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Sexual Energy Mastery Complete – AMP

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Discover new worlds of sensation, pleasure and fulfillment for you and your partner, and transform your relationship to your body and your sexuality, forever.

Bryan here –

Your sexuality is one of the most rewarding, dynamic, and EDGY aspects of being alive. FEW things are more confronting (and more fulfilling) than exploring our sexuality.

How much quality attention have you actually applied to exploring this aspect of who you are? There are WORLDS waiting to be discovered…

So, we’ve put together a powerful new program – and I’m doing this one with you. And whether you take on this program or not, I encourage you to give this part of your life some attention. My life is forever richer for this exploration, and I know yours will be, too.

Check it out, and I sincerely hope you jump in with us – it’s going to be a great ride!

That said…


Do you ever wish you could last longer during sex, and be able to give your partner orgasm after orgasm, without having to stop or hold back for fear of “going over the edge”?

It gets the most challenging in that clutch moment where she’s about to climax, and is saying, “Don’t stop! Don’t stop!” and you know you’re going to ejaculate if you continue, but your only hope is to take her “over the edge” with you…

Except that you go past the point of no return first, before her orgasm has had a chance to peak, leaving her sexually frustrated and disappointed…

I’ve definitely faced that challenge myself (again and again), and looking back I would’ve loved to have stopped and taken the time to cultivate this practice years sooner than I did.

At it’s worst, I started to dread making love, because what should have been access to deep connection with her, was instead something that drove us APART…

Because during sex, I was often distracted by my own worry about ejaculating too quickly to actually drop in and enjoy our connection together…

I remember the awkwardness of laying in bed next to her, and hearing another roommate and her partner having one explosive orgasm after another together, neither of us said anything, but we were both silently feeling the painful contrast between their sex life, and ours…

We eventually broke up, with one of the main reasons being the dissatisfaction in our sexual connection.

I wanted more than anything else in the world to be able to create that kind of experience with her, but for some reason, my body wasn’t cooperating!



I was able to control the OTHER aspects of my life, and of my body. Why the hell was I powerless in the face of my ejaculatory control, when it’s MY body, when it mattered the most?

Over time, to compensate for this, since I didn’t have full control over my own ejaculatory response, I focused on giving women pleasure in other ways –

This definitely had benefits – I became MASTERFUL at giving women orgasms with my hands.

But with this, a new challenge came up. While this might sound weird, I learned to “ride the wave” of HER sensations, rather than risk the volatility of feeling my own, and risking ejaculation.

As my sexuality evolved, I became clear that I wanted to be more than just an “orgasm-giving machine”. I wanted to share in that pleasure with her – and she wanted this, as well. It wasn’t as rewarding for her when she was the only one going on the ride.


I wasn’t interested in putting on “numbing creams” or anything that would desensitize my experience. While it was important to me to be able to last longer and give my partner a rewarding sexual experience, It was clear to me that numbing myself out was the OPPOSITE of the whole fucking point of sex.

In fact, I realized from my experience with my past girlfriend that the problem wasn’t about the amount of friction going on…it was about the ENERGY and pleasure build-up, that would have nowhere to go but…OUT, in the form of ejaculation. And if I could learn to master my sexual energy, I would have more of everything I’d been wanting…

The Taoist and Tantric eastern traditions discussed “Sexual Energy”, and I had heard about “multiple non-ejaculatory orgasms” and “full-body orgasms” to know that it was probably possible, but trying to decipher these mystical diagrams, then apply them in my life just didn’t work for me.

I knew that I wanted –

  • to have more control, and to last as long as I wanted…
  • to be able to feel more sensations, to “let go” and be on a co-created ride with my lover, and
  • to have multiple, non-ejaculatory, full-body orgasms that I’d read about in books…

But I wasn’t sure where to look.

Then, last year, I had my biggest breakthrough in all 3 of these arenas…


AMP’s Resident Sexual Energy Expert, and a close personal friend, I credit Jim with delivering the killer blow to a challenge I ‘d been tackling for years.

He’s been successfully teaching men how to open up their sexual energy and experience full-body orgasms for over a decade, bringing the “best-practices” from a number of disciplines (both East and West).

He’s helped guys in their 20s all the way to guys in their 60s, to have more ejaculatory control, feel more pleasure, and to have multiple non-ejaculatory orgasms.


This was last fall, and me, Garrison and several other local guys participated.

During that process, several powerful things happened:

I learned practices to master my ejaculatory control, and now have way more choice about when to ejaculate, even when my partner’s about to have an orgasm…(which was my biggest challenge in the past)

I now feel intensely more sensation in my body, in places I’d never imagined (and enjoy sex more now than ever, and because of what I am feeling, not just what she’s feeling…)

I’m more capable of bringing my HEART to my sexual interactions, and I feel more pleasure and sensations in my body, rather than simply watching HER be the one feeling sensations for both of us.

Perhaps most powerfully, I cultivated a new relationship to my body and my sexuality. I feel more appreciation and centeredness in my body, and wholeness and inspiration about my sexuality. This translates to everything I do, especially any interactions I’m having with women I’m attracted to.

,ytregaH leahciM

PhD, 57


“After Jim’s program, I now typically have 5 or more orgasms, including full-body orgasms – beyond what I ever expected.”

Before this program, I had run-of-the-mill sex: one orgasm, and tired afterwards.

Now, after doing Jim’s Sexual Energy Mastery program, it’s beyond what I could have expected. I typically have about 5 orgasms, instead of the usual single orgasm…and I can experience orgasms in different parts of my body, including full-body orgasms…and then when I’m done with those, I can enjoy the usual male ejaculation, so I get the best of both worlds.”

And, I could sense that this was just the beginning. I still wanted to explore rechanneling that sexual energy into multiple non-ejaculatory orgasms, including full-body orgasms… to allow this sexual energy to nourish other areas of my life, to help me give my gifts to the world, and open to new depths of connection with my lover, both sexually and emotionally… so…


In response, he’s put together a comprehensive, 10-week, 10-module product to guide you (and me!) to true Sexual Energy Mastery.

In this program, you’ll learn, step-by-step, how to:

Feel intensely more pleasure in your body-and not just in your genitals.

Have complete ejaculatory control (even for guys who have premature ejaculation challenges).

Experience multiple, non-ejaculatory orgasms…including full-body orgasms…

Be more connected with your partner, sexually and emotionally (often a tough combo to balance)

How to eliminate shame around sex, so that you can be more unapologetically empowered about your sexuality, in EVERY interaction (not just the bedroom)…

…and that’s just the beginning..

Get Sexual Energy Mastery Complete – AMP only Price $33


Module 1 – Base Camp Training

This first module is packed with foundational info and practices. Buckle up!

The 6 principles to mastering your sexual energy. These are the foundations for the entire program. Fully understanding and embodying just one of them will dramatically change your sex life forever.

The 9 types of orgasm for men (yes, 9!)

The 4 keys for separating orgasm from ejaculation

The 4 types of touch you can use to activate pleasure throughout your entire body. (When I tried this, I learned that the sides of my body could bring almost as much pleasure as my genitals-for real.)

Module 2 – PC Pump & The Pelvic Rock: The “Bread & Butter”

It’s no secret that the PC muscle is key for moving sexual energy, but Jim’s thorough breakdown of this topic will help you understand this on a deeper level, and why it’s so important, including…

A 2-step process for isolating the PC muscle in a new way. This is important, because if you’re squeezing other muscles along with the PC, it can actually block the upward movement of the energy.

The 3 ways the PC pump exercise will support you in having non-ejaculatory and full-body orgasms… Jim describes this in further detail than I’ve ever heard before…and when you know HOW things work, it makes a big difference in sticking with the practices.

A moving yoga pose that will open up your pelvis, even if you tend to have closed hips (like me).

Jim gets super-activated in this one, and his energy is contagious -when you see the effect it’s having on Jim as he demonstrates it, you’ll be inspired to continue the practices.

Module 3 – Sexual Breathing: Charging The Body

* Ever had a woman say she wanted to feel your heart more? The sexual breathing practice in Module 3 will “charge your heart” so that you can expand your access to your heart, and actually be able to “make love” during sex, rather than just “fucking”.

How to “pass your sexual energy” to your partner – this enables you to bring a whole new level of play and deep connection into the bedroom.

How to use your hands to move and encourage energy up your body. This is especially powerful for being able to last longer without ejaculating.

Module 4 – “Streaming” Practice: Tricking the Body into Full-Body Orgasms

The Streaming practice is awesome, and was the key to several men having breakthroughs during the first workshop I was in with Jim last fall. This module covers…

The 3 types of movements that will “trick” your brain into thinking that you’re already having an orgasm, which will connect the neural pathways to “flip the switch” to having you become multiorgasmic.

How to open the neural pathways to spread and move energy throughout the body, rather than having it locked down under pressure (paving the way for full ejaculatory control and multiple & full-body orgasms)

The 2 places on your body you need to keep your awareness focused on while doing the Streaming practice to ensure that you’re moving the energy up your body

Why micro-movements are actually more effective than larger movements for becoming multi-orgasmic, and how to make your movements as micro as possible.

Module 5 – “The ‘Me Breath’: From Dial-Up to Broadband

We talk about “moving energy” a lot, and opening up the channels in your body, because both of these are key to being able to master non-ejaculation and full-body orgasms. In this module, you’ll:

Transform the main channel in your body from being like a pinched hose, where all the energy has no choice but to go down and out…[aka ejaculation], to becoming a wide-open pipeline, so you can handle more volume and flow of pleasure, energy and sensation

Know when it’s important to time your movement with your breath, and when it’s not (most of this will be intuitive once you get the hang of it, but this is the “training wheels” to get you there)

Module 6 – The Heartgasm: Combining Heart and Genitals

In this module, you’ll discover:

A deeper experience of the “ME Breath” and widening the channel from your genitals to your heart.

The drawback of the Taoist “microcosmic orbit” practices that actually DETRACT from the heart-genital connection, and why you don’t want to bypass it the way they suggest

How to have a heart-gasm…bringing sexual energy into your heart, combining feelings of love with your turn-on… Heart-open, crying, sobbing uncontrollably, broken-open lovemaking like this allows for bonding with your partner at the deepest levels…

Module 7 – Crazy-Throat: The “Key Sound” & Vocalization

Sound and expression are an important part of moving the energy, and in doing these practices you’ll discover places where you can open up your OWN self-expression even more. In this module, Jim covers:

The 2-part “Crazy Throat” practice – a method to “ejaculate” from your throat instead of your genitals, using a very specific SOUND to move the energy.

Ever had trouble expressing emotions, or been at a loss of words to express yourself? This practice will help you “let it fly” without having to go up in your head to “figure out how to say” what you’re feeling. Obviously, this is super-useful even beyond the bedroom…

How to draw the energy up your body with the “Key Sound”, and roll it down through the body

What to tell your neighbors about the vocal practices you’ll be doing

Module 8 – Brain Orgasm: Ringing the Bell

Once you have control over the sexual energy in your body, you can move to Jedi-level practices – direct it through your partner, or run it along a circuit through the top of your body. In this module, you’ll learn:

The 2 basic kinds of “brain orgasms” – the “ring the carnival bell” orgasm, and the shoot the moon/shower brain orgasm…

The practice to ensure you don’t get the energy trapped in your brain (very important, could be seriously dangerous if you don’t do this)

Module 9 – The “You” Breath: Longer, Stronger Erections

In this module, you’ll learn:

How to “charge the genitals” with an unconventional form of breathing, to create stronger erections, overcome impotence, and bring intense sexual energy into your genitals.

How to collect chi (energy) in your pelvic bowl, and use it to build stronger erections, become more grounded, or channel it towards your “life purpose” in the world

Module 10 – Putting it all Together

Now that you’ve begun to get the hang of these sexual techniques, how will you use them on the playing field? Jim gets into real-world sex play in this final module, helping you combine everything you’ve learned so far with the Bonus Modules. You’ll learn:

How to use different breathing patterns as “game changers” during sex

Real-world ejaculation control (managing, then mastering the “bucking bronco”)

How to ride and really enjoy your own multi-orgasmic wave

Ways of using extra sexual energy for your highest good

Each week you’ll get an entertaining, practical training video of Jim illustrating the practices in each of these modules, and on the weekly group call Jim will answer your questions and help you fine-tune each practice to your needs.

43 ,grebueN darB

Software Engineer


“Jim is a fabulous coach in this training. You can read about multiple orgasms but it won’t really make a difference until you’ve gathered with other men and been held accountable with these powerful practices”


Several things set this program apart from the other “ejaculation mastery” home-study programs you may have seen offered…

Get Sexual Energy Mastery Complete – AMP only Price $28 


I’ve been in other programs where the teacher talks ABOUT the practices, or shows powerpoint-slide diagrams, but seeing Jim demonstrate these practices has made a huge difference for me in knowing how to do them myself.

So, even though it cost a lot more to produce it this way, I insisted that we have Jim filmed demonstrating these practices, so that you receive the most powerful training possible.

I also think there’s something powerful in just seeing how accepting Jim is with his body and his sexuality – in watching him, it’s given ME more permission to be more expressive and open in my own body, with practices I might otherwise feel awkward or tentative about.


In working with hundreds of men, Jim realized that there wasn’t a one-size-fits-all practice that worked for every guy. For some guys, it’s the Streaming practice that made the difference. For others, it was the “Crazy Throat” vocalization practice.

So, this program is a synthesis of the best practices, the ones that he’s seen make the biggest difference in men over the years, and as you go through the program, you’ll find the specific practices that work best for you, and focus on those for your breakthroughs.

Unlike most one-size-fits-all programs out there, this program tailors itself to your unique circumstances as you go through it. This means you’ll progress further, faster.


We’ll be running this program in our brand-new “AMP Dojo”, our online learning environment, so you will be able to post comments engage in discussions with the other guys, and take notes on each module


For this round, Jim’s including some bonus modules:

BONUS MODULE 1: “Bed, Butt and Beyond”

You’ll learn about:

The anal area – Jim is so fucking unapologetic about this super-taboo topic – is such a source of shame, but also can double or triple the amount of pleasure in your pelvic region by stimulating the prostate… so, as Jim says, “Get over it!”

Jim shares an intensely personal life-changing experience around anal stimuation that a woman gave him that blew open his world around what’s possible

Activating your anal area can “charge” the energy in your body and be the key to full-body, deep, rolling waves of orgasmic energy

Jim shares about a specific ergonomically shaped device for the prostate, that you can use to explore to build stronger, firmer erections, and can be the source of a “prostatic orgasm”, the men’s parallel to the women’s “g-spot” orgasm.

The 3 tips to always remember when embarking on anal explorations – the keys to clearing out tension, shame and an access to stronger erections and WAY more pleasure…


We debated including this module, because it can create such a powerful experience for you and the woman you’re with, that if you use it in service of your egoic gratification needs, it can be very destructive.

In fact, initially it caused problems for Jim and his lover at the time. So we’re only releasing this practice to guys who stick with the program for the full 10 weeks. Hopefully by then you’ll have an awareness of the impact of your sexuality, and know when and how to use your sexual energy, in an honoring way with women, beyond your ego gratification needs – rather, in service of something bigger than yourself.

In this module, Jim covers:

How he discovered the “energy cock” practice, and how his ego got in the way later… you’ll learn how not to fall into this trap for yourself…

The 5 keys to keep in mind on how to use the Energy Cock responsibly…

How to use the “energy cock” to connect with a woman on a profoundly bonding emotional level


If you’re like me, then when you first heard about non-ejaculatory orgasms, and full-body orgasms, you were skeptical. Really? You’re telling me that my body, which I’ve been ACTIVELY exploring since I was 14, is suddenly going to operate in a completely different way than it has for the last 15+ years? Really??

It IS possible. And, it’s like a switch that gets flipped – and once it’s flipped, it’s like riding a bike – your body remembers how to do it after that.

13 ,rolyaT wehttaM


San Francisco

“If I can do it, ANY guy can do it.”

The switch totally flipped. I’m riding the bike, and I’m never, ever gonna forget how to ride this bike. Now, I’m having multiple, full-body orgasms, the final ones lasting 5-10 minutes at a time.

Before, I was coming from a place of constricted scarcity – now, to have sexuality feel abundant, slow and expansive, I feel more connected to the whole universe — it’s been a deep spiritual awakening.”

I’m not a ‘sex guru’, and I’m not enlightened…I’m just a normal guy, and this is a bodily, felt practice that ANY guy can do.

Your breakthrough probably won’t come overnight, although for some guys, it DID (like Michael, who had his first non-ejaculatory orgasm the first time he tried these practices with his wife).

Be prepared to make a bit-by-bit-over-time investment, and you’ll have a skill set that will continue to enrich your life, for as long as you live! And, having taken the time to explore such a fundamental part of being alive – your sexuality– is a reward in itself.

So what exactly is included in the program?


Ten (10) 1-hour Recorded Calls, one for each week of the series with Jim

Follow along and learn with men who have already gone through the training

Ten (10) Video Training Modules, one for each week

Simple, practical and direct, each video module is usually under 10 minutes. No info-overload, just distilled, pure practices that WORK.

Watch online in the AMP Dojo (our online learning/training environment), where you can leave comments, read other people’s comments, and post the results of your homework assignments for public accountability

Two (2) Bonus Video Modules

Bed, Butt and Beyond

Energy Cock (available only after you complete the first 10 weeks)


What would it be worth to you, to finally be able to have true choice about when to ejaculate – to be able to ride the rolling waves of sensation and orgasmic energy with your lover, WHEREVER she goes, and that YOU are in the driver’s seat, and in control of your own body’s response…?

  •  To be able to put your attention fully on your connection together, versus worry about whether you’re going to “go over the edge” too soon, and leave your lover disappointed… ?
  • To clear out any places where shame blocks you around sex or with women, so that you can bring this vital, vibrant energy to all your interactions, and to “juice” your life purpose in the world…?

Jim normally charges upwards of $200 per hour for his time, so at 10 one-hour sessions, this is a $2000 value.

Because I personally have received so much value from this exploration, I want every man to have this opportunity, and I don’t want money to get in the way, so we’re offering this program for $450.

I know that’s still a lot for some of you, so if you order within the first week of doors opening, you can get in for the rate of $197 (or 2 payments of $98.50). We’re going to be closing the final doors on Tuesday, April 17.


It’s important to me that you feel great about AMP every time you work with us. We’re committed to delivering deep, powerful programs that challenge you and enrich your life.

So, short and sweet: if this program doesn’t bring a completely new awareness to your body and your sex life, then I don’t want you to pay. While the “big breakthroughs” of full-body orgasm can often take time, you should still notice benefits within the first 5 weeks of doing the practices.

So, give this program an honest shot, and if for any reason this program doesn’t deliver for you, and you’ve stuck with the program at LEAST 5 weeks, then just let us know and we’ll give you an immediate refund. No hassle, just send a quick one-line email to Paul, our customer service guy at [email protected] and we’ll refund your card.


When the doors open and you click the “Enroll Me Now” button to reserve your spot in the program, you’ll be taken to our secure server with the latest SSL encryption technology for your protection.

Complete the checkout process, and you’ll immediately receive a link via email to register in the AMP Dojo, our online learning & training environment, where you can watch the first several training modules, if you wish.

Get Sexual Energy Mastery Complete – AMP only Price $33

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