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No Fear Video Marketing System

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I want to share with you how I went from a scared little video marketing puppy… so deathly afraid to put myself out there to the internet world that I would cower and look for ways to market my business without doing any of that…

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Easily and Instantly Become A Credible Authority in YOUR Niche Within the Next 90 Days

(Even If You Have Zero Experience… And Are SCARED TO DEATH to Get On Video! )…

(It’s time to get out of your own way and become the home biz success story that you want to become starting TODAY!)…

I want to share with you how I went from a scared little video marketing puppy… so deathly afraid to put myself out there to the internet world that I would cower and look for ways to market my business without doing any of that…

To become a video marketing LION who’s now not even the slightest bit afraid to roar the exact message out to the marketplace that they’re looking for…

And every time I do…life for my family, and myself gets better. Just like YOURS will.

Your business grows…

Your bank account grows…

You feel a sense of purpose…

And life gets closer to the one that you always knew YOU could enjoy in this industry.

As you read the rest of this page, you’ll see how you’ll be able to do the exact same thing by using online video marketing with MY PROVEN (over and over again) STRATEGY…

Even if right now…thinking about it makes your chest tight, breathing difficult, and causes intense panic and anxiety to kick in.

Believe me, I know exactly how you feel. I felt the same way. Maybe even worse. More about that in a minute.

We’re About to Unlock the Key to Killing That Fear Inside of YOU.

Kill the fear and enjoy the fact that as you put yourself out there on video… and do it right… amazing things happen in your business, and in your life.

You’ll begin to experience ready-to-join leads flooding in on auto-pilot, each and every single day. (Even when YOU don’t actually show up!)

Imagine waking up, checking your email on your phone, and seeing leads and sales notifications as far as you can scroll down?

This is exactly what online video has done for me, and literally THOUSANDS of my students. And it’s exactly what it will do for YOU!

Check out what some of them have discovered and experienced…

Vitaliy Dubinin 6-figure Online Marketer

Mark Harbert is not only one of the best video marketers in the world that I know, he is also very passionate and highly skilled mentor for home business entrepreneurs. He pours all of his heart to everything he does, I personally own all of Mark’s courses and they are top notch. Mark’s training inspired me to create over 413 videos and dramatically improved my video marketing skills that helped me build a 6-figure business. If you are really looking to MASTER all aspects of video marketing, then “The No-Fear Video Marketing System” is everything you will ever need.

Gavin Mountford 6-Figure Online Marketer

I’ve watched Mark go from nothing, to one of the best video marketing guy’s on the web over the last 5 years. When I first started lead generation from video I immediately thought of Mark Harbert as the “go-to-guy” to fast track my learning. I know the value of getting coaching from the experts and it’s pointless trying to re-create the wheel when you can learn all you need to know from someone who’s had major success in the industry. Mark’s trainings and courses are the BEST you’ll find on Video Marketing and I 100% recommend The No-Fear Video Marketing System to get you started with branding yourself and generating leads with video. Congratulations on another top notch training product Mark… I’ll be recommending it to my entire team.

Adam Chandler 6-Figure Online Marketer

Mark Harbert is one of the best video marketers that I know and as a guy who’s generated over 50,000 leads online he is definitely one of the best internet marketers in the industry. He also has a huge heart, he provides exceptional value and he always over delivers for his people. The no fear video marketing system will be no different. And since video is the biggest trust and authority building form of online media, this will be one the most valuable programs you ever purchase. I highly recommend you get your hands on the No Fear Video Marketing System today.

Does THIS Describe You and Your Marketing Right Now?…

  • You KNOW that Online Video is the most effective way to market ANY biz online… especially a home or MLM business…but you don’t know where to start
  • You’re deathly afraid to get on camera because you don’t like the way that you look or sound, and you’re sure that others will see you as too ugly, too fat, too skinny, too squeaky, too whatever…YOU NAME IT!
  • You keep putting off creating videos until you’ve got the right equipment, or you’ve got a great background, or your desk is clean enough, or…(the list goes on and on)
  • You’re afraid that nobody will even watch your videos anyway because you don’t have the tech skills to create them, blast them out to the internet (much less rank them!)…

I’m Here to Tell You Right Now You Can Quickly Bust Through All of Your FEAR and HESITATION… and Start Creating Videos That Make Your Perfect Target Market Flock to You… and Love You When They Find You
(and they WILL Find You!)…


My name is Mark Harbert, and for the past 7 years I’ve been creating online videos that have let me ENJOY A DAILY LEAD FLOW that most people in our industry don’t even pull in monthly (sometimes in a year!)

We’re talking up to 73+ serious red-hot leads per day.

It Wasn’t Always That Way Though…

Most people see me on video and think that all this just comes natural.

(Must be my movie star looks


I was desperately struggling to make my business work for almost a decade. In the midst of all of that, I got laid off from my corporate position. I was close to bankruptcy and foreclosure, and my wife and daughter were depending on me.

During the worst of all of that, I could literally barely put food on the table for my family.

There was even one heartbreaking Christmas where I couldn’t afford presents for my daughter. Unless you’ve ever gone through that, you can’t even comprehend the desperation that you feel.

And even then…

I would have rather faced Mike Tyson in the ring, or lay in a tank of snakes than get myself on camera. And I’m not even exaggerating.

And to be perfectly honest I didn’t have a clue how to even create a video in the first place. I thought I was doomed because I had no special equipment. No good digital camera. To make matters worse, I couldn’t even afford the equipment I thought I needed.

Thank God actually…

Because now I’ve gotten by just fine on the most minimal of equipment for the past 7 years. Most of my videos are made right from my phone. Or from the camera built right into my laptop.

If You’re Deathly Afraid of getting on camera, I was right there with you.

You see, I’m a little…well… “big boned.”

So, of course, I was afraid I was going to look fat on camera. Plus, I had no idea what the heck to say.

I thought people would see my video and make fun of me. Think I was a babbling idiot.

In fact, I didn’t even think people wanted to hear what I had to say. Who the heck was I anyway?

Sound familiar?

If you saw my first video, you’d see that clearly I was petrified. Literally shaking in my seat as I tried to film and form coherent sentences. I started sweating profusely with every take.

And you can probably relate to my thought of “OMG, what if one of my family members, or worse, one of my co-workers stumbled on this video?”

It took me over 20 takes, and a couple of days to create that first video. Everything was an excuse not to just shoot the darn thing. Taking out the garbage or doing dishes were welcome chores at that time.

Plus I moved a lot of stuff around my desk. It was never so damn clean.

Bottom Line! Caring What Others Think About Me Almost Cost Me the Amazing Lifestyle That I’ve Created for My Family Today.

It’s not just me either…

I’ve heard the fears and the stories that my thousands of clients have had about getting on video. Scared to death. Sometimes in tears. Giving up over and over before they even get through the first video.

Believe me when I tell you that I KNOW that it’s a fear that you have as strong as the fear of heights, or snakes, or whatever phobia you can think of. Maybe it has a fancy phobia name, I don’t know, but it should.

And you feel like all the people who tell you “Just do it!” or “Just get past that fear!” don’t understand how real it is. And maybe they don’t. However, I do get it.

Here’s How It All Changed for Me…

What if I told you that it’s not going to be as difficult as you think to get through this.

Imagine for just one second if you could sit down, flip on the camera, and just start talking with absolutely no fear, no inhibition…

…Know exactly WHAT to say…

…And know exactly how to spread that message across the internet to your target market.

Here’s How to Start Killing This Fear…

I’m going to give you A HUGE TIP right here and right now. For FREE!

Myself, and all my students have had similar experiences of beginning to get through this fear. First, I knew that my family was more important than my fear.

The days of watching my little precious daughter and my beautiful wife not have all that they deserved (Even presents at Christmas)…

…Knowing it was essentially my fault for not just getting through my damn fears were heart wrenching.

I’m sure that there are things that you’re watching happen, that wouldn’t be, if you just were taught a way to get through this fear.

If you’ve been watching your family suffer without having YOU around as much you could be…

Without enjoying the luxuries of life that are there for them…

If you’ve suffered daily, living the 9 to 7 grind (because let’s face it, nine to five is over), wasting away in a cubicle, or behind a machine, or on a job site…and struggling to make your home business work using other methods that aren’t even close to as effective as video will EVER be…

If you wake up in the morning, not excited to get up and see the lead flow and commission checks that have come in over night (because you already know there won’t be any)…

Then YOU are ready to get past this fear now and jump into video marketing like a pro.

I know it.

That’s Why I’ve Created My Most Epic and Complete Video Training EVER!

My Legacy Product That Gives Away Everything I’ve Learned Over the Past 7 Years of Elite Level Video Marketing

(Even Tackling the emotional fear impacting elements that others have ignored)…

This is my most exhaustive and epic product EVER!

My Legacy of Work wrapped up into 1 product.

10 Module Video Marketing System that I’ve been perfecting for the past 7 years.

It’s served me extremely well, turned me into a MULTIPLE SIX-FIGURE LEADER in the home biz industry…

…And now it’s going to be in your hands to make it work for YOU.

Everything. Laid out, step-by-step, module by module, video by video.

No matter where you’re at with your video marketing… scared to death complete newbie, OR an intermediate already-making-progress video marketer…

This will take your video lead generation – and your brand – into the stratosphere.

Here’s a Sneak-Peak Into Some of What You’ll Discover When You Delve Into ‘The No-Fear Video Marketing System’…


Online Video Outbreak (The Dawn of a New Video Star)

$297 VALUE

  • Why you’d be insane NOT to add online video marketing to your arsenal and become a mini-celebrity in your niche that people flock to
  • The bare bones facts of how over ½ of the entire internet population (BILLIONS) is obsessed with video (And HOW to get them to respond very strongly to YOUR videos)…
  • How video works on the brain, and why it will tap precisely into the parts of your prospect’s mind that you MUST reach to get them to buy from you or join your biz (The Best Part: It does so almost instantly!)…
  • Finally, How to Get Rid of Your Fear of the Camera: The ONLY sure-fire trick that actually works to once and for all to FINALLY OVERCOME YOUR FEAR OF THE CAMERA (Even if you’ve hated the way you look and sound your entire life!)
  • And Much More!


Prospect Targeting Matrix (Becoming Attractive to the Right People)

$297 VALUE

  • How to sniff out the traits and habits of your perfectly matched target market so YOUR product is the ideal solution to their deepest wants and desires (This MUST be right or nothing else works no matter what you do)
  • How to discover YOUR unique voice that stands out amongst ALL of your competition. (TRUTH: Some people will absolutely hate you. You’ll be laughing at all of them on your way to the bank 
  • The number one market research question you have to ask yourself if you want to get the exact people who are ALREADY interest in your products and opportunity to take rapid action and hit the BUY button
  • How and Where to Spy On Your Target Market: I’ll demonstrate live… right in front of your face what I’ve done literally hundreds of times to research and tap right into my markets most pressing problems.
  • And Much More!


The Content Virus Incubator

$297 VALUE

  • How to ALWAYS have a stockpile of ideas for video topics.Get my secret stash of content ideas from creating 7 years of video that prospects clamor to watch (I’m giving away the farm here to say the least)
  • My 3 sneakiest ways to know EXACTLY what your prospect is searching for so you NEVER have to guess (These tips will have you blast out videos every single day with little thought and no headache)…
  • How to answer the exact questions in your prospects mind that they’ve been struggling with for weeks, months, or maybe even years! (This will make them look at YOU as their savior)…
  • How to quickly and easily hunt down where your target market is hanging out… and how to effectively spy on them as they talk amongst themselves (This lets you know EXACTLY what worries, needs, and desires are permeating their thoughts RIGHT NOW!)…
  • And Much More!


Indispensable Video Tools and Weapons

$297 VALUE

  • How to pick out the perfect camera for your video marketing creation without going broke (you’ll be absolutely floored when you realize how easy and INEXPENSIVE this is)…
  • Why you don’t actually NEED a camera at all! I’ll show you how to use what you’ve already got right at your disposal to get started and still LOOK LIKE A PRO(Warning: This eliminates one of the top excuses you might be using)…
  • The Simple Elements of Video Sound: Quick and dirty video sound hacks to make sure your viewers can hear your message loud and clear (Without spending an entire weekend tweaking sound control knobs)
  • The Video Lighting Factor: How to fix and prevent the most common mistakes that amateur video creators make with lighting (you’ll look like a pro right from your video!)…
  • And Much More!


Gettin’ Down to Business (Your Video Creation Game Plan!)

$297 VALUE

  • How to create lead generation videos that pull prospects into your funnel, non-stop, night and daywhether you show up to work that day or not (These are prospects who already know, like, and trust you!)
  • How to create a video intro that makes you look like a seasoned pro (even if you’re not) and suck your viewers in like teenage girls watching a ‘One Direction’ video
  • How to create such high quality value for your viewers that they’ll fall all over themselves to get on your list to make sure they never miss any of YOUR videosemails, or blog posts(This is how you build a powerful life-changing audience)
  • My coveted Call-to-Action Trick that I’ve honed over the past 7 years… and THOUSANDS of videos (Make your subscriber and conversion rates soar just like mine have using this)…
  • How to create subliminally irresistible thumbnails for your videos. You’ll make it nearly impossible for your target audience not to click to watch (Remember your YouTube video isn’t the only one on the page. You’ve got to win this battle or nothing else matters!)
  • My secret list of video domination tools that so far I’ve only ever shared with personal V.I.P. Coaching Clients who paid me thousands of dollars to teach what I know (Please don’t tell them I’m showing you these)
  • A FAST and BRAIN-DEAD-SIMPLE way to create animated videos. You’ll make them look so amazingly professional that your viewers will think you’re a video creation genius (I’ll share the tool I use that has everyone fooled ;)…
  • And Much More!


Before we move on to the other modules…

Let’s Talk About Something Critical Here…

The Brutal Truth Is That Without Adding Video Marketing to Your Biz… YOU Cannot Compete With Those That Are Using Video Effectively…

Let me guess. You’ve probably tried fooling yourself and thought: “So I’ll just use other methods of marketing my business… so I don’t needvideo.”

Well let’s first look at some stats…

  • Internet Video Traffic will be 69% of ALL global consumer Internet traffic in 2017.
  • Video promotion is over 6 times more effective than print and online biz to biz marketing
  • 1 Minute of video is worth 1.8 Million Words (Forrester Research) <= Read that again…
  • Over half of 25 to 54 year olds share video online. Eh hem…something tells me YOUR demographic falls in those ages somewhere. Mine does!
  • And here’s a couple of real eye-openers that even caught ME off guard…
  • Retail site visitors who view video stay 2 minutes longer on average…
  • The chance of getting a page one listing on Google increased 53 TIMES with video
  • 73% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase after watching a video.

Read that last one over and over again.

Now Let’s Get Back to All You Get Inside of “The No-Fear Marketing System”


Video Dispersion Game Plan

$297 VALUE

  • How to be everywhere…ALL the TIME with your online videos to increase your exposure, your video views, your leads, and of course SALES(This literally makes YOU viral in a very short period of time)
  • The critical mistake most marketers make when hosting their videos and how to avoid that mistake like the plague (I’ll show you exactly where I host MY videos )
  • The 3 different modalities of learning that you can easily tap into to sneak onto every type of prospect’s radar, and sink your message into their brain the way THEY like best (this is deep and powerful NLP, Hypnosis, psychology that will make YOUR VIDEOS ultra effective!)
  • Finally, How to Get Rid of Your Fear of the Camera: The ONLY sure-fire trick that actually works to once and for all to FINALLY OVERCOME YOUR FEAR OF THE CAMERA (Even if you’ve hated the way you look and sound your entire life!)
  • And Much More!

Get No Fear Video Marketing System – Mark Harbert, Only Price 49$


YouTube Supremacy

$297 VALUE

  • Why YouTube is a MUST in Your Video Marketing Strategy(After 50,000+ leads and over 7 figures in the past 7 years from video marketing – I’ve proven this to be TRUTH)…
  • My 4 Part YouTube Domination Process broken down and spoon fed to you so you absorb it at the deepest core level. (Your competition does NOT want you to know this process)
  • Keyword Research on Steroids to magically know exactly which targeted keywords will suck in leads like a vacuum (and which will easily rank on YouTube and Google.)…
  • The Simple On-Page Optimization Method that I’ve tweaked and perfected over the years that makes Google absolutely love your videos (and therefore rank them high and FAST!)…
  • Off Page Optimization Strategies that have literally helped meland videos on Google’s page 1 in less than 3 days over and over again (You’ll witness this happening for YOURSELF and you’ll love it every single time!)…
  • My Secret Back Link Sources that will virtually guarantee long-lasting organic rankings in the search engines (Warning: Most back Links are crap. Mine continue to prove solid and keep videos that I created years and years ago ranking and pulling in leads)…
  • The Most Effective Way Ever to Use Fiverr to get your videos ranked that you’ll absolutely love (I’ll give you the best service providers to use that have taken care of me over the years!)…
  • And Much More!


Secrets of Becoming An FB Video Ad Dynamo

$297 VALUE

  • How to 10X your FB Audience in 40 days using my simple video ad formula to focus all eyes on YOU and get people absolutely addicted to your content (these are people who anxiously follow your every move right to the sign-up page ;)…
  • How I’ve spread my reach to at least 30,000 EXTRA prospects, and was able to generate over 17K new likes on my page… all since using Facebook video ads (I’m about to show you how to become recognizable by a majority of the industry!)…
  • Get your first video ad up in less than 1 hour and start reaching your prospects exactly where they’re at (On FACEBOOK) and speaking directly to them. [This will prime the pump of leads like nothing you’ve ever experienced]…
  • The keys to setting up a “Like Ad” that actually pulls in ‘likes’ consistently (most people teaching this have no clue and are struggling themselves. I’ll show you how I’ve been doing it to explode ‘Likes’!)…
  • How to find out EXACTLY what your target market’s interests are, and tap into those interests so that you pop right up on their radar every time they log onto Facebook(This taps right into your prospect’s deepest desires)
  • My Step-by-Step Daily Video Posting Formula to create a unstoppable swarm of leads and sign ups to ANY business. (I’ve endlessly tweaked this to make it as perfect as possible)…
  • How to Zone In On Your Precise Audience Inside of Facebook so that your message is like a self-guided missile that finds them online no matter where they’re at (and blasts your message right in their face!)…


Your Live Broadcast Lead Explosion

$297 VALUE

  • A full breakdown of WHAT Live Broadcasting is and how to integrate this amazing new tool to your biz efficiently (While you strengthen your brand)
  • My Coveted Hangout Formula to expand exposure to your brandsuck in leads, and even make instant sales right from the hangout itself (I’ve pulled in tens of thousands of leads, and hundreds of thousands of dollars using this exact formula)
  • How Twitter’s newest baby can induce a flood of new leads and sign-ups, and how you can use this simple, powerful app right from your smart phone. The EASIEST LEADS YOU’LL EVER GENERATE!
  • The vital reason that ‘Live Broadcasting will be a MASSIVE part of every successful online marketers weaponry in the next few years (And how getting started NOW can make you become an icon while they’re still cutting their teeth!)…
  • And Much More!


Obliterating the Fear Factor FOREVER!

$497 VALUE

  • Create Your Fear-Factor Breakthrough: How to Finally GET OVER YOUR FEAR OF THE CAMERA once and for all… and help your sign-ups do the exact same thing (this builds an explosive MLM down line!)
  • Killing the Techno-Phobe Inside: Your fear of not knowing the tech side will be dead, and you’ll have no choice but to simply push forward with this proven video marketing system!
  • Tackling Who YOU Are: Nothing will happen in your biz until you come to terms with who you are. You’re ready to start creating videos TODAY. I’ll help you realize WHY that’s true and how to make it happen IMMEDIATELY!..
  • Becoming an Unstoppable Marketing Machine: Once you learn what I’ve taught you, and you begin the first steps of putting it all in motion, YOU will be in control of your life and your future from here on out. Nobody except YOU can stop you at this point…
  • And MANY MORE Breakthrough Insights!

That Puts These 10 Modules at a Value of $3,170

I know that as you’re reading all that I’m putting into this project, you’re thinking you may have to sell a body part to get your hands on ‘The No Fear Marketing System’.

As you can see… it’s worth $3,170 alone. (We haven’t even mentioned bonuses yet)

Heck… what you could earn in your first 90 days alone will dwarf that number.

However I want to get my most epic product ever… My Legacy… Into As Many Hands As Possible…

This Is 7 Years of My Personal Blood, Sweat, and Tears…

EVERYTHING That I’ve Discovered and Experienced With Video Marketing to Become a Top Leader and Multiple Six-Figure Earner… Laid Out for YOU… Step-by-Step.

Grab “The No-Fear Video Marketing System” NOW at the Exclusive Introductory Price of Just $497


(WARNING: This Product Will Never Be Offered At This Price Again) …

Oh Wait!

Let’s Go Over Your Insane Bonuses…

Everything I’m teaching you in this course is enough for you to create a life-changing income and become a massive leader. A to Z…all on it’s own.

However, I’m ringing out the rag of value on this thing…down to the last drop!

Using Video Is Why I Was Able to Skyrocket My Business and Become a Celebrity In The Network Marketing and Home Biz Niche!

Quick Story: I attend multiple industry events every single year. Since the very first year of creating videos for my biz, one of the things I’ve experienced was a mini-celebrity status.

Listen…when I go to the grocery store in my neighborhood, I’m just some regular ole dude. Nobody comes to me asking for autographs.

However, when I attend these events…I notice stares as soon as I enter a room. I hear whispers “Is that Mark Harbert?”

I make my way to the bathroom and people come up to me, 99% of the time, asking if they can take a picture with me. BONUS: They repost those pics on their social media, boosting my credibility even further.

Best of all…they tell me the stories of how my videos have changed their marketing and their lives forever!

That would not be possible if I would have used ANY other medium.

But What About Facebook, Instagram, Twitter?

Those are all effective elements to add to your marketing. There are tons of leaders who use those as big parts of their marketing.

But if you look closely, if you pull back the curtain…almost ALL of them have added a strong video element behind those other marketing channels to build “KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST” to their Marketing.

Isn’t It Time You Have the Same Advantage With YOUR Marketing?

Here’s What Will Happen When You Put What You Discover in “The No-Fear Video Marketing System” Into Action…

You’ll witness your business start to rapidly growYou’ll start pulling in leads and sign-ups faster than you ever thought they could flow in.


Because your videos are attracting the exact people that already feel attraction to someone like you.

Your videos will bring you the the type of prospects that YOU will love working with.You’ll notice that the others who don’t resonate are moving on, and you won’t feel a thing.

Rejection becomes a thing of the past.

And Speaking from experience…

Others will notice that you’ve changed not just as a marketer, but as a person. Your confidence will soar.

You’ll feel more and more comfortable with who you are... with each video you release to the world.

And finally you’ll realize how true it is that the life of freedom, financial security, and self-confidence is there for the taking. It’s actually becoming YOURS! Just like you’ve been dreaming about as you lay in bed at night…

Grab This 10-Module Course That WillSkyrocket Your Confidence Level Forever, Banish Your Fears of Getting Your Message Out to the World…and Allow YOU to Start Pulling In More Leads, Driving More Sales, and Filling Your Bank Account Starting NOW

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