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Reseller Profits Course 2.0 – Eric Choi

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For only $29 (one-time payment), you will learn all the things that current resellers don't do and don't know about. After this course, the only thing that separates from you and the regular resellers is the success and impressive results you will see. 

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Purchase Reseller Profits Course 2.0 – Eric Choi Course at eBokly. We actively participate in group buys and are committed to sharing knowledge with a wider audience. What's more, our courses maintain the same quality as the original sale page. You have the option to buy directly from the sale page at the full price (sale page link is provided within the post).

For only $29 (one-time payment), you will learn all the things that current resellers don't do and don't know about. After this course, the only thing that separates from you and the regular resellers is the success and impressive results you will see. You can potentially make up to $1,000/month without consuming almost no time after learning and applying all the strategies I teach you. Throughout the entire course, I will show you a live case study from me creating the account to how much it has grown/made at the end of the course. Please note that this course is not for entertainment but purely for people who see reselling as a side hustle. Also note that results aren't guaranteed and it depends on your effort. I've had multiple beta users go through this course before the release and have been making up to $150/week profit!

Note: I will be using Supreme as an example throughout the case study but the same exact concepts can be used for other brands such as Bape, Palace, and also sneaker brands!

From time to time, I will be adding more videos/modules when necessary.

You will learn how to:

  • Introduction to reselling and raffling
  • Design tutorials
  • Get your first 1,000 followers
  • Choose between a resell or raffle account (pros and cons of each)
  • Design posts, create captions, execute collabs for both resell and raffle accounts
  • Dealing with negotiators
  • Perform giveaways and steals in the most efficient way
  • How to detect an account as a scam before you buy
  • How to get refunded after you get scammed
  • Gain a huge following with my 10+ secret tips that you can't find anywhere in the Internet
  • More tips on to get more sales/participants
  • Make this business model a source of passive income
  • Understand bots, proxies, and servers better
  • Learn the jigs and cancelation policies to cop multiple of the same items
  • How to monitor pages for releases & restocks for manual users
  • Learn physical & virtual backdooring
  • How to cop internationally

If you enroll in the course and I happen to close the course, members will still have unlimited and lifelong access to the course. Closing the course just prevents new signups from happening. Discord group is not provided anymore.

What's Included?

  • 4.5+ Hours of Detailed Training ($697 Value)
  • Ultimate Pre-Done Templates ($297 Value)

Course Curriculum

Module 0: Welcome To The Course!

  • Introduction (4:40)
  • What You Will Be Learning (1:11)

Module 1: Creating Your Account

  • Creating Your Account & Username Tips (4:08)
  • Logo Design Tutorial (5:25)
  • How To Create The Most Efficient Bio (4:08)

Module 2: Starting Essentials

  • How To Get Your First 1,000 Followers (3:09)
  • How To Create A Ref Page (5:39)

Module 3: Listing Your Item

  • How To Utilize The "Trifold" Tag (2:46)
  • Most Efficient Hashtags To Use (2:07)

Module 4: Resell vs. Raffle

  • What Is The Different & Why It's A Simple Business Model? (3:47)
  • Resell Pros And Cons (2:19)
  • Raffle Pros And Cons (4:38)
  • How You Are Going To Get Paid (3:49)

Module 5: Resell Account

  • Do You Need A Design? (1:56)
  • Caption Structure (3:42)
  • BIN (Buy It Now) vs. H/O (Highest Offer) (4:00)
  • Most Effective Method To Deal With Negotiators (4:05)
  • How To Collab With Others (3:03)

Module 6: Raffle Account

  • Design Tutorial (7:00)
  • Caption Structure (4:11)
  • How To Collab With Others (3:10)
  • How To Implement The PayPal Option (1:52)
  • Using Mini Raffles + Design Tutorial (5:05)
  • How Raffle Games Work (3:27)

Module 7: Giveaways

  • Introduction (1:30)
  • Design Tutorial + Caption Structure (8:07)
  • How To Pick Your Winner (2:38)
  • How To Run Giveaways Without Losing Items/Money (2:22)

Module 8: Steals

  • Introduction (2:40)
  • How To Structure (1:46)

Module 9: Dealing With Scammers

  • How To Detect Scams (5:02)
  • What To Do When You Get Scammed As A Buyer (2:51)
  • What To Do When You Get Scammed As A Seller (1:38)

Module 10: Preorders

  • Introduction (2:56)
  • Pros And Cons (3:06)

Module 11: How To Get More Followers/Exposure

  • Using The Follow/Unfollow Strategy (7:36)
  • Creating A "Backup" Account (3:01)
  • How To Speed Up The Follow/Unfollow Strategy And Make Money On The Side (1:42)
  • Creating A "Shoutout" Account (1:39)
  • Being Active (2:40)
  • Utilizing Hashtags (2:04)
  • How To Go Viral And On The Explore Page (5:54)
  • Shoutout For Shoutout (2:27)
  • Shoutout Ad Copy Design Tutorial (6:44)
  • Using A Business Profile
  • Hacking The Instagram Algorithm (2:35)
  • Taking Advantage of Engagement Groups (2:18)
  • Extra Tips On Boosting Your Following And Engagement (3:18)

Module 12: How To Get More Sales

  • Utilizing Instagram Stories (2:30)
  • Having Excellent Customer Service (4:33)
  • Interactive Story Elements (2:04)
  • Using Instagram Lives
  • Posting on Free Listing Accounts (1:33)
  • Using StockX Price To Sell Faster (2:16)
  • Using Facebook Groups (3:25)
  • Using The Facebook Marketplace (2:31)
  • Facebook Ads General Tutorial (8:00)

Module 13: Miscellaneous Helpful Tips

  • Running Your Account on a Busy Schedule (1:28)
  • Time Saver Tip (3:08)

Module 14: Bots

  • Introduction (5:03)
  • Usage Tips (4:49)

Module 15: Proxies

  • Proxies!Intro (3:34)
  • What are Datacenter Proxies? (2:13)
  • What are Residential Proxies? (2:43)
  • Datacenter vs. Residential Proxies (1:26)

Module 16: Servers

  • Introduction (1:17)
  • What is a VPS? (2:46)
  • What are Dedicated Servers? (0:54)
  • Factors of Servers: Price (1:55)
  • Factors of Servers: Processor Speeds and Cores (0:50)
  • Factors of Servers: Storage (1:09)
  • Factors of Servers: RAM (1:17)
  • Factors of Servers: Network Speed and Location (2:04)
  • Factors of Servers: Bandwidth (0:22)
  • Recommended Server Specifications (Recap) (1:21)
  • General Procedure to Connect to a Server (0:46)

Module 17: Jigs

  • Introduction (1:22)
  • Address Jig (1:03)
  • Email Jig (1:21)
  • Payment Method Jig (2:36)
  • Catchall Domain Jig (4:11)
  • Unlimited Phone Number Jig (1:19)

Module 18: Cancelation Policies

  • Introduction (0:35)
  • Adidas Cancelation Policy (1:20)
  • Nike Cancelation Policy (0:53)
  • Yeezy Supply Cancelation Policy (1:30)
  • Shopify Cancelation Policy (0:53)
  • Supreme Cancelation Policy (2:28)

Module 19: Slots

  • Introduction (1:54)
  • How to Prevent Getting Scammed (3:46)
  • What To Do After You Get Scammed (2:24)

Module 20: Page Monitoring

  • Introduction (1:20)
  • Setup Tutorial (4:00)

Module 21: Restocks

  • Introduction (0:42)
  • Setup Tutorial (2:04)

Module 22: Backdooring

  • Introduction (0:46)
  • Physical Backdooring + How To Do It (0:58)
  • Virtual Backdooring + How To Do It (4:10)

Module 23: Copping Internationally

  • Introduction (1:15)
  • The Rundown (4:06)

Resources and Affiliate

  • Links/Templates/ETC
  • Become an Affiliate & Make Money From My Course!

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