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What if there was a way to 'break the cycle' and get paid over and over, even when you're not working?

While I have nothing but respect for hard working people the sad truth is that every day you spend at your job is just a day of you selling your life away one hour at a time, and because the company you work for needs to make money from your labor you are by definition being underpaid for what you do.

Even worse since you only get paid when your actually working your income is always limited by the number of hours you can work. If you want to earn more, you're only option is to work harder (if your job will even give you the opportunity to do so)!

What you really want is a something that pays you over and over, even when you are not working. In short you need an asset that generates income for you.

Today I want to show you how I combine simple training videos with sites like Udemy to create digital assets that generate thousands of dollars every single month.

In this course I cover:

  • Picking a course topic
  • What equipment you need to get started
  • An overview of the Udemy platform
  • Keeping yourself organized with course creation
  • Promoting your courses
  • Creating co-instructed courses
  • How to start profiting from your hard work

Course Curriculum

Week 1 – Introduction To The Course

  • Introduction (1:19)
  • Income Proof From Udemy & Skillshare (3:34)
  • Why You Should Start Teaching Online: Anyone Can Do This (1:43)
  • The 'Pattern' I Noticed After Spending Thousands On Online Courses (4:52)

Week 1 – What Should You Teach?

  • Coming Up With Ideas (4:24)
  • Walking You Through Some Of My Courses (8:10)

Week 2 – Filming & Recording Your Course

  • Webcam Options (1:27)
  • Using a High Quality Microphone (2:36)
  • Adjustable Webcam Mount (1:41)
  • Camtasia Recording Software & Windows Movie Maker (3:43)
  • Cell Phone Recording – Stabilization Tools (1:50)
  • Your Dress Code & The Perception People Make (5:10)
  • Why I Don't Use PowerPoints Or Slideshows (1:56)
  • Making Edits To Videos – Perfection Will Slow Your Progress (1:45)

Week 2 – Building a Proper Background For Filming

  • Introduction To Setting Up a Green Screen (0:49)
  • What Green Screen To Get (4:49)
  • Logitech C920 Settings (4:37)
  • Software Options (19:32)
  • Lighting (4:05)
  • Walkthrough Of My Setup (6:45)
  • Green Screen Resources

Week 3 – Walkthrough: Building a Udemy Course From Scratch

  • What is Udemy? (5:42)
  • How You Get Paid On Udemy (4:58)

Week 3 – Walking You Through The Udemy Teacher Interface

  • Home: Announcements, Course Feedback and Automatic Messages (6:33)
  • Course Content: Goals, Curriculum, Basics, Summary, Images & Promo Videos (5:55)
  • Course Settings & Analytics: Coupons, Instructors, Conversion & Engagement (7:23)

Week 3 – How I Approach Course Creation The Simple Way With Udemy

  • How I Create Courses Quickly Once I Have An Idea (4:10)
  • An Example Course I Made In 3 Days That Earned Me $5000 (6:09)

Week 4 – Walkthrough: Building a Skillshare Course From Scratch

  • What is Skillshare? (3:34)
  • How You Get Paid On Skillshare (4:16)

Week 4 – Walking You Through The Skillshare Teacher Interface

  • Management: Stats, Students, Promote (4:39)
  • Edit: Class Overview, Video Lessons, More Details & Payment Info (5:02)
  • Get Involved with Skillshare Challenges (3:59)
  • Sending Out Announcements (2:11)
  • Creating Super Short Skillshare Classes Under 30 Minutes Long (1:55)
  • Case Study: How my girlfriend who never taught a course in her life made $200 (11:59)

Week 5 – Keeping Your Courses Organized

  • File Organization (3:37)
  • Progress Tracker (2:23)

Week 5 – Promoting Your Courses

  • Creating Coupons and Using Pretty Link (4:00)
  • Facebook Groups (1:20)
  • Coupon Sites (1:45)
  • Forums (6:54)
  • Paid Advertising (1:31)
  • Giving Away Paid Courses For Free (2:41)

Week 5 – What NOT To Do On These Platforms

  • Self Promotion (1:54)
  • Lessons Learned From Someone I Taught Courses With Who Was Banned From Udemy (2:37)

Week 6 – Why You Should Also Create Free Courses

  • Why Build a Free Course? (4:08)
  • Affiliate Income Example From a Free Course (2:35)

Week 6 – Creating Co-Instructed Courses

  • Why you should also teach with Co-instructors (1:36)
  • How this works with Udemy – The Hands Off Approach (2:47)
  • How I Structure The Syllabus With a Co-Instructor (1:51)
  • Offering Marketers To Take Existing Courses & Publish Them On Udemy (1:17)
  • Case Study: Affiliate Income Secrets re-purposed on Udemy with Mike Thomas (4:41)

Week 7 – Improving Your Courses Over Time

  • Why You Should Improve Your Existing Courses (2:54)
  • Improving Your Promo Video With Proof – Pinterest Course Example (2:13)

Week 7 – Doors That Have Opened Because I Teach On Udemy

  • What Happens As Your Courses Grow (2:04)
  • & (5:53)
  • StackSocial (6:53)

Week 8 – Teaching Outside Of Marketplaces

  • Promoting Courses (1:06)
  • My Favorite Platform – Teachable (5:34)
  • Promoting Courses Outside Of Marketplaces (1:06)
  • Promotion – The One Big Disadvantage Of Hosting Your Own Courses (4:37)

Week 8 – Conclusion

  • Thank You (1:41)

Bonus: Selling Courses On Your Own Website – Video Sales Funnel Walkthrough

  • Introduction To My Video Sales Funnel (5:36)
  • The Video Series (7:53)
  • The Funnel Emails (6:28)
  • Evergreen Automatic Webinars (3:10)
  • Generating Leads For Your Video Series (6:05)

Bonus: Adding Scarcity To Your Sales Pages

  • Introduction To This Section (1:54)
  • Thrive Ultimatum (12:11)
  • ScarcityBuilder (5:32)
  • Deadline Funnel (7:28)

Bonus: Interviews with Top Instructors

  • Interview with Rob Cubbon (37:50)
  • Interview with Howard Lynch (26:46)

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