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Advanced Copywriting Secrets For Serious Info Marketers – Ken McCarthy

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World’s most secretive 7-figure copywriter reveals how he does it…without swipe files, gimmicks or natural writing talent.

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How To Write Great Copy…

Without Needing To Be A Great “Copywriter”

World’s most secretive 7-figure copywriter reveals how he does it…without swipe files, gimmicks or natural writing talent.

Dear Friend,

Do you know you can multiply the response of all your ads by using a certain (rather crude) swear word?

If you use an order form, do you know you can add as much as 30% (or more) response with a simple graphic in your word processor’s “clip art” gallery?

If you use email, do you know there’s a way to use some of the tactics created by spammers and other “e-criminals” so people are actually happy to hear from you — and even anxious to read your offers?

These are just a few of hundreds of intriguing (and sometimes downright bizarre) copywriting tricks of the trade I learned during a phone call with one of the direct marketing world’s sharpest (and most secretive) copywriters.

I’ll tell you more about this man’s secrets (and how to use them in your own ads) in a second.

But first you should know that, while this man is not a “name” copywriter, he’s easily one of the best copywriters in the world.

He’s actually so good at writing ads guys like Gary Bencivenga (billed “the greatest living copywriter”) and Marty Edelston (founder of one of the biggest direct mail houses in the world)…

Send Him “Fan Mail” About His Sales Letters!

No joke.

His stuff is that good.

In fact, world-class marketing genius Dan Kennedy has been using samples of this man’s work for years in his teachings and seminars — including in his best-selling copywriting book, “The Ultimate Sales Letter.”

And when Agora Publishing (another direct mail giant) needed someone to teach the first (and most important) lesson of their advanced copywriting course…the first two people they called were the legendary Jay Abraham…and this man I talked with.

Plus, his own ads often run for several years straight — even against the best copywriters in the world.  He has one letter running now set to rake in at least ten million dollars ($1,000 per word) before it runs its course.

Anyway, here’s the point:

Even though he’s not a name copywriter…and even though he doesn’t offer copywriting services…this man is one of the “best of the best.”

And when I got him on the phone he dropped one fascinating copywriting secret after another — tens of thousands of dollars worth of advice — as casually as if he was chatting about the weather.

For example:

He told me about an incredibly powerful selling secret (often used by top car salesmen) that almost forces people to believe everything you say in your ads — even if your copy is weak, your claims are outrageous and you have no testimonials or other “proof” elements.

He told me how a lot of copywriters are crippling their income by subscribing to the National Enquirer, Cosmo, and some of the other publications the “gurus” insist you read.

He told me why an ordinary golf course is one of the best places in the world to create your sales letter headlines.

And check this out:

He also shared some of the secrets he learned while interviewing and talking with copywriting legend Gary Bencivenga.

Such as why it’s actually a mistake to spend a lot of money on copywriting books, tapes and seminars…The single best copywriting book ever written (that isn’t even a book about “copywriting”)…And a secret way of writing copy that…

But here’s the thing:

As incredible as all these tactics are…they’re small potatoes compared to the million-dollar secret (he calls the “secret sauce” of copywriting) he revealed at the end of our call.

A secret he’s used for the past 12 years to demolish his competition in one of the most over-heated markets in the world.

In fact, this tactic is so powerful (and simple) you can use it to create money-making ads on your very first try…

Even If You Break Every Copywriting “Rule” Ever Invented.

Sounds almost impossible, doesn’t it?

I know, but it’s a fact.

And this man I talked with has personally seen people (who knew nothing about marketing and copywriting) create wildly successful ads from scratch using this one, almost laughably easy secret.

Anyway, I’ll tell you more about these incredible copywriting tactics in a minute.

But first, I want to tell you exactly who this “secret” copywriter is.

His name is Ken McCarthy.

And even though he’s mostly known for being a master Internet marketer and pioneer…he’s also one of the best copywriters in the world.

And while I can’t cover everything I learned from Ken in this letter, I can tell you how to get your hands on all the secrets above — plus hundreds more I haven’t told you about — at no risk to you…

And Even Free If You


Here’s how:

Last year Ken taught a small group of his friends, students and clients all his copywriting secrets in a closed-door conference in Miami, and taped it.

And besides the people who attended…almost nobody knows these CD’s exist.

Yet, they reveal the hundreds of almost unbelievably effective copywriting tactics Ken has kept to himself for over 30 years.

Secrets he learned while corresponding with the legendary copywriter Eugene Schwartz.  While rubbing shoulders with the world’s highest-paid copywriters (like Gary Bencivenga and Dan Kennedy).  While studying advanced psychology and neuro-science at Princeton University.  And while selling in the most competitive industries in the world — like Wall Street, Hollywood and the “cut throat” music business.

And you know what?

No matter how hard you search…no matter how many “gurus” you study…you can’t find many of these secrets anywhere else.


Because until now…

These Secrets Have Been In Ken’s Head!

It sounds strange, but it’s true.

Heck, even Ken’s girlfriend Bettina — who has been his business partner for over 15 years, and sees him working all the time — didn’t fully understand how Ken writes his copy until this seminar.

Here are just a few of the little-known secrets you’ll find on these CD’s:

  • A secret way (almost nobody uses) to legally and ethically make “magic pill” claims in your ads!
  • How to use an ordinary water cooler to “pre-test” the response-power of your headlines.
  • Two proven “cures” for writers block. (The first one is simply doing a lot of research. The second one is much easier…and can be found at your corner grocery store.)
  • The amazing “wealth attraction” secret of two ex-communist military-trained killers! (This is THE big secret behind Ken’s multi-million dollar “System Seminar” business.  And it works even if you have no clue how to market, sell or advertise.)
  • How to get people to instantly stop and read your email pitches — even if you have a weak subject line!
  • How to get binders full of glowing customer testimonials without resorting to “shameless bribes” or begging.
  • Why personalizing your emails with your prospect’s name can hurt your response. (And the faster and easier thing you can do instead.)
  • How to stick out like a sore thumb in even the most hyper-competitive and over-saturated markets!
  • The exact place to put your order link in an email to get the hottest, most qualified prospects to respond.
  • How to use a journalist’s “hidden guilt” (every reporter has) to get your product raved about in the mass media.
  • The incredible joint venture secret Ken used to quickly build a million-dollar business…without even selling anything!

Speaking of joint ventures:

Ken was the first person ever to interview Gary Bencivenga (the world’s greatest living copywriter), and he routinely deals with the biggest names in business and marketing.

How does he do it?

It’s simple:

He has discovered a simple way to…

Meet And Joint Venture With Anyone In The World.

And I really do mean anyone.

In fact, Ken watched his cousin use this secret to do business with the Queen of England.

Plus, it’s so simple it works for almost anyone who uses it.  No special contacts, friends in high places or “million dollar rolodex” necessary.

And guess what?  Ken’s probably the only copywriter in the world who knows how to do this.  And, before this seminar, he never revealed this secret to anyone else — not even his closest friends.

  • When purposely writing a weak headline can massively increase your response!
  • How to create “emotional memories” of your product and business so people always remember who you are and what you sell.
  • A simple auto-responder secret (often used in “Dear Abby” columns) a few, very savvy marketers have used to conquer their niches almost overnight.
  • An extremely effective sales letter close (discovered by Dan Kennedy) that whips people “on the fence” about ordering into a virtual buying frenzy.
  • How to use the “left over” headlines and bullet points (you can’t use in your ad) to drive more traffic to your products, websites and business.
  • How to sell products and services in your emails…without sending anyone to a sales pitch!
  • An incredibly simple copywriting secret (Ken discovered while watching a paranoid schizophrenic) that makes researching your ads ten times faster and easier.
  • How to use simple cartoons to explode your sales…no matter what you sell or who you sell to.  (For example, you’d be amazed at how easily a picture of a phone operator with her headset on can jack up your response!)
  • Why starting the name of your business with the letter “A” can sometimes drive your sales through the roof…even if you do nothing but wait for the phone to ring!
  • An enormously profitable sales tactic (discovered in a popular William Shakespeare play) that makes your customers willing to move heaven and earth to order your product…

Even If They Didn’t Originally Want It!

Sound impossible?

I know.  But this is 100% real.  And if you’re not using this simple secret in your ads…then you’re leaving a TON of money on the table.

  • How to use your accountant to dramatically increase your sales without paying a penny for his “help.”
  • How to “nurture” your customer list without sending them even one letter or email.
  • How to use your local telephone company to double the power and urgency of your deadlines!
  • A secret way to use your prospects’ natural bad memory to boost the response and sales of your ads.
  • A simple direct mail secret (almost nobody talks about) that can instantly explode the sales of your email promotions.
  • How to get your competition to help you sell your products and services…without them even knowing about it!
  • An ordinary punctuation mark that’s killing your response right now…whether you realize it or not.
  • How to use your “mission statement” to increase your sales…even if nobody reads it!
  • How to eliminate prostate problems without taking off your pants? (This has nothing to do with copywriting…but millions of guys have this problem, and it’s discussed in this seminar.)
  • An old (but still effective) way to sell your products and services in your ads with just one word!
  • An exclusive look at a simple copywriting skill so powerful that, when you learn it…

You’ll Never Worry About Writing Copy Again!

This secret is almost 100 years old now.

Ken picked it up while corresponding with the legendary copywriter Eugene Schwartz.

Most copywriters (even those who charge a small fortune to write a single ad) don’t really understand it.  And the few that do almost never explain exactly how it’s done.

  • How to quickly test multiple different versions of your Internet sales letter without spending a lot of money or even needing to be “computer literate.”
  • How to get your prospects to order RIGHT NOW…without using phony “must order by midnight” deadlines or other foolish gimmicks that turn people off!
  • Little-known order form secrets that can as much as double your response in the next five minutes!
  • The ingenious selling tactic John Wayne used to become one of the most famous movie stars in history. (Ken paid for his house — with cash — using this one secret alone!)
  • A simple way of knowing exactly which names on your email list will respond to a direct mail offer!
  • How to make your strongest claims even more powerful…by toning them down.
  • The incredible copywriting secret found in the Holy Bible that helped one famous copywriter sell hundreds of millions of dollars of books by mail order.
  • The “TV Guide” secret (used by Hollywood moguls and Wall Street money wizards) that lets you accurately guess the profit potential of your ideas before spending any time and money on them.
  • How to use boiling anger to sell dull products and services!
  • How to use music to get new business in your door…no matter what you sell.
  • An extremely powerful way (used by 7-Up and Apple Computers) to get people to revolt from your competition — and flock to you, your business and your products!
  • How to use direct mail to dramatically beef up the response of your email promotions…without even mailing any letters!

There’s more.  A lot more.


How to use an annoying FTC law to your advantage and make even more sales…How to make your product automatically go “viral”…A secret way to sell your products so you have almost zero refunds…And a simple, “fool proof” method (recently discovered by a Harvard psychologist) of instantly knowing which teacher, “guru”, client, or joint venture partner…

Intends To Screw

You Over!

You won’t find this secret anywhere else.

And yet, it can easily save you tens of thousands of dollars and put your mind completely at ease when doing joint ventures and other business deals — even if done purely by phone or email.

Anyway, here’s the bottom line:

These are the tactics Ken uses to routinely out-write, out-market and out-sell the best copywriters in the game.

There are secrets in this course you can’t learn anywhere else without writing for decades and reading and absorbing the wisdom of hundreds (if not thousands) of books on selling, copywriting, psychology and even neurology.

When you write copy “Ken’s way”, you can implant buying urges directly in your customers’ minds.  Wrap their identities around your business and name.  And turn them into lifetime customers that come to you over and over again — happily giving you their money for years in the future!

Quite frankly, many of these selling and persuasion techniques are so powerful…

They’re Sometimes Used By Cults!

But they’re like fire.

They can be used for good or evil.

And when used ethically for your products and services (which Ken also shows you how to do)…you’ll be unstoppable.

And don’t worry.

Even though these secrets are incredibly powerful and almost unbelievably effective, they are still easy to follow and simple to use.

In fact, many of these secrets are so simple (and so instant) people were using the hotel’s Wi-Fi Internet connection to make “real time” changes to their website copy during the seminar breaks!

That’s how fast, simple and immediately profitable Ken makes writing copy.

 And when you learn his secrets you’ll create money-making ads almost at will — without struggling with writer’s block, without relying on swipe files and formulas, and without even needing to be a good “writer.”

So what do these CD’s cost?

The people who were allowed to attend this seminar paid $2,995.00 for a seat — plus food, lodging and airfare. And when Ken first decided to offer these CD’s outside his private list and clients, he wanted to charge $1,700 or more.

But for now (and this price will go up) you can get the entire 3-day seminar on 13 audio CD’s and a printed study guide for three payments of $435 plus shipping and handling or one payment of $1,295 plus shipping and handling.

Plus, Ken has also decided to give you a generous…

490-Day Guarantee.

Here’s what that means:

You have 490 days (almost a year and a half) to use these copywriting tactics in your ads and sales letters.

If you aren’t 100% happy and satisfied during those 490 days for any reason…Ken will buy the course back from you.

No hassles and no questions asked.

Which means you can basically use everything free, if you choose.

But you have to hurry.

Ken has already raised the price once, and is planning to do so again soon.

This is not some cheap copywriting “gimmick” to get you to order right away, either.

Ken is well-respected in the direct marketing business and routinely raises his prices on his products and services as demand rises.

Plus, he is also talking about removing some of the more “controversial” tactics he doesn’t want a lot of people outside his private list using.

So the only way to make sure you get this raw and “uncut” information is to act now.

Here’s how to order:

For fastest service choose one of the two options below.

  •           1.) Order with your credit card online —
  •           2.) Order by phone:

Call 1-845-757-5037 and leave a detailed message saying you want Ken McCarthy’s “Advanced Copywriting For Serious Info-Marketers” course, with the following information

  •           1.) Your full name
  •           2.) Your address (shipping and billing, if they are different)
  •           3.) Your credit card number and type (i.e. Visa, Mastercard, etc)
  •           4.) The security code on your credit card (the three numbers on the back)
  •           5.) Your credit card expiration date
  •           6.) Your phone number (in case there is a question processing your card.)
  •           7.) Whether you want to make three payments of $998 or one payment of $2995 savings).

Remember, you are covered by a 490-day guarantee.

That takes all the pressure off you, and lets you use the course free, if you choose.

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