months or even years ago.

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