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In our iOS Apps Power Workshop Series we cover the intricacies and techniques that go into developing real iOS Apps.

This course is really the next logical step after an introduction to iPhone and iOS development.

You will start by learning to develop a few simple apps, and then work your way up to more complex apps and techniques.

In each session, we'll focus on a specific area of mobile app design and development by coding our way through a single example application.

Some of the topics we'll cover…

  • Using tables and tabs correctly
  • managing storyboards
  • Saving data to plists and external sources
  • Handling multiple controls with single functions
  • Sprite based animation techniques
  • much more….

We'll even look at how to develop code for the Apple Watch with an Apple Watch app.

A Quick insight on some of the Exciting Apps you will learn to build hands-on and get access to Source Code.

We'll build several apps together, including a simple note taker, a few different kinds of calculators, a couple of games, a simple memo systems with voice recording and playback.

[App #1] Note Taker – Keep track of important information in this simple table view application.

[App #2] Calculator (part 1)  It adds! It subtracts! It's an arithmetical genius! Learn about simple state management while taking the square root of 2!

[App #3] Watch Calculator – Just what you've been waiting for… a calculator on your wrist! How to translate the calculator concept to the Apple Watch.

[App #4] Memory Game – It has flashy lights and hideous sound, but can you remember the order to push the buttons? We'll learn how to keep track of a sequence of events, and compare it to the user's memory.

[App #5] English Metric Conversion – Just because the rest of the world has moved on, doesn't mean you have to! Simple conversions in a tab-based app.

[App #6] Calculator (part 2) – keeps tracks of expressions as they're entered, then solves them. We might even do some math here! Learn a bit about expression parsing with this algebraic calculator.

[App #7] Mini Pong – A one player pong. That's right… you don't need an Atari or even a TV… just an iPhone! We'll explore SpriteKit in this bast from the past.

*** Will be added soon *** Sign up now to get access ***

[App #8] Full Graphing Calculator – Enter a function in two variables and see it graphed on the screen. How to translate a string to a series of points in 2D space.

[App #9] Adventure Game (part 1) – A bold adventurer set out one day to be a moving sprite. Hey, what do y ou expect for 30 minutes?

[App #10] Adventure Game (part 2) – Grab a sword and hack at the same monster over and over 'til it kills your sprite. Then do it again! Simple monsters that chase the player as it moves. You could almost call it path-finding.

Join us for this power workshop series, and unlock your full potential!


Course Curriculum

Note Taker App Source Code

  • Initial Storyboard (3:05)
  • Adding View (6:37)
  • Model (3:59)
  • Table View Controller (2:29)
  • Adding Notes (7:02)
  • Plist Saving and Deleting (10:30)
  • Source Code

Simple Calculator Application

  • Storyboard (5:06)
  • Display and Operations (24:58)
  • Assignment Solution (11:56)
  • Source Code

Watch Calculator Application

  • Storyboard (8:58)
  • Digit Entry (15:38)
  • Operators And Equals (12:34)
  • Source Code

Memory Game

  • View Part 1 (6:12)
  • View Part 2 (6:08)
  • Playing Tune (8:52)
  • User Touches (11:02)
  • Source Code

English Metric Conversion

  • Storyboard Setup (5:23)
  • Model and Table (11:11)
  • Adding (7:28)
  • Saving Data (6:32)
  • Source Code

Calculator, Part 2

  • Stack (7:45)
  • Stack Implementation (4:21)
  • View Controller (11:40)
  • Final (7:27)
  • Source Code

Mini Pong Game

  • SKView Setup (4:38)
  • SKScene Part 1 (10:46)
  • SKScene Part 2 (8:12)
  • Collisions (12:11)
  • Source Code

These Apps will be Added soon. Sign up to Get Access

  • Full Graphing Calculator
  • Adventure Game Part 1
  • Adventure Game Part 2

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