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All 4 Summits and Bonuses – Morten Hake Summit


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What you’re about to get, is the accumulation of a 6 year journey in my own life – seeking out the best of the best mentors in the world when it comes to creating an extraordinary dating-life, having passionate fulfilling relationships and skyrocketing your personal growth.

This is NOT some wishy-washy ‘how to pickup girls by saying magic lines’ type of product. If you’re looking to trick or manipulate anyone – you’ve come to the wrong place.

But if you’re the kind of guy who really loves women, and you want to take your emotional, sexual and spiritual connections to a completely new level of love and abundance – you can’t find any better resource in the world.


Summit 1:

  • Sondre – Effective Online Dating
  • COCPORN – frame Theory
  • Neil Natura – Your Life, Your Dream
  • Alex May – Sexual Mastery
  • Daneel Foyer – The Secrets of Body Language
  • Michael Lassen – Mastering Your Mind
  • Orlando Owen – Developing Charisma and Presence
  • Torkel TJ Guttormsen – Participating in Life
  • Rob Brinded – Confident Attractive Body Language
  • Paul Janka – Managing Attraction
  • Sasha Cobra – Sexual Comfortability
  • Amadeus Hellequinn – Remember Your Power
  • Scot McKay – Deserve What you Want

Summit 2:

  • Bryan Bayer – Developing a Feedback Culture
  • Johnny Soporno – Life’s Cheat Codes – Part 1
  • Johnny Soporno – Life’s Cheat Codes – Part 2
  • Jordan Harbinger – From Texts to Dates
  • Knut Johannessen – Passionate Immersion
  • Michael Lassen – Congruence
  • Morten Hake – Leading from the Heart
  • Tom Torero – Daygame, Less is More
  • Torkel TJ Gottormsen – Seven Steps to a Confident Lifestyle
  • Violet Marcell – Creating and Maintaining a Happy Sex Life
  • Zan Perrion – Showing up as a Man
  • Q&A Session

Summit 3:

  • Andy Yosha – Daygame Unmasked
  • Johnny Soporno – The Keys to Successfulness
  • Knut Johannessen – The Mastery Journey
  • Morten Hake – Your Story
  • Noah Hammond – Becoming a True Man
  • Rob Brinded – The Body Language Killer
  • Steve Pavlina – How to Build a Strong Connection
  • Sylvia – Belief in Change, Change in Belief
  • Zan Perrion – When a Man Loves All Women
  • Q&A Session

Summit 4:

  • Amadeus Hellequin – The Power of One
  • Hans Comyn – Seeking Beauty
  • Jamie Smart – The Power of Clarity
  • Knut Johannessen – Let It Out
  • Mark Cunningham – Primal Masculinity
  • Michael Lassen – Following Your Excitement
  • Shogo Garcia – Go with the Flow of Nature
  • Steve Pavlina – Casting Out Desired Invitations
  • Q&A Day 1
  • Q&A Day 2

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