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Secrets of Inner Game – Brad P

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The Good

Covers a lot of different issues that many guys face when it comes to inner game. Gives specific solutions to overcome common problems. Brad P. has a deep understanding on this topic, and his advice is backed up by science and psychology.

The Bad

There’s a decent amount of audio here, and it would have been nice to have a short summary in written form to act as a refresher. Be aware that when you buy this product you will be subscribed into the monthly 30/30 club, and if you don’t wish to stay enrolled you will need to cancel your subscription so you aren’t charged.

The Bottom Line

This product does a great job of covering a topic that is critical to dating and relationship success. If you suffer any kind of anxiety or nervousness around women and in social situations, it’s likely your ‘inner game’ needs some work. This is perhaps the best product on the market for identifying what aspects of your beliefs and behaviors need improving upon, and how to overcome those obstacles.


Brad P. is one of the most respected teachers within the dating advice community, often mentioned as one of the very best guys at meeting and attracting women. Generally renowned for teaching specifics of what to do and say (outer game), it was interesting to hear his take on thoughts and beliefs (inner game).

The structure of The Secrets of Inner Game consists of Brad talking to some of his students, where they intermittently ask questions and share their experiences. Including the introduction there are 18 different mp3 files, totaling just under three hours.

Each of the different topics covers an area that could be holding you back from achieving the success with women you desire, and even from leading a happier and more fulfilling life. After coaching so many students, Brad is in a good position to explore the most common inner game issues that affect many guys.

Chances are you’ll be able to identify with a number of the issues that are discussed here. For example, the first topic covered is about positivity. Brad gives an example of a common scenario that guys might encounter when out at a bar or club. He shows how a simple event is often blown up out of all proportion by guys who have a habit of interpreting things in a negative way. Then he shows how it is possible to reframe this entire scenario into a positive event just by changing your belief. The point he makes is that neither of these interpretations are reality, but that we create our own reality based on what our beliefs are. Guys who are successful with women will have more positive beliefs than guys who aren’t.

The discussion on ‘nice guy syndrome’ was especially interesting as it’s a problem for many men who are looking to improve their success with women. Brad explains the underlying reasons why men play the nice guy, and also why it doesn’t work. He then goes further and shows how this can lead to many nice guys becoming bitter and angry with women, and this definitely makes a lot of sense. Brad then shows you how being a nice guy can work, but only if you are acting from the right mindsets.

Get Secrets of Inner Game – Brad P , Only Price $34

Sexual Anxiety

One of the biggest hurdles for many men is overcoming any sexual anxiety they feel around women. Brad talks about a few sexual performance related issues and explains that it’s quite common for men to experience these from time to time. And it’s important not to beat yourself up about it, as women view the whole sexual experience more about how you make them feel emotionally, rather than just the physical side of things.

Sexual neediness is another issue that is covered, and is problematic for many guys. If you’re not having sex regularly then you’re likely to give off a vibe of sexual neediness, and this can manifest itself in different ways you act around women. This is perhaps the number one thing that will kill attraction in a woman and ruin any chances you may have with her. Brad gives some ideas on how to counter this problem, such as how to help cultivate a mindset of sexual abundance.

Social Anxiety

Something that is quite common is a condition known as social anxiety, which can range from very mild to severe, debilitating anxiety in general social situations. Obviously this can make it very difficult when it comes to meeting new women.

If you’re suffering from extreme anxiety, Brad points out that you might want to consider seeking professional help from a trained specialist, and that therapy and medication might assist you.

For most guys though their anxiety just comes from a lack of experience and a fear of embarrassment. Brad explains how being overly concerned about how you appear to strangers makes no sense, as you’ll never see them again. He also talks about how increasing your comfort zone is the key to pushing past your current boundaries and leading a more rewarding life.

Improving Your Inner Game

Hearing these concepts discussed in the course is enough to shed light on them and make you aware of your current patterns of behavior. But the only way to make true progress involves a good deal of work on your part. As good as this program is, getting people to change their beliefs and mindsets is notoriously difficult. This is why the program rates a little lower in the ease of implementation, as it easier to learn some pickup lines and body language tricks than new ways of thinking.

But if you make the effort to go out regularly and work on whatever issues are relevant to you, then you’ll find yourself becoming more confident and able to move past your current sticking points. There’s enough information and guidance in this course that if you work on all of the areas that are discussed, you’ll become naturally more attractive to women because your beliefs will dictate your behaviors.

Brad points out that he himself was terrible with girls growing up, not even having a single date the whole time he was in high school. That in the space of a few years, he went from zero success with women to being able to meet and attract new women whenever he chooses. But he makes it clear that he worked very hard and put in a lot of time and effort to get to that stage. He feels that if he can achieve the success he has, there’s no reason why you can’t also.


There are a couple of e-books included as a bonus with The Secrets of Inner Game. One of them is a collection of ‘field reports’ written by Brad P. that act as a virtual seduction diary. He doesn’t hold anything back in these reports, so be aware that they are very explicit in nature and provide graphic detail of sexual situations.

This is well worth the read, and contains a lot of insight into his beliefs and attitude that have led to his success with women. There is also some information on his techniques and what he says and does, although a lot of his verbal game is presented as titles of stories and routines that he uses. So a lot of the time it’s not explained what the actual story involves, but really what he says to the girls is not as important as his overall attitude.

It’s clear that this was written a number of years ago, when Brad was still developing and practicing a lot of his game. So you’ll come across a few outdated notions, such as the claim that all girls are spending time on MySpace, whereas now it would be Facebook.

The other e-book is a collection of reviews of Brad P. from his students, posted on various online dating forums. They include reviews of his workshops and his various products. Now this could be seen as a marketing ploy, designed to sell you on some of the other products and services.

But there are a lot of details in some of these reviews, with guys describing exactly what Brad said and did to get a girl attracted quickly, and how they themselves have had improved success. If it were just generic reviews saying how awesome their experience was, I’d say it would be worthless. But there’s enough here that you can pick up really useful tips and advice, written by guys who were probably in the same situation as you.

Both of these e-books come in at just over 200 pages, so there’s a lot of reading material here and some solid content to learn from. These are quality bonuses that provide a lot of extra value to the main audio course.

The Bottom Line:

This product does a great job of covering a topic that is critical to dating and relationship success. If you suffer any kind of anxiety or nervousness around women and in social situations, it’s likely your ‘inner game’ needs some work. This is perhaps the best product on the market for identifying what aspects of your beliefs and behaviors need improving upon, and how to overcome those obstacles.

Get Secrets of Inner Game – Brad P , Only Price $34

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