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Secrets of Hypnotic Success – Jonathan Royle

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These are just some of the people who have attended and benefited from Jonathan Royle’s Hypnotic Marketing Seminar.

These positive reviews attest to the effectiveness of Royle’s program and how his marketing-savvy advice has translated into financial success for his satisfied clients….

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When purchasing Secrets of Hypnotic Success – Jonathan Royle course, You can get it with the LIFETIME SUPPORT and UNLIMITED DOWNLOAD.

“Aim for the stars and hit the sky…you’ve succeeded”

“Aim for the sky and hit the ground…you’ve failed”


How much is your future happiness and success worth to you?

Do you want to earn more money without leaving your home?

Expand your complementary treatment practice with fresh options in new exciting fields?

Develop new skills which will guarantee additional income?

Buy the new 11 video Hypnotic Marketing set and learn Mind Therapy methods and Hypnotic Business Expansion techniques which are guaranteed to give you financial and professional success.

World-renowned master of hypnotism Jonathan Royle is offering this video set which will teach you effective Mind Therapy methods that you can use to generate more profits for your business.

You can even use these methods in tandem with any business that involves complementary treatments.

These techniques are particularly suitable for people who are involved with hypnotherapy, stage-hypnotism, herbalism, massage, aromatherapy, acupuncture, meridian therapy, life coaching, NLP, and psychic reading.

Indeed, any business will benefit from the techniques taught on this set.

Royle will also teach you the most effective ways in promoting and expanding your business.

Whether you’re a businessman wanting to rake in more income, a self-employed person looking for more publicity, or a student wanting to learn new marketing techniques, these DVDs will deliver!

Hypnotic Marketing works for you!

“I learned a tremendous amount about all sorts of ways of making money, how to get more clients and the right way to approach them! Royle is very honest, outspoken and controversial, he kept me entertained and interested for the full two days and had 100’s of useful tips to impart. In short I would recommend the videos of Royle’s Hypnotic Marketing Success Videos to everybody as they are much better value and contain more information than any other similar seminar or training I’ve’ ever been on!”

“To therapists who want to learn the true secrets of making big money from the industry then you need to learn Royle’s unique approach and marketing techniques. They will help you to sky rocket your income with ease!”

“The May 2004 Hypnotic Marketing Seminar was truly no-holds-barred and far better than I expected! Royle is very honest, straightforward and to the point in all he teaches, this seminar was without a doubt light years ahead of anything else on the subject of making a fortune from your practice. Royle is right up there with the best of the best – you must get these videos!”

These are just some of the people who have attended and benefited from Jonathan Royle’s Hypnotic Marketing Seminar.

These positive reviews attest to the effectiveness of Royle’s program and how his marketing-savvy advice has translated into financial success for his satisfied clients.

And now these seminars are available to watch online!

Royle’s Hypnotic Marketing videos contain comprehensive lessons that will teach you how to conduct Complete Mind Therapy sessions for groups or individual clients.

You can then add your newly learned skills to enhance your existing practice.

The end result?

Increased profit and more clients.

No prior experience with hypnosis is necessary!

You can also use the skills you’ve learned from the lessons to get into “Life Coaching” – a new field that is currently all the rave in the corporate world.

The demand for life coaches is high and through this DVD set, you’ll be able to join a growing number of sought-after Life Coaches who are earning a big income while helping others.

In fact, one of Royle’s colleagues pulled in over £240K in just twelve months from just 10 regular paying clients.

Royle has also included lessons in “Magical Therapy” – a powerful treatment approach that can be used to treat young children. This is a new method that could potentially earn you a fortune in it’s own right.

“Jonathan (Royle) is a motivational and enthusiastic speaker and on these DVDs you will see what he was willing to share about how he goes about increasing his business! A week after the seminar my head is still buzzing, that’s a tribute to Jonathan as this course was head and shoulders above any of the crap I have been on before. Please don’t sell these videos Jonathan as I don’t want others to know where I got my ideas from!”

“I can’t say how much I enjoyed your seminar, it exceeded my expectations and I have barely had time to breathe since you have tripped my overly comfortable mind into action! I now have loads of plans and ideas that just weren’t there before and I think that your energy and enthusiasm shames most people’s complacency. Indeed I was amazed at your broad knowledge and recall for different topics, titles and authors, your true genius must lie in your obvious ability to suck in information, digest the meaning, spit out the bones – then deliver the essence to people like us!”

But the 11-disk Hypnotic Marketing video set does not end with teaching you mind therapy methods. Royle will also teach you how to take full advantage of the skills you have learned and how you can apply it to further expand your business.

He gives advice on how you can increase your existing client list and tap into new and fresh markets eager for your type of expertise.

You can even earn a sizable income from holding weekend training seminars which you can organize and market on your own.

Among the innovative tips and advice he teaches:

How to break into the lucrative fields of Corporate Stress Management and Hypnotherapy

How to employ your skills as a personal Hypnotic “Sports Psychologist” for well-known sports teams

How to create a good reputation and credibility for yourself to attract A-list clients like celebrities

How to attract ten times more clients – and help them solve their problems without you ever leaving home!

How to get people like travel agents, driving instructors – even the local zoo – to act as your “agent” and get new clients through their referrals

How to advertise your expertise by appearing in television and radio shows

How to make more money from a single 90-minute group hypnotherapy session than other therapists make in a month.

“What more can I say about this seminar than it was the most inspirational, exciting and valuable training event I have ever attended! Just one of the ideas Royle gives you on these videos is worth many thousands of pounds. Indeed, I’m certain if you put all the ideas into action you’d probably be a millionaire in next to no time. Royle is a true marketing genius – you need these tapes!”

“The Marketing Secrets that Royle taught on this two-day seminar would have cost many thousands of pounds to learn elsewhere and as such these videos represent remarkable value for money! There’s no time wasting; no fluffing out with crap and everything that was taught during the two days was useful, practical and extremely valuable. If you truly want to make a fortune from your complementary treatment practice then you owe it to yourself to buy these videos!”

“I thought that Royle’s training skills were excellent and for anyone thinking of buying these videos I would say GO FOR IT as they contain tons of excellent marketing advice!”

We’ll give you the marketing tools you’ll need to succeed!

The Hypnotic Marketing DVD Set also features tried-and-tested Hypnotic Marketing techniques and marketing secrets that are guaranteed to be effective whatever you business may be.

These are the same secrets Royle has used to achieve financial and professional success.

For example, one of Royle’s ingenious marketing tips is to simply change the title of Hypnotherapist to Clinical Hypnotic Consultant.

A very minor adjustment that translates to better business because it would allow a “Clinical Hypnotic Consultant” to raise her hourly fees without much effort!

These and other common sense marketing techniques, which you cannot find in any other marketing references, can all be found in the Hypnotic Marketing DVD Set.

The DVD’s also tackle the following marketing strategies:

Make a fortune from merchandising and gain more clients by giving free public lectures and demonstrations

Generate huge profits from direct mail campaigns

Augment your income by getting into direct selling of complementary products

Create a simple Doctor Referral System that really works

Identify “Power” words that can increase client response and generate positive feedback to your advertising

Why key rings are better in bringing in more clients rather than traditional business cards

Effectively handle telephone enquiries to ensure that you close the sale 90% of the time

Write effective sales letters, advertising copy and web content that will help promote your business

Don’t hesitate! Grab this amazing opportunity to achieve financial success and enhance your professional life.

Order Jonathan Royle’s Hypnotic Marketing DVD set now.

The set contains 11 dynamite video files and has more than 11 hours of content.

Hurry! Only limited quantities of the Hypnotic Marketing DVD set have been produced so orders will be strictly on a First Come, First Served Basis only.

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Purchasing Secrets of Hypnotic Success – Jonathan Royle course now, You can get it with the LIFETIME SUPPORT and UNLIMITED DOWNLOAD.

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