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ReviewPro Launchpad – Mike Schmidt

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Starting to get very comfortable with selling and using the software. Got my first referral from a review client! […]

Branden R

What An Amazing Feeling!!!

Purchase this course you will earn 89 Points = $8.90!


Purchase ReviewPro Launchpad – Mike Schmidt Course at eBokly. We actively participate in group buys and are committed to sharing knowledge with a wider audience. What's more, our courses maintain the same quality as the original sale page. You have the option to buy directly from the sale page at the full price (sale page link is provided within the post).

Here’s what web professionals…. just like you said after joining ReviewPro Launchpad….

Enroll In ReviewPro Launchpad You’ll be happy you did

Fourth client just signed during Covid!

Starting to get very comfortable with selling and using the software. Got my first referral from a review client! […]

Branden R

What An Amazing Feeling!!!

Already getting into my flow with Review Lead. Just one month in and I already have recurring monthly income. […]

David Acevedo

Finally found a one stop shop platform

Can’t say thank you enough. Already signed up 3 clients. This product has added brand awareness for me. The course is awesome. […]

Erin C Ward

This will help you get more clients and business!

I went through the ReviewLead webinar two weeks ago. Using the tools Mike provides, along with help from the Facebook group, I’ve already presented to two new businesses, one existing client, and I have a presentation to a local business group next week. People are REALLY interested in this service! […]

Ryan Herndon

If You’re Wondering if this Works, The Answer is YES!

I took my time deciding and I’m so glad I finally joined. ReviewLead has CHANGED MY BUSINESS. Today I sold a 4th seat to a local insurance company. It was really cool how I got this business. There are many ways to sell this service. I’m really having fun with it. […]

James Levisee

Hair salon. Customer LOVES this.

Still working during Covid! […]


Review Pro rocks!!!

I added RPL to my marketing start-up and had sales coming in within a week! I’m so happy I found the tools to offer this service to clients. […]

Janette Torres

This program ROCKS!

JUST DO IT!!!!!!! Used all my money to buy RPL. The training is gold. It’s applicable to everything you do. The software is gold. I already have 2 clients and haven’t finished the course. Unbelievable what this has done for me. […]

Andrew Strick

First Pitch Landed 1 Client With 2 Locations! $500/mo!!

It’s been super hard to build my agency, but selling ReviewLead was actually really easy. The first person I ever had a meeting with wanted to sign up 2 locations for Reviewlead. $500 in revenue! Boom. […]

Ryan Kearns

3 Annual Licenses in 1 Week!

Awesome way to finish out January with my 3rd annual license sold! […]

Jason Burrows

The MOST EFFECTIVE entry point offer … ever!

Reviewpro is a game changer for us. Everyone wants to know what people think about them and their business and offering a free analysis get potential clients to respond in hours not weeks! […]

David Walters

6th client in less than 60 days

I just purchased my 6th license for ReviewLead in less than 60 days and I’m excited. It’s working! I’ve even restructured my business to a recurring income model and forecasting $17k in projected revenue. This has changed my whole outlook. […]


This product Changed my LIFE!

Best money I’ve ever spent. You get your ROI after your first sale. […]

Sami Smidi

Corinne Jumpstarts Her Business After Unexpected Job Loss

I finally took the leap to own my own company thanks to ReviewPro Launchpad. […]

Corinne Fisher

First 2 sales in 24 hours + a Women’s Business Association

I sold 2 seats within the first 24 hours and have also been invited to a Women’s Business meeting to present Review Lead to a group of about 40 Women Business owners. […]

Robert Rosales

I HIRED a sales person because I’m selling so much ReviewLead

Huge success for me. Can’t thank you enough Mike! This changed my business and my life […]

Mark Boyce

A new outlook for my web development business

I’m excited about what I’ve learned through Agency Coach. Since I have signed up, I am reenergized. I have a new sense of confidence. […]

James Levisee

0-60 with it mapped out for you!

I’m less than a week in and really appreciating this as a tool to build reviews for ourselves as an agency and also to help our clients and other business owners manage their reputation! Actually really excited to have found this. It’s totally straightforward, walks you step by step, gets to the […]

Stephana Johnson

Revolutionizing my Business

I’ve got a client who wants to tell everyone about this review management service I offer. Sold my 5th seat through that client who referred me to this new client. Getting in the groove with referral leads! I’m starting to get a feel for how to make this work for my agency. If you are excited about […]

James Levisee

Doubled our Monthly Revenue with RPL!

Get immediately download Mike Schmidt – ReviewPro Launchpad

Great service, easy to follow training, and has helped us almost double our monthly revenue! […]

Talor Schmunk

Awesome Course! Powerful sales training!

ReviewPro Launchpad has been instrumental in guiding the addition of reviews management to my digital marketing business. The proposal template has made it easy to pitch past and existing clients. First deal closed was a one-time annual fee! Already in profit. […]

Jason Burrows

How I DOUBLED PROFITS in the first 30 days using ReviewPro

If you’re wondering if this works, it does! I share my experience with the course, FB ads and closing deals. It’s a no brainer sale and perfect addition to my other digital services. […]

Alcides Vides

Landed My Association Takeover!

Just got my first association takeover, thanks to all the amazing ideas from ReviewPro Launchpad and the awesome support on the ReviewPro Facebook Group! […]

Tiago Faria

Charity Client #2

Love the proposal options. So excited to help out charities with this service too. […]

Steven Werley

Review Pro Testimonial

Nice piece of software that makes it easy to collect reviews for Google and other platforms! Great idea to start a business on or incorporate into your existing one. […]

Matthew Kelly

So grateful for Mike Schmidt and his team at Agency Coach!

I am so grateful for Mike Schmidt and his team at Agency Coach! I started working with Agency Coach early in 2019 primarily focused on gaining more online reviews for my web design clients. Moving forward, I am very excited to learn more about ways to create ongoing income providing exposure […]

Steven Schwartz

Local Chamber Of Commerce On Board

Used the platform to get into our local chamber of commerce and get in touch with more business owners. […]

Talor Schmunk

Landed an Association Takeover with RPL

I signed a contract with a local non-profit that has hundreds of members using the “Association Takeover” campaign. The initial presentation & proposal meeting happened nearly three months ago with a different person than who’s now actively serving as executive director. I just won the contract, and […]

Matt Stanley

ReviewLead was the easiest sale I’ve ever made thanks to ReviewPro LaunchPad training!

I have to admit that sales has traditionally been my least favorite part of owning a marketing company… You HAVE sell to make a living when you own a business. And when you own a marketing company, the services you’re selling are a big investment, so it’s not as easy as selling other things. I […]

Matt Stanley

That was the easiest, fastest sale I ever made!

I just sold my insurance agent a subscription to ReviewPro! […]

Christina Rader

Instant Profit! I Closed a COLD CALL for my FIRST Review Lead client

Love the product and the training thanks for putting this game changer together! […]

Jason Speckert

I’m filling a need for new and existing clients with ReviewLead

I decided to incorporate reviews into my business and my value ladder because the market research I conducted has a huge need for it in my immediate area and it’s a new approach to my marketing strategy that I didn’t originally put a lot of initial value in. […]

Thomas McPherson

Signed up 5 clients in first 8 hours!!!


Nathan Taylor

Matt’s Case Study of adding ReviewLead to an Alcohol Server School

Our newest client has just signed up for ReviewLead on the monthly plan. He intends to pay monthly for 6 months, and then buy a year at a time after that (for $2,500) after he’s seen great results. Thanks to Anchor Wave and the ReviewPro Launchpad team for their support! I’m a highly satisfied […]

Matt Stanley

It really does SELL ITSELF! Sold my mechanic same weekend I bought RPL

If you’re on the fence, do what I did — talk to a local business owner about their online reviews! After I showed my auto mechanic his online reviews the only questions left was how to pay for my reputation management services. […]

David Kaufman

Support team is 5 stars!

Support team from ReviewProLaunch Pad are absolutely life saving, and makes selling ReviewLead soooo much easier. Thank you so much, Kevin! […]

Tiago Faria

10X My New Client’s Reviews in First Month!

Got this client to leave his review acquisition program and sign up with me. He is already getting 10 TIMES better results with us in the 1st month. Clearly ReviewLead makes a difference. […]

Branden Riggs

I joined on Sunday and on Tuesday signed up my first client!

The best system to maintain a solid online reputation! This is the real deal and a great way to automate what all local businesses need. […]

Cole Worley

It’s SO EASY to build new relationships with ReviewLead

Love it! I’m setting myself up for success with this new value ladder. […]

Drew Carrell

Sold in 24 hours after months of deciding to join!

Cheers to Mike & co for a great course and support. This is the perfect fit for my value ladder. If you’re on the fence, go for it. I did all the analysis to make sure it was a good fit. I can tell you it is. […]

Tim O’Brien

I called my client before I bought and they said YES!

I checked with a couple of my clients before I bought and they immediately wanted the service. I’m in! Can’t wait to add it to my value ladder for prospective clients too. […]

David Baer

Closed a new HAPPY ReviewLead Client in less than 10 days!

Hello Everyone! Just sending a quick review on my 10 day mark, its been an awesome ride so far.


Douglas Monsalve […]

Douglas Monsalve

Mike is the best!

Mike really made the difference in my decision. After watching the webinar I was already convinced, but with Mike’s support afterwards on trying to get my first client, it was really a no brainer. Got it in no time, and was able to finally purchase ReviewPro. Thanks a ton, Mike! […]


Skeptical at first

Joined anyway and closed 2 of first 6 people I called to within 2 weeks. […]

Stephen Lee

ReviewLead Rocks

I have been using ReviewLead for multiple clients and it has helped them more than double their online reviews! They love that everything is automated and that they do not have to do anything! […]

Stacey Ivol

I’m ready for the feast!

I’ve been in the season of famine for some time. I’m ready for something better. […]

Brittany Carpenter

Signed up a tree service – first client!

Just joined, so I’m purchasing my first seat. I purchased the service, because I was impressed by the sales process Mike was teaching. It makes a ton of sense to start with a service like reputation management first, and then up-sell to other services. I’m excited to see what results I get. […]

James Crittenden

Celebrating First Sale

It was worth the risk! […]

Jonathan Sosa

Why I Signed Up

This will help me launch my agency quicker than I could with out it. I see this being a no brainer in bringing on new clients. […]

Steven Butler

ReviewPro LaunchPad was a great investment!

I am SO glad I invested in ReviewPro LaunchPad because it is helping me revolutionize my effectiveness in gaining reviews for my business. I’m also finding ReviewLead to be a terrific new service line to offer prospects AND existing clients. […]

Matt Stanley

Sold this in JUST 2 DAYS of signing up for RPL – I LOVE IT!

I’m starting every sale now with this easy lead-in. Every prospect and client understand the value and wants in. […]

Ashley Rader

First License For A PAID Client!

I’m so excited to setup ReviewLead for my first paying client! It is for a local home painting contractor and we know that more positive reviews will help them get more clients! Thanks so much! […]

Steven Schwartz

Great Sales Tools in RPL Course

So glad I purchased the ReviewPro program and am using Review Lead to manage my clients online reviews. I have most appreciated the Sales Tools (swipe files, case studies, and variety of campaigns). […]

Scott Richardson

Adding an extra service promotion in ReviewLead emails for more customer satisfaction!

I’ve been using ReviewLead over a year now with great success. Just upsold an existing attorney client. He currently only has 4 reviews on Google. We are going to use the service to get him many new reviews. Also, in the emails that are being sent, we are going to mention that he has a new service […]

Steven Schwartz

If you’re on the fence, JUMP IN! It’s so easy

This is an easy sale because the need is there. […]

Clayton Mallory

First ReviewLead Sale!

Made my first ReviewLead sale. Building momentum! […]

Samuel Neudeck

An integral part of our funnel

As a full service marketing company ReviewLead is an integral part of our funnel. Providing business services from seo, web dev, and social media management, to video production and graphic design, it’s a NO BRAINER to have a great solution for review generation. […]

Jarrett Hart

BNI success continues!

I’m getting more clients from my BNI group when other business owners see the success I’m helping them achieve in improving their online reputation […]

Steve Evans

ReviewPro changed everything for LEAD GENERATION & New Clients

So so excited! […]

Karlyn Williams

I decided ReviewLead was the best way to help my clients improve their reviews

Hello Mike,

I purchased this Review Lead because I sold my first client on using Review Lead to help improve their online reviews. I do online marketing for clients across a wide variety of fields. One question I’ve been asked almost universally across those fields is, “Can you help us improve […]

Mark Volzer

ReviewLead is light years ahead of other review software

Brought on our first client… and working through our 3,000 leads […]

David Hall

Insurance Agent Super Excited to Get Reviews

Just finished talking with a local insurance agent. She gets most of her business from referrals. But, she hasn’t leveraged her awesome offline reputation into her online business. That all changes today! […]

Steve Evans

It’s a no brainer!

Changing my value ladder with this awesome product […]

Virgil S Sweat

The Missing Piece I Was Looking For

I thought of adding reputation management to my services 6 to 9 months prior to running across ReveiwLead but wasn’t sure what platform to use or how I would go about selling it so I didn’t do anything. ReviewLead is exactly what I was looking for. A great reputation management platform with a […]

Len Richardson

Jumped Drycleaner from 3.4 rating to 4.6 with ReviewLead

Really Valuable – Especially The Association Takeover Strategy […]


Simple to Share, Simple to Implement


Evan Umberger

Photographer in the bank

Just signed a photographer on. […]

Steven Werley

Signed up a client within hours of becoming a member!

I paid for the course and had an immediate profit the day I purchased ReveiwPro! […]

Jeremy Starke

UK Business Receives Huge Value from the Webinar & Signed up for the Training

Tons of opportunity to offer this service to businesses all over the world. […]


New LaunchPad Member Review

I am most of the way through the training and am very pleased with my decision to take the leap. The bonus materials are excellent and I feel confident that this will be me “frontline” service offering to get people in the door so I can upsell more digital marketing services. Great work AnchorWave […]

Trent Infield

THIS WORKS! Already sold first client in 1 WEEK

This is my first review of reviewlead. I sold my first Client. I love this service! It is definitely a benefit to my business. […]

Nik Ingram

Impressed with the FB community

Really impressed with the engagement and support of the FB group […]


You Read My Mind

I have a small company I recently started. Reviews and Reputation Managment is something I do, but more from an organic method. However, I was looking for an automated system that streamlined the process and found ReviewLead! […]

James Mejias

I’m so HAPPY! Got my first sale today

Power to Anchor Wave for providing this great course and tool for my business. […]

robert sandiego

Excellent Results for Clients

Our client is very happy with Review Pro Launchpad […]

Scott Walker

Local Medical Practice Needs More Reviews!

A local specialized medical practice sees hundreds of patients every month, but they have very few reviews, and some of the reviews are not flattering. We are going to help them get hundreds of positive reviews and turn around their online reputation! […]

Steven Schwartz

First Client – an Association Takeover!

I almost bailed out before Trey showed me the new improved Association Takeover – and I got my first client, a large Chamber, as an incredibly easy sell as a result! Thanks so much. […]

Phila Hoopes

Acupuncture Clinic in Southern California Needs More Reviews!

We have a new acupuncture client who needs more Google reviews for their practice. We were very happy to be able to offer ReviewLead. Looking forward to solid results! […]

Steven Schwartz

Pitched to 2 Clients, Sold Both! It’s a No Brainer

Signing up for ReviewPro is a no brainer. All businesses need to have great reviews! […]

Keith Heavilin

Real Deal System

These guys are awesome! ReviewPro Launchpad is a proven real deal system that is easy to follow and implement. […]

Will Ding

Reputation Management SET ME APART from my competition

I immediately had responses from the FB post and I signed a Doctor within hours. RPL has made a huge difference for me. Thanks Mike! […]

Terence Lewis

Freedom to Work from Starbucks

Add reviews to your services and have a simple way to get into the door of clients! […]

Evan Umberger

No Brainer Solution!

This is such an easy sell! Every local business needs it and so few are doing it! This will put every one of your clients ahead of the curve. […]

Steve Mizer

Starting Fresh & using RPL for my Reboot!

Was looking for a new service to implement into the reboot of my company. I didn’t know what it was until I came across this system. It just made sense and after testing different variables before buying a seat. I’ll gladly continue to move forward. […]

Joshua Chupp

Soooo not a natural sales person… but I don’t have to be!

I had to be super cheesy and be my goofy self in the video. ?

In all seriousness, I’m really looking forward to hitting the ground running offering this goodness to potential clients. Y’all made it simple for even the introverted to sell something! Thanks! […]

Barb Spangler

Awesome course material – I’ve been looking for this!

I just finished reviewing all of the materials for the course and I am EXCITED to get started! […]

Stacey Ivol

Very easy, very professional

Great material, easy to start up, everything looks totally top notch and professional. […]

colin michael

Steve brings back a former client to get more reviews in a saturated market

Today, I spoke with a former client who is an airboat captain. He moved his website to another vendor that specializes in websites for tour operators. Out of the blue, I called him today since his competitors have many more reviews that he does. After a 1 or 2 minute discussion, he was ready to […]

Steven Schwartz

I pre-sold clients to get in on Reviewlead

I was looking for something new to offer, found this a no-brainer and bought into the program by pre-selling existing clients on it. […]

Timothy Melody

Local Preschool Needs More Positive Reviews!

I am setting up ReviewLead for a local preschool that needs more positive reviews. They already have a few dozen positive reviews on Facebook and a few on Google, but we are going to multiply those numbers bigtime to help them get more calls for family tours and enrollment! […]

Steven Schwartz

Great Way To Get Past The Gate Keeper

Hi, My name is kipsaim Hernandez from Cup Cup Digital Marketing in Dallas Tx, I decided to join the team because when cold calling to get new clients it can sometimes be hard to get a hold of the business owner, just because they don’t wanna be sold on anything. But using this system I belive it […]

kibsaim Hernandez

Review Pro Launchpad Is The SH!%

Just finishing up the training and I already see the value in this software and service. I know it is going to open a lot of doors for my marketing agency. […]

Matt Steele

Already getting positive responses after signing up

I really related to the webinar and know this will be a great addition […]

Henry Warner

AZBE Testimony

Toon Town […]

Cameron Moore

3 Prospects in 24 just from the webinar!!

Excited about this product and training. Got my first 3 prospects within 24 hours just by posting a small blurb on Facebook. […]

Bobby Lipton

I’m impressed with Review Lead

So impressed I bought a license so that I can help other companies and clients improve their reputation online. It is so critically important I wanted to be able to do this for others. […]


Why I work with Anchor Wave

I continue to work with Anchor Wave because of the fantastic service I receive, and the amazing results they deliver. […]

Paul Rose

Great Results

All the great results I get from Anchorwave […]

wendy gauthier

Get ReviewPro Launchpad – Mike Schmidt, Only Price $92

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