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That is the reason I’ve written this book One Million Followers — so anyone who wants more social media credibility for their business, brand or creative passion can get access to the same strategies I used with my A-list celebrity clients…



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If you already have a social following, this book shows you how to continue to grow,
while getting more engagement!

A personal note from Brendan Kane, social media advisor to celebrities, pro athletes, and major brands…

I know what it feels like to want to grow your social media platforms, stand out and get known… only to feel frustrated with confusing advice that wastes your time and money.

That is the reason I’ve written this book One Million Followers — so anyone who wants more social media credibility for their business, brand or creative passion can get access to the same strategies I used with my A-list celebrity clients…

And even with my own brand to grow from zero to one million followers in just 30 days.

Chances are you’re talented at what you do… and you just want others to know that too!

The good news is that social media has made it possible for anyone to get a huge following quickly and stand out online… if you know how to cut through all the noise and competition.

There are 60 billion pieces of content uploaded to social platforms daily and people are bombarded with up to 10,000 ads every single day.

In order for your brand to rise to the top you’ve got to know, understand, and implement a few very basic things over and over again… everyone I’ve seen follow the simple steps outlined in this book has seen results so quickly they were almost shocked!

If you’ve ever been told things like…

  • You should “follow” “unfollow” on Instagram to grow your account…
  • You’ve got to post in groups or on your feed multiple times a day…
  • It’s okay to buy fake followers or bots to “look” like you have a huge following…

Then you’ve probably felt incredibly frustrated… because that stuff doesn’t help your brand build trust or credibility AT ALL.

Instead of following tactics that will harm your brand long term, I’m going to show you a simple and easy way to grow a REAL following and keep them engaged.


Imagine how much more confident you’d feel if you knew exactly how to…

  • Grow your audience by thousands, every single day, using simple methods anyone can get results with
  • Get “overnight” credibility and validation for your brand or business…
  • Know the exact number of followers you need to have to stand out in YOUR industry or niche
  • Have the right mindset for long term, strategic growth
  • Understand the formula for creating content your audience wants to share, so they spread your message for you
  • Market yourself using the same basic principles I used with brands like Taylor Swift, Rihanna, pro surfers and athletes, and major film studios…
  • Access to a repeatable process you can use any time you want to grow and engage your audience, that works on any social media platform…

No matter what level of success you are at today, or what you’ve tried in the past, these strategies can work for you.


Brendan Kane is a business and digital strategist for Fortune 500 corporations, brands, and celebrities. He thrives on helping his clients systematically engage new audiences that reward relevant content, products, and services with their attention and spend. Brendan’s greatest strength is unlocking value. He transforms complexity into simplicity with tools and methods that amplify growth and enable execution.

Starting his career at Lakeshore Entertainment, Brendan oversaw all aspects of their interactive media strategy. He worked on sixteen films that generated a worldwide gross of $685 million, and pioneered the first ever influencer campaign to effectively promote Lakeshore’s movies.

Brendan went on to build applications and platforms for celebrity clients such as Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Xzibit, Charles Barkley, Michael Strahan, supermodel Adriana Lima, and pro skateboarder Ryan Sheckler.

He also served as vice president of digital for Paramount Pictures and helped scale one of the largest social optimization firms in the world, that works with brands such as Disney, Fox, NBC, Netflix, Xbox, LinkedIn, and many notable Fortune 100 companies.



This book is not based on the latest social media “trend” that will stop working next month, or next year. It’s not a hypey manual that will teach you how to buy fake followers or spam your networks. It’s a tried and true proven path that will walk you through the best strategies top social media experts are using to grow massive followings made of REAL PEOPLE.

When you have a large social following it creates credibility and validation for your brand that practically no other method will. This book shows you everything you need to know about gaining this credibility quickly.

  • Page 12 shows you why you don’t need to be a mega-star to achieve massive social growth fast
  • Chapter 1 reveals the 3 phases of growth you must follow to grow a large audience fast no matter what business model you have!
  • Page 36 tells you the best time of day to run ads for the best results
  • Chapter 2 reveals the exact way to find and target your audience. This is the step by step method I used to gain 1,000,000 followers in 30 days
  • Chapter 3 shows you the 3 psychological triggers you must use in your content to make it unforgettable to your audience
  • Page 95 reveals what a social media influencer, who got 15 million followers in 15 months, says about “views vs. shares”
  • Page 100 gives you the most important mindset you must adopt if you want these methods to work for you long term
  • Page 115 shows you the biggest mistake many make with “highly produced” content (and what’s much more important for you to focus on)
  • Chapter 5 gives case studies and step by step methods to make content people can’t wait to share
  • Chapter 6 shows you how to find partners, influencers and micro-influencers that will promote your content, exposing you to their highly relevant audience
  • Page 138 reveals what building a global audience can do for your validation and credibility
  • Chapter 8 gives you everything you need to know about rapid Instagram growth (which is much harder to do than Facebook™️)
  • Page 186 tells you what you need to know about going viral on YouTube
  • Chapter 11 shows you how to grow your brand on the LinkedIn network
  • Page 224 gives you the best mindset hack to stay connected to and engaged with your new massive following for long term growth and success

Yes, One Million Followers is filled with easy to follow, step by step methods to grow your social following fast…

…but it gets even better, and here is why!

Get One Million Followers – Brendan Kane , Only Price $47

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