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Calisthenics: full body weight training with NO GYM – Alex Genadinik

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Learn how to do weight training with just the weight of your body from your home, office or a park, and without a gym.

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Learn how to work out your entire body with natural exercises and movements, just using your body weight!

With these exercises you will never need to join a gym, and will be able to put them together into a routine that you can do from your home, office, or a nearby park. Calisthenics is a fantastic way to work out, and that is what some of the most fit looking people tend to prefer.

Save Thousands Of Dollars You Would Spend On A Gym

Do you currently go to the gym, or are thinking of going there? The calisthenics exercises and routines you will learn in this course will help you avoid the gym, and save you thousands of dollars in gym fees over your lifetime.

Follow The Course Lectures For A Full Body Workout

Every day you can give yourself an amazing full body workout by simply following the lectures in this course. You can even make this an aerobic workout by adding a quick pace to the exercises that you do, or a workout focused more on body building and muscle building if that is what you want.

This course can function as a class you might take in a gym.

Lifelong benefits

Once you get comfortable with the exercises in this course, you will have a lifelong exercise, muscle and strength building routine that you can do anywhere at any time for the rest of your life. This will help you transform your body and keep it that way!

Start creating a better, more muscular and more fit body today

Sign up for the course and start doing the exercises, and the exercise routines recommended in this course. If you don’t like it, there is no risk because you can get your money back since every course on EDUfyre is backed by a 30-day money back guarantee. But we are sure that you will love this.

Calisthenics is something everyone needs to know to maintain a healthy and toned body throughout their lives.

Course Curriculum

Course workout plan and instructor introduction

  • Course and instructor introduction (2:31)
  • Alex Genadinik second instructor introduction (0:45)
  • How to make the course perfect for you and fit your needs (1:21)
  • Discussion of how to make your muscles appear nice and toned (3:14)

Stretching routine before working out

  • Basic stretch routine for your full body before you expercise (11:14)

Leg training exercises and workout

  • Basic squats (1:04)
  • Advanced squats squat jumps (0:54)
  • Side squats (0:42)
  • Lunges (1:04)
  • Advanced lunges alternating jumping lunges for quickness and explosiveness (0:27)
  • Lunge twists and advanced lunge variations (0:40)
  • Advanced lunges lunge hops (1:08)
  • More advanced squat and lunge combinations (1:09)
  • Proper squat and lunge technique (0:49)
  • Wall squats (1:52)
  • Squat and lunge modifications for people with knee problems (1:42)
  • Quickness, agility and foot speed drills (2:25)
  • Toe taps (1:34)
  • Butt kickers (0:48)
  • Knee raises
  • Skater side lunges (1:23)
  • 3 calf muscle exercises to increase explosiveness and acceleration (1:52)
  • Hamstring exercises to improve speed and acceleration (1:15)

Exercises to work out your abs

  • Abs intro (1:09)
  • Basic crunches and sit ups (2:07)
  • Basic ab workout position from which everything else starts (1:35)
  • V-ups (0:47)
  • Advanced v ups (0:48)
  • Bicycle situps to work the sides of the abs (0:35)
  • Advanced side sit ups (1:20)
  • Flutter kicks and scisor kicks (1:28)
  • Putting it all together for a great ab workout (1:04)

Back and core training for more balance and strength

  • Plank the correct form (1:07)
  • Advanced variation of the plank (1:13)
  • Superman exercises to strengthen the lower back (1:03)

Be stronger: exercises to strengthen arms and chest

  • Arms and chest intro (0:13)
  • Basic pushups correct form (2:49)
  • Diamond pushups (0:31)
  • The plank pushup combinatio to add to your workout (1:22)
  • Mountain climbers (1:36)
  • Advanced mountain climbers (0:20)
  • Advanced mountain climbers with a pushup combination (0:45)
  • Where to train for free (1:03)
  • Sitting dips easy to start that are very good for your arms and triceps (0:36)
  • Dips (0:52)
  • Advanced dips (0:29)
  • Advanced pushup with elevation (0:46)


  • How .to work up to your first pull up (0:56)
  • Doing pull ups (3:15)

Making things more advanced

  • Advanced variations combining lower-body, upper body and cardio in on movement (1:44)
  • Another advanced combination pushup to squat jump to jump (2:46)

Natural ways to improve performance (more coming in October and late 2015)

  • Natural ways to improve performance more coming in October and late-2015 (2:24)
  • NEW-What to eat before workouts to improve performance and have more energy (4:31)

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