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The Better Belly Project (2016) – V.A

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What do we mean by a “Better Belly”? That your digestion is operating like a well-oiled machine, your biome is beautiful and your flora are flourishing.

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Having a Better Belly is the key to more energy, vitality, and overall health! (Plus, it’s pretty amazing how it makes you love your life more because you’re mentally clear and emotionally balanced, too.)

What do we mean by a “Better Belly”? That your digestion is operating like a well-oiled machine, your biome is beautiful and your flora are flourishing.

Given the amount of toxins in our environment, and in our food (no matter how hard we try to eat clean) it is more important than ever to ensure that your bodies natural cleansing and detoxifying mechanisms are operating at their full potential.

You’ll be learning the real deal about probiotics, fermented foods, cleansing, and so much more…

The Better Belly Project: Crushing the Critters, Plugging the Leaks, & Balancing the Biome for your Best Body Ever

You’re going to learn:

  • The top foods you should be eating to end digestive discomfort, boost energy levels, and lower sugar cravings.
  • One thing that you definitely should stop doing to help seal and heal your gut.
  • Interesting ways you can support your body by focusing on your digestion.
  • Discover cutting-edge experts and the projects they’ve been studying for decades.
  • Simple nutritional strategies that help people lose weight in the belly area without even trying to.


Get your access to these talks allows you to download or watch them online for the next 6 months (save to your computer for lifetime access). Choose the flash drive option to have everything downloaded for you on a snazzy wooden drive delivered to your door!


  • 50+ interviews (in both mp4 video and mp3 audio format) $997 value
  • 50+ full interview time-stamped transcripts (PDF format) $1988 value
  • Plus, all additional bonuses provided by the speakers! $975+ value
  • TOTAL VALUE: $3,960 worth of materials, bonuses, and information


  • Missed talks that have info you know you need
  • Want to retain and rewatch this life-changing information so you can listen while exercising, commuting, or cleaning.
  • Prefer reading transcripts or listening to audios
  • Want to share this info with friends, family and health professionals
  • Access to bonus eGuides, eBooks and more from our panel of experts, authors and speakers… literally the who’s who of belly experts in the world today!
  • To complete your Better Belly Project collection

Upgrade Bonuses

Purchase the Better Belly Project Library to grab the following additional Bonuses!


Dr. Trevor Cates’ Clean Skin from Within

Get the clear skin you’ve always wanted with simple changes to your diet and lifestyle.

Many people suffer from skin conditions — acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis — and seek conventional medical help but don’t get the results they hope for. Other people end up worse than when they started after being prescribed antibiotic after antibiotic. And then there are those who don’t realize how good their skin can be until they adopt a cleaner, healthier lifestyle. In Clean Skin from Within, Dr. Trevor Cates presents guidelines and recipes to transform your skin from the inside out.


Dr. Nalini’s ebook 6 Ways to Boost Your Immune System

Discover Dr. Nalini’s 6 ways to boost your immune system and increase natural killer cells. Learn how to reduce your risk of cancer and prevent infections, plus 15 easy steps to further fortify your immunity.


Jennifer Fugo’s Gluten-Free Restaurant Wallet Guide

The MUST-HAVE condensed summary of questions that you need to ask at a restaurant before ordering and eating any food so that you can avoid hidden gluten.


Dr. Tom O’Bryan’s Gluten-Free Fact Pack

Get 28 educational jewels in the Best of the Gluten Summit, guidance on what to do next, and 3 of our favorite scientific articles from Dr. Tom O’Bryan including how to get properly tested for gluten sensitivity and implement a gluten-free lifestyle, audio file, and transcript. You’ll also get a $10 coupon to use in store. (Value $185)


Lara Adler’s Tools For Teaching Toxicity — 40% off intro level course

Tools For Teaching Toxicity is a self-directed course is designed to help you understand, identify, and find safer alternatives to some of the most common chemicals in our homes that can directly affect health. Covering pesticides, plastics, cookware, packaged food, personal care products, and more, these easy-to-follow video modules will leave you informed, empowered, and inspired to create a safer, healthier home, or if you’re a practitioner, support your clients in doing so.


Ben Greenfield’s How to Make Kimchi video

Raw and fermented, Kimchi is one of the best ways to get probiotics with every meal. This video tutorial gives you instructions to make a perfect batch!


Steph Gaudreau’s 101 Tips for Getting Stronger ebook

Learn 101 tips for building a stronger body, mind, and spirit from top female coaches, doctors, and thought leaders.


Steve Wright’s SCD Quick Start Guide

This 23-page guide covers everything you need to know before starting the SCD diet — including how to know if you should start, a grocery store checklist, and detailed picture-by-picture guides. Plus, he’ll cover the #1 mistake people make that causes people to quit the diet before they make progress — and how to avoid it.


Dr. Joe Tatta’s Pain-Free Living Guide

The ultimate resource to retrain your brain and body for a pain-free life! Includes strategies to accelerate healing and decrease pain (without drugs) using mindfulness, thoughts, pain-emotion connection, movement, nutrition, and functional medicine.


Tim Jackson 15-Minute Health Chat

Join a 15-minute chat with Tim to ask your most pressing health questions. (Value $150)


Dr. Pompa’s Favorite Gut-Healing Smoothies!

All recipes are loaded with healthy fat, antioxidants, and pure protein to promote gut healing, increase brain function, and support weight loss. Hearty and satisfying, these smoothies digest easily and make an ideal breakfast or meal on-the-go. Includes tips and tricks for increasing nutrient density and absorption to create powerful healing smoothies every time.


Phaedra Antioco’s How To Wake Up And Heal Every Day webinar

Learn how to create time for reflection and setting goals to discover if an area of your life may be contributing to your current pain. Learn how to identify areas in your life that may cause you to contract, create stress, and physical pain — and what to do about them so you can expand and begin to feel better.


Jessica Drummond’s Yeast and Sexual Pain Masterclass

Join Dr. Jessica Drummond, DCN, CCN, PT as she discusses evidence-based integrative healing strategies, including a functional nutrition approach, to address chronic yeast challenges. Many women who struggle with sexual pain have a history of — or are currently dealing with — vaginal yeast issues. Learn ways to support your clients to create a vaginal environment where yeast cannot thrive.


Andrea Nakayama’s Functional Nutrition 101 ebook

In the Functional Nutrition 101 ebook, you’ll receive the 5 questions you need to unlock complex cases and find solutions where other practitioners have failed; top tips to get even the toughest clients to comply with your recommendations; Andrea’s favorite diagnostic tools; and her Functional Nutrition Alliance Client Intake Form that will position you as the expert from the very first session.


Tricia Nelson’s 7 Simple Steps to End Emotional Eating Now [Sneak Peek]

Get exclusive access to Module 1 of Tricia’s powerful program that helps you heal emotional eating. This sneak peek includes 4 videos and a writing assignment to end emotional eating now.


Trudy Scott’s How Zinc and Vitamin B6 Prevent Pyroluria and Social Anxiety – Audio Interview

Corey Schuler interviews Trudy Scott, host of the Anxiety Summit. Listen and learn the history of pyroluria and Carl Pfeiffer’s work with schizophrenic patients. This bonus session covers the symptoms of pyroluria and their relationship to anxious introverts. Discover how to assess for pyroluria with questionnaires and lab tests, and learn which essential nutrients are needed for those with pyroluria, including the exact forms and tips to enhance absorption.


Erika Gray’s Top 5 Tips For Choosing A Genetic Testing Company

Have you ever wondered how to select a genetic test? Have you ever wondered what how genetic testing companies differentiated themselves? Here are the Top 5 Tips on how to select a genetic testing company with in-depth explanations on key topics.


The First Module of The Fermentationist™ Certification Program

Learn how to make the most healing fermented food on the planet from this advanced training in fermentation. This is the first module in the 11-module training. You will be thrilled to not only learn the secrets of the best techniques for flavor and health benefit, but also the detailed probiotic profiles.

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