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Price Tee Profits Recipe (+ BONUS) – Demian Caceres

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Tee Profits Recipe is unlike any other t-shirt marketing course out there. It’s the only one that gives you a completemarketing plan for t-shirts. You get the “how,” the “why” and the “when” for running profitable campaigns with Tee Profits Recipe. There’s no guesswork involved.

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WARNING: See Several Students Make Anywhere from $10K to over $100K in a Stunningly Short Time Frame

Uncover My 7-Figure, 100% Newbie-Proof T-Shirt Marketing Blueprint That’s Made My Students 5-to-6 Figures…

Follow My Proven Recipe for Success And See How You Can Do It Too!

Tee Profits Recipe

Tee Profits Recipe is unlike any other t-shirt marketing course out there. It’s the only one that gives you a completemarketing plan for t-shirts. You get the “how,” the “why” and the “when” for running profitable campaigns with Tee Profits Recipe. There’s no guesswork involved.

Tee Profits Recipe isn’t just theory. This is about how to plan and execute t-shirt campaigns.

Tee Profits Recipe has two sections.


PDF document giving you a detailed overview of the system.


18 over-the-shoulder videos, so watch me set up campaigns live. But these aren’t your ordinary “over-the-shoulder videos.”

You’re getting a complete “A-Z” rundown of every single element in a successful t-shirt marketing campaign. It’s all laid out in real time. . . there’s no skipping steps and bouncing around to confuse you.

You’ll see exactly how I set up my own campaigns . . with absolutely nothing left out.

Even if you’ve never set up a campaign before, you’ll be a pro by the end of the videos. With every video, you’ll gain confidence and gain t-shirt marketing mastery. . . everything will be crystal clear.

And don’t think if you’ve tipped a t-shirt campaign or two before, there’s nothing for you here.

There’s tons of advanced tactics included that haven’t been discussed anywhere else. Including my tactic for contests that get you viral traffic from “Likes” and “Shares” . . . but never gets you slapped by Facebook.

No matter what your current level of t-marketing expertise is, from beginner to advanced, you’re going to see tactics I’ve never revealed to anyone except my students.

Together, the PDF and the videos give you all the ammunition you need to crush it with t-shirts using my “A-Z” plan.

Tee Profits Recipe Reveals My Entire System For:

  • Finding passionate niches with money to spend on tees
  • Getting paid again-and-again for a single design concept (even 50 times is not out of the question)
  • How to use interest targeting to maximize ROI with Facebook ads
  • Campaign budgeting & bidding tactics to make the most out of every penny of ad spend
  • Tracking the exact audience segments buying shirts– so you can focus on them for massive ROI
  • Fan Page re-engagement tactics for more shares and sales
  • Creating viral contests to create sharing and buying frenzies
  • Creating a lasting t-shirt biz by expanding your horizons beyond Teespring
  • Unearthing design ideas people are proud to wear and eager to buy
  • Hiring VAs and designers so you can launch more campaigns (because the more campaigns you launch, the more you’ll make)
  • Setting up your ads to get tons of viral traffic (and cutting your ad spend dramatically in the process)
  • The timing for scaling up profitable campaigns, and killing money-losing campaigns
  • Targeting certain demographic groups even if they’re not buying (hint: it creates viral traffic)
  • Insider retargeting campaigns to send your campaigns into the stratosphere
  • Relaunching campaigns – so little work involved for big profits

There’s benefits in Tee Profits Recipe for beginning, intermediate and advanced t-shirt marketers alike. No matter what your t-shirt marketing skills are now, you’ll master advanced tracking and analytics skills with this training. You’ll also increase organic traffic to your campaigns with little effort on your part.

The bottom line? An increased ROI on your tee campaigns.

Let Me Pull the Ingredients in Tee Profits Recipe Out of the Bag

Here’s an overview of what’s inside the video modules of Tee Profits Recipe. In the interest of saving space, I’m only able to display the highlights from each module. But know that the information inside the videos goes into great depth.

Remember, I’ll walk you through what to do, how to do it and when to do it. No guesswork involved. . .

Video 1: Niche Selection

  • The under used resource that gives you THOUSANDS of niches just by typing one word
  • The specific questions to ask yourself to find niches that produce winning campaigns almost every time
  • The SINGLE change in perspective that will allow you to master ANY niche without knowing anything about it

Video 2: Success Leaves Clues

  • The “Why didn’t I think of that?” method to make 50 times the money with ONE design
  • Sherlock Holmes has nothing on you–quickly sleuth out winning design ideas with these tactics (hint: it’s not just using Teeview)
  • The “think like a customer”strategy that uncovers dozens of hidden interests and keywords
  • Save hours in research time with the ultimate in t-shirt research software

Video 3: Hiring a Designer

  • There’s one sure way to fail at t-shirt marketing – find out what it is
  • The only hiring checklist you’ll ever need to hire a great designer – at a great price
  • Local designers will jump at the opportunity to work with you when you offer them this

Video 4: T-shirt Campaign Set Up

  • Ninja tracking tricks to see at-a-glance which ads are making you money – and which ones are putting you into the red
  • Your competitors aren’t using these methods(or at least not yet) – get the edge on the competition with a few additional setup steps
  • The proven, simple copy formula for t-shirt marketing campaigns in any niche
  • The psychology behind campaign goals and profitable tee pricing

Hoodie or tee? Get it wrong—and leave thousands on the table

Video 5: Facebook Ad Set Up

  • Niche fan page or dedicated tee store? Pick the right one to suit your personal marketing goals
  • Use this specific ad post type to get higher click-through-rates, social shares and sales (Hint: just this change can greatly increase your ROI)
  • The Facebook ad copy formula that works EVERY time, for every niche

Video 6: Creating Ads with Facebook Ad Manager

  • The “must-have” Fan Page checklist to create trust from your audience
  • The disadvantages of “Dark Posts” (few ever teach this)
  • The critical mistake many make with paid traffic–don’t EVER do this
  • Why create multiple posts for different interest groups? Do it all with a single post when you learn this technique

Video 7: Targeting

  • Uncover the profitable sub-niches only your ideal audience knows about
  • Get more clicks and shares when you discover what drives your audience wild–here’s how to find out what makes ‘em tick
  • Use a free tool to uncover even more targeting interests and reach a bigger target audience

Video 8: Budgets & Bidding

  • Viable campaign?
  • How to know before you spend ANY money
  • Why you should “throw away” $20 on every campaign
  • Don’t “optimize for Website Clicks” unless you like to burn money. (Hint: Use this bidding type instead)

Video 8.1: Split-Testing Cautions

  • How to avoid FB burning through your entire campaign budget on a single ad
  • Two proven ways to split test your ads–nail your targeting down for a higher ROI

Video 9: Scaling/Killing Campaigns

  • One metric that rules them all – why click-through-rate and cost-per-click aren’t all that
  • Kill a campaign or keep it running? Here’s the criteria to know what to do–and when to do it
  • Do you know WHO’s actually buying your shirts? You might be surprised – reduce your ad spend when you find this out
  • Why you should keep ads running to a certain group – even if they aren’t making you a dime

Video 10: Targeting Wrap-Up

  • Why EMOTION can sink your tee biz before it starts
  • Minimum audience size? Here’s why there’s no such thing
  • Should you scale it up or toss in the towel? The hard numbers that won’t steer you wrong

Video 11: Scaling Up Winning Campaigns

  • The 2 scaling methods: Slow & Steady or Scorched Earth. Learn the pros & cons of each
  • Why you’ll seldom reach your daily ad spend even if you’ve budgeted for it
  • 5 days? 7 days?10 days…or more? The optimum number of days to run your t-shirt campaigns
  • How a single person can throw off your sales stats–and cost you money
  • The real key to making money with t-shirt marketing (hint: it’s not by being unique)

Video 12: Combating Ad Blindness

  • Change your ad copy to include scarcity mid-campaign—without Facebook needing to re-approve the ad first
  • Warning: Don’t lose social proof when editing ads–here’s how to avoid it
  • Proven-to-convert copy that gets last-minute buyers off the fence and into your shirts

Video 13: Ad Optimization

  • Quit paying to run ads at people who aren’t buying–demographic info you MUST know to maximize your ad spend ROI
  • Data Aggregation? Data Breakdowns? Clicks vs. Website Clicks? Making sense out of the confusing metrics within Facebook’s reporting system
  • Why you must run ads to a specific group of non-buyers (spending money on this group SAVES you money in the long run)
  • The optimization metrics you must know to crush it with relaunched campaigns

Video 14: Viral Contests

  • GIVE AWAY shirts for free? Only if you want to make more money…
  • Facebook doesn’t like it when you ask for “likes” or “shares” in a contest—but here’s a work around with FB’s blessing
  • Why pay for ads? Set up a viral contest without spending a dime
  • The contest “P.S.” that gets people to commit and buy a shirt

Video 15: Re-engagement

  • Turning “Likes” and “Shares” into shirt sales with an easy tactic
  • The personal touch that turns lukewarm fans into red hot buyers
  • The 3 fan re-engagement strategies. . . learn which is fastest and easiest

Video 16: Retargeting Strategies

  • You’re leaving MONEY on the table. Here’s the how, the why and the when to launch retargeting campaigns
  • Why you should use Facebook’s Power Editor, not the Ad Manager, for retargeting campaigns
  • Want to retarget ONLY the people who haven’t bought yet? Set your retargeting campaign up to avoid annoying your buyers

Video 17: Relaunching Campaigns

  • Capitalize on social proof to sell more shirts. . . even weeks after someone liked or shared your original shirt ad
  • T-shirt whisperer: How to get your previous buyers to buy even more copies of your shirt when your campaign relaunches
  • Why you need to spread your wings beyond Teespring to make more money
  • Become a tee vendor to keep more money in your own pocket? Yes you can!

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