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Svengali System – Jonathan Chase

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“Who else wants Respect, Status, Admiration, Trust and even Money? These are the Tokens of Appreciation You Will Get for Positively Influencing and Enhancing Peoples Life Experience and Get the Time to Enjoy the Benefits”

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What’s Included:

1) Class 1: Intent and Rapport – The Subconscious 9 year old – Perfect Place and the Container – Core Rapport – The Secret of True Intent – Disregarding The Unpredictable

2) Class 2: Attracting the Right People – Presupposition – Games and Experiments Giving People Stuff – Observation – Parrot Rapport and the Big Question Mark

3) Class 3: Buckets of Beliefs – Behaviours – Experiences and Memories – Leveling the Playing Field – Telling the Best Stories – Absolute Truths – Momentous Moments of Subconscious Dominance – Silence, Confusion or the Pattern Interrupt – Using Emotion – Peripheral Players

4) Class 4: Elevator Pitch – Social Reciprocation – The Hypnotic Word!

5) Class 5: Repetition – Anchoring – Fascination – K.I.S.S. – Installation – Awe Rapport – Give Don’t Sell – The Confidence Trick – The Give Me More Pattern – The Emotional Tools of Influence – Putting it All Together

All Classes Include Q&A Session Except Class 5

Course Description

“Who else wants Respect, Status, Admiration, Trust and even Money? These are the Tokens of Appreciation You Will Get for Positively Influencing and Enhancing Peoples Life Experience and Get the Time to Enjoy the Benefits”

You have found all this and more with your Svengali System, the easy way to Hypnotically Influence People

  • Enhance people’s life experience so they return the favour
  • Make people feel good around you so they give you what you need
  • People buy off people they know like and trust
  • Word of mouth is the best marketing
  • It feels good to steer others to feel good
  • Having control of the way to persuade and influence the right people has never been easier

I often ask myself how did a coal miners son from the industrial Midlands of Britain find himself living by the English Riviera and being at the top of his game after a lifestyle that would kill most people? It did kill me come to think about it!

The fact is I had people around me who did stuff for me. Virtually anything I wanted them to do, whenever I wanted them to do it. I put that down to being disabled and the “Awww” factor, but it is actually nothing to do with that, it’s much more fundamental and any one can do it.

One word from me and…

I have always had an ability to get people to do stuff, not just as a hypnotist but always. And until I started teaching I never even had to think about it!

So I guess it was inevitable that I became the Hypnotist and honed those natural influence skills to the point where almost anything was possible to get – money when I needed it – company of a sort – success in my career. Yes, I had everything, everything that is except F.I.S.H., That is Fulfilment, Inspiration, Satisfaction and Happiness.

That came when I realised that it isn’t about just getting what I want, it’s about

Giving What They Want.

Like you I used to think that Covert Hypnosis, Conversational Hypnosis and NLP was all about Control and Manipulation and that is exactly how I used it. It was easy. I never thought about it much, until someone asked me how I did it…

Nothing hones your natural skill more than having to teach it to others. And I love teaching. Of all the ways to give and get FISH for me installing stuff into your learning mind so you can get what you want is the most awesome thing for both of us.

However being non academic and preferring to play rather than work the thing for me was that it really does have to fit my criteria of being…

Easy, Fun, Effective

Okay, so the title and the headline may be putting you off rushing down to the bottom of the page and getting your space on this learning experience, if they are then this product isn’t for you. It also isn’t for you if you think all it will do is give you control over people or get them to do your every wicked whim.

This Unique Product Is For You if you are excited by the idea of playing and experimenting with mental stuff which enhances the experience of life in easy, fun and effective ways for the benefit of you and the people you’ll come to influence, and there are more of those than you think and less than you are told by some so called ‘experts’. However get your focus right and you won’t even see those and that is really easy.

And I’m Guessing You are looking for an Easy, Fun and Effective way to get what you want by communicating with people and benefiting them in such a way as they feel inspired to give you what you want.

Stay with me and I’ll keep the profanity to a minimum and show you why:

  • Respect, Status, Admiration, Trust And Even Money Are The Tokens Of Appreciation You Can Expect For Enhancing Their Life Experience
  • It gets installed – You Won’t Need To Work Or Study
  • You Don’t Need Special Language Skills
  • ‘Trance’ Is Not Part Of The Process
  • Normal Skills You Already Have Just Need Turned On
  • Playing And Experimentation Are Vital
  • Simplicity Is The Best Way To Make It Easy
  • The 9 Year Old Brat we call the Subconscious Can Be Tamed
  • People Can Be Influenced Positively

The established view on Hypnosis, especially covert conversational and hidden hypnosis, is one of total control – here’s a secret they don’t want you to know –

Total Control Never Happens!

Ask yourself how many elections are ever a 100% landslide? How many advertisements mean you only ever buy one product? Don’t you think that if there were such 100% success methods that people would be using them?

Like me you really don’t believe the promise of total control and influence. It doesn’t make sense. And experience teaches it doesn’t.

When I was a stage hypnotist the idea of banging a complete audience under the influence, going to the bar for a chat with the barmaid and then waking them up at the end of the night telling them what a fantastic show they’d been watching was a dream that could never be fulfilled, although I did try a few hundred times


The real truth is that at any one time you can almost guarantee that 20% of people, that’s one in five, are instantly open to suggestion and influence and that 20% are not, and that the other 60% can be steered into joining those who can.

I’ve not yet met everyone in the world so I’m basing this on my personal experience of hypnotising a few tens of thousands of people in front of live witnesses numbering millions of people, and getting them to believe they are eating wonderful fruit instead of the hot, smelly and raw onions I’d given them.

Most People Can Be Directly Influenced

The fact is that in most social, personal, business and yes, even in electronic Interweb interactions a ‘hot hit rate’ of more like 60% of people being positively influenced is way closer to the actually verifiable figures.

100% however sounds like too much hard work to me, and I’m the lazy B’stard in the headline, over the decades I’ve had a great time steering thousands of people to get more out of this Great Game Called Life!

So. . .

I’m happy.

On a good day, and most are when you surrounded by people having a blast, that rises to 80% or so. That’s right, happy heads full of Dopamine are way more open to suggestions, and way more likely to accept the good stuff and fun ones. Although you do have to watch what some people consider to be fun!

You Don’t Need Special Language Skills

You have no doubt heard of complicated language patterns and embedded doo-dahs and wotsits which are apparently like Magic Spells that when mastered people have no choice but to follow you.

The thing is I have no idea if that’s true.

Although I’ve been a full time hypnotist for more years than some language experts I’ve met have been alive, I’ve never been able to feel anything but bloody stupid using these un-natural and awkward for me language patterns.

I left school with a big grin and a sigh from the teachers at 15 to work in a factory by day and as a roadie by evening so formal education wasn’t around too long for me.

Although to be honest I once guested at an NLP seminar and bluffed my way through an hour of talking about Ericksonian language patterns.

So when I was persuaded – oh yes it works both ways – to come up with this learning experience for you I deliberately didn’t include anything I haven’t needed to use to overcome resistance and pretty much succeed in producing positive results whenever I have needed to.

‘Trance’ Is Not Part Of The Process

Being a bit of a Maverick I don’t think trance is hypnosis. Hypnosis can cause trance yes, but that isn’t the same thing and a hypnotist can achieve almost everything out of proper trance that you can inside it.

So as trance isn’t the point of something that is supposed to be sneaky and covert and seen as perfectly normal conversation by observers, I think having people pop into cataleptic swoons around you may be just a bit suspicious.

The question is when does the hypnosis take place?

Normal Skills Just Need Turned ON

Everyone can be a hypnotist. In fact most people are. Although not everyone is as open as a hungry Hippo’s mouth to the methods you use, anyone and everyone can easily throw some food in to fulfil and feed the hungry mind of those who literally want you to feed them.

You Already Influence and Persuade Unbelievable Amounts of People, the interesting thing is that most of the time neither of you know when it’s happening.

When the DELIBERATE INFLUENCE AND INTENT is turned on then you will get to choose when it happens and what the result is going to be.

Playing and Experimentation Are Vital

“WORK” is a dirty word. Far worse than the *F* word the *B* word or even, and I mean this, the *C* word.

Work only works when we repeat it. We have a learning curve for work that looks like the North Face of K2!

Play however, well most of us learn to play any game in seconds. I remember being amazed watching my youngest son James.

Struggled like crap to get hold of Algebra for four years and like his father failed! Yet he could figure out his PS2 games and all the calculations and co-ordination that needed in five minutes of experimenting.

The fact is that even as an adult you learn more in the playground experimenting and trying things out than you ever do in the class room.

And if you are playing rather than being furtive and covert and ‘Intellectual’ then no one will ever catch you!

Simplicity Is The Best Way To Make It Easy

When I sat down to figure the best way to install this stuff for you the first bit of my criteria came to mind, it has to be EASY!

By that I mean it has to be doable by your subconscious which is best thought of as a bright 9 year old child. Oh yes it is!

Just think how it acts when your logical process is put to one side. How childish are you when you are having a row, not getting your own way, doing anything illogical like playing sports or having sex!

And we won’t mention what happens when the brain gets drunk and the childish emotions take over.

You are not doing this. Not deleberately. You’re doing it without ‘thinking’ just like driving a car or a jet ski, it’s your subconscious doing it so the easier the better!

And in my experience, and in the books I write, simplifying something down to what works is the best way to make this easy for you.

“Everything should be made as easy as possible”

– Albert Einstein

The 9 Year Old Brat in their Subconscious Can Be Tamed

The Secret behind all Influence and Persuasion is actually the 9 Year Old Brat we call the Subconscious.

And applying the Svengali System you tame and train other people’s so they do stuff without thinking, just like they do all the time anyway, and it’s your stuff they want to do.

I’ve had 30 odd years getting people’s 9 year olds to play My Games – some of them very odd years and now you have that experience working for you!

You Won’t Need To Work Or Study

Okay so I won’t pretend you don’t have to do anything. Of Course You Are Doing Stuff. Even a Wii needs you to plug it in and Skydiving finishes up pretty messy if you don’t practice pulling the ring thing.

And that’s why you have your Action Sheets so you know what and when you do it.

Sure you do stuff but, it isn’t work and it isn’t study. Those are for the theorists and I’m a practical bloke.

The proper way to do this is to take about three weeks to go through the course to let it all SINK IN, it’s a listen and watch and forget about it for a couple of days approach.

Like me then you play with it after the first listen and you are using the whole thing at the end of a week.

It’s your choice.

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