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The Complete HTML5 & CSS3 Course Build Professional Websites – Joe Parys


In This Complete Course Students Will Learn How to Use HTML5 & CSS3 to Build their own Beautiful Professional Websites



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In this course you will learn fist hand by building your very own website! We take a step by step approach to ensure each student receives a valuable learning experience.

In this course you will learn how to use HTML5 and CSS3 to create responsive websites your clients will love. Our course teaches you how to code showing you multiple examples that you can easily create afterwords on your own. This course will teach you everything you will need to know about HTML5 and CSS3 and what it will take to start your own website development and responsive design.

Here is What You Will Learn Throughout Our Entire Course:

  • Introductions and Basics of HTML5
  • New Updates about Multimedia
  • HTML5 New Forms Elements
  • The Canvas Tag
  • The Power of CSS3
  • The Complete and Professional Webpage Using HTML5 & CSS3 Techniques
  • So Much More!!

This course is designed for everyone and anyone, especially aspiring web designers, bloggers, programmers to business owners can benefit from learning some HTML5 and CSS3. This course is also for anyone who plans on becoming a web programmer or a web designer themselves. HTML5 and CSS3 are the essential languages you must master, especially in todays day of coding.

With the right mindset, understanding, and application of the teachings in this course, you will instantly begin to move towards becoming a professional web designer and developer.

When I learn something new about HTML5 and CSS3, I add it to the course – at no additional cost to you! This is a course that will continue to add more and more to every aspect of your life.

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I can't guarantee your success – this course does take work on your part. But You Can Do It!

I am also not responsible for your actions. You are responsible for 100% of the decisions and actions you make while using this course.

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Joe Parys and Shahzaib Kamal

Course Curriculum

Section 1: Welcome! Learn How This Course Will Help You Build A Website With HTML5 & CSS3

  • HTML5 CSS3 Build Professional Websites Today! (1:43)
  • Course Introduction & Course Benefits – How We Will Help You Build A Website (1:10)
  • How To Use This Course To Gain The Maximum Form Our Teachings (1:41)

Section 2: Introductions and Basics of HTML5

  • Introduction (3:36)
  • Html5 DTD (3:11)
  • WBR tag (4:49)

Section 3: New Updates about Multimedia

  • Audio Tag (5:14)
  • Audio Tag Attribute (8:13)
  • Video Tag (4:55)
  • Video tag attribute (5:51)

Section 4: HTML5 New Forms Elements

  • Html forms (4:54)
  • Adding CSS to Form (6:54)
  • Validating Email address (3:20)
  • Validating Numbers (3:41)
  • Date input and its attributes (5:05)
  • Date with week and month (3:00)
  • Time Input and Date Time Local Input (3:01)
  • URL and search field (4:41)
  • The required attribute and form validation (3:03)
  • Range Input (5:51)
  • Color input (2:58)
  • Input List and Datalist Tag (5:37)
  • Multiple File Uploader (3:50)
  • Adding Placeholder (3:42)
  • Autofocus and No Validate (3:18)

Section 5: The Canvas Tag

  • Intro to Canvas (1:50)
  • Creating a simple Canvas And Rectangle (10:12)
  • Creating a Line (8:23)
  • Creating a Circle (8:50)

Section 6: The Power of CSS3

  • Intro to CSS3 (1:52)
  • BorderRadius Property (5:54)
  • Box Shadow (4:37)
  • Linear Gradient (4:13)
  • Linear Gradient more (5:33)
  • Radial Gradient (6:28)
  • Text Shadow (4:53)
  • White Space, Overflow and Text Over Flow (3:57)
  • Word Wrap and Word Break (8:34)
  • Font Face (6:04)
  • Transform, translate (4:31)
  • Transform Rotate, Skew and Scale (8:37)

Section 7: Transition & Animation Effects on CSS3

  • Transition Effects (7:15)
  • Animation Effects (5:47)

Section 8: The Complete and Professional Webpage Using HTML5 & CSS3 Techniques

  • Creating the complete webpage layout (4:25)
  • Creating the CSS Layout (2:27)
  • Completing the Basic Layout (7:21)
  • Creating header and Navigation (7:04)
  • Creating the Article area (11:22)
  • Creating Aside Area (7:36)
  • Completing the Project with Simple CSS (7:37)
  • Adding Border Radius Property (4:08)
  • Adding Font Face to the Project (3:32)
  • Adding Transition Property (3:56)
  • Adding Animation to the Project (5:46)
  • Adding some more Animation (7:16)

Section 9: Course Conclusion and Final Exam

  • Course Conclusion and Final Exam (1:19)

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