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Speed Seduction® Concepts And Thought Processes

  • Overall Structure, Part 1
  • Overall Structure, Part 2
  • The Seduction Wheel
  •  Recognizing Auto-Pilot Responses
  • Eliciting A Process For Attachment And Love
  • Attaching Too Much Meaning To A Girl
  • Getting Rid Of Oneitis
  • The ‘I-You’ Shift
  • When To Get Hypnotic With Women
  • Map Of The Female Mind, Part 1 ( no part 2 )
  • How To Act In Social Settings
  •  How To Notice Things About Her
  • How To Find What You Value In A Woman

Speed Seduction® Tools

  • Shifting Vibes
  • Hooking Attention
  • How To Use Anchors
  • Noticing And Anchoring Responses
  • Implications And Implied Compliments
  • How To Use Gestures, Suggestions, And Commands To Get Women Hot And Bothered In Minutes!
  • Using Commands And Suggestions To Create Connection And Arousal
  • Creating Her Desire For Seduction
  • Values And Trance Words
  • How To Close


  • Process For Instilling Beliefs
  • Beliefs
  • Using Affirmations

Nail Your Inner Game

  • Using Inner Game To Accelerate Your Learning
  • Same Or Changing
  • Special Change Work, Part 1
  • Vertical Orientation
  • Design Your Own State
  • Maintain Your Chosen State Throughout The Day
  • How To Keep Focus And Clarity
  • Intellectual Overwhelm
  • How To Keep Going When The Going Gets Rough

Overcoming Approach Anxiety

  • Approach Anxiety
  • Break Through Approach Anxiety
  • Self Conscious About Approaching Women
  • Shutting Down Around Hot Women
  • Recover After Being Shut Down By A Woman

Blasting Through Stuck Points

  • Getting Past Stuckness
  • Gets Stuck When Talking To People
  • How To Linguistically Leverage Stuck Points
  • Hidden Stuck Points Exposed, Part 1
  • Hidden Stuck Points Exposed, Part 2

Walkups / Approach

  • Creating The Desire To Be Seduced And Walk Up Demos, Part 1
  • Creating The Desire To Be Seduced And Walk Up Demos, Part 2
  • Walkup Wizardry, Part 1
  • Walkup Wizardry, Part 2
  • Walkups, Card Trick, And Bonus Trance
  • Supermarket Suggestions
  • Drill For Walkups


  • Preparing For Your Sarge
  • Creating Tension And Building Attraction
  • Sarging Women Around Other People
  • When To Make Your Move
  • Calibrating Women
  • Kissing And Getting Physical With Women
  • “Closer” Language For Massage
  • Dealing With Last Minute Resistance
  • What To Do When She Shuts Down
  • Sarging Under Time Constraints
  • Seducing Religious Women
  • Seducing Younger Women
  • Older Men, Younger Women
  • Younger Men, Older Women

The Pick-Up

  • Openers For Meeting Women
  • Approaching Groups Of Women
  • How To Open Girls At A College Party
  • How To Use Putons To Pickup Women
  • Pacing And Leading For Pickup Power
  • RJ’s Big ‘Gay’ Pickup
  • Pickup Preview, Part 1
  • Pickup Preview, Part 2
  • Critiquing A Hidden Pickup, Part 1
  • Critiquing A Hidden Pickup, Part 2
  • Critiquing A Hidden Pickup, Part 3

Practicing Speed Seduction®

  • Overall Structure Of Speed Seduction®
  • Seduction Algorithm
  • How Does The Newbie Attain Mastery?
  • Power Of R.A.B.B.I.T.P.
  • 90-Day Speed Seduction® Skill Plan

Patterns, Language Skills, And Poetry

  • How To Transition Into Patterns
  • Twin Brothers Analysis, Part 1
  • Twin Brothers Analysis, Part 2
  • Nano-Tech Pattern
  • Creating Your Own Patterns
  • Using Seduction Questions, Part 1 ( no part 2 )
  • Conversational Skills
  • Using Poetry
  • How To Create Seduction Poetry

Advanced Speed Seduction® Tools

  • Creating Hyper-Motivation For Her
  • Mastering Vocal Congruence, Part 1
  • Mastering Vocal Congruence, Part 2
  • Sexual State Accelerators, Part 1
  • Sexual State Accelerators, Part 2
  • When She’s Involved With Another Guy
  • Get Her To Call You First

Seduction Demos From Live Seminars

  • Seduction Demos With Jon, Part 1
  • Seduction Demos With Jon, Part 2
  • Playing With Dorota, Part 1: Utilizing Responses
  • Playing With Dorota, Part 2: Utilizing Responses
  • Playing With Christine, Part 1
  • Playing With Christine, Part 2
  • Playing With Responsive Subjects
  • Playing With Questions, Themes, And Responses, Part 1
  • Playing With Questions, Themes, And Responses, Part 2
  • Demonstrating Trance And Erotic Touch

More Videos Of Students’ Sarges And Pickups

  • RJ Critiques Student’s Sarge
  • Hidden Video, Part 1
  • Hidden Video, Part 2
  • Critiquing Hidden Video Pickup


  • Prying Apart An Online Profile
  • From Buddy To Bedmate: 10 Techniques
  • Combating Flaking
  • When And How To Call Her On Her B.S.
  • Make Her Sexually Uninhibited
  • Casual Sex Without Hurting Her

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