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Spinal Manipulation Course – Callidae Manus

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Purchase Spinal Manipulation Course – Callidae Manus Course at eBokly. We actively participate in group buys and are committed to sharing knowledge with a wider audience. What's more, our courses maintain the same quality as the original sale page. You have the option to buy directly from the sale page at the full price (sale page link is provided within the post).

If you love SPINAL MANIPULATIONS as I do, this is the course you have been waiting for a long time:

Video Course reserved for HEALTH PROFESSIONALS

After years of study and thousands of hours of practice, I have created the perfect course for your needs

Watch the presentation of the video-course, below

This video course has been developed step by step to 360 ° for your total understanding, in order to make each manipulation in TOTAL SECURITY


I am sure that this course can not be found anywhere on the web. We have covered the whole part of the lessons with details (enlargements, vectors, images and video in slow motion) at the highest level to create a PERFECT product according to your needs.

Consider that this valuable training could increase your value as a professional and therefore the number of your patients: + 200%

Watch the preview below

We present what this video-course contains in its 14 videos:

  • Fundamentals: You will find the bases of the spinal manipulation both in the video and in the manual
  • Fields of application: you will be able to treat successfully • Bulging discs and herniated discs, discopathies • Cervical pain, Cervicobrachialgia, Lumbar pain • Thoracic pain, sacralgia, cruralgia, sciatica • Scoliosis, Hyperfític posture • Correction of functional asymmetry in the lower limbs • Paresthesia • Neuropathic pain • Headaches • Carpal tunnel syndrome (Double Crash syndrome)
  • Palpatory anatomy: In this video I will show you a simple way to recognize and feel all the vertebral segments
  • Pre-manipulation of the cervical spine: this is a fundamental test that will help you understand the clinical reasoning and how to manipulate the cervical spine
  • Cervical manipulations: I will teach you how to safely manipulate the upper, middle and lower cervical spine with two different styles
  • Pre-manipulation of the thoracic and lumbar test: this is a fundamental test that will help you understand the clinical reasoning and how to manipulate the thoracic and lumbar spine
  • Cervico-thoracic manipulations: these are the most desired manipulations by patients
  • Thoracic manipulations: I will teach you all the direct and specific thoracic manipulations that usually give me more results in clinical practice along with those of long lever
  • Lumbothoracic manipulations: These manipulations will support the direct manipulations and will serve you in specific cases
  • Lumbar manipulation: Even for this segment I will teach you both direct manipulations (short lever) and long levers
  • Sacroiliac manipulations: With these manipulations, you will learn to correct the functional asymmetry in the lower limbs (almost always caused by these dysfunctions)
  • Contraindications: In the video and more specifically in the manual you will find all the contraindications to the vertebral manipulations (including the red flags)

Get Spinal Manipulation Course – Callidae Manus, Only Price $44

How much does it cost to you not having the knowledge of these 14 videos about SPINAL MANIPULATIONS?

  • You could cause serious damage by wanting to be brave and FACILITATE THE TREATMENT if you do not have adequate training in this regard.
  • Physiotherapists who perform spinal manipulation are among the most listed because they are able to solve problems with immediate effect.
  • Risks of doing completely incorrect treatments that as mentioned above could cause irreparable damage

This is what will happen to you after you have implemented what you learned in this video course:

  • Great satisfaction with the number of cases resolved
  • Increase in the number of your patients
  • Substantial professional growth

Remember, the more you stay updated, the more you will love this job and the more patients will love you!

The quality of the videos you have at your disposal is very high and you will increase your professional level a lot. These videos represent a great resource to keep up to date and get in touch with this fantastic ART OF THE SPINAL MANIPULATIONS.

We are honest to tell you that the value of this video course for the quantity and quality of the information you get to know is beyond $1,800. For a long time we asked ourselves which was the best price, so that it was not too expensive or too low.

  • A price too high, as we had originally thought, would have cut off many people who would not have the economic opportunity to access it.
  • A price Too low Devalue the video course by going to "end up in the hands" of those who would not be able to handle this kind of precious notions.

So we decided to make it affordable at the price of $594, given the added value that will make you grow, it's more than nice and honest as a real value(consider that in the first 10 treatments, that money will be returned to you and you will use it for life by increasing your skills and gains.)

We also decided to make a limited number of accesses for this video course, with more than 50% of discount, or $147

(for single use license)

Ordering is easy: 594 $ = discounted> 50% = 147

594 $  with discount> 50% => only 147

The payment methods are 3:

  • Payment by credit card or rechargeable
  • Paying with PayPal
  • Transfer payment to SUMMAMANU SRL: UniCredit – Liberta ', 21047 Saronno VA (IBAN: IT 65 Z 02008 50520 000105108911) For transfers from abroad, see the code BIC / SWIFT: UNCRITMM

Advantages for you with this video-training

  • Explanation step by step with many scenes in "slow motion"!
  • Maximum learning with excellent images!
  • Possibility of revising it indefinitely … (and not once as in a traditional course)!
  • It costs 10 times less than a traditional course
  • Zero hotel charges!
  • Zero travel expenses with the car-train …!
  • Zero days off work lost!
  • It will be available to you on your COMPUTER forever!

Get Spinal Manipulation Course – Callidae Manus, Only Price $44

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Purchase the Spinal Manipulation Course – Callidae Manus course at the best price at eBokly. Upon completing your purchase, you will gain access to the downloads page. where you can conveniently retrieve all associated course files. Additionally, we will send you a download notification email to your registered mail.

Unlock your full potential with our Spinal Manipulation Course – Callidae Manus courses. Our courses are meticulously designed to empower you with the skills and knowledge needed for excellence.

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Is it secure? to Use of?
  • Rest assured, your identity remains completely confidential. We do not share your information with anyone, ensuring the utmost security when you buy the Spinal Manipulation Course – Callidae Manus course.
  • 100% Safe Checkout Privateness coverage
  • We employ robust communication and encryption methods to protect sensitive information. All card numbers are encrypted using AES at rest-256, and the transmission of card numbers occurs in a separate hosting environment, without sharing or storing any data.
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What Shipping Methods Are Available?
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  • The course link is always accessible. Simply log in to your account to download the Spinal Manipulation Course – Callidae Manus course whenever you need.
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How Do I Track Order?
  • We promptly update the status of your order following your payment. If, after 7 days, there is no download link provided, the system will automatically process a refund..
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