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RSS Authority Sniper Crack – Lisa Allen

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The site was doing ok, but I was getting frustrated by the time it was taking to rank for the keywords I was targeting, for Google to index the posts and for people to actually come visit the site.

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Can You Guess How I Used Other People’s Authority to Attract Over 47,000 New VisitorsTo My Site In Just a Few Months?


Hi Folks, Lisa here.

In 2013 I decided to set up an experiment where I was curating a blog post every day for an ecommerce site I owned.

The site was doing ok, but I was getting frustrated by the time it was taking to rank for the keywords I was targeting, for Google to index the posts and for people to actually come visit the site.

When it comes to business, I’m pretty competitive and gung-ho. If I work hard, I want to see real results quickly.

But building the kind of authority online leading to massive rankings and traffic takes time, right? Well, as I discovered, it doesn’t have to.

I had heard about the stealthy techniques that the successful video marketers were using to get incredible results by building authority quickly. After a few days of research into what they were doing, I realized two things:

  1. By borrowing the authority and relevance of the other sites you automatically get better rankings and increased traffic without having to do the hard work yourself — It’s a lot like hanging with the movie stars at home. There will be paparazzi on YOUR doorstep too in no time.
  2. ​I could adapt these techniques to get the immediate ranking results for my sites that I was after.

So my experiment changed.

Instead of trying the traditional methods of writing long-winded “epic” posts, guest blogging (giving my best content way) and spending vast amounts of time tweeting, pinning, and Facebooking this content, I decided to piggyback what other people were already doing.

Effectively I wanted to hijack some of their authority.

When I applied this strategy to creating authority, relevance and publicity for my content, I saw an immediate increase in the traffic numbers for my site.

But when I neglected the technique for a few days, I also saw an immediate decrease in traffic to new posts.

Really excited now, I began teaching this technique to my students in my curation course, and they started reporting back some stunning results as well.

​I knew I was onto a winner.


The only downside to this strategy is the sheer volume of time it takes to do it manually.

  • ​First, you gotta research the authorities, hunt down their most relevant content, and do a lot of copy and pasting.
  • ​Then take all of that copy and pasting to one service and fill in forms by hand, to make a new feed…
  • And THEN take that new feed to yet another service, fill in more forms, and then take it to two other places where you again… you guessed it… fill in more forms.

​While I was excited about the results that I was seeing, my poor virtual assistant began to complain about the crazy amounts of time it was taking to complete each step in the technique. My students were wearing themselves out trying to manually keep up with the technique as well.

​It immediately became clear that there was a need to automate these steps so that my students and my long-suffering virtual assistant could get on with the really important stuff like making me money.

I wanted an application where I could perform the whole thing, start to end in 5 minutes or less, without ever copy/pasting a single thing.​

So I sat down and created an application that took all the lengthy processes and automated them, eliminating the need for manual research, copy and pasting as well as tracking information and URLs.​

Then I gave the beta of the application to my students.

​They got the same stunning ranking results and increase in traffic as before, but with almost 80% less time and effort.

​It goes without saying that my virtual assistant was also thrilled by how easy the whole thing had become.

The application became RSS Authority Sniper, and I’m offering the all new and improved version 3.0 for the first time to the public today.​


In a nutshell, my RSS Authority Sniper software helps you build authority, gets your content indexed by Google faster, drives your rankings and generates tons of targeted traffic.

It uses a process called “Authority Sniping”, which borrows the authority and relevance of other sites, for your content by making your content appear side by side in targeted content syndication feeds. This is so deliciously sneaky, but completely legal—amd you don’t even need to ask permission or get a single backlink to leverage “Other People’s Authority”.

​The software then multiplies the effect by cleverly using Google’s free Feedburner service and distributed ping services to get content indexed quickly and showing up in search results within hours.

How do we get such amazing and fast results?​

The software does this by feeding the content straight to Google instead of waiting for bots to swing by and index it. RSS Authority Sniper creates a massive “echo” using RSS submissions and random ping services without a detectable footprint.

And it’s totally White Hat!

Here’s just a few examples of my results:


Unlike a lot of software on the market today that only works on the latest version of Microsoft Windows, RSS Authority Sniper works on your PC or your Mac using the cross platform goodness of Adobe Air.

​Using RSS Authority Sniper you will:

  • Watch your content appear in Google’s index in minutes rather than days
  • Achieve higher rankings consistently for the money-making keywords that you’re targeting
  • Become a trusted authority in your niche by delivering relevant content to your audience like clockwork
  • Exploit the power of the long tail and get a massive traffic boost for the long haul
  • Fly through the software with ease thanks to the easy tabbed “wizard” interface.
  • Be confident that your site won’t be slapped in the next Google update
  • Get a higher resale value for your sites from higher traffic numbers and hundreds of long-tail keyword rankings


RSS Authority Sniper 3.0 is loaded with features to help you boost your rankings and get even more traffic.

​Here’s what you get:

  • An amazingly flexible Adobe Air application that works on both Mac and PC
  • A unique Research Tool and Keyword Feed Scraper that finds highly targeted authority site feeds with high Page Rank and influence with Google to piggyback your content on
  • A Feed Aggregator Tool that automates the creation of aggregated and curated authority content feeds that also contain your content using’s API integration (paid account required).
  • A Quick Indexing Tool that automates the burning of the authority content feeds to Feedburner so that Google will send out it’s army of bots to crawl your content in minutes.
  • The ability to easily search for, preview, and select authority feeds inside the application with just a few keystrokes
  • Automatically scrape many highly trusted authority domain feeds by type, including YouTube channels, Vimeo channels, Pinterest boards, Tumbler Blogs, and Blogs from Google Blogs Search
  • Send RankFeedr & Feedburner authority content feeds to a ping service that uses multiple different ping servers to notify search engines of your content — no footprint mass ping tool
  • ​RSS Authority Sniper 3.0 also supports unlimited RankFeedr & Feedburner Accounts, as well as getting post/feed info for WordPress & Blogger blogs, YouTube Channels and any other site with a RSS feed listed.
  • ​Plus, RSS Authority Sniper 3.0 integrates with the Mozscape Url Metrics API to  give you Authority scores for potential companion feeds so you can choose the best “movie stars” to give your content the most authority. (Moz Account required)
  • ​Easily move from step to step, to implement the whole Authority Sniping co-citation strategy from ONE central place in less than 5 minutes
  • Designed BY an end user, FOR end users, so it’s easy to understand and use.​


What About YouTube Videos?

Yes! RSS Authority Sniper 3.0 Can Even Be Used to Get Traffic & Rankings to Your YouTube Videos!

It literally takes just TWO SECONDS to paste in your youtube video URL and automatically fetch the Channel Feed URL.

Add both video, and channel feed to your new aggregated feed for instant visibility, relevance and authority.


Let me tell you something.

I know for a fact that all the best and most prolific content marketers out there are using these techniques.

I’ve got a growing number of customers who are already using this software to build their authority and get higher volumes of targeted traffic.

This tool is built for people like:

  • Content creators and curators
  • Content marketers
  • Blog flippers and bloggers​
  • Niche marketers
  • SEO specialists
  • Offline marketers​
  • Video marketers​

They’ve realized they can get more website traffic, better rankings, more keywords, more video views, and more valuable sites, all while saving time and money!

What About You?

Could you benefit from more traffic, better rankings & more valuable sites?

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