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Penny Clicks 4 Profit – Tobias Ockermüller

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If you have ever used paid traffic for profit you may have been frustrated because your CPC was higher then your EPC. That is why you want to start with cheap cheap traffic BUT! high quality. So the gap between CPC and EPC is as high as possible.

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Penny Clicks 4 Profit  – “The Pay $0.001 And Get 1000% ROI System”

Discover The Exact System I´ve Used To Get

The Industries Cheapest Traffic 

And Generate Over 1000% Return Of Investment.

…and how to use the same newbie-friendly system to get more traffic

and conversions than you can handle

Dear Lifestylebusiness Creator,

If you have ever used paid traffic for profit you may have been frustrated because your CPC was higher then your EPC. That is why you want to start with cheap cheap traffic BUT! high quality. So the gap between CPC and EPC is as high as possible.

Or you just got started with CPA and you have a hard time following along some obstacles such as not having enough time to master one traffic source at a time or not finding profitable campaigns to run, not to talk about tracking your conversions properly.

It´s basically for everyone who wants to ad a simple income stream to their existing portfolio online. No matter your skill level, I am going to show you exactly how you can easily use this 3 step system continually:

1. Testing Phase

2. Optimization Phase

3. Profit Phase

The great thing about this system, is there´s nothing to worry about, it´s easy to understand and all the guess work is taken away from you, it´s automated. You´ll be able to learn it fast and you can start using this right away to…

Setup Automated Highly Profitable Campaigns On A Daily Basis

You will be able to setup and drive traffic to your campaigns in less then 15 minutes.

You are actually getting hard facts that you can rely on.

And you start to see these patterns that will form by driving traffic, you will learn how to read them and you are going to optimize each campaign based on what is converting or not…

For profitable CPA campaigns tracking data and squeezing the most out of it is key to succeed and generate a decent flow of good ROI.

I am going to show you exactly how it´s done within Penny Clicks 4 Profit.

My Affiliate Manager Says:

Marissa Chateau (Affiliate Manager)

“Since joining our network over six months ago, in his first active days Tobias has generated over $700 in revenue across different verticals and campaigns on the platform.

Tobias is knowledgeable, easy to work with and always very up front about his traffic and sources. All of these things make it a pleasure to work with Tobias.”

Here Is An Example:

$0.001 Per Visitor

Payout: $30 CPA

Say the offer converts after 500 visitors: that is a spend of $0.50 but a profit of $29.50 ROI.

$0.10 Per Visitor

Payout: $30 CPA

The offer converts as well after 500 visitors: that is a spend of $50.00 so you made $20.00 minus.

And Here Is A Real Life Example:

On this campaign I have spent $0.06 and made $40.00 in one day.

In other words, my profit was $39.94 and that is a total ROI of 67,422.00%

As I wrote earlier, you are able to crank out like 10 or more of these campaigns per day.

You are supposed to go “nuts” with this system and you will love the simplicity of things.

Can you see potential of huuuge coin generation you will be making within the process?

Would you invest this kind of money to get this kind of ROI?

Sure thing, who would´nt right?

Let me tell you this here real quick…

This has nothing to do with any traffic source that you know off, no Facebook, no retargeting, no ppv, no video ads nothing like that at all.

I stumbled upon this by accident and…

I´ve Cracked The Code Of CPA.

And it´s not hard, as a matter of fact its actually easy as you will soon find out within the training.

But MINDSET is everything and here is the difference between a winning and a loosing one:

If you SPEND money for ads you are wrong.

If you INVEST money for buying data so you can use it to optimize the campaign to have it profitable you are right.

All other stuff is run automatically, algorithms will pick the best converting offer for you and laser fast cloud tracking servers will unfold the winning data.

All you have to do is to sit down with a cup of coffee in front of your computer and analyze data, then go into the campaign and adjust accordingly and that my friend is it.

You will only need about 15 minutes daily to maintain and monitor your daily ROI. I did not start that way, believe me there was a LOT of struggle involved…
Let me tell you real quick about…

My Story With CPA:

These results are all built on blood sweat and tears…this did not just “FLY thru my window one day” and there was no shiny object or hidden guru secret or something else of this bullshit.

What I did was I took all of my courage together and I gave it a shot, but not a small one. I thought: “Ok…if I am going to do this I do it right, I will not worry or have second thoughts about this and I will commit to only ONE THING until I succeed”

So…I took a big chunk of my savings and started to research what could be the ONE THING I would like to try that has to have the following characteristics:

LOW RISK, I did not wanted to put all eggs in just one basket. I wanted to be able to diversify my investments and that for I researched something that was able to do so by being dirt cheap and that for…

SCALABLE, Since I am here to teach you how to build your very own online lifestyle business it is one of the most crucial things to consider.

I don´t want you or me to “buy” work, instead I wanted my money to work for me, 24/7 even when I sleep or I got other things to do.

It is only now that I need help so we are a team of actually 3 people, but for the beginning it was not important to hire someone.

SIMPLE, I am not a rocket scientist and I believe that in order to have joy by actually earning money it should be easy. So the last thing I want for both of us is a system that is not comprehensible.

Well, I came up with this one thing, and this is what Penny Clicks 4 Profit is all about.

To prevent information overwhelm and to get everybody started on a solid base I decided to only teach ONE SYSTEM. Sure, you will find videos about how to scale this up but this is only after you setup your very own system successfully.

And since I value your and my time I did focus on efficient steps where you actually put in the…

Same Work,  But Different Outcome

No matter what campaign you run, you have to set it up and let it run, so the work you put in is the same on both examples.

Only it´s outcome is vastly different.

You will lower the risk by spending less on paid advertisements and you would increase your daily profit.

So THIS is the best thing you can do in CPA marketing, it´s great to get low CPC´s and sky high EPC´s.

You are probably already doing everything right but exactly this can be the problem.

Let me make a BIG promise here:

As a direct result of having consumed Penny Clicks 4 Profit you are going to get highly profitable CPA campaigns.

If everything you just saw on this website made sense to you then I am able to help.

So, if you are serious about this and you think that you could commit and take action on this one, then let me show you what you will get:



This information will be step-by-step, I will share examples and give insights on how I do it. There are many people out there who teach the exact same thing and I don´t have the “unique” or “exclusive” stamp on it. I won´t pretend like I do as others might.

What I will tell you is this: I teach things so people understand. THAT is the only reason people keep buying my products, coaching and workshops.

And that´s where I believe I can really help YOU.

So what I´ve created is a system.

For generating daily profits with simple campaigns that you can setup in less then 15 minutes each.

This system is packaged as a video course. Each video is sharp short and to the point.

This training is divided to 3 sections, and the one you will be excited the most with is the BONUS section which (to be honest) could be an entire new product “How To Scale”

Sounds juicy right?

Well, this is very solid training, when you start watching it in a few minutes you´ll see that what I teach really does work. You might as well put it to work as well.

SECTION 1: Testing Phase

This is where everything starts…

PART 1. How to set it all up and put all the parts together.

PART 2. Create your first campaign +++

PART 3. Monitor and analyze data

PART 4. Timetable, so you know what to do when on a daily schedule

SECTION 2: Optimization Phase

This is where you build your profit phase…

PART 1. Talk´in Data…!

PART 2. Pattern Will Form…

PART 3. Optimize/Analyze

PART 4. Ad Spend Adjustment

SECTION 3: Profit Phase

This is where the fun beginns…

PART 1. Kill The Losses

PART 2. Expand Your Winners


This is where your dreams come true…

If you run this system profitable I can help you getting it to the next level!

all you gotta do is contact me and we will setup a personal action plan for you!

Yes, you heard me, I will take you by the hand and show you exactly what you can do to scale based on your current situation!

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