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The Digital Gangsta – Julie Stoian

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Digital Marketers are defined by people who can use the Internet to find new leads and get customers…aka money. The VERY skill set of a Digital Marketer is about finding and making money through online prospecting and sales.

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This is not gonna be your mama’s sales page. Even though I am a mama of four (#madrespectmoms), I’m a straight shooter and refuse to manipulate you with slushy sales tactics or bore you with stories you don’t give a rat’s ass about. I will also be brutally honest about what it really takes to succeed, and whether or not you have it.

There’s really only two reasons you’re here:

  •   You want to become a digital marketer and make GOOD money either building a Digital Marketing business or scaling your course and coaching business (In 2016 I did $200,000 in client work, and an additional $160,000 in courses and online coaching. In 2017, I did $1.3 million.)
  •    You have a business or business idea that is SORELY in need of BAD ASS digital marketing (and you’re fed up with crappy coaches who simply regurgitate gurus)

If you don’t fit into either of those two categories, this course isn’t for you.

Now that that’s outta the way…

Digital Marketers are some of the richest freelancers in the world.

  •  I’ll explain why in a minute…

And if you’re a business owner looking to understand digital marketing, you are a smarty pants because…

  • You know that marketing yourself online is the most lucrative way to scale a business FAST.

The Job of THIS Sales Page is To Help You Overcome the Objections in Your Head About Whether or Not To Take My Offer.

Because really, there are only five reasons you won’t take me up on what I’m offering by the end of this direct-response rant.

  •   No Need – You don’t really need to become a Digital Marketer because a) you have a great job already, or b) you would rather pay someone to do your business’s digital marketing than learn it yourself. But guess what, many of you might *think* you don’t need it, when you most certainly do.
  •   No Hurry – Procrastination Station is your country of residence and you prefer dreaming about doing things than actually doing them. Since I am an action taker of EPIC proportions, I get really annoyed by procrastinators and would rather not work with them. To that end, I will purposely create urgency to weed out those who like to sit on the sidelines.
  •   No Desire – You landed here by accident (or because my targeting sucks) and therefore, you really could care less about Digital Marketing and you’re annoyed at my sarcastic obnoxious language. You might even be writing an email to me in your head right now about what an arrogant pain in the ass I am.
  •    No Trust – Ahhh the biggie. You don’t really know who I am or if I can deliver on my promises. This is legit. I wouldn’t trust me without knowing me either. So we’ll get a little intimate here in a few.
  •    No Money – Ahhh the second biggie. You’re broke as joke. By the way, most people aren’t as broke as they say. What they mean is that the price I’m asking is not equal (in your head) to the value I provide. After I show you that a Digital Marketing career OR bad-ass Digital Marketing skills in your business are the difference between in debt, or making multiple six figures a year, the price won’t seem so bad.


I know this because I am one.

Digital Marketers are defined by people who can use the Internet to find new leads and get customers…aka money. The VERY skill set of a Digital Marketer is about finding and making money through online prospecting and sales.

Digital Marketers are Money Finders and Money Makers.

If my funnels blow up tomorrow, if my brand crashes into the ocean, if my client thinks I’m a dink…it’s okay. Because I know how to find and make more brands, clients, and funnels. The skills in my tool belt are the money finding and making skills that can be leveraged on the most powerful tool on Planet Earth…the Internet.


I know, rocket science.

If you’re not on the Internet, you’re barely a business. Seriously.

The Internet crushes TV, newspapers, mail, every other mode of advertising out there.

That means if you have a business, you better learn Digital Marketing FAST, or find someone who does. And if you want to be a Digital Marketer, the news is very good. The GOOD ones will ALWAYS be busy because every business in the world…needs YOU.

You Need to Understand Digital Marketing.

That’s the Bottom Line.

If you’re following along on this lesson on direct response, I’ve just crushed the objection about need.

I would have been nervous if you DIDN’T ask me this question.

There are a lot of people out there SMARTER than me. WEALTHIER than me. More EXPERIENCED than me. But I would argue that you can pit me up against some of the best gurus out there and I would still win when it comes to…


Just because you know how to go into space, land on the moon, take a piss and come back, doesn’t mean you can teach Joe next door how to do it.

Here come the credentials that set me up to be the BEST choice to learn Digital Marketing from in 2018.

And I’m not blowing smoke up your ass either.

  •  I know more tech than ____________: Insert favorite guru. The point is, many gurus don’t actually DO the work. I DO. I know the nitty gritty of web design, funnel design, tech, servers, copywriting, ads, and more. There is NOTHING I don’t do except write code or edit videos (I can do video editing, but I hate it…so I don’t). When I’m musing about some strategy related to a funnel, I know how to go in and get it set up, weird extra code needed and everything.
  •   I graduated the #1 student in my class with a degree in Clinical/Community Psychology. Human behavior is my jam. Personality tests, psychological strategy, hell – trying to manipulate four kids to do what I want…it’s more than any Marketing Degree could ever teach me. You’re still reading this page, word for word…aren’t you? CASE IN POINT.
  •   I’ve spent my entire adult life teaching. Teaching piano, teaching VA’s, teaching up and coming Digital Marketers, teaching kids, teaching adults. Knowing how to break a complicated and overwhelming concept into manageable chunks is a gift, and I have it. Many gurus do not.
  •    I’ve helped businesses make money. LOTS of money. And they are businesses NOT in the Digital Marketing industry. Health niche, home organization niche, writing niche, therapy niche, etc. My last client grossed over a million dollars on her proofreading funnel (yes, it’s true).
  •    I’ve made millions of dollars for myself and have unique experience in two types of businesses: I know how to be a SERVICE provider as well as an entrepreneur running an online business.
  •   Social proof galore. Hundreds (not exaggerating) of people + businesses who’ve worked with me and have said that I’ve been a transformational GAME CHANGER…(I would say gangsta) in the success and growth of their online business. In fact, I have an entire page that scrolls for miles.
  •   I didn’t take any shortcuts. Here, let me take a course and then turn around and teach it. Just allll the no. I’ve worked as an online service provider while being a mom for the last five years and have earned the right to call myself an EXPERT. From my award-winning writing and blogs, to the hundreds of websites and customers, I dare you to find someone with the breadth of skills I have.

Lastly? I work with Russell Brunson. I’m one of his head coaches, a funnel builder, and writer for his blogs and books. He’s stamped me with his approval as an expert marketer, and I teach inside many of his courses and programs as well.

The more in-depth story about how I got where I am today.

You NEED Digital Marketing Skills and I Should Be the One to Teach You.

And that’s why I’m very excited to introduce you to….

How to Become a Bad Ass Digital Marketer That Finds + Makes Money for yourself and others.

A Comprehensive 8+ Module Training Program that Covers How to Bring a Business to Life Online Through Digital Marketing Skills + Strategies.

The first how-to and strategy program of its kind that takes you through the REAL LIFE steps I do everyday with my top clients to find and make money. The focus is on real life strategies…as in, “Okay this works in the book but how do you really do it in the real world with budget, time, and talent constraints?”

Here’s how it’s gonna go….

I’m going to teach you tech + strategy, and give you as comprehensive and clear of an education as I can on how I do what I do everyday, and how you can do it for yourself and others as well.

Don’t be fooled by the name. This course is as serious as a heart attack.

This career and skill set saved my life and my family, but I had to work hard. So will you.


Theory and practice, plus real life lessons and examples to give you a broad education on the foundations of Digital Marketing. The focus is on systematic strategy and real life practice.

  • Downloadable Lessons
  • Summary Worksheets
  • Real Life Examples
  • Checklists + Swipe Files



Planning + Market Research for a New Digital Product or Service

How do you test the waters of an idea/service/offer before you dump THOUSANDS down the drain? We’ll go over the FIRST things you need to do with a business before you do anything else.

  • Overall Business Assessment: Is the business non-existent yet, or is it online but a disaster and disorganized?
  •  Competition Assessment: Where are the business’s competitors and what are they doing that works?
  •  Business Owner Assessment: Including evaluating the lifestyle, personality, time and skill set of the business owner.
  •  Past Success/Failure Assessment: Why things work and why they don’t. How to learn from mistakes so they aren’t repeated.
  •  Ideal Client Avatar: Who is the customer, who is the lead, and how do the ideas and/or existing offers reach the avatar?
  •  Budgeting + Timelines: The best plans in the world mean nothing if there’s no money or no time to work with.
  •  Research Phase Setup: What you need and what you don’t in the development of an online business.
  •   Business Setup: Everything you need to know to get started…and nothing more.


Brand Development

Learn how to create a brand through colors, fonts, and messaging. Understand the bare minimum to get started vs. the whole SHEBANG, and how to know what to spend money on and where. Creating a brand that’s flexible enough to pivot in the fast-moving digital space is KEY.

  • A Logo that can Grow: Logos on a budget when the business is just getting started. How to create one that can pivot and grow.
  •  Brand Boards: How to create them in Photoshop for consistency across all materials.
  •  Business Name vs. Product Names: Brainstorming names that are memorable.
  •  Tag lines, Titles, Domain Names: For funnels, web, and other platforms.
  •  Templates, Cover Photos, and Consistency: Planning for what you need to create a consistent theme.
  •  Professional Photos: Branding photo shoots on a budget.


Creation of Programs + Offers

Problem solving and agitation. The master plan built and then broken down into chunks. What is the BIG plan and vision, and how to create smaller affordable step-by-step plans for build out of an online business? And mostly, how can you make a plan that’s FLEXIBLE enough to pivot as needed?

  •  Development of Core Offers: How to pick and frame your core offers, including what is easiest to start with.
  •  Development of Entry Offers: Creation of entry-level offers that take into consideration wow factor, value, price, and cost to make.
  •  Development of Free Offers: Discovery and development of PDF’s, Checklists, e-Guides, Quizzes, Masterclasses, e-Courses + more.
  •  Pairing Up Your Offers: Even if you can’t execute the master vision right from the start, pair up your offers for maximum profits.
  •  Outline of Content/Preparation for Launch: How to break up the plan into manageable phases with outlines and calendar dates for launch.
  •  Pricing Hacks and Strategies: Make sure you have the right price so it’s bound to sell!


Lead Generation to 1k Subscribers Prior to a Launch

Using Lead Magnets, Content Upgrades, Challenges, and Facebook Ads for a pre-sell and BETA launch. How to get to a list of 1000 subscribers with classic list building strategies, why you use them, and preparation for release of product.

  •  List Building Foundations: What email service provider to use, best practices, and setup.
  •  Giveaways: Running a giveaway that generates quality leads for the launch of your product.
  •  Free Challenges: How to create and style a challenge that excites your prospects.
  •  Quizzes: How to create a quiz to generate leads.
  •  Live Webinars: All the steps to creating a live webinar for list building.
  •  Messenger Bots: How to use FB Live and messenger bots to grow your list.
  •  Running Ads: How to use Facebook Ads to build your list.
  •  Facebook Group: Using Facebook groups to keep your list warm.


The Art + Science of Copy and Storytelling

Why writing and storytelling are at the root of every successful online business. How to hack copy, and when not to. Learn how to write direct response sales pages, launch emails, plus resources for emails and ads.

  •  Weekly Broadcasts Before You Have Anything to Sell: As the list grows, you’ll need to make sure you’re keeping your subscribers warm.
  •  Welcome Sequences: The introduction to the business that every lead must progress through.
  •  Storytelling Through Social Media: How to stay engaged with your followers through stories on social media.
  •  Direct-Response Copy Foundations: What is direct-response copy and why is it necessary in online business?
  •  Sales Page Copy: How to write a sales page when you haven’t done it before. Resources and strategies for getting it right the first time.
  •  Writing Webinars + Scripts: Preparing for a live webinar with tips on webinar scripts and selling.
  •  Launch Emails: What kinds of emails to send during the BETA launch, and how to sell without being salesy.
  •  Keeping On Top of ALL the Copy: There is SO MUCH copywriting in business online. Strategies for staying ahead of the curve.


The Pre-Sale + Launch Process

Sales Page Design, Emails, and Live Webinars are used to sell to a small listfor those first pre-sales. The first time that product goes to market, how are you going to sell it and validate it? This module will explore the launch process for the release of a product or service.

  •  Sales Page Setup & Design: Strategies, tools, and tips for beautiful sales pages that convert.
  •  Partners and/or JV Affiliates: Research and pitching to partner affiliates for launch. Creation of affiliate programs and tools to use.
  •  Beta Pricing: Final pricing and tiers for your BETA launch.
  •  Pre-launch Plan and Calendar: Calendar and planning for a seamless release.
  •  The Launch of the Product with a Live Webinar: Using the 5-day challenge to build buzz and warm the list.
  •  Open the Cart: The launch sequence and your first sales.


Product Development After Launch

Once the sales are in, how to develop the course as you go, onboard new clients, and get vital feedback for social proof. Tools, systems, and staying on track now that you have buying customers ready to consume your content.

  •  Course Development Strategies: Building a course/product as you go doesn’t have to be scary. Tools, systems, and planning to stay on track.
  •  Onboarding: Seamless onboarding experience to wow customers/clients, including emails, check-ins, and customer communication.
  •  Feedback: With the first release of anything, feedback is critical to longterm success. How to get feedback and results.
  •  Refunds and Issues: Dealing with unhappy clients/customers and policies to put in place.


Turning The Product Launch Into an Evergreen Funnel

Learn how to tell if a product should be in launch mode always, or turned into a funnel. Learn how to create up sells, down sells, and choosing the rightfunnel. Build a step-by-step plan for implementation.

  •  Market Research to Tighten the Entry Offers: How to revisit the initial plan and create a tighter offer now that you have customers to ask!
  •  Funnel Plans: The most common types of funnels and how to pick the right one for the products you’re offering.
  •  Real Life Business Sessions: Recordings of funnel planning sessions for real-life businesses.
  •  Clickfunnels Support: Access to the Clickfunnels tutorials needed to get you up and running!
  •  Funnel Bridges: Connecting complimentary offers to generate more revenue out of each customer/client.

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