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The Limitless Seducer – Liam McRae

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The Limitless Seducer:

Secrets to balancing sex, fitness and spirituality on a busy modern schedule (even if you’ve always struggled in the past!)

Don’t wait any longer to get a working system to have your dating life run on autopilot, click the button below to get it

The Limitless Seducer isn’t just a product: It’s a course I designed after spending years uncovering the knowledge of the world’s top performers in sports, entertainment and business. 

The material covered in this course is especially relevant if you are working in a cognitively demanding job like accounting, programming or engineering that requires tons of logical thinking.

If that is the case you are probably struggling to get out of that headspace after work and you tend to procrastinate instead of being able to balance your dating life, your business ambitions and your spirituality practice! 

What if you could align that logical thinking with a clear framework to craft the dating life of your dreams even if you have limited time available? 

This course will allow you to effortlessly cycle between going out meeting girls, your demanding job tasks and your spirituality habits.

I have to be honest with you: The truth is there is no magic pill to achieve this…

You cannot hack your dating life to fit your job demands overnight. This does not mean than you can start implementing the course material right away.

Studies show that it will take 66 days to implement new habits successfully. 

I learned from the world’s top performers that they implemented success habits based on a variety of mindset shifts, expert feedback and growth hacks that allowed them to consistently perform at the highest level of their capabilities without falling back into a spiral of procrastination, fear and self doubt.

They trained to execute and achieve their goals no matter what …

In his latest talk at Google Headquarters Tim Ferriss says: “For my podcast I interviewed over a 150 world class performers across every possible domain imaginable, sports, entertainment, politics, art, chess and found that the difference between someone who is good compared to the top 1% is their ability to focus, determine their goals and maintain that focus!”

Over the past years I was able to uncover these guiding principles they use and balance my dating life, my business workload and my goals in producing music at a level which I never thought was possible …

The principles used by expert performers are:

  1. Deliberate practice 
  2. Dedicated time slots to improve 
  3. An awareness of the pitfalls that prevent you from taking action 
  4. Expert feedback from a coach to point you in the right direction  
  5. Proven habit hacks that can improve your skills in months not years

To show you how relevant this is to you becoming an efficient seducer 

I want to tell you a little story …

Over the past years many guys have been messaging me because they don’t have time for dating a lot of women or finding their dream girlfriend.

Last year I was in a very similar position …

You may know me as Liam McRae international dating coach who always has women on tap wherever I go.  

But that is not actually true …

Like you I have to approach women, like you I have to go on dates 

and like you I need to have time to do it …

I also have to run our residential workshops, Eurotours, do Skype coaching, create digital products and also find time to play the guitar, record an album and  finally get fit after many years of constant injuries and back pain.

Not to mention I need to hang out with my friends every once in a while to not become a reclusive monk … otherwise I’d just stay in my room playing Call of Duty.  

If you are a busy professional you probably also have the same problem I’m having, because time is a scarce commodity … 

You may have always wanted to date a lot of women, progress in your career and achieve your fitness goals …

But instead of achieving all those goals you crumble, become frustrated and procrastinate another year with no success in sight …

During summer last year, I had an epiphany … 

I remembered that in order to become a better guitar player I needed a proven system to learn.

I needed expert feedback to improve my playing skills and I needed structured time during my week that I dedicated to immersive periods of learning.  

I also remembered that I needed some form of awareness that would bring me back on track when I fell back into my own hell of procrastination …

But I soon realized that only focusing on dedicated time slots robbed me of my creativity and would turn me into a robot …

I knew that creativity flourishes under constraints but I couldn’t figure out which pieces to the puzzle are still missing …

The dots started to connect in my brain …

After years of working out at home and doing a few pull ups and pushups while getting constantly injured I stopped being stubborn and applied my insights from learning how to play the guitar…

I hired a coach and he advised me on the exercises I needed to do in order to achieve my fitness goals …

He also setup a specific expert training program and enlightened me about the pitfalls I would encounter in my journey of getting fit …

I also had to block out certain time slots in the week to fully commit to my goals.

That’s when it hit me … I need the specific mindset shifts, effective programming, efficient hacks and deliberate practice in my dating life as well to fit it into my busy schedule.

I committed my summer to making this work and it turned out to be a massive success. 

Get The Limitless Seducer – Liam McRae, Only Price $52

So what does this mean for you?

The Limitless Seducer course consists of:

18 videos chapters detailing all the mindset shifts, habit hacks and necessary steps you need to make to not waste anymore time and make seduction a sustainable habit.  

I’ll show you how to develop discipline in seduction to build momentum and how to get the most out of your approaches

Why you need to have clarity about the women you want to meet and how this will make you even more attractive

Learn how to utilize flow state as your modus operandi in everyday life to effortlessly cycle back and forth between your job, your dating life and your fitness goals 

How sift through the sea of information to find the right methods that work for you.

How to navigate through the social anxiety and fear of rejection that cripple most men from making real progress 

You’ll also receive 5 exclusive bonuses!

Here’s what the private membership site looks like:

And even after the 2 months have ended,

you’ll have LIFETIME access to the entire course.

In this two-month course I will break down in great detail how you can make seducing women a habit that runs on autopilot while balancing your goals in business, fitness and spirituality. 

I am not going to lie to you, this will not be an easy task but if you are willing to put all homework lessons into action you’ll reap the sweet tasting fruits of your labor for the rest of your life.  

Let’s have a look at what you’ll learn month by month within the Limitless Seducer course:



In this first video chapter I will reveal the most important metrics that you need to know in order to get laid from the approaches you are making.

I know there is a lot of confusion about this in the community but I’ll show you once and for all how I go about the volume of approaches I need to get laid even if I have to teach workshops and move to a new city for a while. 

Once you have clarity about the numbers game you’ll be able to put your mind at ease about how many approaches you should be doing to have sex with girls you just met. 

In this chapter, you’ll discover:

Why how hard you work is directly correlated with how many new women you’ll bed each month 

You’ll also learn how being a millennial can be a gift and a curse when it comes to seduction 

Learn why your perception of getting rejected needs to be altered to allow easy hookups to happen

How approaching girls can have massive ramifications for your business skills, resilience and goal achievement

You’ll also learn why guys often overlook the #1 benefit from doing approaches Hint: It’s something that James Marshall is secretly famous for…


Now this second video chapter is extremely crucial!  You’ll learn how to manage your expectation when it comes to making seduction a habit.

This is one of the biggest pitfalls our students face during our live workshops and it’s incredibly important you’ll fix this issue for yourself.

In this chapter you’ll learn:

Why the paradox of being extremely flexible in your standards will actually net you more gorgeous hotties compared to being only focused only super attractive girls. Hint: Girls can smell from a mile away if a guy will only judge them because of their looks but cannot appreciate their inner sexuality or feminine energy. This will turn them off immediately.

How figuring out which girls you actually want to date will give you an unbeatable edge because you stop trying to impress your friends.

We are also going to delve into how porn can cripple your sexuality and how thinking about having sex with women is massively different than actually experiencing sex. If you grasp this distinction, your internal navigation system is going to be much more in tune with women who you actually want to date.

I’ll also talk about the paradoxical fallacy of believing that a girl’s hotness affects how good she is in bed and how this can massively shift expectations when dating girls. 


The third video chapter is all about maximizing your efforts to get new dates.

A lot of our clients come to us scatterbrained about how to make the most of their limited time available.

The solution to this is more nuanced and highly depends on whether you are a beginner or more advanced.

Thats why I’ll teach you:

How you can maximize your efforts to get new dates

My three best options for you to get numbers and set up dates. 

I’ll also reveal the why online dating should not be your only source for getting numbers and why I recommend newer guys not to do online dating at all

You’ll also learn why cold approach should be your main source to get numbers and dates and why online dating and social circle should only act as a supplement once you’ve mastered cold approach


Video chapter four deals with the controversial topic of the downsides of one night stands.

Your baseline goal for seduction is to find someone whom you could have sex with on a regular basis. I’ll also explain why doing this can drastically increase your seductive success.

That’s why I’ll teach you:

Why it can be dangerous to think only one night stands are the holy grail of seduction

How you will shoot yourself in foot if you never build relationships with women and massively stifle your own growth in your personal life if you never open yourself up 

I’ll also give you an insight into my time while I was writing my first book rapid escalation, how I’ve changed personally since that time and how you can benefit from my insights  


In video chapter 5 I’m addressing a question I get all the time: “What role do looks play in seduction?”

I am going to peel back the curtain and show you how 20% of your efforts will yield to 80% of your results.

That’s why I’ll teach you:

Why this rule applies in dating, business and fitness but only few people figure out the crucial 20% 

How focusing your energy on the wrong 20% can lead to poor results 

Why the 80/20 rule actually debunks common dating myths

What core elements are actually relevant in every moment you spend with a girl 


The next video chapter deals with  personal growth. At some point every man has to retreat, recover and set new goals to grow mentally, spiritually and sexually. 

Everyone who goes to the gym knows that in order to grow muscles you need rest days.

It’s common knowledge among Shaolin monks that you gain insight into yourself by sitting with yourself in peace and silence without any distractions.

These periods are mostly overlooked by guys who are just caught up on the hamster wheel of life, come home tired and exhausted at the end of the day.

That’s why I’ll teach you:

Exercises that will help you to gain absolute clarity about the what women you desire, how many girls you actually want to date and how to clearly define what kind life you want to live. 

Why overthinking and not doing are dangerous for your personal growth 

How achieving a clear vision is crucial to actually achieve the goals you set for yourself. 

How you can gain absolute clarity about your life’s mission in seduction, business and fitness and why having cycles of retreat, recovery and goal setting are so crucial 


Video chapter 7 is all about conquering your weaker self. 

If you handle discipline and procrastination you will fulfill your life’s mission. 

For me personally I hated to sit at a desk for 8 hours a day to make sales in a call centre but didn’t have the discipline to play guitar for 8 hours straight.

It made me feel like shit because it exposed to me the fact that I cared more about money than music. 

When you set your own schedule you have to set time aside to achieve goals in seduction, fitness, or business you are very likely to procrastinate.

Get The Limitless Seducer – Liam McRae, Only Price $52

You need to have very clear time slots or nothing will get done.

You will default to what’s easiest, not what will get you the results.

That’s why I’ll teach you:

Why accepting that you will almost always feel the pull towards laziness can be a good thing

I will reveal my own strategies and systems to overcome procrastination and how discipline can actually free you to achieve your own goals

You’ll also learn why the task you fear the most can actually be the easiest you can achieve and why healthy habits that energize you will give you willpower to do other tasks you internally resist against.


There are Five Devils that will prevent you from achieving your dream goals in dating, lifestyle and your business career.

We all have them inside of us.

I learned how to recognize them during a 10 day vipassana retreat and can now apply this insight to my own life all the time!

If you don’t want to sit for 10 hours a day for ten days straight this section will show what these FIVE devils are.

It’s crucial to sharpen your awareness to combat these FIVE devils because they are the ones that will most likely hinder you the most.

In this five video special I will reveal those Five Devils and how to tune your awareness into recognizing them when they arise:


Why craving recognition from others and your ego can limit you from achieving your goals

I’ll also reveal the root of craving and how to combat it


Why avoiding rejection can be the main reason you are not living to your full potential 

How you should become aware of awkwardness and anxiety to finally make seduction a sustainable habit 

How feeling weak can create a mental story you are telling yourself that may not actually be true


How your lack of trust in the process can prevent you from taking action

Why not trusting in yourself may be the main reason why it will take years before you become a skilled seducer

How your lack of trust in others actually prevents you from connecting with gorgeous women



Why in today’s society distraction is the #1 reason why people have trouble making meaningful connections

How you not getting the results you want is directly connected to your lack of focus


How to get in touch with your emotions and how you can improve your connections with women

How diet and exercise can give you energy

Why you should be aware that your body will try to create a feeling of tiredness to convince you to go home and how to prevent this

To combat these 5 devils I recorded a special “Dragon Tooth” meditation audio that will prime you to become aware of them, to calm your monkey brain and transcend the those inner boundaries that prevent you from achieving the life you have envisioned for yourself. 


This video is crucial to understand the different types of risk in your job and in your private life. 

Maybe in your job, risk assessment or risk management is good. I coach so many engineers, accountants and programmers who need to assess risk as part of their jobs on a daily basis.

If you are one of those guys you may get stuck in this mental pattern and have this frame of mind in your dating and social life you’ll run worst case scenarios in your head about approaching women!

That’s why I’ll teach you:

Why measuring risk in numbers and percentages can be detrimental to forming deep connections with women. When you are interacting with another person trying to weigh up risk mathematically you’ll see your interactions go down the drain. 

Why women hate guys who calculate every move and they can smell them a mile away

 Why it’s important to reframe risk when you interact women and how risk can be a useful concept to fuel your dating life

I’ll also give you a wake up call about the brutal truth what the real risk of not approaching women can bring into your life


I have been waiting a long time to talk about the concept of flow state in seduction. Flow state is something that can be accessed by anyone if you follow the formula I’ll reveal in this video chapter. 

That’s why I created a video specifically on this concept and how you can apply it in your own life

That’s why I’ll teach you:

How to seamlessly cycle back and forth between business, fitness and seduction phases in your life. 

Why once you’ve understood the cycle of flow, you’ll be able to train your awareness to consciously go through the different stages

How training to enter the flow state can be super easy once you recognize the distinct thresholds of getting into flow 


In video chapter 15 I am going to delve into a topic that relates to most of our live workshop students. 

They desperately seek love, intimacy and connection but this seeking comes from a place of neediness. 

You can eliminate this neediness by being grounded in yourself and learn how to generate love from within. That way you can give love from a wholesome place. Women will hardly ever reject you if you offer them genuine loving kindness. 

However I can only stress that if love doesn’t happen quickly don’t beat yourself up! Become open to falling in love but not attached to it. 

That’s why I specifically designed this chapter to teach you:

How to develop a relationship with a girl naturally without force

Why not putting pressure on her will allow her to become closer to you

How obsession can lead to the destruction of your relationship

Why Hollywood movies may have restricted you from having real life romance

Why finding out your about your actual goals and preferences can be sexual dynamite between you and her


Video Chapter 16 deals specifically with the topic of rejection after sex.

I wanted to make this clear for you guys.  

Seduction doesn’t just end with the sex.

What if the girl doesn’t want to be your summer girlfriend and rejects you? Nobody ever talks about this topic. Once you’ve seduced a girl most advice will leave you scrambling to your own devices.                                                                                                                                      

That’s why I’ll teach you:

Why rejection is to be expected and how to deal with it promptly 

Why only getting laid shouldn’t be your end goal


I also wanted to show you why there are unspoken dating contracts between men and women that are highly controversial for the general mainstream audience.

This is such a delicate topic that I will probably earn me a lot of heat from bloggers and journalists alike.

That’s why I’ll teach you:

Why unspoken dating contracts you are not aware of may cause infidelity 

How most guys have no clue about this and why knowing how to deal with those contracts will make you stand out against any other guy she’ll ever meet  

I’ll also reveal to you how knowing these contracts can dramatically improve your relationships with women and net you your dream girlfriend

Why it’s so important to unlock your highest potential …

The main reason why I created this exclusive two-month course was to give you the mindset shifts, efficient hacks and guidance to balance your goals in seduction, business and fitness. 

By now you should realize that this course is not a magic pill that will give you success overnight. Instead you can use the newly gained knowledge in this course to build a foundation for life! 

Balancing seduction, business and spirituality is a process that you’ll have initiate and execute yourself. That why I have designed specific homework exercises  that go along with the course to help you ingrain these new habits into your life. 

I also put together a limited bonus package!

Bonus #1: Limitless Seducer Memoir Ebook

I also realized that some guys learn through my own seduction stories and enjoy reading my exploits in book form. That’s why wrote a memoir about my time discovering these hacks and mindset shifts during my summer in Melbourne last year.

You get to exclusively read The Limitless Seducer months before it will be released on Kindle and our home page. Once this ebook is released it will retail at $37.

Bonus #2: Exclusive Online Workshop on Sexual Archetypes, Role Play and Sexual Escalation

To sweeten the deal I will also give you my special online three hour long workshop about sexual archetypes, role play and sexual escalation, which is not available for sale any more. This workshop retailed at $97 but will be yours for free if you buy this package. 

Bonus #3: “Dragon Tooth” Powerful Guided Meditation Audio

I also included a special meditation to forge your inner warrior and fight the procrastinating wussy inside of you. This meditation was previously only available to my Skype coaching students but I’m giving away this package.

If you wanted to experience this mediation package previously you had to book me for $250 Skype session but today this powerful mp3 will be yours free of charge.

Bonus #4: Liam’s  Music Video 

I’ll also include my new music video for you that I shot while I created this program, going to the gym and dating multiple girls. This is a testament of the power this course provides to you to work on creative projects while still running a business! 

Bonus #5: Secrets Sex Techniques to Last Longer in Bed 

I actually did not want to release this but I am getting so many emails from guys asking me to give them guidance on how to improve their sex life and last longer in bed.

This video will show you my coveted methodology and mindsets to stay hard longer, avoid premature ejaculation and how to make sex more enjoyable for you.

The secrets I’ll be unveiling in this video alone are worth $250.

So there you go, you can get this exclusive package with all FIVE bonuses today. 

Before I get to pricing, keep in mind:

It took me years of going out, getting painfully rejected, testing all different mindset hacks and scrutinizing the performances of top athletes, actors and musicians to figure out how I could balance seduction, business and fitness at a high level.

I also spend thousands of dollars studying with world renowned business coaches, movement specialists and music teachers to uncover all these lessons I am presenting to you in this course.

If you really pay close attention to what I am going to reveal in this product you can avoid the painful life of mediocrity, not dating the girls you always desired and not getting that dream job you always envisioned for yourself. 

It’s up to you whether you want to live a life of sedation while you let society dictate how you should live your life, or choose to walk another path …

If you want choice in your dating life, to rapidly accelerate your skill growth in all areas of life then this universal system will get you moving towards the every goal you set for yourself.      

Move away from procrastination and fear towards the joy of growing and becoming a high achiever

Of course you could go gather all of this information on your own, it’s your choice …

Remember it can take you years to draw the same conclusions that I did until you gather that specific insight that will set you apart from 95% of other guys and can turn you into an efficient goal achieving seducer.  

But I’ll be honest with you, when you take this course you will not change overnight.

Growth takes time …

When you have trained for a sport or musical instrument you know that you’ll reap the fruits of your labor after proper training and also rest periods in which your brain can rewire itself. 

If I had all this information five years ago my productivity, my seduction skills and my goals as a businessman would have 10x’d by now. 

I don’t want people in this course who don’t act

when a special opportunity arises.

If you want to build the skills that will last you a lifetime then take action today and enroll in this course. 

If you decide to enroll now you will you’ll get access to the Limitless Seducer along with all 18 videos and the 5 exclusive bonuses for only $197 USD.

All of our workshops for the rest of this year are almost sold out and if you want to work with me personally, this will be your last chance this year if you cannot come to one of our workshops.

If you have been putting off making seduction a habit in your life and you want to balance this pursuit with your business career aspirations and your fitness goals this will be your best chance!

Here’s how it works:

If you purchase the course along with all the five bonuses you will pay a single payment of $197 USD.

I understand that some of you may be hesitant about this offer so if you buy the Limitless Seducer and you are not satisfied with course, send us an email within the first 30 days and we’ll quickly refund your purchase.

This should leave you plenty of time to go through the course, do all of the exercises and read the book to make a decision whether this course is the right fit for you. 

Take Action Now!

 If you want to enroll in the course now, scroll down and click the order button. 

 You’ll then be taken to a secure and encrypted order page. 

 Once your order is placed you will receive a confirmation email within minutes and you can dive into the course materials and enjoy all the special bonuses. 

 At last I want to tell you one more thing …

 I get messages from so many guys who started to approach girls, get burned out by their analytical jobs and never take care of their fitness.

At this moment this is your opportunity to learn the habits of productivity, goal setting and make my special dating hacks yours forever.

If you want to think a little more about joining this course then I urge not take long. If you message me in a month this course will be gone! 

You may ask yourself why I am so cruel?

Because I believe in people who grab life by the horns, invest in themselves and make their dreams a reality. They are hungry for getting results.

I don’t want any penny pinchers on this course that cannot see the value I provide for them. 

This is not the time to be indecisive!

Don’t procrastinate again on such an important decision in your life. Instead come and join other lifestyle warriors who want to take their lives into their own hands.      

Click the order button below and I’ll see you on the other side!

Stay Natural


“I want The Limitless Seducer course with all 5 Bonuses!”

P.S. This is an opportunity to change the course of your love life forever. 

I chose to take the risk, commit to the path, no matter what the price and not look back on a mediocre life. I took the risks, and got the best life that was possible for me today.

Today, you don’t have to take such extreme risks to get what you want, but you do need to take action right now.

After  years in seduction and teaching workshops I’ve seen every path that men decide to take and the results. Although some men live in denial, hoping fate will deliver them their soul mates, I know that if you’re waiting, hoping and procrastinating over fixing your love life, nothing will change and it’s likely you’ll be in the same position, even years from now.

Don’t let that be you.

Seize the opportunity right now, before this offer gets taken off the market.

Once this offer is gone, it won’t be coming back for a long time, if ever.

And if you come back after a few months wondering if you can still get in on this deal, this opportunity will have been long gone.

I’m being a hardass about this because at this point in my life I’m only interested in working with people who take responsibility for their growth. I have no energy for time wasters or people looking for a bargain.

What I teach changes lives and the men who recognise that want to start right now, not spend another year shopping around.

In life, the ones who are successful are the ones who seize opportunities when they come knocking and don’t stop at anything to get what they want.

Don’t live in regret of not knowing what might happen if you’d just taken action at this very moment.

Click the order button below, and I’ll see you on the other side.

Get The Limitless Seducer – Liam McRae, Only Price $52

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