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The Perfect Ad Formula + Black Friday Playbook – Wilco de Kreij

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One of my ads (and its variations) is the sole reason why I spent over $2 million of my own money on Facebook in the past few years.





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“Could This Be The LAST Facebook Ad You’ll Need To Acquire New Customers… On Autopilot?

This Same Ad Formula Seems To Be Generating An Immediate Spike Of New Customers For Almost Any Facebook Advertiser Who Tries It…

If you’re running Facebook Ads…

It might feel daunting to create a new ad or creative every so often.

But I have good news for you:

Just ONE “winning ad” can generate a flow of new customers… for months, even years.

I know, I did.

One of my ads (and its variations) is the sole reason why I spent over $2 million of my own money on Facebook in the past few years.

If you’re reading this message right now, I bet you saw that ad at one point.

It got thousands of likes… and hundreds of comments and shares!

This ad was originally posted on July 11, 2018…

…which is like an eternity in Facebook years.

As you can see, it received 959 comments, 881 shares, and over 9K positive reactions…

and that's only scratching the surface!

Since then I've duplicated the same ad countless times, created slight variations of it to test…

In total, this ad formula has generated 10M+ views and millions in revenue for my business.

And yes, they’re still running like clockwork… 

(You can spy on my Facebook Library later if you want…)

Which means…

Get The Perfect Ad Formula + Black Friday Playbook – Wilco de Kreij, Only Price $29

Just ONE Facebook Ad Can Really Make Your Business Take Off

Yet most Facebook advertisers, media buyers, and copywriters are continuously searching for the “next” ad or creative that’ll serve them for another week or two…

They run numerous tests on a regular basis, lose a ton of money, and lose hair…

Now, don’t get me wrong, I fully believe in constant testing and optimizing to grow your business, but…

But IF you’re spending the majority of your time each week trying to create new ads, images, and videos to test WITHOUT really knowing what works and what doesn’t workTHEN it means you’re playing a game that’s almost impossible to win

But it doesn’t have to be this way…

On this page, I’m gonna show you how to come up with new angles and hooks that are more likely to convert AND how to create & test these ads in a way you can quickly discover the winners and run them profitably for months or even years…

Now, having said that…

Let me be the first to admit:

I’m NOT Your Typical Online “Guru” or “Expert”

In case we haven't met before, my name is Wilco de Kreij — the founder & CEO of Connectio.

Some people call me a "Facebook ads wizard" because in total I’ve spent over   $2 million of my own money   on Facebook (at an increasing rate…)

So I’ve been running a TON of experiments to see what works and doesn't work.

I’ve also helped   20,000+ clients   get a higher ROI from their Facebook Ads. You may know some of my clients, such as Mike Filsaime, Nicholas Kusmich, and many others.

However, I’m NOT your typical “ads guru” — as I’ll explain in the next few paragraphs.

I'm just a “marketing nerd” who loves Facebook Ads.

Although, I’m not going to lie… I did secretly enjoy it when listed me as a “top Facebook expert”. 

Obviously I didn't start out like that.

There were a LOT of failed attempts before I got Facebook Ads to work (that's a story for another day).

But I DIDN’T see these failed attempts as failures…

I saw them as “opportunities” to learn the ins and outs of creating Facebook ads that convert like crazy…

So I Discovered 6 Ad Formulas That Are Proven To Convert – Over And Over Again…

One of those ad formulas gave me my biggest winner – the one you saw above…

I still rotate that ad and its variations after 2 years — and I do it PROFITABLY!

And other 5 ad formulas helped me save the day when the Facebook algorithm went crazy or when CPMs went through the roof (these things happen, you know, especially this time of the year…)

So, I kept these ad formulas to myself for a long time…

And when I shared it with a small group of Connectio users, I got raving reviews (which I’ll share with you in a minute…)

However, these secret formulas weren’t open to the public…

But because of the hard times most small & medium businesses are facing lately…

And because I sincerely believe generating new customers using cold traffic is the ONLY way to keep a business afloat, surviving, and even thriving…

I’m opening the vault of my secret ad formulas with YOU…

…but for the next few days ONLY.


The “Perfect Ad Formula” is my masterclass on creating high converting Facebook ads people can't resist.

If you’ve seen other courses about Facebook Ads, please DON’T be mistaken…

  • The “Perfect Ad Formula” is NOT another long-winded course that’s all theory!
  • It’s NOT a screencast of how to use the Ads Manager which will get outdated shortly
  • It’s NOT a bunch of untested templates that some online gurus wish were working (Ask me, I’ve tried most of that stuff! They just didn’t give me any positive results).

It’s a PROVEN set of strategies, ad templates, and checklists…

Insights that I discovered “in the trenches” as a direct result of spending my own money, time, and resources to grow my own businesses using Facebook Ads.

It's a fast-paced & step-by-step program for business owners, media buyers, marketers or copywriters that almost guarantees you've got a winning Facebook ad campaign in place — no matter your previous experience.

Do you want to get more clients & sales using online ads?

Do you want to be able create ads almost in an instant, one that…

  •  Facebook likes and approves
  •  People in your market loves
  •  Runs profitably for months (or even a year)
  •  Converts like a champ
  •  If that’s what you want…

Then you most definitely need this “Perfect Ad Formula” masterclass!

My guess is that you might have tried Facebook Ads before (if not, you really should! It's been the #1 traffic source for my businesses in the past 5 years…)

And if my previous experiences are any indication, you were left frustrated not knowing why your campaigns aren’t working as good as you’d expect them to be…

I know I was.

I've NOT taken the full potential of my Facebook ads for years.

Until I started to see patterns about what works and what doesn’t work…

Especially when it comes to how to come up with ad ideas, how to create hooks and angles that have a high-potential to work, how to write these ads in a compliant way…

I was frustrated for years…

But no one showed me what I’m revealing in my “Perfect Ad Formula” masterclass.


  • A step-by-step plan so you'll know exactly what you should be doing and in which order. (And, don’t worry, these strategies won’t stop working 6 months from now, I start with fundamentals that’ll serve you even years from now…)
  • 19 in-depth videos that are guiding you through the implementation process, including my checklists for different types of ads and examples from my own business (as well as other businesses in different markets and niches) that have generated amazing results.
  • An interactive mindmap giving you a summary of the entire process at a glance (or in detail, if you navigate through it) — perfect for a quick review right before you create a new ad or campaign.

Again, this ISN’T merely a course or something you’ll be putting on the shelf to collect dust.

It’s much more than that.

It's the closest thing possible to getting a “done-for-you” Facebook ads that are designed to convert.

Sounds too good to be true?

 Get The Perfect Ad Formula + Black Friday Playbook – Wilco de Kreij, Only Price $29

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