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Black Belt Coaching: Natural Attraction Blueprint – Carlos Xuma

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Your Foolproof Dating Plan – Custom Fit For YOU:

How To Overcome Your Shyness & Fear, How To Approach ANY Woman With Your Own Custom-Built Blueprint, And Walk Away With A Date…

FROM: Carlos Xuma & Marni Kinrys

If you HAD to go out tonight and find a hot date to hang on your arm – Could you do it?

Could you pull it off?

What is your “plan” to meet women if you had to?

Most guys don’t have one. At least, nothing they could repeat over and over again and get results with – consistently.

There are three types of guys out there. You’re probably one of these guys:

GUY 1: When you meet a woman, you wing it. You hope for the best, but expect the worst. Sometimes Guy #1 RESISTS and AVOIDS using ANY kind of pre-rehearsed material because that doesn’t feel REAL or GENUINE.

GUY 2: When you meet a woman, you’ve got a script of things to say that are supposed to turn her on instantly. Instead you find that she may respond at first, but there’s a disconnect somewhere, and nothing lasts.

You Want To Be THIS Guy…

GUY 3: When this guy goes out and meets women he also wings it, but he’s SUCCESSFUL. Without even really trying, meeting women and approaching women is natural and EASY for him. He always seems to know the right thing to say without a whole lot of planning.

We all WANT to be guy #3.

But most every guy I know is either being Guy #1 – Winging it and getting no results…

OR when he learns that you can learn certain lines to approach women more successfully, he gets stuck in Guy #2 mode – spitting out awkward lines – and not feeling very good about it. In fact, most every guy I know – even the players and wannabe seducers – want to just BE THEMSELVES when they talk to women.

Here’s something you didn’t know about this Guy #3 – the one that meets women and approaches women naturally:

Guy #3 actually started out as Guy #1 (Awkward & nervous), THEN he became Guy #2 (memorized some “lines” and rehearsed) before he finally got to be Guy #3 – Mr. “Natural.”

What’s the difference?

Get Black Belt Coaching: Natural Attraction Blueprint – Carlos Xuma, Only Price $82


In other words, this “Natural” guy tried some stuff out – saw what didn’t work – and WHY it didn’t work – and then he got lucky figuring out new options that did work. He did it when he was younger, and he did it with ‘intuition’ instead of with guidance.

Maybe he had great social skills. Maybe he just inherited that mojo-badass dating gene.

In other other words – he rolled the dice and just got lucky.

And THAT’s how I discovered the key to cracking his code.

What Starts As A Small Problem Will Eventually Get MUCH WORSE If Ignored…

This is the reason that “natural” guys are less than 5% of the population. They’re what I call the LUCKY naturals.

I don’t know about you, but my luck isn’t that great.

In fact, there’s a reason I don’t gamble. First of all it’s because I don’t like chance. I like SURE THINGS. I like guarantees.

I don’t like risk.

(One of my favorite sayings is: “I don’t want to roll the dice; I want to own the table!”)

When I first started learning how to attract women, I used lines all the time to figure out how to get women interested in me. Most of the time, women would see right through them. They knew I was bluffing, essentially.

I remember one woman I approached who looked at me for a second and said, “How long did it take for you to think that one up?”

POW! I felt like she’d kicked me in the balls with combat boots.

Why didn’t that line work for me when it worked for someone else?

Eventually, I figured out what it was and what I had been doing wrong – and the solution to this entire problem.

I’ll come back to that in just a second.

Stay with me here…

You Need ONLY TWO THINGS To Attract Women Consistently…

1) A little confidence – just enough to finally DO something instead of letting your shyness paralyze you…


2) A Push-Button Plan – You’d be amazed how easy it is to feel confident and overcome your shyness when you know what to do automatically and you can just go on autopilot. Just knowing you won’t blank out in the middle of talking to her does WONDERS for your confidence.

But the secret to getting that plan to work is not to just unload some pre-packaged routine someone tells you to say.

The Hidden Solution To The Entire Problem Of How To Attract Women Is THIS…

I had to CUSTOMIZE and PERSONALIZE those lines to get them to work. I had to make them match my personality and ME.

Someone once said that luck is where preparedness meets opportunity.

Well, my friend, that’s how you can WIN with women – and beat out over 95% of the guys out there!

That’s how I did it…

What I did was customize and personalize, and women finally became interested in me. They knew when I was being ME – and being unique.

And there’s nothing wrong with learning lines. It’s relying on them and feeling like a phony – and that we’ll eventually be FOUND out later on – caught in a lie or deception – that’s what kills it.

Remember, we ALL use pre-rehearsed lines all the time. When you answer the phone, what do you say? “Hello?” That’s a stock response.

What do you say when a store clerk asks you if they can help you? “No thanks. Just looking.”

We ALL use lines from time to time. They give us a crutch to use so we don’t get caught off guard.

If there’s anything I tell you today that you remember, let it be this:

There is NEVER anything wrong with practicing to make sure you show the best side of yourself to other people.

Most guys don’t know how to do this, or what parts to customize to make their own rehearsed plan actually work.

That’s what I’m going to show you how to do – so you can just sit back and go on autopilot…

Get Ready To Join The “Lucky” 1%

Remember, Guy #3 – The Natural – is the one that got his skills with women by accident.

Well, there is actually another variation of Guy #3. Let’s call him “Guy #3-B.”

He’s the guy that didn’t rely on LUCK to figure out the system for being NATURALLY attractive to women. He’s the guy that learned this stuff ON PURPOSE.

I bet that you, like me, want to be who you really are – and resonate with women on a deep level.

You don’t want to fake it, because that feels weird. Awkward.

– So I want to ask you again: If you had a social “emergency” and you HAD to get a date, could you do it?

– Could you walk right out your door this minute and meet five or more women in the next hour?

– Because if you can’t meet women on purpose, when it really matters, how will you ever do it any other time?

I’m going to show you how you can have this emergency plan ready to go – and be able to use it like a blueprint to meet women without ANY effort at all.

Sure, most guys would do just about anything to meet women. They would memorize anything if it got them started in a conversation with a woman. Some might even say just about anything if it meant getting somewhere – just getting past “hello.”

You want to know the best part?

The Natural Attraction Blueprint is going to be the best and genuine parts of YOU.

No fake lines or deception…


And that’s icing on the cake, isn’t it?

That means no acting. No remembering what you said to which girl. No more feeling awkward impersonating someone else.

No more feeling like you have to lie to cover something up – or to trick your way past her radar.

I had times where I had a special event come up in my life, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to find a date in time to take with me…

So I either cancelled – OR if I couldn’t get out of the event, I’d invite a girl friend. (Not the same as “girlfriend”, by the way.)

Almost every single time at the party, the guys would say to me, “Dude! Nice score! Where were you hiding her?”

And I’d have to admit:

“Uh, well, she’s not my girlfriend. She’s just a FRIEND…”

Then they’d look at me and roll their eyes. And then they usually broke out into mocking laughter.

The women who found out would look at me with an expression that was one part pity, and three parts “Yeah, thought so.”

Ever seen a woman give you THAT look? Where she wants to be sorry for you, but you can tell she’s not really all that surprised?

MAN, that sucked.

Look, most of the guys I’ve coached have asked for just ONE simple thing:

“All I want is to meet attractive women and get dates with them – without that sick fear of rejection in my stomach.”

That’s really 90% of what guys want to know when you get down to it.

How to be desired by a woman – and know that I will always have more women who want me, instead of feeling like the loser who can’t get a friggin date.

So What’s The Solution?

How Do You Get “Customized” And “Personalized” With Stuff That Works – For YOU?

I’m about to share a solution with you – one of my most closely guarded “trade secrets.” I’m only going to have this page available for a short time – and for a good reason, as you’re about to see.

If you’re trying every trick in the book to overcome your approach anxiety or confidence issues, you can knock that off right now…

If you’re spending more time at home than out there with women – for ANY reason – forget about it…

You’re about to find out what to do to turn it all around.

The answer is “Custom coaching.” Instead of just passively listening, reading another ebook that you forget about the next day…

…what if you could get someone who can give you the custom words and “lines” – and give you your own back-pocket plan for meeting women?

How I “Accidentally” Discovered The Secrets To Meeting The Women *I* Wanted…

Look, I never wanted to read some scripts to get women attracted to me and interested in me.

I knew (just like you know) that you MUST have solid INNER game, too. But let’s face it, at some point you will do ANYTHING you need to to just stop the pain and start meeting women.

You can work on your confidence all day, but in the end you need something to SAY to women, right?

So if using some packaged routine worked for some other guy, well it’s at least worth trying.

The good news is that you can create a personalized system for overcoming your shyness and fearmeeting women consistently, and getting results consistently – and without relying on someone else’s personality.

This isn’t about doing any of the traditional “pickup artist” stuff. We’re going to get rid of the stuff that doesn’t work…

It’s much easier and it’s a lot faster for you because we’re going to only use what WORKS!

Are You Sleepwalking Through Your Approaches?

Imagine this: You’re out doing some shopping and you spot beautiful blonde. All of a sudden, you find yourself standing in front of her – and you don’t remember ten minutes of hovering around her or working up your courage before you did it.



And before any fear or shyness can sabotage you, you’ve already started a conversation with her.

(The words just literally FELL out of your mouth. You didn’t have to stand there and hope that you could remember what that other guru dude said…)

It’s almost like you’re on cruise-control, and everything is just taking care of itself.

And it REALLY feels good because you know this is you talking, and not some freaky script you got off a forum. It’s YOU.

She responds to you automatically, because without a moment’s hesitation you’re giving off perfect body language and confidence signals. In a few seconds she’s laughing.

A few minutes later you realize you’re drinking your Starbucks coffee and reading the paper. She’s gone.

But wait, did you actually…?

Yup, you check your phone and you see her name and her phone number programmed in. Right along with another 3 girls you met earlier that day.

It’s like you just pushed a button and this program ran itself and did all the work for you. You were just along for the ride.

No fear or rejection. And for once you could just enjoy the moment of talking with a beautiful woman without sweating or feeling sick to your stomach.

Cracking The Code To Simple, Fearless, Successful Attraction

Have you ever been in a McDonalds?

Of course, who hasn’t.

McDonalds is the perfect example of what I call a repeatable “black box.”

A McDonalds franchise is a complete turn-key business. All you have to do is buy the standard McDonalds setup (restaurant, friers, etc.), hire a few teenagers and you’ve got an instant profitable business. You gotta work like a maniac, but it’s a sure thing.

You put money in one end of the black box, and money comes out the other end. Constantly.


(I mean, you have to work really hard to screw up a McDonald’s franchise. I’ve NEVER heard of one going out of business, have you?)

If you put one quarter in the top of this black box, and it gave you two quarters out the other side, how much money would you put in it?

ANSWER: Every last quarter you have! Because it basically doubles your results.

Black Boxes are the secret to sucess at anything in life, because when you have one, you’re set for life. It’s like having an ATM machine that just spits out money when you need it in your living room.

Or a “replicator” like on “Star Trek.”

Well, I want to show you how to create your own “Black Box” for meeting women. A complete and personalized system for:

  • Overcoming shyness
  • Opening a conversation with a woman
  • Getting her laughing and interested in you – Good and HOOKED!
  • And walking away with her phone number, date, or MORE.

I call this the Natural Attraction Blueprint. It will fit you and YOUR personality. Instead of acting and having to become some creepy and manipulative actor using lines that feel creepy and weird, you’ll be able to do this with your own inner NATURAL.

No more bullshitting women or bluffing.

By now, I know that you’re smart enough to know that pickup artist tricks, and stunts designed to trick women just aren’t going to get you anywhere.

Fortunately the reason my system works so well is that I know what women REALLY want. I know how to meet women, how to get them interested in you, KEEP them interested in you. For a night or for a lifetime…

Get Black Belt Coaching: Natural Attraction Blueprint – Carlos Xuma, Only Price $82

I’ll Show You Exactly How YOU Can Do This – Step-By-Step…

You’re also going to learn:

  • How to differentiate yourself from the other guys so she always chooses YOU
  • How to make her feel at ease
  • Overcoming the intimidation from beautiful women
  • How to make your voice sound good
  • How to get out of your head and just enjoy the moment
  • How to keep your success going and going and going (without losing motivation)

All of this is stuff that YOU and I will work on together.

Yes, you read that right.

I’m going to be the one reviewing your class work and giving you feedback. I’ll be the one giving you your video classes, your audio instruction, and your weekly assignments.

Dont’ worry, it won’t be like high-school. It will be intense, but in that cool way that always leaves you wanting more to do.

AND – even better – you’re going to have a top expert, Marni Kinrys – a female WING girl – to give you even more feedback and guidance.

Imagine: A trained woman who can give you a female perspective – and dial in your game to be rock solid with meeting women…

You’ll discover exactly how women think with her insider information.


The Natural Attraction Blueprint…

With Special Guest Coach: Marni Kinrys – Your Wing-Girl!

Marni Kinrys Reveals The Secret Insider Tips To Get Inside A Woman’s Head And Heart (And More… Shhhhh!)

Joining me in this exclusive program is Marni Kinrys from Wing Girl Method. She will not only reveal some of the most unknown secrets of what women want from a man, but she’ll also be giving you CUSTOM and PERSONAL pointers and suggestions about how you can take make your game unstoppable with women.

Not “give you a lecture” – I’m talking about personal life-changing feedback on what makes you most attractive to women. How to maximize your assets so that women will be spellbound around you.

We designed this program into the ultimate system to take your game to the next level. In most ways, this program will give you better results than most of the popular bootcamps out there taught by the top names in the field.

Why will it give you better results?

Because they can’t give you the kind of razor-sharp feedback that we will. Their programs are designed to get you into the field and walking up to women as fast as possible. This is important, but there’s no chance for you to really practice or figure out what works for YOU. You have to borrow lines from an instructor that might not be effective for you.

And to top it off, you really only have one or two nights to get the most from their instruction. You’re going to have 4 weeks with us!

And we’ve got what you’ll need to feel confident meeting women all on your own. And not just in bars or nightclubs…

We’re going to help you with all the preparation so that when you walk up to women, you’ve got the confidence and conversation skills that will get you her number, a date, and everything you desire…

The Good News…

I’ve got some awesome good news for you.

The Good News: Even if you’re not meeting women or even if you are getting dates but you feel you could definitely improve your success ratio – you’re sitting on top of your very own diamond mine. In just a few weeks, you’ll have a complete “Black Box” system of your own to meet women with.

A foolproof system that is not only customized to you, but gives you the edge over all those other guys who are using all the lines that women have heard and secretly laugh at.

This is a rare chance to work with me, Carlos Xuma, and to get yourself better with women.

In the course of this program, you’ll have DAILY private email access to me where I’ll work with you to craft your very own Natural Attraction Blueprint with women and dating.

Finally – women will desire you – for being YOU. No imitation or acting required.

Now The Bad News…

We’re only going to be able to give this opportunity to 15 (updated:) 3 guys.

That’s it.

And I’m going to tell you that I’ve got over 80,000 men on my mailing list. So if only one guy in a thousand wants it, you’ll miss your opportunity. Class will be filled up in just days, if not hours. (My last class sold out in 4 hours, 17 minutes.)

UPDATE: There are only 3 seats remaining as of 5:00!

Remember – most guys fail to overcome their fears with women AND fail to improve because they have no ACCOUNTABILITY or coaching or support.

As part of this class, you’re going to get BOTH.

Now if you’re ready to go, you can reserve your seat right now. The fact is that my last program sold out very fast, and I don’t want you to miss your chance. If you’re still seeing this video, that means that you can still grab your seat.

But you need to do it now, because I don’t know how long this will be open. Frankly, if you leave this page now without making your reservation, you’re probably not going to get into the program.

So Cut To The Chase – How Much?

You’re probably thinking that this Black Belt Coaching Class is going to cost a fortune, and you’d be right for thinking that. My coaching time is extremely limited. I actually put all of my other projects on hold so I could focus on this with you.

My Platinum club phone coaching is over $300 per hour – When I have the time. I might only take one client per week, and that’s actually dropped to one client per month – If you’re lucky enough to be chosen from all the applicants.

Here’s what you get each week – for the complete four week program:

  • Natural Attraction Blueprint Video Presentations: $297 value
  • Natural Attraction Blueprint Audio Tutorials: $197 value
  • Natural Attraction Blueprint Assignments/Feedback/Coaching: $1797 value
  • Natural Attraction Blueprint Handouts, Study Materials, etc.: $197 value
  • Natural Attraction Blueprint Ebook reference manual: $200 Value

But, I do need to name a price. So, let’s see if we can come to a fair and equitable price for all involved. So, here’s the price…

While we could easily get $1,400 to $1,700 for this coaching (That’s not just a number I made up, it’s based on past enrollment in this program and what other people are charging for their coaching), I know that would exclude most people on my list from ever participating.

Yes, I know that most “bootcamps” charge a lot more than this, but we’re not looking to make fast money off our program. We’re here for the long haul.

So, we’re going to knock $1,000 off the “fair market value” of this e-coaching and charge only $497 for the Silver Program.

That’s not the first of three installments – it’s a one-time payment.

Or you can break it down into only 2 payments of $257.

That’s it.

No monthly charges or added fees or ANY other nonsense.

We’ve pulled out all the fluff and this is all the MEAT.

When you walk away from this program, you’re going to have a complete soup-to-nuts package blueprint – your plan, your system, your individual and customized formula for approaching and meeting women.

What you do with your new found powers is up to you. Just remember:

With great power comes great responsibility…

Since this is a very limited class, and I’m not sure when or if I will offer it again in the future, you should make your reservation now.

So to get immediate access to the Natural Attraction Blueprint Black Belt Coaching E-Class, just CLICK on the big orange button below and follow the guided prompts to get your login. Make sure you enter your information correctly, becaues I’m going to send you the access link via your email.

The class schedule is listed below so you know when we’re going to get started. It will be starting on this coming Monday and running for four weeks. You don’t need anything but access to your computer.

(But I’ve got some stuff for you so we can get started TODAY…)

Get ready for a wild time!

Get Black Belt Coaching: Natural Attraction Blueprint – Carlos Xuma, Only Price $82

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