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Smart Studio Systems – Stephen Cabral

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I distinctly remember in those days working from the crack of dawn to well past dark cranking away trying to scrape together a living. Even with all those hours of hard work and dedication I was still only making enough to pay my rent and pay for the necessities.

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How the 100K a Month 500 ft Studio Came About…

There I was only a few years back and just starting out without any idea of where to turn next…

After all, all my personal trainer certificate gave me was a piece of paper and the right to find a job.

And find a job I did… it paid a whole $8.00/hr (with free use of the gym!), but at least it was a start.

I distinctly remember in those days working from the crack of dawn to well past dark cranking away trying to scrape together a living. Even with all those hours of hard work and dedication I was still only making enough to pay my rent and pay for the necessities.

After a while though I felt like I had paid my dues and I wanted more.

I realized that I couldn’t keep making just over 30K a year for 60+ hours a week of work – if something didn’t change I was going to have to leave behind the work I was so passionate about and what I loved doing more than anything else.

I struggled like this for several months, but I NEVER gave up! NEVER.

To be honest, I straight out refused to fail. I had tried the whole desk job thing and it was horrible. Absolutely horrible. I knew what I wanted and set my eye on the prize.

I wanted it all. The enjoyment of working with clients and the money that comes along with a job well done. I’m not big on fancy cars or anything like that, but I love to travel and I wanted to live in a home I could be proud of (and call my own).

So I got to work. I improved myself, my ability to train clients, and my business.

That’s when things exploded!

I’m not talking going from 31K a year to 40K…

I went from just barely making it to over 100K a year!

I remember the first time I realized I was on pace to making $100,000 that year ($8,400 a month), that I literally didn’t go to bed that night… I just sat on my living room couch until the sun came up spinning with excitement because I had finally realized that I had made it!

I knew that I had cracked the code!

Seriously, most people fear that they will slide backwards and won’t keep making the same money, but I realized that I had a system now where I could generate paying clients at will. (Not only that, I knew I had uncovered some bigger…)

This excitement led me to go on to achieve BIGGER and BOLDER goals.

I ended up doing over $1,000,000 (that’s 1 Million Dollars) by the age of 29 and having more fun than I could possibly have imagined. I was also hired to consult for some well-known health clubs, studio, coaches, and many others wanting to learn my system.

Life was good. I had opened my own small training studio and we had completely sold out of available sessions. I was now traveling 6 weeks a year, own my luxury condo, and no longer having to worry about indulging in some of my favorite toys like top of the line flat screens, the newest gadgets and other stuff that I never use ; )

Fast forward to today, and I’d need a lot more space on this page to tell you about all the exciting things I’m doing. I have multiple streams of fitness income generating more money in a year than all my previous years combined.

Until today, no one had any idea that my 500 square foot fitness floor was (is) generating over $100,000 a MONTH.

And that’s just the from the training.

I don’t say any of this to brag (after all I haven’t told anyone until today!), but I do want to get the point across to you that you don’t need to build this MASSIVE fitness business in order to make a killing doing what you love.

All you need is the same exclusive system I use to sell out my studio month after month.

It’s NOT HARD to implement, but there definitely are some KEY points you must follow and set on auto-pilot to become successful.

What I didn’t mention earlier was that I stopped ALL consulting in 2007 after I realized that my system was working so well it was helping unqualified “personal trainers” and unscrupulous health club managers to make money hand over fist while completely neglecting the client.

That’s NOT what I got into the fitness business for.

My #1 goal has always been and will always be to put the client first. As a result, I stopped all coaching and consulting.

This is also why you haven’t heard from me before. I was staying quiet, running my business, and keeping a low profile. I honestly didn’t want to get back into coaching…

… until Ryan Lee (the godfather of online fitness marketing) reminded me that it was time to give back. He told me that there are thousands of trainers out there struggling.

Not because they’re not great at working with clients… but because they’re not very good on the business side of things.

I totally got that and then something else it hit me like a ton of bricks…

I specifically remember telling myself that if I ever made it big-time that I would give back. I would help others (the reason was I always wished I had a real LIVE coach, and not just books, when I was struggling to make things work) achieve what I achieved.

Now, I’m more fired up than ever to begin coaching other fitness professionals again!

I’ll only be working with a small qualified group this time around, but I can’t wait.

I’ve been there, done that, and know EXACTLY what works.

You could literally transplant me anywhere in the world (hopefully they speak English there ; ) ) and I could create a 100K business in 100 days. No problem whatsoever.

Again, it’s not to brag, but rather to prove a point.

You see, once you have the system it’s just “plug and play” from there…

Like I said this information isn’t for everyone and you do have to qualify, but if it does sound like something that interests you check out the NEVER BEFORE REVEALED STRATEGIES of my fitness business empire in our EXCLUSIVE S3 Coaching & Licensing Program!

I purposely left out my best months because the only point I want to get across to you is that when you have the proper systems in place your income will be consistent month after month without having to worry… (2015 Update: My 500sqft fitness studio does $90,000 – $120,000+ per month consistently!)


Only 1 Smart Studio System License per City

1 Trainer, 1 City, 1 SOLD OUT Fitness Business!

Here’s What You Will Receive with Your License and Private Membership:

S3 Overview and Member Benefits:

“Over 20K Worth of Resources All in 1 Place!”


Market Your Fitness Business Online

“How to Quickly and Easily Market Your Studio Online – S3 Style!”

  • Over $2,000 of online advertising ready for you to ‘Plug and Play’ the same day!
  • See how Ryan and I get our websites ranked #1 in Google and how you can too!
  • How to use YouTube to send surges of traffic
  • Learn to use the right type of video on your home page
  • Get clients tomorrow with Pay-Per-Click ads (I’ll give you my top producing campaigns)
  • The right way to use Craig’s List to generate *FREE* HOT leads!
  • How to sell out a ‘new program’ in 1 week using just online free and/or paid ads!
  • Success stories – which kind work and why
  • My private audio, video, copy secrets to dramatically increase conversion
  • How to follow up with auto-responders for maximum conversion
  • Done for you auto-responders! (we’ll give you our exact follow up emails!)
  • Newsletter secrets and how to properly use the 95/5 rule
  • Complete access to my never before revealed SEO Tactics on how to get ranked on the 1st page of Google!!!
  • Learn how to automate everything in your online marketing!
  • Earn AT LEAST $2 for every $1 you spend on online marketing with goal tracking!
  • Set up powerful linking articles to increase your Google ranking
  • Optimize your website for maximum client conversion
  • How to create easy opt-in forms and learn why which ones work best
  • How to follow up with leads without looking pushy or desperate
  • Hot to use Velvet Rope marketing tactics to get clients to respond quickly to your offers
  • Access to my 3 lead follow up emails proven to convert leads to clients before they even meet with you – this alone is worth THOUSANDS in new client income!


Marketing Your Fitness Business Offline

“Use Guerrilla Style Marketing Strategies to Sell Out Your Studio!”

  • Over $10,000 worth of marketing materials given to you to swipe and deploy!!!
  • Save THOUSANDS in trial and error marketing campaigns that never convert
  • How to easily attract endless streams of clients lining up to work with you
  • How to create a waiting list of hungry clients (yes, you will sell out of every session)
  • Double your client load with simple referral strategies that I use every month
  • Lead generation secrets (CHEAP, fast, and extremely effective)
  • VIP S3GC mailings… very, very powerful no one else is doing them!
  • Business cards done the right way – how to use the “back side”
  • Local business marketing pieces to virtually ellminate ALL competition
  • Banners, signs, and other Hidden Guerilla Marketing tactics
  • How to structure HUGE returns on your marketing investments (ROI done right)
  • Use your newly defined ROI spreadsheet to ensure you’ll make money on every single ad you do!
  • Create your BRAND and become a local fitness celebrity!
  • How to QUICKLY become the “go to” guy or girl and THE ONLY option in your city
  • Learn how to seemlessly automate everything!
  • My 12 month marketing calendar – yours!
  • Get others to do it for you… cheap and easy
  • New marketing pieces to keep your campaigns FRESH
  • License to copy my exact proven postcards!
  • License to copy my custom business card designs!
  • License to copy my Private Neighborhood Secret Guerilla Marketing Cards!
  • License to copy my local business secret marketing & branding tactics – Trust me, NO ONE else is doing this!
  • Special unannounced surprise marketing piece for you to swipe and deploy!
  • How to use my Done For You Marketing pieces next week for maximum return on investment!
  • You will be able to pay for your new S3 License next week with the new clients you can now attract!


Business Tool Kit

“Get Every Form You Need to Systemitize Your Studio!”

  • Complete new client forms
  • Done-for-you
  • Organize your office
  • Feel comfortable leaving your studio on vacation
  • Use my “Office Auto Pilot” System
  • Over 21 ready-to-use forms
  • Just open the documents and insert your logo or type
    in your studio name
  • A simpler way to run your business
  • Once you implement these forms you’ll be able
    to relax and breathe again
  • These forms will give your studio a professional look and feel
  • These forms help sell sessions by painting you as THE expert
  • This Business Forms & Tool Kit Package has been sold to multiple health clubs and studios for $5,000!
A select group of fitness entrepreneurs will discover and enjoy the benefits of my proven methods:

S3 Exclusive Video & Teleseminar Tutorials:

Licenced S3 Swipe Files: Use These Proven Business Tool Kit & Strategic Marketing Pieces!


Offline Marketing Strategies

  • Postcards
  • Oversized
  • Flyers
  • A-Frame
  • Vehicle Wrap
  • Doorhangers
  • Business cards
  • Rack Cards
  • Direct Mail Letters
  • Gift Cards
  • VIP Cards
  • Gift Certificates
  • Plastic Referral Cards
  • Joint Ventures
  • Exclusivity Partnerships
  • Lead Boxes


Online Marketing Strategies

  • SEO
  • Video Marketing
  • Article Marketing
  • CraigsList Ads
  • Email Blasts
  • In-House Offers
  • Linking


In-House Client Marketing Strategies

  • Success Stories
  • Success Story of the Month
  • Body Transformation Contests
  • Referral Contests
  • On-Going Referral Incentives
  • T-Shirt Give-Aways
  • Studio Events
  • Grand Opening or Re-Opening Parties Done Right
  • Competitions


Website Strategies

  • Website Design
  • Quick Forms
  • New Client Questionnaire
  • Email Follow Up
  • Phone Follow Up
  • Create Flow
  • Top 3 Response Getting Tips
  • 5-Part Free Report
  • Business Forms
  • Invoice
  • Client- Trainer Agreement
  • Daily Appointment Sheet
  • Session Records
  • Employee Payroll Sheet
  • Weekly Appointment Calendar


New Client Welcome Packets

  • Fat Burning Intervals
  • Articles
  • Business Cards
  • Nutrition Sheets
  • Referral Coupons


Professional PARQ

  • Goal Setting Sheet
  • Current Fitness Level
  • Body Fat & Measurements
  • Nutrition Questionnaire
  • Workout Spreadsheet
  • Progress Report
  • Liability Waiver
  • Doctor Referral Form


Studio Equipment Checklist & Discounts

  • Functional Training Equipment List
  • Strength Training List
  • Flooring, Lighting, etc
  • Bootcamp Equipment List
  • Corporate Training List
  • Small Group Training List

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