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OMG Special Ops 2016 – All NEW 4 Months Training – Omg Method

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Announcing the all new 4-month+ OMG Special Ops program featuring Kotton Grammer, Liz Herrera, and much more!

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Purchase OMG Special Ops 2016 – All NEW 4 Months Training – Omg Method Course at eBokly. We actively participate in group buys and are committed to sharing knowledge with a wider audience. What's more, our courses maintain the same quality as the original sale page. You have the option to buy directly from the sale page at the full price (sale page link is provided within the post).

…so as OMG enters its 5th year, we have incredible news!

Announcing the all new 4-month+ OMG Special Ops program featuring Kotton Grammer, Liz Herrera, and much more!

Plus the 1 unique vision that may just change your money-getting plan forever!

Here’s the rundown…

Sept 18: OMG Special Ops 2016 is currently closed for registration! Make sure you are receiving Mike Long’s OMG Way emails by entering your email address anywhere on or Customer service is [email protected]

Hello. David Mills here, on behalf of OMG, which is is a collaboration between: Kotton Grammer, Liz Herrera, Joshua Fletcher, Joe Marfoglio, Stephen Floyd, Mike Long, Greg Morrison, and myself. Each of us is highly successful with internet business outside of OMG, which formed the basis for us creating this OMG (one-man-gang) program together for teaching, training, and coaching others.

The Exciting Vision of Sustainable Monetization vs. Job, Brand, Resume, Businessperson

With the rise of the internet, mobile, and social media, monetization opportunities (including partnerships and consulting) are everywhere… for those with the skills, awareness, mindset, and experience to take advantage. How about learning and getting ongoing coaching directly from “Professor-Coaches” who are currently succeeding big-time doing what they train about in OMG (using our beloved over-the-shoulder apprentice style of demonstrating and revealing and teaching)?

We no longer need to restrict our thinking about our personal money-getting to a job, resume, brand, business, or even to “being an entrepreneur.” We can have a method for our life where we build rather than beg, and where our ability to make money is sustainable and not vulnerable. A job can be taken away, a resume can be tarnished or unimpressive, a brand can remain unknown and/or get trashed by haters, a business is great but as people traditionally think of creating a whole business, it is a lot to make work all at once, and subject to breaking down even after it seems to be working. “Being an entrepreneur” tends to imply that you don’t have valuable skills or that you don’t have a job.

Sustained monetization is based on two things:
1) a growing set of valuable skills that you can package in different ways as you join with partners, do consulting, and/or go at it one-man-gang-style. And:
2) trust-relationships with partners, customers, clients that lead to ongoing deals, partnerships, referrals, etc.

What is Special Ops about specifically?

The new OMG Special Ops program is based on the style of our wildly successful year-long program called OMG No-Holds-Barred.

This new Special Ops program is our answer to your biggest request: can OMG also make a shorter and less expensive program as well? Yes, now we have!

Special Ops is about getting web traffic to businessess, websites, products, and Amazon listings… using NON Google-natural-search (NON-Google-SEO) methods.

Our other program, which isn’t open at the moment, NHB, which stands for “No Holds Barred,” will open early registration around November, in a few months, for the year 2017. NHB, our other program, which will be entering its 5th year in a few months, IS about monetizing Google SEO: free organic web-traffic-getting via Google natural search engines.

Both of our programs, the existing NHB and the new Special Ops that this letter is about, are about monetizing the SKILL of getting web traffic.

Special Ops program = traffic-getting and monetization without Google Search Engine Optimization = this program right now = new smaller ~4 month OMG program.

No-Holds-Barred program = traffic-getting with Google SEO = closed until it re-opens for 2017 = our flagship full-year program entering its 5th year

Traffic (visitors which can be new customers) is the lifeblood of any business, and what OMG’ers have discovered is that the ability to get traffic to a business, website, or product hits that perfect sweet spot for so many people who want to create income on their own, because that skill is also a product in and of itself!… that you can provide to your own business, or, more commonly, by consulting or teaming up with existing businesses or talented people.

Focusing on the massive skill of traffic-getting gives OMG’ers a rocket-shot advantage in any and all of their monetary pursuits. If you are starting out, it is a perfect skill. And if you are successful and want to take things NextLevel… it is also the perfect skill.

Kotton will be showing you how to build traffic and followers to social media sites, including how their algorithms work to get you higher in their internal search and promotion engines, and more.

Sandra Gallagher of Proctor/Gallagher speaks out on Kotton Grammer:

Liz will be walking you through your own “Amazon Apprentice” process in real time so that you have experience with creating and selling out your own Amazon listing. In today’s world, having hands-on experience with Amazon opens up extra opportunities for consulting or just personal profiting that can supplement any other monetization projects you may be pursuing.

Joe Marfoglio will show you how to Make It Happen, from walking you through example presentations, to fulfilling critical web business tasks via your own skills and also through smart outsourcing. A person who can make things happen by outsourcing is invaluable, but there are many secrets and pitfalls that Joe will demonstrate and navigate you through.

I (David Mills, president and designer of OMG) also have included my recent training about my success and business strategy and system that I’ve used to become a multi-millionaire business creator (including OMG itself, a place that has helped so many hundreds of others achieve success in business). That large webinar series is called Alchemy, and much of it will be available immediately when you join us inside of Special Ops. The rest of it will appear over the coming months

When our OTHER program, our No-Holds-Barred program, opens back up in a few months, Special Ops will have been the perfect path in for you. You’ll actually receive a large discount off of when you join No-Holds-Barred, our larger and longer program! More details below.

What is OMG and the OMG Method?

What also makes OMG so special is that it is not just information; it is much better understood as a place. You get exclusive and reality-based training from the team of 8 people who co-own OMG.

With the exception of Mike Long and myself, who run OMG full-time, the other 6 are “Professor-Coaches” who have their own traffic-getting based business(es) in which they are ultra-successful right now, currently and ongoing. They aren’t reminiscing about success 5 years ago, which is like the stone ages in today’s world! They aren’t just coming up with theories or passing along what they have heard via networking. (Sometimes they do bring on great successful guests to teach topics directly to supplement the training.)

The training in Special Ops will be primarily composed of webinars (replays are posted, of course, as well), and it will primarily unfold during the next 4-5 months. Existing recorded training and recent webinar replays will also be included as appropriate to expand on topics. Some new recorded (as opposed to webinar) training will be created, as well. The first big Kickoff webinar will be on Sept 1st. If you miss it live, the replay will be posted almost immediately.

There is a heavy focus on reality, training you based on business systems, websites, Amazon listings, etc. that the coaches are currently working on.

The value in OMG isn’t just that you are getting the information; it is that you are getting real information that you can trust to be correct and current, because it is coming straight from ultra-successful people about their real activities. The bottom-line value with OMG is that you are getting “in the room” with several successful coaches. Because of this, we ask that you be pleasant and positive and respectful of members and of the OMG coaches. We do not claim to be all-knowing. We cannot force you to be successful. Financial success requires that you build (skills, resources, and relationships) with a good mindset. We care and we give real training based on what we are really doing, and that has proven very effective over the past 4 years.

As we enter our 5th year, we have well over a thousand testimonials and reports of earnings, at this point, of OMG’ers having wonderful success and taking the time to let us know what is happening for them. We have trouble keeping track of them all, at this point, but below are three places where we’ve compiled some of them:

Here is our most recent place for testimonials and earnings reports – the OMG Reports Facebook Group – click here!

Feel free to also check out this incredible testimonials page! Click here!

We’re not done! Click here to check out our incredible earnings reports page! These are from emails we received, Facebook secret community group posts, and sometimes video recordings as well.

Who are the Professor Coaches?

(In the statements below I am taking extra care to be conservative. Even if a person has always done a certain profit numbers for years, I’m going to write “often” just in case. Also, with the numbers themselves, they are plenty. Certain coaches may do much better than what is written below but would rather not publicly announce higher and higher numbers anymore.)

Kotton Grammer takes in over half a million dollars, personally, per month net profit with web traffic consulting. His personal coaching is not available at any price, not even when people offer him $25,000 for training, does he take it on. However, OMG is where he got his start in this industry, and now he gives back by doing training and coaching exclusively inside of OMG.

Liz Herrera often takes in half a million per month or more gross profit in Amazon consulting, joint venturing, and in her own listings. Last year, she sold out several 3-day Amazon Mastermind trainings at the price of $10,000, to rave reviews. Now, you can only find her inside of OMG.

Stephen Floyd, Joshua Fletcher (Fletch), and Joe Marfoglio often hit $50,000-$100,000 per month or more, using a variety of methods based on both NON-Google-SEO and Google-SEO. They all do consulting, joint-venturing, and also one-man-gang-style ventures based on getting web traffic.

Mike Long, Greg Morrison, and myself (David Mills) founded OMG in 2012 on the website For Special Ops, we are using a more updated and streamlined platform on this domain, Greg focuses on Google SEO and won’t likely be a big presence inside of Special Ops (but Greg is the cornerstone of NHB). Mike Long and myself focus on OMG full time. Before OMG, we were highly successful for many years doing product launch consulting and joint venturing via web traffic from affiliates and SEO. I have my own comprehensive business success training inside of Special Ops called “Alchemy” which will consist of 30 webinar replays, over 20 of which are already completed.

Click here if you’d like, for the page where Mike interviews our Professor-Coaches about what they will be doing for Special Ops.

What is the price of OMG Special Ops?

Because of the unique nature of OMG, where the Professor-Coaches have their own successful web-traffic-based businesses of their own, we are here mainly because we like to share our knowledge with others.

We have a serious-minded yet joyful environment. Kotton, Liz, Stephen, Joe, Fletch, and Greg don’t need to be “gurus.” They get to spend their time focused on what they enjoy and what they are great at. Gurus, by contrast, need to spend 80% of their time, or more, marketing themselves and their brand, leaving them little time for coaching or doing what they are teaching about.

For this reason, we are able to benefit from several coaches, for less than members would normally pay for training and coaching from just Kotton, Liz, or any of the others. Special Ops doesn’t cost $10,000, or more, even though we have multiple live webinars per week in addition to replays and other training that is available immediately.

We have one payment option, which is five payments, monthly, of $299 (total $1495). When the payment plan ends, after the 3rd payment, you retain your access to your Special Ops members area portal and community group with no further investment. You don’t need to learn everything right away or even this year; there is no rush.

Refund policy: we are heading into the 5th year of our no-refund policy. Our members like this policy because it means OMG is for serious-minded people who want a huge advantage towards their success. And it allows our extraordinary Professor-Coaches to feel comfortable revealing so much about their methods and systems.

Everybody gets the same membership area, of course, and it matches (and more) what we explain in this letter. We commit to you, and we prefer members who are willing to commit to us. You benefit because it means that, once you are inside, you are in a place where the coaches and members are serious and committed.

Similarly, we feel comfortable giving you a lot of training and resources up front immediately when you join, and we feel comfortable not holding back during the early months of Special Ops. Please treat the payment plan as a commitment that you will complete, not as a subscription to be canceled on a whim. We understand that major unforeseen events can happen to you financially, but otherwise please plan on completion.

We’ll see you on the inside! We’ve had overwhelming success with the satisfaction and success of our members over the past 4 years, and we are looking forward what we can do for you and with you in Special Ops!

Sept 24: OMG Special Ops 2016 is closed until mid-2017

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